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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ornn Build Guide by WaffleMage15

Top Ornn Guide | An Iron Will Must be Forged [TOP/SUPPORT]

Top Ornn Guide | An Iron Will Must be Forged [TOP/SUPPORT]

Updated on October 19, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaffleMage15 Build Guide By WaffleMage15 340 21 611,749 Views 23 Comments
340 21 611,749 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WaffleMage15 Ornn Build Guide By WaffleMage15 Updated on October 19, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Normie Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

Ornn Guide | An Iron Will Must be Forged [TOP/SUPPORT]

By WaffleMage15

Summoner Spells



Ornn - The Fire Below The Mountain
High CC, High Damage, High Survivability, Top/Support

Teamfights: 10/10
Jungler ganking potential: 9/10
Scaling: 11/10

Introduction: Ornn is a late game tank that can outdamage most bruisers if played correctly. From his Brittle marks dealing 20.5% max hp magic damage at lvl 18, to his passive items offering over 1000 gold worth of stats, Ornn is the Kassadin of tanks. He has the most CC in the game, with every one of his abilities having a displacement or slow. This combined with the fact that he can easily obtain over 200mr and armor while getting just a bit under 6000 health come late game makes him a cookie cutter tank. If your game lasts long enough, Ornn can turn an unwinnable match into a complete stomp with his masterwork items, insane tankiness, and god-like teamfights


+ Insane Scaling
+ Lots of CC
+ Extremely Tanky
+ Never Banned
+ Fantastic Upgrades
+ Best Beard In Game

- Loses to Most Meta Top Laners
- Long Cooldowns Early On
- Only 1 skin
- Mana Issues Early
- W Is Easy To Dodge


All three major keystones of the resolve tree work well on Ornn, but Guardian is rather mediocre in most situations. Top lane Ornn exclusively goes Grasp, since the trading potential it gives you is much higher than aftershock's. Support Ornn favors Aftershock over Guardian because of how easy it is for Ornn to proc the prior, and how strong it makes your engages. You should consider going guardian only into bot lanes with lots of poke.

Unless you're going Ardent Censer Support Ornn, which you really shouldn't be, demolish is almost always better than font of life for both Top lane and Support Ornn. It's pushing power makes it extremely valuable as it gets you one more turret plating than you would have gotten every time you crash a wave under the enemy turret.

Bone plating is an extremely potent early game minor rune. It allows you to win almost every trade you have it up if your opponent isn't also going bone plating. Against matchups with lots of DoT poke such as Teemo, second wind is the better option. Conditioning is a popular second choice for Ornn as it lets him reach even higher levels of resists, however I wouldn't pick it into many matchups as this season, Ornn's dominant laning phase is what allows him to carry into mid-late game. I'd only ever go conditioning if I was against a champ that couldn't all in me or poke me down, such as Poppy.

Ornn can't really make use of revitalize in most situations since He's either top lane, meaning he doesn't have any heals at all, or he's the support, meaning unless there's an enchanter somewhere else on the map, he's in the same scenario. Unflinching is a rather mediocre rune, so Overgrowth is the only option left. Ornn loves stacking health and resistances, so it's definitely not a terrible last option.

Ornn has quite a bit of cdr in his build path, the 10% cdr rune lets him hit the 45% cdr cap if you're going Cosmic Insight. Swap out the armor stat shards with Magic Resist depending on the matchup, the health shard is very mediocre and shouldn't be picked.


Biscuit delivery is one of, if not the single best minor keystone in the inspiration tree. It pretty much guarantees you won’t be poked out of lane as long as you don’t try to all-in the Teemo at lvl 1. Biscuit delivery is a must on Ornn because of his early game mana issues and lack of sustain in lane outside of his passive, taking it completely negates a good chunk of Ornn’s negatives.
Ornn REALLY likes CDR, and strives to hit atleast 30% every game. Cosmic insight is great on Ornn because it lets him get a 45% cdr if built correctly. This is enough cdr to cc chain people for at the very least, 5 seconds. This means that they can’t move for the entire duration of a nasus wither.

One of the lesser known Ornn builds which was recently made slightly more popular due to SoloRenektonOnly’s video on is AD Bruiser Ornn. Ornn has a VERY high total AD ratio on his q, this is especially true after his recent buff took it from 100% total AD to 110% total AD. With conqueror and titanic hydra, frozen mallet, and other items that grant him health along with AD, he can very easily oneshot the backline while remaining relatively tanky.

Triumph is still the best rune on this row, especially for Ornn as it lets you stay in fights much longer than normal. While PoM sounds like it would be good on him, most of his mana issues are during the early game, which PoM doesn't consistently solve.

Ornn doesn’t really care about insane attack speed or lots of life steal since he is no where near a consistent damage dealer. Legend tenacity, while one of the more underrated choices in the row, is still rather powerful and, when combined with the Bellow’s Breath’s unstoppable, lets Ornn engage on the backline with little worry of being cc’ed.

Ornn will pretty much always have more max health than his laner unless it’s an infinite health stacker like Cho’Gath or Sion, meaning cut down is pretty much useless on him. Ornn is hard to kill, but Coupe de Grace is almost always better than last stand because of Ornn’s brittle marks, which are his major source of damage even when building AD, get bonus damage when proccing on low health targets. This means that if someone is every below a quarter of their health, all inning them pretty much guarantees a flash or a kill, and with your ult having a range far larger than most champions can reliably escape out of, it tends to end up being the latter.

Late game, the resist runes tend to fall off slightly compared to the damage shards. Going double adaptive damage nets Ornn enough AD to make his q deal well over 100 damage to any champ after armor at lvl 1. If you can land 4 q’s on the enemy, odds are unless they have a ridiculously strong early game like Udyr top, you can finish them with a Q > E > Ignite(Optional into most matchups) > W > auto(to proc brittle).

