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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Adonikam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adonikam

Offtank Mundo got an upgrade

Adonikam Last updated on December 6, 2011
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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hey hey! Another off-tank Mundo guide Adonikam? Well, first off, this is not all my work. I was approached recently by a Mobafire member named pelenini and he showed me a whole heap of statistics comparing my off-tank Mundo guide to another off-tank style guide that was actually STRONGER then the one I had made. Don't believe me? Read this page. Anyway, we got to brain storming over the next couple of pages and together we theory crafted this guide here into existence!

I will explain my "credentials" here as well before we get started;
720ish Normal WINS, so over 1300 normal games played.
Currently 1409 elo. (My ranked Mundo scores are bad because I sucked when I first started Ranked but I will be bringing them in line shortly)
Mobafire Veteran, I have visited this site nearly every day since I first made a profile and I have learnt a LOT about building champs from that.

PS: I changed the second build to have more damage, but less tank potential.

PSS: My old build and my old, old build.

Support this guide on SoloMid.

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Off-tank Mundo VS Tank Mundo

Honestly this really shouldn't need explaining so I'm going to summarise this section.

Cannot draw focus fire from the enemies! Deals LITTLE damage and has no hard CC! What does it matter how tanky you are when your whole team dies?

Absolutely too squishy and will not survive long enough to deal damage. Also, Mundo's base attack speed is also very low!



Can soak up some damage from the enemies! Deals MORE damage then DPS Mundo (Because you live for longer!) and can anti-carry single targets (Cleaver chase!) Off-tank/DPS soak Mundo is dangerous enough to warrant focus fire but tanky enough to survive it while his carries rip apart the enemies.

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(The main builds have ArP due to popular demand but I will explain AS here as it is my first choice)
Why did I choose these? A few reasons.
1. Mundo's base attack speed is LOW, he needed a pre-game steroid to buff it to a decent amount (this will help you last hit and will make you stronger in early game lane fights)
2. The other two choices I have considered (ArP and Crit Chance) are both WEAKER then attack speed!
pelenini wrote:
did some more calculations. Attack speed marks own crit chance and ArP Marks when measuring total damage output.

Greater Seal of Vitality

After umming and ahhing about these seals for a good loooooooooong while I went ahead and bought them. I've decided that the benefits they grant far outweigh the benefits from other seals we can choose from. The reason being is that these seals give Mundo THREE TIMES the benefits that any other seals will (not including flat health seals).
1. You gain flat health (well duh Adon, we knew that already!)
2. You gain increased HP/5 (Through Mundo's passive)
3. You gain increased attack damage (Wait what are you smoking Adon?)
You will gain an increase in attack damage because we buy in this build! These three reasons are why Seals of Vitality are my number one choice for off-tank Mundo.

There actually isn't that much to my choice of cooldown reduction runes. When you combine the CDR from masteries/items and runes we get a total of %21.1 CDR which is enough to grab blue buff without wasting CDR and enough to have up when you really need it.
Another viable option are the runes (either flat or per/lvl).

The reasoning for choosing HP/lvl seals still stands here. You also gain a strong early game and good lane control (health regeneration during the laning phase). Of course other options are available but I feel they lack the stength of health quints. They include (but are not limited to); Greater Quintessence of Desolation and .

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I build my way towards the 15% MP because this increases the strength of Cleaver and Burning Agony. I also get CDR, Crit chance and Improved Exhaust, all of which strengthen Mundo.


Mundo benefits from EVERYTHING gained in this tree (except AP%increase but we still get an AS%increase). The main ones I try to get are the increases in AS, Armour, Magic Resist, Health and total damage reduction.


Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic tree for lots of champs but what Mundo gains from the other two outweigh anything gained from this tree. IF you wish to use this tree then take these 21 points;
21 Utility.
(Swap Ghost with Flash accordingly)

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Summoner Spells

The anti-carries favourite tool and the carry's nightmare! Ever since it's change (I call it a buff) it is freakin' OP. It has many uses and I will list them here;
1. Lower the enemy carries damage output (Extremely strong against AoE carries!)
2. Slow the enemy (If you are being creep blocked and can't cleaver them)
3. Lower the enemie's armour and MR (Need the mastery point)
4. Bait tower dives (When they commit they will have a low damage output)
I'm sure you could think of more but just these four alone make it strong enough for me to take it.

