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Anivia Build Guide by Dreaming

AP Carry Old School Anivia

AP Carry Old School Anivia

Updated on May 24, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreaming Build Guide By Dreaming 5,185 Views 0 Comments
5,185 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreaming Anivia Build Guide By Dreaming Updated on May 24, 2015
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Why, hello there.
I'm just a random Diamond 2 noob, who likes to play anivia.
I really started playing anivia after seeing Froggen playing her.
It was really lovely to see how good he used the bird.
One day i will be as good as him, one day...

Enjoy my guide please (:

(It's my first one so be nice please? :c )
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Pros / Cons

- Really squishy
- Not mobile at all

- Great damage
- Decent CC
- Revive passive
- Good poke
- Wall really good to split teams off
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- 3x movement speeds quints => I Like to have some extra movement speed, that's why i take 3x Movement speed quints.

- 9x Mark of magic pen. => I see some people taking half magic pen and half mana regen but after you get your chalice, you should be fine without these mana regen runes.

- 5x/9x Glyph of ability power => For some massive deeps. 5x glyph of ability power against bursty mages, 9x glyph of ability power against non-bursty mages and ad mids.

- 4x/0x Glyph of magic resist => A bit of defense. 4x When playing against bursty mage. 0x against non-bursty mage and ad mids.

- 5x/9x Seal of armour => Some armour against the adc. 9x armour seals against ad mid. 5x against ap.

- 4x/0x Seal of scaling armour => Some armour against the adc. 4x against ap mid and 0x against ad mid.

I prefer having full armour Seals against ad mids since anivia is really squishy.
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- Starting items should be doran's ring and pot. You get a bit more hp, a bit more mana regen, a bit more ap. A little bit from everything you need :)

- Rushing tear is a basic thing to do since anivia's mana costs are really high without any mana regen items.
I proceed to rush boots and if needed a doran's ring. Like i said before, movement speed is really important on anivia. After getting these items, i take a catalyst and build it out into a ROA like alot of anivia players do. Boots are really important like i said so i try to finish it after my ROA. When you got all these items i suggest taking Haunting guise. This is the moment real magic is about to happen.

- After flapping around and farming you have 2 options. Taking the Rabadon or Zhonya. Zhonya against champions like Fizz and Zed and Rabadon against champions like orianna. After completing the zhonya/rabadon you take the other item of the two. After farming a bit more you should finish your liandry's.

- Eventually You have 5 options for your final item:
* Void staff => Tons of Damage
* Guardian angel => Double revive OP
* Lich bane => Splitpush op
* Will of the ancients => Such sustain
* Abyssal scepter => Bit of mr and will make you deal a bit more damage
You might even consider selling Liandry for a void staff if you chose an alternate item.
(ofcourse all depending on the teams)

- After being fully build you should buy the AP pot. After that you should upgrade your trinket. At last you can consider changing your boots for Mercs. (against heavy cc team) or boots of swiftnes (to kite for days)
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I hope you learned something from my guide.
I see this guide is pretty small, but like i said, it's my first one and you will get better guides if people like it.
Now you are a pro anivia, go out and get some freelo!

Good luck in soloq, and have a good day!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreaming
Dreaming Anivia Guide
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Old School Anivia

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