Ornn’s brittle damage can only be increased through effects like Abyssal Mask’s passive, or magic pen. Sudden impact grants quite a bit of the latter. This combine with the lethality you get allows you to easily 100 > 0 a squishy later on after you have enough AD.
Ornn doesn’t really care about most of the runes in this row since he can’t really make use of the omnivamp ravenous hunter gives, doesn’t build any item’s with active effects, and doesn’t care too much about movement speed. As a last option, reduced cooldown on your ultimate is rather nice since it lets you force teamfights more often. And the thing about Ornn, regardless of how you build him, a 4-5 man ult will guarantee you a won teamfight unless your team is insanely behind or plays it out bad enough that not even Olaf ult could stop them from being disabled.

Flash is the standard summoner spell. It's a quick repositioning spell that can be used both offensively to engage and defensively to dodge/escape. Its versatility and reliability has resulted in it being consistently run every single game on almost every single champion.

Ornn has a surprising amount of kill pressure into most matchups. His W+Auto does A LOT of damage during the laning phase. If you're level 6 and the enemy laner is near half hp, odds are if you use your ult, q, w, e, and ignite, you'll secure a kill without the enemy even being able to react as you pound them with cc and damage.

While Ornn can easily solo kill a careless laner, he is primarily a cc-heavy tank. Teleport, while it has been nerfed over and over again, is an irreplaceable tool that grants you pressure around the map. A successful bot lane teleport gank will net you much more than a solo kill in lane.

Living Forge

Ornn gains an additional 10% bonus armor and 10% bonus magic resistance from all items.

Living Forge: Ornn can purchase non-consumable items from anywhere on the field by forging them himself, and is also presented a Forge Menu with his recommended items to select to be forged. Forging takes 4 seconds and the process is interrupted if Ornn enters combat, disabling Living Forge. Health and mana items built in the field retain its previous health and mana percentage (returning to base still brings health and mana items back to full) On Howling Abyss, Ornn can forge an item once every 120 seconds.

When Ornn reaches level 13, any upgradable (MASTERWORK) item Ornn owns or purchases for the rest of the game is upgraded for free, up to a maximum of 2. Additionally, for each level after 13 (level 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18), Ornn can upgrade one of his ally's upgradable items (MASTERWORK) by getting within 600 range of them and clicking on them, up to a maximum of 1 per ally.

Temper: Ornn's basic attacks against Brittle enemies briefly knocks them back.

Call of the Forge God and the final bout of Bellows Breath cause enemies to become Brittle, increasing their susceptibility to crowd control by 30%. Brittle can stack up to 2 times.
NOTE: It's almost never worth stacking brittle marks, try to proc one before applying another stack.

Enemies made Brittle by Ornn take 10−18% (based on Ornn's level) of their maximum health as bonus magic damage (per stack of Brittle) the next time they are immobilized by Ornn or his allies, consuming all Brittle stacks.

A Unit affected by brittle gains -30% tenacity and is made airborne for 30% longer.

Your passive is what lets you survive the laning phase, which is usually when Ornn's at his weakest. Think about what you want to do next in the lane and what stats you'll need to do it. If you feel like you want to all in the enemy champ and the two of you are both low on health, building a ruby crystal and then all inning could get you a free kill. If you're low on mana and want to harass with q, building a sapphire crystal is a great way to stay in lane. Both ruby and sapphire crystals can be built into core items, so getting a couple of them early is perfectly fine.

Volcanic Rupture

Ornn slams his hammer into the ground, sending a fissure in the target direction that stops early if an enemy champion is hit, dealing 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+ 1.1 per total attack damage) physical damage and slowing enemies hit by 40% for 2 seconds.
NOTE: The fissure works like Anivia's Crystallize. It pops spell shields and procs brittle if an enemy is displaced by it.

After a 1.5 second delay, an impassable magma pillar erupts at maximum range for 4 seconds. Ornn can use Searing Charge and ram into the pillar, destroying it and knocking up enemies in a nearby area.

The massive slow and solid damage mixed with the inevitable cc chain you're about to unleash on the enemy laner is what makes this ability one of the most satisfying abilities in the game. Volcanic rupture deals quite a bit of damage during the laning phase. If you feel like you're against a matchup where landing a w is difficult(I.E. most ranged matchups), you can max q and focus on using it to farm and poke until you hit level 6 for an easy laning phase.

Bellows Breath

Ornn becomes unstoppable and marches in the target direction with 35% reduced movement speed for 0.75 seconds.
NOTE: Any non-displacement cc that lasts longer than .75 seconds will continue for it's remaining duration after your W is finished.

Over the march he belches fire in a cone in front of him, dealing 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16% of target's maximum health over the duration to enemies in the AoE (80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 damage minimum, which is also the damage dealt to minions). Monsters take 155 / 180 / 205 / 230 / 255 damage over the full duration of the march. The final bout of flame will apply Brittle.

This is Ornn's bread and butter ability. It's the only way outside of using Call of the Forge God to apply brittle stacks on enemies. Not only does this ability hurt at every stage of the game, you don't need to build any damage items for it to do it's job. You can build full tank and still melt health stacker and squishy alike with your short trade combo

Searing Charge

Ornn charges forward, dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 40% bonus armor) (+ 40% bonus magic resistance) physical damage to enemies he passes through. Upon colliding with terrain, the dash stops and creates a shockwave, knocking up nearby enemies for 1 second.

Magma pillars and terrain created by enemy champions(Such Anivia's Crystallize and Jarvan IV's Cataclysm) as caught in the shockwave are destroyed.

This is probably the strongest engage on a basic ability. It has one of the longest knock up duration in the game while being on a relatively short downtime after you get one or two cdr items. Combined with your Q and W, this dash can be used for both all inning, chasing, escaping, and setting up for a gank.

Call of the forge god

First Cast: Ornn summons an elemental at maximum range in the target direction that stampedes toward him, dealing 125 / 175 / 225 (+20% of ability power) magic damage and slowing enemies hit by up to 40 / 60 / 80% for 2 seconds based on distanced traveled (minimum 10% slow) while marking them with brittle for 3 seconds.

Second Cast: Ornn dashes forward in the target direction. If Ornn collides with the elemental, he headbutts it, sending it stampeding again in the new direction and empowering it to knock up enemies hit for 1 second, reduced to 0.5 seconds after the first enemy champion hit. Call of the Forge God can affect enemies twice.

