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Gangplank Build Guide by Atlascrower

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atlascrower

Oh Captain my Captain!

Atlascrower Last updated on October 18, 2018
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All about Gangplank

Gangplank Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Kleptomancy
LoL Rune: Perfect Timing
Perfect Timing
LoL Rune: Future's Market
Future's Market
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, adaptive

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Win 52%
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Threats to Gangplank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger dominates you, until you got Sheen. His turrets are just Food for your Sheen-Q. Dodge his Rockets and its easy.
Ornn You can and need to poke Ornn easy early. He gets oom fast, and he cant kill you. You can farm safe vs him, but after his 1.Back/2.Back, you cant kill him anymore. Be aware of ganks, and everything is fine. Dont get hit by his W.
Cho'Gath You have your Orange against his CC. He will be able to sustain some with his Passive, but otherwise Cho is no threat for you.
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Hi Guys,
my name is Atlascrower. Im from Germany and a Gangplank-Main. I play League since Bard got released in Season 5. I got Platin 5 (Winrate: 54/55%) with GP(Winrate 64%) in Season 7 and was satisfied. Today, i want to tell you some about my thoughts around Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge.

-Added the different Barrel-Combo´s!
-I am working on a Tankplank-Build (nearly finished).
-I am working on a Comet/Aery-Build.
-I will add a Fleet Footwork-Version soon

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Pros / Cons

So first, i want to talk with you about Gangplanks Pro´s and Con´s:

+Insane Damage
+Strong Slows
+Global Ultimate
+Free QSS with Remove Scurvy
+Strong Lategame
+Great Teamfight
+Nice Waveclear/AoE with Powder Keg
+Gets a lot of Money

+No Gapcloser
+No Hard-CC
+Pretty Squishy
+Weak Early
+High Cooldowns: Remove Scurvy and Cannon Barrage

As you can see, Gangplank may have the potential to get insane, carry Teamfights and the Game, but you need to play well for that. You will need some time to master GP and every Game again you need to get stronger by farming and surviving.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best Summoner Spell in the Game, also it fits perfectly into Gangplank´s Kit, because he needs the Gapcloser.

You choose TP to have the Ability to splitpush later and minimize your lost farm after you recalled. The 8.14 TP-Nerf hurts, 6 Minutes Cooldown are hard.

Exhaust is the Way to Go vs very aggressive Lanes, like Wukong or Riven.

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Main Path:

Kleptomancy: Its all about the Money. Kleptomancy gives 5 Gold, if GP uses an Autoattack after an Ability. Parrrley triggers Kleptomancy instant as an AA-Ability, perfect for GP. It also gives a lot of Items, which make Gangplanks Laning Phase more comfortable(Also Gold).

Perfect Timing: Use this, if you play vs high-damage Champions like Riven or Wukong or Assassins like Talon or Zed. It is also a nice item in some other Matchups and has Outplay-Potential if their Jungler ganks you.

Magical Footwear: The Option, if you dont need to use Stopwatch/GA or dont want to buy Boots early. Choose it if your lane is comfortable.

Future's Market: To buy some Stuff when you lack of Gold? Yes, definetely nice. You get the Sheen-Powerspike very fast.

Cosmic Insight: You need that extra-CDR.

Main Path(Tankplank):

Grasp of the Undying: Procs with every Q, you get the Melee-Bonus, it deals some damage and heals you, very nice to survive.

Bone Plating: Bone Plating will reduce so much Damage early, you are able to survive very well within the Laning-Phase.

Second Wind: Choose this one, if you play vs some ranged or DoT-Matchups, like Teemo, Quinn or Singed.

Chrysalis: Take this strong rune in every other matchup, it makes you a bit tougher, buffs Grasp and converts into AD later, very nice.

Overgrowth: You farm with GP anyway some time, so Overgrowth will scale well and increases your hp.

Second Path:

The Ultimate Hat: No longer exists as Sorcery-Rune.