A big change you may have noticed is that I do NOT take Ghost in the main section, my reasoning for this is as follows(it's still a good choice);
1. I feel like reaching the end of the defensive tree was stronger then a boost in movement speed.
2. Mundo has for movement speed.
3. I buy THREE movement speed increasing items ( , and ) and these three together give Mundo GREAT mobility.
These three points along with the pros of (Much stronger in the lane and a powerful positioning tool overall) have forced me to swap around Ghost and Flash.

If you don't want to take either of these that's fine but don't go taking spells like , , or for obvious reasons.

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Skill Sequence


Grab when possible. Max because of it's power then max to be used in conjunction with your attack speed seals and when you have the health it's safe to finish maxing . A pretty basic skill sequence.

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I know I have been anti-warmogs for a good while now but it seems I was wrong and here's why;

pelenini wrote:
Offtank really is the build you should aim for with mundo in ranked (tank mundo sucks balls hard).
However as an effective offtank I would suggest another build.
1st: Warmogs-> Mercs -> Spirit Visage -> Atmas -> Phantom Dancers.
I will now list, according to champ builder on leaguecraft, Mundo's stats for this build and your build (at lvl 18).

A (your build) / B (the above described build)

Hit Points A: 2735 B: 3655 ...2735 is just too squishy. Also, more HP = more heal from ult
Physical Damage Health A: 6399.9 B: 8552.7
Magical Damage Health A: 5428.9 B: 7255.18
Effective Health A: 5914.4 B: 7903.94 - 2K difference... HUGE

Attack Speed A: 1.086 B: 1.176
Damage A: 140 B: 183
Armor Penetration A: 40 B: 0
Critical Chance A: 15% B: 48% - if you go crit runes its even better
Armor same in both builds
Magic Resist same in both builds
Lifesteal A: 20% B: 0%
Cooldown Reduction A: 25% B: 10%
Movement Speed A: 390 B: 442 - a fast beefy Mundo is each squishy carry's nightmare
Total DPS/5s(with crits) A: 875.73 B: 1595.33

From the above its clear that your build is better in just 3 stats: Armor Pen, Lifesteal and CDR.
20% lifesteal is nice but not a lifesaver in teamfights (he has ult, doesnt need to rely on lifesteal), +15% cdr in build A is -10 sec ult CD (this is nice). Now to the important part - Armor pen
Example: u go against a champ with 41 Armor.
Build A: You penetrate 40 of that leaving him with 1 armor. The total DPS would be 866 (875 DPS before armour* 0.99% damage reduction from the 1 armor left)
Build B: You penetrate 0, 41 armor left (29% damage reduction). Total DPS is 1132.45 (1595 * 0,71)
This shows that the total damage output in B is better even without ArP.
But the main thing is the effective HP. A 2,7k HP Mundo dies too quickly in a teamfight to do serious damage. You will be forced to leave the teamfight after the first kill and ult until healed, while with 3,7k HP you can ult in the fight and stand till the last enemy is down. This is the main/biggest difference. Please consider it.

(I have edited his post to be a little easier to read, you can view the original here.)

This post is the sole reason my items ARE the way they ARE. I will NOT list optional or situational items because by now I assume you are versing a BALANCED team (Mix of AD and AP). Everything I have here (Runes, Masteries and Items) will give you the greatest potential for getting the most out of off-tank/DPS soak Dr. Mundo.

PS: Don't forget to buy elixers once you finish your build. The order your should buy them in is as follows; RED>GREEN>BLUE. Also don't forget to counter wards and stealth champs with .

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Jungling Mundo

I've seen people do it and I don't think it's a good idea at all;
1. He has bad jungle sustainability (no health return)
2. He is a slow jungler
3. He has weak ganks (Cleaver can be creep blocked)

However, that doesn't mean is a bad idea! Mundo is a great smite carrier along with your jungler. The reason you might want to double smite is because;
1. Mundo is beefy enough not to need a second spell
2. It becomes near impossible to have dragon and baron stolen from your team
3. If your jungler gets picked you can still fight the enemy at baron/dragon and possibly get a smite-steal.