By far the strongest teamfight ability in the game if executed properly. The brittle mark on the first cast is procced by the knock up off the second cast, leading to some major damage if you can hit targets with both casts. If you know you're going to land the second cast on priority target(s), you should walk towards the the cc'ed target and prepare to q > e > w them while your team gets ready to finish the job. Note that the ult recast counts as a dash, meaning effects such as root and grounding will stop you from recasting it. If you get rooted by a Lux, Morgana, or Neeko before the horn sound effect ends, if you spam R you should be able to get the cast through.

3Q>W Max
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

After the recent nerfs to brittle damage, most pro players and Ornn mains are putting 3 points into q for the safe early game poke before going w max for the extra mid game damage. This should be your go too for most matchups as using w in lane without proper set up is too risky for too little of a payout most of the time.

E Max
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

E>W max is the standard skill max used for support Ornn as it allows him to engage more often in lane while granting him the damage needed to truly become an adc's worst nightmare. You should poke people down with q until you hit lvl 3 before trying to all in, there are very few champs that can match or even disengage from Ornn's all in at lvl 3 without using flash. Watch out for Thresh who can e you in the middle of your dash to cancel it and Morgana who can use her black shield. you will need to catch Sivir off guard or play according to her cool-downs if you wish to engage on her due to her spell shield.



Ornn starts Corrupting pot into almost every matchup. Corrupting pot along with biscuit delivery and the ability to forge sapphire crystals in lane solves almost all of Ornn’s inlane mana issues. The healing is just the icing on the cake. Doran’s shield is for the rare matchup where Ornn is at the risk of being one shot and doesn’t want to all in, or is against a champion that can easily avoid his Q and/or W. If you go doran’s shield, you’ll find yourself running out of mana rather quickly if you spam abilities. You’re left with the option to either lower your ability usage or build a sapphire crystal or two.

Obviously support Ornn has to go relic shield. The item was made for hyper engage champs with little to no sustain, which is exactly what Ornn is. The healing you get from relic shield lets you out sustain he poke from most lanes, and the health Eye of the Aspect gives makes it worth upgrading.


Ornn, unlike many other champs, doesn't have to back until MUCH later. Rather than backing, Ornn can build health and mana in lane using his passive Living Forge


Ornn suffers from a lot of mana issues at early stages of the game. To survive through the first few backs, he has to build 1-2 sapphire crystals in lane. While it isn’t recommended to build more than 1 if you aren’t going Iceborn Gauntlet, it won’t set you too far behind to build an extra sapphire crystal and sell it later in the game, since selling only puts you 105 gold down. Ruby crystals, unlike their mana counterpart, are pretty much always useful to build. Core items on Ornn like Abyssal mask, Sunfire Cape and Warmogs all need lots of ruby crystals, and while it isn’t that effective to stack them instead of upgrading them into a completed item, it’s definitely alright to stack a couple if you find yourself running out of health in lane.



Ninja Tabi’s passive and cheap armor make it one of the best purchases in the game. Unless there’s zero auto attack based threats on the enemy team, you tend to build these every game. Mercury’s Treads are great in games with lots of high threat Magic Damage dealers. While they help fix the lack of magic resist items available to Ornn, you shouldn’t build them unless the enemy team has 4-5 magic damage dealers.



Bramble Vest is a core item on Ornn into matchups with lots of healing, such as Darius and Fiora. Since thornmail is rather expensive and doesn’t have any upgrades, it’s best to sit on bramble and build other items such as sunfire cape and abyssal mask. This tends to be your first component into matchups where grievous wounds isn’t necessary. The waveclear this gives lets you quickly push the wave under the enemy’s tower and possibly make a play around the map by either slowly walking or using teleport.


Support Ornn tends to rush Targon's Buckler before building another item. The extra gold generation you get from being able to proc it more often makes it the perfect component to rush. Against AP champs or champions with lots of poke, you tend to build a Catalyst of Aeons. The extra health and mana it gives you lets you farm with Q and not get bursted down easily. It also builds into Abyssal mask, which has one of the best upgrades in the game.



Sunfire cape gives you everything you want. From armor to health, and even bonus wave clear, this item is a must in most games. Unless the enemy team has literally no physical damage dealers, Sunfire Cape tends to be something you build every game. Thornmail doesn’t have an upgrade, making it a rather poor first or second item. If you need grievous wounds, you should sit on bramble vest. Only upgrade thornmail if you have 2 upgradable items already built, and there’s a lot of physical damage and healing on the enemy team.


After the recent buffs, Randuin’s Omen is a must against a team that has either 2 crit chance champions or one crit chance champion that managed to get ahead. It CRIPPLES champions like Tryndamere and Yasuo since it reduces the damage critical strikes deal, slows attack speed, and has an active that slows the movement speed of nearby enemies by a massive 55%. Iceborn Gauntlet, while it upgrades into possibly the most insane armor item in the game, is rather situational since it doesn’t give any health. Unless you’re against an all AD team, you’re much better off building the Sunfire+Abyssal mask combo. However, if you do manage to find yourself against the infamous Solo Queue cancer team comp of Yasuo, Lee sin, Talon, Jinx, and Pyke, know that building Iceborn Gauntlet and Sunfire cape easily nets you over 80% physical damage reductions when they upgrade at lvl 13.



Probably the only Magic resist item that Ornn can consistently build. While the base item is rather mediocre, the upgrade gives you an absolutely ridiculous amount of stats and magic resist. This is a core item on Ornn because it synergizes great with Both his w/brittle damage(Which deal magic damage but don’t have any real scalings) and sunfire cape. Adaptive helm is a must into teamcomps with lots of DoT champs such as Brand and Teemo. If you build it alongside Abyssal mask, you’re pretty much immune to magic damage.

Spirit visage, while niche, can be insane on Ornn. While Ornn himself doesn’t have any healing, if you build Spirit Visage when your team has a dedicated healer such as Soraka and Nami, you can’t die unless you physically int 1v5. The magic resist it gives has a similar affect to Adaptive Helm when paired up with Abyssal Mask.



