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Teemo Build Guide by Runtley

Top OMG TEEMO *Bites lip*

Top OMG TEEMO *Bites lip*

Updated on April 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Runtley Build Guide By Runtley 48 5 165,027 Views 8 Comments
48 5 165,027 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Runtley Teemo Build Guide By Runtley Updated on April 11, 2021
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Recommended Items

Runes: AERY

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



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Champion Build Guide

OMG TEEMO *Bites lip*

By Runtley
Heya! I am Runtley! I started playing league in 2018! I started with Lulu but then found Teemo and can't stop playing him! I currently main toplane and support but I can play jungle too. I stream @ don't be afraid to stop by and chat! <3
Teemo's Passive (Guerrilla Warfare) Allows for Teemo to go invisible if he stands still for 1.5 seconds. When coming out of Guerrilla Warfare he gains a short boost of attack speed. Teemo's passive if use wisely can help sneak in 1 or 2 more autos on the enemy champion. You want to use early to get CS faster and more efficient. Teemo can be revealed by some champions. For example, Darius can pull you out of stealth with his pull, Ahri can pull you out of stealth with her charm. can't bring you out of stealth but it can reveal you.

Teemo's Q (Blinding Dart) Blinds a enemy for 1.5 - 2.5 seconds depending on level. Teemo's Q allows for champs like to do no damage to you. Teemo's Q if very important in team fights, you want to make sure you blind the ADC if they are AA reliant. If are being chased by and your not strong enough to kill him yet one thing you can do is blind him then go invisible you can hurt you since he has no skill shots. Teemo's Q is good against , , , , , , basically anyone who auto attacks a lot.

Teemo's W (Move Quick) Gives Teemo a short boost of movement speed. Teemo will slow down if he is attacked. Teemo's W really is an escape or get into the fight item. If a jungler come into your lane you can use your W and just run away. If you want to get into the fight you can use your W to speed up and attack. Teemo's W also has some combos like AA, W, Q, AA. Doing this either early or late can give you some good damage. Teemo's W is just what the name says Move Quick there is not a ton to it but it is useful.

Teemo's E (Toxic Shot) Gives Teemo poison damage on each auto attack for 4 seconds. This damage will stack with Teemo's R and the poison will reset after every hit.. Teemo's E makes him a amazing split pusher, if you get the poison will go to minions and apply on hit damage. You want to make sure you are not under tower while your poison is still on the enemy because you will get a tower hit. The poison can be just like a mini ignite.

Teemo's R (Noxious Trap) Is a Mushroom that goes invisible after 1 second. You want use in laning phase in areas like against walls or covering the river. You want to place them where if someone were to attack you it would slow them down. I don't recommend throwing them at the minions to early because you don't want to push the lane at level 6, because Teemo is weak until he gets his items. You don't want to get ganked. You can also use your shrooms to give you back up at or . Throw in your shrooms into team fights as well.
I recommend that you ban who YOU hate playing against. I ban renekton or mordekaiser because I am just bad at playing against them, ban who is in the meta and go off of that. Don't ban someone just because someone said it's hard to play against that champ. Do what you want to do!!!

1. Mordekaiser
2. Akali
3. Olaf
4. Nasus
5. Aatrox
6. Irelia
7. Wukong
8. Sett
9. Jayce
10. Tryndamere

1. Gnar
2. Swain
3. Pantheon
4. Poppy
5. Urgot
6. Fiora
7. Camille
8. Swain
9. Sylas
10. Kayle

Why Does Mordekaiser Counter Teemo?

Mordekaiser counters Teemo at around level 6, because Teemo is champion that is meant for kiting. When you are in Mordekaiser's R there really isn't anywhere for you to go. Another thing is when you are in the shadow realm if his Q hits you there is a circle of magic damage that goes around his body which is nearly impossible to avoid since he can just pull you back in with his E . One more thing to mention is that he can pull you out of stealth with his E so you might want to be careful about using your passive in his ult.

How Do I Play Against Mordekaiser

If you want to beat this monster of a champ then here is how to do it. Make sure you are always moving. Mordekaiser is all skill shots so moving around poking will help a ton. Another thing you can do is stay in your passive if there is a bush around when he ults, I know I did say don't do this but when your in his ult unless you are 14/1 you just want to survive, so stay in your passive and avoid getting pulled until it is over. When you are in laning phase before level 6 try and kill him as much as you can and guard the CS. You want to get to level 6 before him. Make sure you have more CS and he has 20 while you have 40 or 50. He can't do anything, the most he can do is try and pull you and hit his skill shots. This is when you can just W and get out of them. Early laning phase is the best way to beat him. Make sure he realizes he was never going to win even at level 1.