Manaflow Band: Your Q costs 5 Mana less every 15 Seconds, it is much better to sustain early with Manaflow Band. It is easy to stack, you would poke with your Q anyway.

Transcendence: It gives 10% CDR, thats the Goal to get 45% CDR with Trinity Force and Caulfield's Warhammer. It also gives some AD, if you have more CDR than you need, perfect.

Gathering Storm: Some scaling AD with a scaling Champion is pretty nice.

Scorch: If you want more Poke-Damage with your Q against some Enemies(Dont take this against Maokai, for example).

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Skill Sequence

-> -> -> ->

Trial By Fire: Trial by Fire is a nice passive. It has a lot of True-Damage, refreshed by GP´s E. This Aa´s can hurt a lot, also on Turrets.

Cannon Barrage: Skill your Ultimate whenever you are able to.

Parrrley: You max your Q first to get the better Gold/Serpents-Generation, also your poke gets better.

Powder Keg: The Damage and Slow increases just insane with Skill points, thats why we max it second. We also need the lower Cooldown, to get more Barrels in less time. The Decay Rate of the Barrels is reduced at Level 7 and 13. Until you reached Lvl13, you can do very much with you Barrels in such a short Time!

Remove Scurvy: It is a nice Tool, but costs too much Mana. Also the Cooldown at Max-rank is very high with 14 seconds, thats why we max it last.

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Since they removed "Bandit"(Rest in Peace) with Patch 8.5, Gold-Items aren´t worth anymore. Use Cull now.
8.11: You are able to get 100% Crit with 3 Items now.
8.11: Rest in Peace, Essence Reaver.


Sapphire Crystal: Sapphire Crystal increases your Lane-Comfort, you can use your Q much more, your W (expensive with 80 Mana-Cost) is more viable and Sheen costs just 700g.

Corrupting Potion: Corrupting Potion vs very hard matchups( Pantheon for example).


Sheen: Sheen gives you a lot of Damage, especially with your Q, and 10%CDR, just godlike for GP.

Cull: The Gold-Item option. Pretty nice, you farm anyway most of the time.

Boots of Speed: Some Extra-Movement-Speed for GP.

Control Ward: Control Wards are nice, GP has no Gap-Closer. Vision can prevent you from the Death, if you recognize enemy Ganker/Roamer early.


Trinity Force: Trinity is GP´s Core Item No1 and a great powerspike. It gives GP everything he needs and you can oneshot Caster-minions with 1 Q-Barrel, nice for your Gold/Serpents-Generation. The Extra-Duel power is very nice.

Caulfield's Warhammer: Warhammer gives extra 10%-CDR, nice to get 45% with Transcendence.


Boots of Swiftness: Swiftness to get faster and the nice Slow-resistance. Important for Gangplank, because of his Gapcloser-Problem.

Ninja Tabi: Ninja-Tabis vs High-AD-Teams or a hard AD-AA-Lane( Wukong, Fiora).

Mercury's Treads: Mercs for tons of CC or an AP-Lane. It also prevents you of the dangerous Magic-Pen( Sorcerer's Shoes and Morellonomicon).

Following Items:

Youmuu's Ghostblade: Youmuus gives some damage with 55 AD and a bit Lethality, you can upgrade your Warhammer into this Item. Also, you get nice MS, important, because you have no Gapcloser.

Stormrazor: You crit safe with your Q, it gives extra-AD, which is very good, and a bit attack-speed. Often it´s worth to use this Item(especially if you build Trinity-Steraks). The movement speed is also very nice for GP! But be aware, the artificial Crit with 140% Damage wont Oneshot Melee-Minions if you use your Q-Barrel, but you are able to get the 200% Damage-Crit with Phantom Dancer or Statikks.

Infinity Edge: IE gives insane AD and truedamage with the passive. Very strong. Remember, you need to buy zeal first! 200%-Crit-Damage is important to oneshot Melee-Minions with Q-Barrel-Crits.

Zeal: Increase your Critical Strike Chance with this.

Last Whisper: Last Whisper if they have some Tanks with much Armor or Malphite/ Rammus.