After you have two upgraded items, you’re probably sitting on enough resistances to take every ult on the enemy team and still make it out alive, but how can you get even tankier? Warmogs gives the most health out of any item, and completely eradicates your need to back do to it’s passive. While 800 health alone isn’t too frightening, when combined with over 200 armor and 150 magic resist, Ornn becomes near unkillable. Ornn is one of the few actual tanks that can build Steraks. His Q has a 110% total AD ratio, meaning that you get both Health and a significant increase to your damage with Steraks. While I don’t normally build this until after Warmog’s, it can definitely be bought before Warmog’s if you feel like you need just a little bit more damage in teamfights.

I personally don’t really like this item since it reduces the damage of your brittle marks, regardless of who procs it, but the sheer survivability you get from Stoneplate is insane. While it’s active, don’t expect to die since you’re rocking well over 10k health and 200+ mr and armor.


Mine as well as a lot of other Ornn mains' personal favorite upgrade. This item gives A LOT of tank stats against physical damage dealers. Rocking in at 1666.45 gold, this is one of Ornn's best upgrades. You want it pretty much every game unless the enemy team has 0 physical damage dealers for some reason.
Health: 869.33
Armor: 800
Total: 1669.33

Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a great item, but more often than not the armor it gives is just a little overkill. Ornn LOVES health and items that give him lots of it, even though frozen fist gives him a lot of armor and mana, the lack of health makes it a rather situational item on him. While it’s not so good on Ornn, popping this on an Ezreal will make him one of the tankiest champs on the map in certain games
Mana: 280
Armor: 1200
Total: 1480

Ornn's best magic resist item upgrade. Due to it's insane gold value, being Ornn’s most gold efficient item, combined with it's synergy with Forgefire Cape, Infernal mask built as often, if not more often than Forgefire Cape.
Health: 1067
MR: 810
Total: 1877

By far his worst upgrade. The stats it gives are next to useless. Never upgrade this if you can help it. Unless the champ you’re upgrading for has no other viable items to build on them, it’s always better to upgrade a different item. Even Salvation, his second worst upgrade, gives significantly more gold in stats than this.
MR: 270
Armor: 300
Total: 570

While it isn’t as bad as the support upgrades, MotRK is definitely one of the worse improvements. There are definitely some champions that want it, but Molten Edge tends to be the better upgrade for most champs.
AD: 525
AS: 375
Total: 900

This is a crit chance ADC's wet dream. IT grants almost a BF sword in AD for absolutely free. If you take into account it's passive and assume the wielder has at least 50% crit chance by the time they get their upgrade, the gold efficiency of this item is much higher than it actually says it is.
AD: 1050
Total: 1050

The Obsidian Cleaver is a very nice upgrade. Though Ornn will pretty much never build it(unless you’re going the AD bruiser build), it’s one of the best upgrades for champs like Darius and Garen. The extra health and AD makes this the ideal item for Juggernauts and bruisers alike. While some champs prefer the Trinity Force upgrade over this, both are a very solid choice.
AD: 700
Health: 400
Total: 1100

This is by far Ornn’s most diverse upgrade. It increases almost every single stat triforce provides by quite the margin. This item is perfect for champs like Jax who tend to build triforce every game. While it’s gold efficiency isn’t very high, the diversity of the stats it gives allows it to strengthen the item niche the original triforce covered.
AD: 350
Health: 266.66
AS: 250
MS: 38
Mana: 140
Total: 1044.66

Wraithblade is a weird upgrade since it gives lethality. However, compared to Obsidian Cleaver it's just flat out worse unless the champ you're upgrading for is an AD assassin like Zed or Talon that loves to stack lethality. On other champs such as Aatrox, more often than not the health obsidian cleaver gives is more useful. But don't get me wrong, 7 lethality is HUGE on an assassin, it means they deal well over true damage against squishies when combined with other items
AD: 700
Lethality: 158
Total: 857.5

Honestly, while this is a rather nice upgrade, more often than not, by the time Ornn reaches lvl 13+, the mages in the game don’t need extra mana. If you ignore the mana, this upgrade is just a budget Deathcrown, making it only useful if your midlaner is rather far behind, and at that point you have other teammates you should be upgrading items for.
AP: 652.5
Mana: 350
Total: 1002.5

This is by far the single best upgrade Ornn has. This offers 77 AP after taking into account it’s own passive, which is worth over 5 kills worth of gold. This means that your 3/2 Syndra is now effectively 8/2. The sheer ridiculous amount of AP this gives for free is insane, unless your mid laner either doesn’t build death cap or is significantly far behind, waiting to upgrade a deathcap is almost always the right call.
AP: 1674.75
Total: 1674.75

Of the two support upgrades, this is the lesser evil. Though it’s better than Circlet of the Iron Solari and has a higher gold value than some other items, it’s still not ideal since most of the stats it gives don’t grant much immediate power in a teamfight or skirmish. There are very few champs that can’t build an upgradable item besides Locket and Redemption, similar to Locket, only upgrade this if there is no other option.
Health: 266
HP5: 450
MP5: 250
Total: 966

Unlike Ludens, there are lots of champs which are willing to sacrifice a little AP for a bit of armor. While those champs would still prefer a deathcap upgrade any day, it’s perfectly fine to upgrade a zhonya’s early if you feel like the game could end in the next team fight or two.
AP: 543.75
Armor: 300
Total: 843.75

Top Lane is Ornn's most standard role. Going top lets him get access to his item upgrades, which is arguably his one and only win condition, much more reliably. Top lane has the downside that many matchups are rather volatile. If Ornn gets sent far enough behind, there is no chance of recovering unless the game manages to last ridiculously long since he’s one of the few late game hyper carry’s that rely on levels to gain most of their power.
In general, you have three goals for laning:
  • Try to hit lvl 12 before laning phase is over. Most of the time this isn't possible, but the longer you get to stay in lane, the more xp you get to obtain. Delay the laning phase as much as possible, after lvl 12 your chances to win the game sky rocket.
  • Rush a sapphire crystal as your first item built in lane, do it as early as possible to make full use of your passive. Casting abilities before hand will reduce how much mana you get from building it in lane. Ornn suffers from mana issues early during laning phase, so it's important to put a bandage on the problem till you scale.
  • Save your mana for the first couple of backs. Use Q only if you know you can land it. You don't always need to follow up a successful Q with a W or E, especially if the lane is volatile(An example would be Darius, who can easily kill you if you stand still to use W).

