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League of Legends Build Guide Author OwnageJunkie

Olaf brings the noize! - Store Røv!

OwnageJunkie Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Read this first:
Olaf can basicly be played in 2 different ways; as jungler or as lanelaf. I do not know why people wanna waste a such awesome lane champion in the jungle. Well the build you are about to read, as you probally allready know, is about how I lane as Olaf wich have worked pretty well for me. If you really love jungling this build might give you some kind of inspiration to develop your own build. The build will not contain any kind of unnecesary facts.


  • Good farming potential / can stay in lane for a long time
  • Serious amount of dmg
  • High HP makes Olaf Stronger
  • Is very dangerous while HP falls
  • Really good early harrasment
  • Is easily killed if you got no experience with Olaf
  • In early game he can seem a big squishy
  • Low mana bar
  • Ragnarok only last for 6 seconds..

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Skill sequence and how to use them in battle

I've been through a lot of experimenting on the skill sequence. I've tried to maxing Undertow first, I've tried to max Vicious Strikes first and ofc. Reckless Swing first. None of these worked in a way that I felt comfortable about to use. So I tried different variations of mixing the 3 main summoner abilities and ended up with the skill sequence you see in this guide!

Explenation of the 5 abilities:
Berzerker Rage (Passive):
"I'M UNDER 50% HEALTH, RETREAT!" Don't worry.. This passive is insane, many Olaf players build do not seem to support the passive fullout. The increased attack speed that is triggered by each 1% of Olaf's maximum hp missing helps a lot in facing enemies! How the items will support that passive can be readen in the following chapter "Items".

Axe in your face! This ability is a extremely good harrasment tool in the early game. This is caused by the descent dmg output, the range and the "pick up" effect. Just make sure that you don't waste all your mana on throwing it around. This is also the ability that will give you kills in 1v1, because it allows you to hunt down enemies easily (just need some practice). Except your facing the stupid Master Yi and his stupid ultimate! Make sure before you initiate in battles throw an axe in their face, it will give you the early advantage.

Vicious Strikes:
This ability brings you your main dmg on auto attacks. Vicious Strikes dmg is increased based Olaf's maximum healtbar and the ability grants you massive lifesteal and spellvamp! Use this ability to stay in lane at the early game (use on minions). There is really not much to say about this ability except you have to make sure to trigger it as soon you are en melee range!

Reckless Swing:
True dmg is the shiznit!! This ability really helps you to slay anyone who dares to fight you head to head, no armor ore magic resist can safe them! This ability makes sure you deal tons of dmg, but as you can see it also deals true damage you Olaf himself. Therefore I think it is important to grant Olaf alot of health so Reckless Swing wont be his doom. Well the only con of this ability is that it deals true damage to Olaf, but the cons on the other hand should not be ignored. First of all you deal true dmg which cause bigger damage on the enemy that on you. Second pro, is that even your HP decrease your Berzerker Rage (Passive) will increase and you are granted increased attackspeed. If you got more attackspeed and your Vicious Strikes is up, you are capable to steal more life and that makes Olaf so OP! Spam this ability as much as you can on the enemy champions! They will **** themself!

Ragnarok (Ultimate):
I am unstoppable!! Olaf's ultimate really gives him an advantage en 1v1 such as teamfights. If you are a skilled Olaf player this ultimate even lets you own a 1v2 situation! Ragnarok makes Olaf immune to olaf disables, he gains more armorpenetration and he reduce incoming damage. This ability can mainly be used in 3 different situation.
1) You are getting in a fight, and you really want your ultimate to help you as much as possible. Throw your axe, trigger Ragnarok as soon you are in range of incoming damage, put up your Vicious Strikes as soon you are en melee range and then spam your Reckless Swing! DOMINATION!
2) You are alone in an area (you are pushing lanes, all of your team are dead etc.) and you suddenly see the enemy team is coming for you, you try to make the run without using your ultimate. Suddenly the enemy team are capable of disable you with a slow, stun etc. you throw an axe in there face and trigger your ultimate! RUN FOR IT!
3) (CASE in hunting down enemies) You are using the minimap, suddenly you see a Teemo is seperated from the rest of his team and you decide to pin him down. You are getting close to catch him, which makes him think he can outsmart you.. (Stupid little hamster) He tries to lure you into his shrooms and succeed, but you pup your ultimate. Suddenly you aint slowed and you throw an axe in his face! You put exhaust him and he is yours! Just remeber to pick you axe up when you are on the hunt. You should gain the kill!