I wouldn't recommend running double smite in solo Q however. As it requires more team cooperation.

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Early Game

This is possibly the most important stage of the game for Mundo, if you can't win your lane (Out-harassed, out-CS'd, Ignited, etc.) then you're going to be in a bad spot for the next 20 minutes.
Aggression is the key, you need to control how much you harass and commit. For example; if you try to fight them when they have a large minion wave you're obviously not going to win (minion damage+can't hit cleavers through minions). The best time to fight them is after you have landed some well-placed cleavers or during a jungle gank.

I highly discourage using Masochism or Infected Cleaver to last hit too much, eventually you'll notice the effects this has on your health pool. The best time to be using these two skills for last hitting is when/if you are pushed to your tower and you don't want to miss any gold.

To last hit at towers;

Let the tower hit the Melee creeps twice then last hit them.
Hit the Ranged creeps once (WITHOUT Masochism on), let the tower hit them, last hit them.
Cannon creeps are a bit trickier but you can throw a Cleaver then Masochism effectively doing a "double strike".

(These amounts change depending on the units health at the time of the tower hitting them, use your gut instinct!)

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Mid Game

I prefer to spend most of Mid game farming/pushing but it's also optional for Mundo's to roam a little.
When roaming you want to keep these things in mind(listed in order of preference);
1. Is dragon/baron warded?
2. Are any lanes gankable (ie. pushed to the tower)
3. Are there any MIA's you can call (dem lazy teammates!)
4. Do we have sight of the enemy jungler or his buffs?

So most of roaming comes down to wards and ganks.

(Mundo isn't a strong roamer, doesn't have hard CC but he does have good mobility over the map. Preferably you'd want a roamer like Alistair, Eve, Maokai, etc.)

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Late Game

Most of the time late-game is decided by Baron but it can also be decided by pushing harder then the enemy team, if you have good ward coverage in their jungle feel free to push a lane until you see them coming. If more then 2 people come to gank you it leaves your team free to push the opposing lane/do another dragon/POSSIBLY do baron if you're pushing bot lane.

And when it comes down to team fights remember that you are NOT a tank, don't be all macho. Just chill until your tank initiates then start roflstomping enemy carries.

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Ranked Play

The biggest difference between Normal games and Ranked games for Mundo is that the enemy sees you picking the Doctor. They then proceed to grab 2+ ignites and often you'll see one or more . So the best way to keep Mundo going on his merry way is to grab Quicksilver Sash! You'll want to buy it straight after your boots of choice.

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How would you fit him into a team and what should his job be?

Good question. Generally, you want your team to look something like this; Ranged DPS, Support, Tank, Caster, Off-tank/Anti-carry. That is his place AND that will be his job. After your tank initiates a fight you want to either; run around and backdoor their squishies OR charge through to disrupt their formation and destroy their squishies.

Why haven't you gotten 21 points in the Offensive Mastery Tree?

You can take 21 points in Offense, it really just comes down to personal preference. I personally like living long enough to do sustained damage, rather then quick bursts.

Why don't you get more attack speed?

What we gain from this build should be enough for any situation. Remember, even though the only item we get with AS is we still gain AS from runes and masteries (an amount totaling 19.3%). If you feel you need more grab another

Why do you still take ?

It gives everything wonderful to Mundo BUT the main reason I still take it is the CDR believe it or not. (Brings the build to 21.1% CDR).

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So hopefully now you know why I have changed my view on warmogs and Mundo. Hopefully you stop building Mundo as a full tank (which he is sub-par at) and start giving the poor guy some love. He's been built as a tank for far too long!

MASSIVE CREDIT GOES TO pelenini who got me started on this guide and had HUGE input on it.

If you notice any spelling errors or mistakes gimme a heads up. If you have good questions I will answer you and if they are really good I'll add them to my F.A.Q =D.