  • Try to freeze wave right infront of your turret, know that Ornn's weakest stage is the early game and that he scales harder than most hyper carries. If you manage to end the laning phase without missing cs or dying, you've pretty much already won the game.

Against ranged champions that can poke you out of lane like Teemo, Kennen, Jayce, and Vayne, You should be maxing Q since it lets you poke back and safely farm.

Since you're going to be using Q very often during the laning phase, I recommend building 1-2 sapphire crystals. Rushing Ninja tabi is also a great option since it's relatively cheap and it's passive will allow you a safer laning phase. Depending on the type of damage the enemy laner deals(Kayle and Teemo will mostly deal magic damage while Vayne and Jayce will be dealing physical damage), you want to rush either a Sunfire Cape or an Abyssal Mask. If you're really struggling in lane, stacking 2-4 ruby crystals will greatly reduce the opponent's kill pressure since you can build the crystals in lane, meaning you're getting hundreds of extra health the enemy laner doesn't have.

At a glance, Ornn seems like the type of champ that would struggle into ranged matchups. He has very broadcasted abilities, little to no mobility, no in built sustain, and most importantly he’s very easy to kite during the early game since his abilities have high cooldowns. However, two traits makes ranged matchups almost a breeze for him, the fact his q does a VERY solid amount of damage, and how powerful and consistent his engage can be when played right. You will outscale almost every matchup top lane due to how powerful your upgraded items are, the only issue is getting to that stage. Rather than playing aggro right off the bat into ranged matchups, you want to safely farm and poke using Volcanic Rupture until you’re level 6. Ranged top laners have one major weakness, in that they can’t handle being in melee range of the enemy lane opponenet. If you have Ult up and the enemy laner is below half hp, you WILL 50 > 0 them with your full combo. Your ult initial charge is relatively easy to dodge, but the second cast is much more difficult. As long as you hit the second cast of your ult and follow up with a q>e>w>auto, you will be dealing 2 brittle procs(30% max hp damage at lvl 6) as well as your w’s damage(an additional 12% max health damage). If you take into account your q and e’s rather high damage(both dealing around 150 damage at this stage), your full combo is more than enough to 50 > 0 a squishy ranged top laner.

Against melee champs that don’t have much kill pressure on you like Cho’gath or Shen, you should go W max since in an ideal game, you want your w to be on as low of a cooldown as possible.
Against melee champs that can 100>0 you if you misposition like Darius and Riven, Q max is the way to go since you will eventually outscale them, so winning lane isn’t that much of a priority. If you max Q, you’ll be able to safely cs and if the enemy laner ever does engage on you, you can use Q to slow them and E away to safety.
Health is an absolute must have against melee champs. Rushing a Bami’s will be your standard go to component against most melees. Against champions with lots of healing like Fiora, Darius, or Renekton, you want to rush and sit on a bramble vest for the grievous wounds. Rushing a Sunfire Cape against AD melee top laners will give you lots of waveclear and important stats like Health and Armor. Against AP top laners like Nautilus and Sylas, you want to build an Abyssal mask first item. If the enemy team has a mix of AP and AD(most of the time they do) You want to build an Abyssal mask or a Sunfire cape after your first item. Against a full AD team, Rushing a Sunfire > Iceborn will give you all the armor you need, and with a warmogs 3rd item, you’re sitting at a bit over 80% physical damage reduction and well over 4k health. Full AP teams are rare, but they do happen. In the case of a full AP team, rush an Abyssal mask along with mercury’s treads, you don’t have much in terms of MR item upgrades, so either an adaptive helm or Spirit visage will be your next item. In games against full AP teams, it isn’t worth building a sunfire cape just to have two upgrades. It’s better to stack MR and Health at the cost of wasting an upgrade.

Ornn is constantly playing a dangerous game between all-inning the enemy laner and getting all innned. You have to know when you can kill the enemy laner while they’re under the duration of your cc chain, normally this tends to be when they’re below 30% health and you have ult up. If you have ignite, you can all in them while they’re at around half hp at earlier stages of the game, and when they’re around 40% at later stages. Ornn doesn’t need to back often, but it’s important to understand when you should. With biscuit delivery, corrupting pot, and your passive, you can stay in lane for a VERY long time, but even those have a limit. Back when your low on resources and either the enemy laner is dead, or you have the minion wave under their tower. This will let you get back to lane without missing too many minions.

Though Ornn is mostly played top lane, this isn't to say he can't be played support. Ornn Support, one of the best Ornn mains out there, is a Challenger Ornn one trick that, like his name says, plays him only as a hyper engage support. Do to your brittle procs being insanely good against squishy champions, which most of the current meta bot laners are, Ornn support works incredibly well with an aggressive ADC like Tristana and Draven, a long ranged ADC that can follow up on his engages without much delay like Caitlyn, or an adc with reliable CC that can be used to proc brittle like Jhin.
These are some general tips that you should follow:
  • If you have an aggressive, snowbally ADC that can win the game off of a couple of kills during the laning phase, make sure you match their playstyle by constantly harassing with Q and engaging on low health enemies with your standard Q > E > W > Auto.

  • ALWAYS stack canon minions or melee creeps using Targon's. They offer more gold than casters, which is VERY important because of how much gold Ornn needs to achieve his near unkillable status after 3-4 items.

  • Try not to engage on the enemy with E unless important enemy ability/summoner's are on cooldown or you know you'll manage to knock up both players. Ornn can get blown up rather easily during the early game, especially if you aren't going Aftershock(Which you should be going >:( btw), meaning that if the you knock up the Vayne but not the lux and your ADC takes too long to follow up, odds are you're the one that's going to die.

If you’re paired with an Aggressive ADC that relies on early game kills to snowball, you want to go E max so you can engage as often as you want. You should try to all in at lvl 3 since very few bot lane matchups can contest Ornn’s engage at lvl 3.