Duskblade of Draktharr: Duskblade if you dont want to build Crit, for a better midgame-Powerspike and the Lethality-Plank.

Last Items:

Statikk Shiv: Statikk gives Waveclear and more Damage to oneshot Squishys. Dont forget, the passive can crit.

Phantom Dancer: Phantom Dancer for extra-Duel-Power vs Dangerous-Enemies, Riven or Fiora, for example. The Damage-Reduction is very strong. Its my favourite Zeal-Upgrade.

Essence Reaver: It was very nice with Trancendence, but it is not worth to get this since Patch 8.11. Rest in Peace.

Sterak's Gage: Steraks for a bunch of extra-Defense and more AD. Never build it with Maw. It is still a nice Item, after the 8.12 Patch changed the Base-AD-Bonus to Bonus-AD.

Maw of Malmortius: Maw is better vs some AP-Assassins/Executes(Veigar-R, for example)


Executioner's Calling: Use this to reduce heals, vs Swain or Vladimir, for Example.

Death's Dance: Take this for a bunch of AD, combined with some toughness and Regeneration(Strong with Barrels, but just 33% efficient). Take it if you dont want to buy Youmuus.

Maw of Malmortius: Maw is better vs some AP-Assassins/Executes(Veigar-Ultimate, for example)

Guardian Angel: Use this vs AD-Assassins or Execute-Champions like Zed or Riven.

Adaptive Helm: Adaptive-Helm gives you Extra-Toughness vs a lot of AP-Champs, Ahri Brand or Teemo, for example.

Spirit Visage: It gives much health, increases your heal and you get tough vs AP-Champions.


Elixir of Wrath: The best Potion for Gangplank. Gives some AD and you can heal with physical Damage.

Control Ward: Everytime, buy Control Wards if possible, Vision is too important.

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Barrel Combos


Place both Barrels, then Q the first one.

Fast Double-Barrel:

Q the first barrel, then place the second. You need to Q on max range, otherwise it wont work.


Place two Barrels, Q the first, then place the third.


The hardest Barrel-Combo. If you need more range, place 2 Barrels far away, Q the first, flash directly after Q'ing and place the third one.


Just for Fun :)

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Early-Game / Laning-Phase

You priority should be set on farming, poking the enemy is just incidental. You just use your Q to poke the enemy to trigger Kleptomancy or Grasp of the Undying. It is only worth using Parrrley to kill minions, if you have skilled it with at least 3 points (just if you use Kleptomancy) or have to safe a minion last-hit. Your Barrels can keep Enemies on distance, sometimes you are able to last-hit a bunch of minions with your Q-Barrel.

After you got Sheen, your Lane will automatically become more comfortable, you are able to poke better and last hit better with your Q-E.

The Trinity Force gives a great Powerspike, you are able to duel Enemies pretty good and you can oneshot Caster-Minions with one Q-Barrel.

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Gangplank has nice waveclear with his Powder Keg, thats why you can splitpush easy with him. While you split, you can support your Team with your Ultimate. If you want vision, you cant use your Barrels as wards anymore. Ask your Supp for wards towards you.

If you have a Frontline, GP can perform very well in Teamfights. Cannon Barrage is also a nice engage tool for TF´s. It can slow and zone Enemies hard, that makes it easier to engage the Enemy-Team to Ace them. Your Barrels make much AoE-Damage and can oneshot Squishys, thats very nice to carry the Teamfight as One-Man-Army. If you should get CC´d and/or All-In´d, just use Remove Scurvy. It would really help to have a frontline, a real Tank.

In my opinion, Gangplank is a better Teamfight-Champion as a Splitpush-Champion, but you can play both Styles. Especially if you reached Lvl 13, you won't miss in fights, your Barrels will be insanely useful due to the low charge timer.

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So, this is the end, my fellow friend, i hope you enjoyed to read my Guide about Gangplank. It is my first Guide, so i appreciate your feedback.

Have a nice day at the Slaughterdocks, Captain!