Why Does Akali Counter Teemo?

Akali counters Teemo because of how fast and sneaky she is. Akali's W can cause problems because she can't be targeted. While she is in her W she can just Q Teemo, go back in then AA for increased damage. Normal Akali players don't do this just once, they do this mini combo about 3 times then when they hit level 6 they kill you. Akali can also thrown her E and that can either kill you if your low enough or if your hanging on by a thin thread thinking you're ok... NO she comes back roundhouse kicks your butt and your dead.

How Do I Play Against Akali?

If Akali ever goes into her W right before try and get a AA in, the poison will tell you where she is in her in her W . While this is happening go to a bush and use your passive to hide. As soon as she uses her Q go ALL IN you might wanna have ignite before you do this. Since Akali is kinda squishy and ignite and poison is a very powerful combo she will most likely die. Just like Mordekaiser all of her abilities are skill shots so if you manage to avoid them the best you can you will be fine. Before she hits level 6 you want to poke her as much as you can in lane because she can't do much unless you get hit with her E . Watch out and blind her when travels to you.

Why Does Olaf Counter Teemo?

Olaf counters Teemo because of many reasons. Olaf's Q can get a 4.5 Second cooldown reduction if he picks his axe back up. Olaf's W gives Olaf lifesteal and attack speed. This makes him a unstoppable force, if he gets close to you and your not by turret you are probably dead unless your fed. Olaf's E lets him do a ton of damage to you and with each auto the cooldown is reduced by 1 second so if he maxes this ability first and when it is maxed all he has to do is hit you 7 times and he can use it again, that does not even include cooldown reduction. Olaf's R Is like a mini E, Q with movement speed and immune to crowd control buffs. Olaf players will normally just run ghost and run you down killing you over and over.

How Do I Play Against Olaf?

When going against Olaf focus on movement speed and kiting, I recommend you use . Plan on just surviving against Olaf don't try and kill him unless he is low don't push your lane because then he can kill you and you won't have enough time to get to tower. Just try and live and not feed, if he does try and kill you Q him then run away. If you want you can try and poke but that could get you killed so I don't recommend it. Hiding in the bushes also works since the only thing that can hit you is his Q so just dodge that and you will be ok.

Why Does Nasus Counter Teemo?

Nasus counters Teemo in a lot of ways. First, he has a slow which is huge. When he slows there is really nothing you can do unless you buy right items. His slow also makes him be able to chase with no consequences unless you 10/0. Second, he does a ton of damage. Nasus's Q allows him do to a bunch of damage. Nasus's Q can make him a turret destroyer. If he uses his W with you could really just be dead. Third, he can one shot your whole team. Nasus's R gives him a ult just like . He becomes and almost unstoppable force and kills almost anyone in his path.

How Do I play Against Nasus?

When going against Nasus I recommend you take this rune will help you so much against him. Phase Rush allows you to almost remove a lot of his slow allowing you to get away before he and . You also must take this will help you also negate his W . You can't really do much play wise besides always moving and make sure you put 2 points into your W at the start. The main goal of this is to not feed Nasus. Nasus can 1v5 your team or just wait for you to get low in a team fight then kill your whole team. When Nasus uses his R you want to Q then throw a shroom where he is walking to try and slow him, only do this if you are in a team fight. When you are alone and he does this just run unless he is feeding and you think you can kill him in a 1v1.

Ignite is currently the best summoner spell for Teemo. Ignite is very helpful when 1v1ing champions. Combined with poison ignite can help finish off a champion at the end of a battle. Although ignite and poison is powerful, do not rely on it to finish your enemy. Try and get a few extra autos when you can with Q > W > AA > AA. Ignite is also very helpful when the enemy champion walks into a shroom.

Teleport is a spell that is ok. You only want to play with teleport if you are thinking of doing a more roam, or support kind of build. Teemo however is not built to be a roamer. Although his W might give him some speed, it does not give him enough to go from lane to lane when in the top lane. You may think "Can't I just play mid lane?" and the answer to that is no. Due to season 11 items, assassins are super overpowered since assassins are normally played mid lane it makes mid almost unplayable for Teemo. You could do Teemo mid, but you will hate every second of it.