With an Aggressive ADC like Tristana, Drave, and to an extent Twitch, they NEED early kills to snowball into a lead. You’re job is try and hit level 3 ASAP so you can all in with your Q > E > W > Auto combo. Since you’re support, you’ll almost always have ignite so you should ignite right after knocking up a target with your E so the grievous wounds reduces the inevitable heal the enemy ADC will use to try and save themselves, their support, or both. Ornn has one of the strongest engages in the game since his E is a 1.5 second knockup, with an aggressive ADC that’s a guaranteed kill or two every time you land a knock-up.

If you have an ADC that doesn’t want to all in whenever they can in hopes of a kill, maxing Q will let you poke the enemy team down and lets you safely targon stack without getting poked down yourself..

With a Passive poke/late-game adc like Sivir, Vayne, or Ezreal, you want to focus on poking down the enemy laners long with your adc. If you can get the enemy laners below half health and you have ult up, don’t be afraid to engage. The thing about Ornn is that his damage remains the same regardless of whether he gets played top or support due to him scaling with levels rather than damage items. A full combo with ult will still 50>0 someone, especially since most meta botlaners are rather squishy.

Relic Shield is obviously your starting item as Support Ornn, but it doesn’t have to be your only starting item. The item was made for champs that don't scale well with ap or ad, and while ornn has a very high total ad ratio on q, going Spectral Sickle+Youmuus+Triforce as support Ornn is a reportable offense.

Ornn strives in areas with lots of walls since that lets him have more places to land his Searing Charge for a knock-up. The very center of the map is a dead zone where the only walls he has access to are the ones besides river brush. In the jungle, where he can use his E to pretty much get a knockup anywhere he feels like, you’ll win almost every team fight as long as you and your team have an average iq higher than 2. Lanes are strange in that while you have walls to both sides, the enemy team can easily avoid your ult and your E can’t touch the middle of most lanes, so it’s rather easy to avoid as well.

Ornn’s CC is very broadcasted, making it difficult for 5 man ults/knockups. More often than not, when the sound of your horn blares across the map, the enemy team will scatter, making it possible to only hit 1-3 of them depending on the location of the teamfight. In this scenario, you have to decide who is the highest priority target that will die when collapsed on. For example, if you have to choose between a fed Volibear or a fed Kog’Maw to hit with your ult recast, which do you think would actually die if your team followed up? A fed Volibear could probably get a kill or two and run away at half health if you baited your team into collapsing on him, but a fed Kog’Maw would explode with a single brittle mark.

While it’s fun to explode all of your cc on a single target and watch their health blow up in an instant, it’s never what you want to do in an actual teamfight. Most champs, even after a knockup ends, are “micro-stunned” for a fraction of a second. If you make use of this and space your E knock up, Ult, W, and brittle procs, you can easily cc chain someone for 4+ seconds.

All League of Legends’ champions have a set of things they want to accomplish in a teamfight. Vlad wants to look for a quick way to get into the middle of the enemy team and burst them down like the disgusting AoE assassin he is, Aatrox wants to follow up one someone else’s engage and apply even more cc on the enemy team, Master Yi want’s to wait until the end to clean up kills with his ult and E, etc. What separates a good Ornn from a bad Ornn lies in being able to understand what your team wants to do, knowing what the enemy team is trying to do, and using your abilities to help achieve your team’s goals while crushing the hopes and dreams of the enemy. If a Vlad wants to enter into the middle of the enemy team, create an opening for him to do so with your knock ups. If Aatrox is waiting for you to engage, make sure to trust in him and pepper people up with brittle marks for him to proc. If Master Yi want’s to engage when everyone on the enemy team is low so he can get resets on his ult, engage for him and try to deal as much damage as possible with the rest of your team so he can cosplay as a budget Cowsep and clean up the fight after you all die.

Q > W > E > Auto(Standard All-In #1)

Q > E > W > Auto(Standard All-In #2)

Q > W > Auto(Standard Short Trade)

Q > W > Auto > E(Standard Short Trade+Escape)

R1 > Q > R2 > E > W > Auto(All-In/Engage+Ult)

E > Q > W > Auto(Wall Combo)

R1 > E > R2 > Q > W > Auto(Fast Combo)

You hard counter trundle since not only do you have a dash that can be used to escape his little ice domain, but you can also use said dash to break his pillar and knock him up before walking out. He can be a little annoying later on since he can steal some of your tank stats, but he should be a dead easy matchup in lane.

You can completely negate his W+Q combo with your w since both abilities are a form of displacement. While you can't really kill alistar since he's a tank that stacks resists more so than health, he should never be able to have any sort of kill pressure on you, especially during the later stages of the game.

Nautilus's major form of engage is a displacement... Which your w completely negates. An interesting mechanic when he lands a hook on you while you’re unstoppable is that he pulls himself towards you but you don’t move, meaning he’s now in melee range of an Ornn. He's a health stacking tank, meaning that whether the matchup is being played top or bot, Ornn has the absolute advantage.

He has no way to dodge your brittle proc. You can use your w to negate his knock up, or just straight up q into e to cancel it. You deal %max hp damage, so his infinite scaling health doesn't really help him at all.

Similar to Blitz and Naut, but this time the hook is even more broadcasted. Body block the hook if you think it's going to hit your adc and use w to negate the pull. Thresh can still dash to you even if you negate the pull though, but more often than not that results in his death since you aren't cc'ed.

Bard is a very strange support. He's good at all sorts of things but one thing he isn't very good at is dealing with supports that have multiple ways to engage. The biggest issue with him is that he can use his ult to negate your ult and a good bard might even be able to poke you out of lane if you’re not careful. Try to hit lvl 6 before him and all with your ADC the second you do.

You are the bane of this man's existance. If you're in the mood to farm honors, if your adc is ever about to get hooked by blitz, either step or flash in front of them and immediately tap w to cancel his hook. Blitz is built around having the best hook in the game and your immunity to displacement combined with your absolutely massive hitbox completely negates that.