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells:
- Slow your enemies, own AD champs and use it as escape tool
- Use this to get in and out of battle, and escape over walls!

Possible summoner spells:
- This is a great tool to escape and hunt down enemies.
- This spells should only be picked if you gonna solo lane.
- I will only recommend this spell to people who thinks ignite is truly awesome. Nothing special about this spell that boost Olaf.

Don't pick these:
- You don't need this skills to stay alive.
- This spell is ********.. soz
- Attackspeed yes, abilitypower HELL NO!
- Your will safe you, don't waste your spell on this one.
- Don't waste mana on ignorant moves, and you wont need this
- This spell is just useless.
- Why even pick this one up in the first place?

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Early game:
In the early game you really wanna make sure to farm so you can domminate the midgame. That's why you start of with the and a . These items will let you farm in a while. Until you got the money for and the stay in lane. When you got back in lane you should just focus on getting finished your and a . NOW YOU GONNA WHUP SOME ***!

Mid game:
Now you got some descent HP,extra lifesteal and attackspeed. All these buffs support your abilities. In the mid game you should be going for some survibillity and HP. No you wanna convert all of your HP to some dammage. to do that you are going to get . The reason i get the first is because you dont need the crit at this momemt, but some more armor that will give you a great advantage in entering battles. As soon as you afford the you should buy it! This will buff will almost be like a passive . Now you should go but some attackspeed so you really gets the benefits from your abilities. Therefore buy the .

Late game:
IF you have played a descent game at this point you will notice that you almost are invinceble! In the late game you really wanna impower your abilities output. Therefore are we going for the and the . It is really up to you which item you wanna get first. It all depends on how well you are doing. If you feel that you not are in need for some health finish the . But if you feel that you need the HP build up the . Now you got one last item spot to fill out. You really should fill this out with an item you think will be a great help. I prefer building defense at this point, cause the damage output of Olaf is now very high. So if you are facing alot of AD champions build a . If you are facing alot of AP build up . If you are facing some annoying champions like or with their ultimates and you should build up a or for the blocking effect. I have not tested this yet but in the theory a should work pretty good in many 1v1 situtions againg Autoattacking champions, sense in slow their attackspeed and their movementspeed. It will also help you in teambattles ofcause.
I've listed up 3 different offensive items that have worked good for me to, the extra lifesteal and AD that the brings. The that grants you attackspeed, movementspeed and extra crit chance. The last but not least that brings a lot of buffs to your Olaf. Choose what you feel like!

Explenation of the different items purpose:

- It should not be hard to choose which kind of boots to pick. Personally I allways pick up , but if you feel that you will have alot trouble with disables or the enemy team got alot of AP then go for the . The attackspeed from gives you early ownage combined with .

- HP does not only make you harder to kill it also supports Olaf's . Think of as an without the armor. And that's the main reason why we wanna pick up and . As your HP will improve your attack damage til increase.

- will be build into a . We could build many kind of lifestealing items but we have to fix our main problem at this point. You will at this time deal alot of dmg, but you don't want to be low in HP to get massive attackspeed. That's why we build !

- Now we have all of our main items! Now it is up to you what to pick.. I would prefer some defense cause this really lets you stay in battle and maybe bring you the PENTA KILL! Maybe not penta, but you would gain a greater chance to whup some butt!

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Olaf playstyle

The key of LoL:
It's like this for any kind of champion. For god sake guys, keep farming minions! It is allways the guy with the best items who brings the victory! Make sure that you lasthit minions in your lane, and dont be affraid to put up your Vicious Strike or your Reckless Swing. Just make sure you dont lose to much hp and mana on this! Unless you got a jungler on your team, remember to hit the Wraiths, Lizards, Golems and Wolfs if you are in the area anyway and your team don't need you in the next 2-5 seconds.

Ill upload it now, but the build this guide ain't finnished yet! There is alot more on the way!

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This build works!

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