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Trundle Build Guide by Aquixx

Jungle Nut Case Speed Trundle

Jungle Nut Case Speed Trundle

Updated on March 14, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aquixx Build Guide By Aquixx 6 2 22,250 Views 0 Comments
6 2 22,250 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Aquixx Trundle Build Guide By Aquixx Updated on March 14, 2022
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Runes: the usual nut case runes

1 2
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
my usual
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Nut Case Speed Trundle

By Aquixx
im not here to climb im here to smurf
I haven't tested this build in ranked. but trust me if you do well you will literally be able to stomp in all stages of the game. look for picks but try not to be the first one to engage- leave that too your hard cc support and or top laner. just go out there and have fun.
something serious
trundle doesn't really have much damage but also has insane damage in his kit XD

simple trade: auto attack? yeah thats simple enough

fast trade: Q - auto

fast trade + phase rush: auto - Q - auto

all in no.1: W - R - Auto - Q - Auto (keep auto attacking till Q is up and if they ain't dead by then keep going till you can kill em.... if you can't win then back off with your tail between your legs)

all in no 2: R - W - Q - AUTO ATTACKS GALLORE

if its a squishy try and gap close with W and only use R if you are unsure of your power. the auto - Q - auto if you haven't popped R in case they try to escape

if its a tank then you will want to start stealing stats with R straight away so refer to all in no 2 as you will Q as soon as you get close enough so they deal less damage too you

first scuttle/fight
you will usually be at your second last camp of your full clear by the time scuttle however by this time you will hopefully be prepared and know what you are doing

firstly when it is loading screen find out who you are jungling against- if they have a very fast clear you might want to go Q - W - E and try and take the scuttle while they are still doing their final camp, if they have a slow clear speed OR you know you can easily beat them in a 1v1 go Q - W - Q and meet them there; kill them and take scuttle. HOWEVER if their clear is really slow.... like.... vayne/ezreal jungle slow..... just go full clear and contest scuttle: you will be level 4 compared to their level 2 or 3 and you will have a point in W and E while having 2 points in Q

I recommend skipping krugs on both sides if you want to make it in time for scuttle regardless of their clear speed. trundle has one of the slowest clear speeds in the game at start but he is god tier in my eyes: slow and steady wins the race... BUT I HAVE A JETPACK STRAPPED TO MY BACK AND I ZOOM THANKS TO MY RUNES

scuttle is like.... no longer important so if you're versing an early win con/snowbally kinda champion such as warwick who you might not win the early fight against then start the opposite side of where he is starting and path towards the other scuttle while full clearing all your camps.
jungle clear
in the section ^^ up there *first scuttle/fight* we talked about but now with your actual pathing.

there are 3 clear types you can take: no krugs clear, double buff gromp and tripple buff.

i recommend starting bot side with either red or blue team. the double leash is amazing for your clear time and trundle isn't someone that needs either red or blue buff for his clear to work- he just does better with the buffs in general.
my recommended clear is just doing a full clear except krugs; aka the no krugs clear. the reasons being:

take too long scuttle is up while you are doing 6th maybe even 5th camp if you are slow to clear.
gives you something to do while you wait if you want to stick around top as you might be able to gank the lane soon
krugs gives the most XP and gold then all your other camps/buffs so clearing this camp will give you good effectiveness towards levelling and getting tiamat
these are reasons to hold out on doing krugs as if you secure scuttle then you are able to get more farm and exp.

due to scuttle being a useless sac of **** it isn't really worth going in for it, you can do 6 camp clear just be weary it will slow your gank time down marginally.