You can build abyssal mask along with adaptive helm. You can w his flip, and your q slow is strong enough to make sure he never catches up to you. The only issue you might have is that he can proxy farm your wave, forcing you to farm under tower which will result in you missing farm or having to waste mana.

Camille's passive shield is VERY easy to trick. Your q does physical damage, so before you think she's going to all-in you, q her in order to make her shield block physical damage. Your w+brittle mark does magic damage, and she has MUCH weaker trades than you without her passive shield. Note that she does a LOT of true damage, but she should never be able to burst you down as you stack a ton of health along with armor.

While Yuumi can be annoying due to her constant shields and the root on her ult that can stop you from recasting yours, she isn't that bad since she's relatively squishy and can't really poke you out of lane if you play smart and stay near minions so her Q can't hit you. If there’s a Yuumi on the enemy team, that just means the ADC has no peel for the first 6 levels, so just all in whenever you want and odds are in your favor that you’ll get a free kill so long as your ADC follows up.

Soraka can't ult or heal when she's being cc'ed, and odds are she dies before she hits the ground if you manage to knock her up with your E. I’d recommend against building a thornmail if you’re support as executioner’s culling is simply the better grievous wounds item. Focus on cc’ing her rather than the enemy ADC, since neither of them are going to die while Soraka is still alive.

His charm can cancel your ult recast, but your w can negate his grand entrance. His engage is flat out worse than yours, and the second his charm wears off you'll be able to turn the fight unless you and your adc are low on health or significantly far behind. While he can easily peel for his ADC, he has no real way of handling your ult if you hit lvl 6 before him. Focus on poking him down with q, dodging his q’s, and staying in lane to soak up xp to get your ult early.

Both of you are tanky, high damage dealing bois, but you come out ahead thanks to your abilities dealing %max hp damage. Be careful about his silence though, while you can w his knock up, he can silence your ult recast if you aren't careful. Chogath has a lot of in lane sustain thanks to his passive so unless you’re confident that you can poke him down to half health before lvl 6, don’t bother q spamming since he’ll just heal it back up

He's a tank with strong engage, just like you. However, your ult is just his ult but better if you can land the recast. When laning against braum, it's in your best interest to poke him down with q before engaging since he is a VERY reliable wall for his adc. His e will block your ult, so make sure to bait it out before engaging.

Zyra can't handle champions that can engage and ignore her ult disengage, which Ornn can do since the knock up from her ult can be negated with Ornn's W. I’d recommend rushing some MR into her if she’s getting ahead, but her damage falls off if you can keep her behind. Focus on trying to catch her alone since you’ll easily win the 1v1

Similar to Braum and Alistar, she's a tank with lots of engage and a strong teamfighting ultimate. If leona lands an E, you can either Q in her direction and fight back for a won trade as long as the enemy adc isn't focusing you as well, or simply E away and trade cooldowns. She has no way to really kill you or your adc in lane if you're there, and you outscale her.

While Lulu has lots of shields and poke, what she lacks is a way to safely negate your engage. More often than not, Lulu has to seriously misposition to cast polymorph on you, leading to a kill on her in exchange for you wasting an ult. In lane, focus on dodging her q and catching her ADC alone for a free kill since Lulu isn’t around to polymorph you

You can use your W to cancel all of her cc since she only has displacements. Nami isn't very good at disengaging after she uses her ult, so if you can bait it out, both her and her lane partner are screwed if you choose to engage again.

Pyke is a very strong assassin support that can be rather scary since his ult can just flat out ignore a good chunk of your health bar, which is terrifying since you're a tank. However, in lane you can play against him the same way you'd play against a thresh or a blitz. Body block any hooks that could catch your adc and use w to negate the pull.

Brand has a lot of poke, and Ornn has limited sustain since his low income as a support results in him not being able to buy mana crystals. Focus on keeping your adc safe by body blocking stuns and scaling, since once you get an abyssal mask he stops dealing damage.

You naturally counter tanky bois like mundo since you deal %max hp damage. You want to rush a bramble vest to cut down on his healing, avoid getting hit by his q at all cost since his cleavers deal %current health, if you’re not careful they will whittle you down. You won’t be able to kill him in lane after he gets his ult so focus on trying to get an early kill on him or just afking the laning phase so you outscale.

Garen has been a rather strange matchup ever since his mini-rework. His q HURTS and can negate your ult recast, while his ult does a lot of true damage if you’re low on hp. Q after he q’s so that the slow still applies then walk away. Chances are he won’t be able to catch up to you before his q runs out, if your pillar is still up when he tries backing away, you can e into it for a full combo that Garen can’t properly retaliate against.

He's a relatively squishy toplaner that tries to either burst you down, which he can't since you're a tank, or poke you out. You beat him when he's melee, but his ranged form can be a little annoying if you don't doge his constant poke. Try to slow him before all-inning since he can't compete with your damage at melee range. The worst thing his melee form can do is knock you away, but if you predict that result and w when his knock back animation is starting, you can cancel it as well.

Even though she has quite a bit of poke in lane, her actual laning phase pre-6 is atrocious. Compared to her, even you have a rather oppressive laning phase and can engage a melee kayle for her entire health bar whenever you want. Adaptive helm and tabi's absolutely destroy her damage since her auto attacks count as a basic attack as well as a spell. With the removal of her true damage in 9.16, unless she specifically builds tank shredding items(which chances are she isn't going to since that means she can't one shot your adc), she shouldn't ever be able to kill you unless you get caught out by her and give her 10 or so seconds to wail on you while not retaliating in the slightest.

You can't really kill him since he has a lot of free escapes, but he should never really be able to kill you since you can build an abyssal mask. You tend to outscale him so long as you don’t get poked out of lane and keep up in farm, if he ever engages don’t get scared as you absolutely win those trades. Remember that he isn’t unstoppable when he turns into a ball of lightning, so just all in him whenever that ability’s about to run out for a free won trade.

You are pretty much just a better version of him. If he ever tries to ult on you, just use your w and make him regret ever making it past champ select. You have to build based on what he’s building in lane. If he’s going AP, just rush a negatron cloak > bami’s > sunfire > abyssal mask. If he’s going Tank, just build your standard sunfire rush build.