Ghost is a spell that you use when you want to secure kills. Overall, ghost is a useless rune. Getting more movement speed is good but Teemos W does that. You can buy items that give you a ton more movement speed. If you really wanted to use ghost I recommend using when you fight Nasus or want to run around the map and steal everyone's kills. Phase rush does pare well with this spell but in all honesty, don't use it.
Farming is a very important and easy thing to do when playing Teemo. Farming is important in every rank/role besides sometimes in support. Farming can give you such a big lead over your opponent. If done correctly farming can help you dominate your opponent and rank up.

Teemo's E helps greatly with farming. His E gives him AP damage on hit and poison. Farming also allows you to control your lane. Leaving minions to hold a lane in a certain position is very helpful, it can actually help you get more CS. When you freeze the lane in a certain area that's easy for you to farm you can just perma farm until you kill your opponent or have enough money for an item.

Although there can be side effects if you farm poorly. Let's say that you push your minions to go to your opponent's tower. This not only makes it harder to farm but leaves you right open for the enemy jungler to gank. This would potentially kill you unless you had Flash and W.

Another thing that can happen is you let the enemy push into your tower. Out of the bad things that can happen with freezing going wrong this is one of the better ones. When you are pushed up against your tower it allows you to farm easily but your opponent most of the time is harassing you while you farm. Thankfully if you have a good jungle he can come up to your lane and help you kill the enemy. However, if you are pushed up against your tower there is a good chance that either your opponent is ahead or you are getting destroyed. This is where you have to build armor or MR to try and survive. While this is happening just try not to feed, try your best to farm if you can.

Farming is very helpful in the lane when used correctly. When you are ahead enough you can gank other lanes. Let's say you are 5/0 with 125 CS and you accidentally push your lane to the tower, take a trip to mid lane and help your mid laner kill their mid laner! Make sure that your tower is not getting destroyed while this is happening and you will do great. If you just keep to yourself all the time while you are fed your team won't get as big of a benefit if you were to go and help them.

Runaan's Hurricane allows for very strong split pushing. Runaan's allows you to hit 3 targets at the same time. When split pushing you can hit 3 minions at one time, this allows for you to clear waves in 10 seconds. Runaan's also helps you CS so much faster. Runaan's works so good with Press The Attack because just like Press The Attack this item relies on kiting. Runaan's works best with Nashor's and Wits End. You can also use this item with the rune Hail Of Blades If you are going to split push and focus towers and inhibs then you have to get this item.

Morellonomicon is great if someone on the other team is Yuumi, Kayn, Soraka or anyone with healing. This item stops champions from staying alive when they should be dead. Morellonomicon can also make Teemo a mini tank, when paired with other items and levels Teemo can get up to 2.5k health. Morellonomicon also gives 15 Magic Penetration when paired with Sorcerer Boots that gives us 33 Magic Penetration which can help when opponents build MR.

Nashor's Tooth is just a necessary item when playing Teemo. It gives attack speed and makes CSing so much easier, Nashor's also allows for very easy poke. You can get 2 hits with this item. If you go Auto, W, Auto, Q, your opponent is already almost dead. Nashor's works well with Runaan's Hurricane, Press The Attack, and Electrocute. Nashor's Tooth let us Teemo mains do so much damage at one time. With Nashor's you can stop melee champions from CSing by poking them with the combo I said earlier.

Rabadon's Deathcap can turn a game around. Rabadon's can give you 200+ AP! Rabadon's works good as a last item when you are going Nashor's, Liandry's, and Sorcerer Boots. Those 3 items and boots make Teemo OP. If you also get Infernal Drakes and you get soul it's GG. This is a time where Teemo and his shrooms can carry a 1v5. Rabadon's will empower your shrooms so you need to make sure you have correct shroom placement on the map. If there just so happens to be an infernal drake soul place your shrooms all around the drag and you can kill the jungle and before he's done just by your shrooms and a few autos and sweep in and steal the dragon.

This item also goes perfect with Nashor's Tooth, you shoot fast and do bonus damage in teamfights. This item is not necessary but it helps do a lot more damage to HP tanks when you are in teamfights. It also helps your shrooms do a lot more damage. This item works good with Rabadon's, Press The Attack, Dark Harvest, and Electrocute. If you are having a problem with tanks or people healing to fast I recommend you get this item and Morellonomicon.

Everfrost is a very special item for Teemo. It lets us Teemos do what we have longed for, cause CC. It doesn't just cause CC it gives Teemo tons of mana and some health! Everfrost goes great with Glacial Augment due to the fact that when combined the enemy moves super slow. This can help with chases or even support Teemo. Everfrost also helps with getting away when your getting chased! Everfrost is great for support Teemo, causing CC, and securing kills.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Runtley
Runtley Teemo Guide
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OMG TEEMO *Bites lip*

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