Double buff gromp: this clear is most likely the clear you would go if you know you lose to the enemy jungler at scuttle this clear is really really simple- just take your (blue side start) blue, gromp and red or (red side start) red, gromp and blue at the same time to speed clear it a little. if you have enough time go and do your wolves or raptors (if there is still a grey symbol/no symbol over where scuttle spawns you will have enough time to do it and get there in time for it to get up and speed take it) you will also leave enough camps to re-clear through the other side and get the other scuttle if your mid is winning.

the final clear and the one that is like.... high risk high reward is triple buff. doing this clear creates huge benefits but also has huge risks involved. for this to be executed perfectly 4 conditions need to be met:

1. their clear must be a full clear. if they're doing double buff gromp or are trying to execute triple buff like you are they will meet you either as you invade to get their red buff or as you're taking it- this will most likely result in a fight and you may be thinking "well this is fine, im trundle i win early really well" but the real problem is the enemy laners are closer then your laners and can easily rotate to help kill you
2. you must have mid or top prio- i mean early kill advantage or the enemy laner is so low they can't rotate. if you get spotted out you can easily die at such a venerable state.
3.match up... don't do this against someone like warwick- his kit is just better early to balance how hard he falls off late so don't try and invade this mans red as he'll just kill you (look towards the threats section for advice as i will try to cover every jungler and if you beat them- if so by how much and how hard early.) another thing to look out for in match up is who you're versing in the sense that a kindred will usually start red regardless of which team they're on so you most likely wouldn't get off your triple buff unless you went and deep warded and speed backed.
4. (more of an in game condition) you must have a charge available in smite, if you have used both already there is a chance buff can get stolen back

if these four conditions are met go for the invade and take the risk- this will cause the enemy jungler to be behind in cs and XP, lacking their 3rd best camp but also one of their two most versatile and useful camps in their jungle. this will force them to either accept the fact that you've stolen their jungle or they will try to make a similar to get back in the game. this clear is good as it gives you the potential to double scuttle and gank whichever lane might be losing or re clear all the camps you haven't done- the potential is endless.
best ganker hands down
you literally are the best ganker ever

you have like.... infinite move speed with your W, Phase Rush, Ghost, celerity and nimbus all for ganking potential. its a really gank heavy meta so after first back Trundle can gank and farm camps like the troll king he is. simply put gank top lane first ESPECIALLY if they are AD and they're pushed up... your Q and infinite move speed paired up with your E to stop escape literally makes it impossible for you to fail the gank in that scenario. if you can't gank top you have one of three options-
OPTION 1: go through and "re clear" camps that have come back up. you should have enough gold to back for tiamat and boots or at least tiamat
OPTION 2: look for invade on their side of camps: if you can see what camps are up on your side 90% of the time it'll be up for them..... you might have to path through your jungle to do that though as most games most junglers will go bot side for double leash for faster clear
OPTION 3: gank mid. its less viable and your q has less effect but if they are shoved up no reason for you to not either kill them or trade with them as you go to take bot lane scuttle.
got a question please ask me
why trundle and who do you think you are to tell me to play this build
ok so basically
I'm a Sion Sion player.....
so pretty much i was just looking for an alternative to Sion, because when i play Sion i only play spilt push or lethality Sion as thats the most fun, so i was merely looking for another way to play/ have fun with a new champion.

and I found trundle... but I personally thought trundle just couldn't survive long enough in fights as he could just be bursted down even tho I built bruiser... so I had a hard long think about it and BOOM IF I CAN'T SURVIVE THE TEAM FIGHT I NEED TO KILL THEM FASTER THEN THEY CAN KILL ME.

the overall vibe from playing this build and character was really fun and i highly recommend it.
pros and cons of the troll king
with this build i've made him viable and more from a bruiser to an assassin with some health... kinda like nocturne only its not nocturne and you can beat a nocturne in a 1v1 for some reason.

so with this build it removes the old problems of team fighting and what not but it leaves just one small detail..... you are squishy.... BUT WITH YOUR 100000000000% MOVE SPEED BUFFS I MEAN WHO CAN STOP YOU?! cc. crowd. bloody. control.


holy **** did they have to make crown an item? like actually. that things really annoying. just try and pop it with your R then kill them afterwards maybe
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