You pretty much stomp on Nasus since you can build both Abyssal mask, bramble vest, and Adaptive helm. His q's now deal next to no damage and heal him for almost nothing. You can bully him out of lane since he has no real way to win trades against you, but be wary of his high in lane sustain and level 6 since his ult will let him 1v1 you until you get your abyssal mask. During teamfights, you can lock him down and force him to proc your bramble vest, rendering him useless.

Reworked Pantheon is a very strange matchup. Since his E only blocks damage from one direction and has a long cooldown, he shouldn't really be much of an issue. Right now he's VERY weak, so I might be downplaying the matchup, after he gets a couple buffs he'll be a harder lane since he's an early game lane bully that should force you to back more often than you want. Obviously, don’t waste your abilities if he has his e up as he can easily negate your burst damage. His sustain is rather weak and he does next to no damage after you get sunfire cape and tabi’s, so just poke him down with q, all in him if you’re sure you can kill him, and focus on scaling.

she's a ranged harasser, but probably one of the squishiest champs in all of league of legends. If you EVER land a q on her and she has her e on cooldown, just all in and watch as her negative tank stats break under your constant onslaught of damage. Note that her e can cancel your e and ult recast for some reason, most Quinn’s won’t be skilled enough to do that but if you find one that is, you’ll have to bait it out before all ining her with ult.

Janna can be a bit annoying since her ult is very good at peeling you off the enemy team, but you have a lot more ways to engage than she has ults. Her poke during the early game is rather high and her tornadoes are on a very low cd, so simply focus on poking her down and scaling.

You are basically Poppy but with more damage and easier set up for your "wall stun". You can w her knock back, and your brittle procs HURT her since she's a tank. Be wary of her W since it can knock you out of your e and ult recast

Vel'Koz has a lot of poke, but his knock up is easy to negate using your own w. Avoid his q and absolutely don’t let him stack his passive on you since his ult might even be able to kill you if he has full passive stacks.

You can't unstoppable his root since your w only gives you unstoppable for the duration of the animation, but you can just all in him every single time his e is off cooldown since he has no real way to trade against you since he can't land his w without the set up provided by his root. Bramble vest is a rather strange item in this situation as most of Swain’s damage is magic damage, and franky speaking, bramble vest is too big of an investment for just the grievous wounds.

He only has one real cc, and you can easily stop it with your w. He naturally builds hp and wants to get close in order to trade against you, both of which you completely counter with your %max hp damage and innability to be damaged after a certain point. Be careful of his SHOTGUN KNEES because they deal %max helath as well, try ot bait out one or two before all inning him or getting all inned.

Xerath has a lot of poke but that's all he offers. if you make sure to dodge his abilities, he'll quickly oom and have no way to negate your engages. Rushing MR will completely shut him down as his animations are rather long.

The CLASSIC brother vs. brother matchup. Obviously, the superior Goat beats the pathetic bear. Even if he lands his stun on you, chances are he simply doesn’t win the trade since you deal %max health damage. Things get even worse after Volibear ults because your w + brittle proc will now deal over 500 damage during the mid game and well over 1000 damage come late game. Make sure to build a bramble vest to really assert your dominance as the older sibling.

He's an assassin, and your a tank. Not only do you out damage him in trades, you can use your w to cancel his first ult if you predict it properly. Focus on poking Wukong down with Q, you beat him at all stages of the game, even when you don’t have much in terms of tank stats early on. If he ever retaliates and jumps onto you, just w > auto > e and auto attack him while he runs back to his turret.

Darius can be a pretty volatile lane, but if you use your q to constantly harass him, build a bramble vest to cut down on his healing, rush tabis + sunfire, and use your w to negate his pull, you should be able to win lane. You're ****ed if he goes ghost though, but so is literally every other top laner in the game.

Sona has a lot of sustain, poke, and easy disengage. Her speed boost and ult can very easily either negate your engage or turn the teamfight around entirely. Make sure to not E into her ult or let her cancel your ult with hers. You should be able to hit lvl 6 before her as Sona has to back rather often early on due to her low base hp and high mana cost abilities, all in her with ult for most likely a free kill as she has no real way to disengage until she gets her own ult.

Zilean can easily double stun you since you're a champion that broadcasts exactly what they're trying to do, making your movements rather predictable. His ult can also make most engages useless since there's no point in engaging if no one on the enemy team dies. Simply try to poke him down in lane while dodging his bombs, if engage if you get him low and he doesn’t have ult up. If he ults someone during a lost teamfight, try to kill them and have your team collapse on the revived target for a free kill.

This shouldn't be too hard of a lane if you can dodge her e. If she ever misses her e, just all in her since her only other form of damage is from her q and w if there are tentacles near by. Her abilities have a long cast time and even someone as clunky as Ornn should be able to walk out of her q hitbox, make sure to avoid her abilities as she will out sustain you in lane if you act as a punching bag.

You can w his pull, but he does %max hp damage as well. He is also a conqueror abuser, but it's very difficult for him to get both his w passive and conqueror up at the same time. You should be able to beat him since you counter his extremely high base hp, but be wary of his all-ins if he has w up. Focus on proccing Skarl before all inning him with your Ult as it’s very awkward to try and kill him through his invulnerability animations.

He has A LOT of sustain, but you should auto beat him since you naturally counter tanks. However, If you don't kill him in an all-in or trade, he will out sustain you. You might be able to get away with building bramble vest as he needs to auto attack to proc his passive, just poke him down while avoiding his saplings, and don’t be afraid to all in him if he retaliates since you win short trades.

His healing is annoying, but you should beat him as long as he doesn't have his fury stacked up. You can w his stun, but he can dash out of your brittle mark. He can't compete against your all-ins without a full fury bar, so don't be afraid to engage him as long as he has no fury. I recommend maxing q unless you're comfortable enough with Ornn's kit to max W into Renekton.

His ult can make your ult practically useless since there's no point engaging if the enemy team is invulnerable. Try to get him to bait out his ult before you engage. His stun can easily negate engages you make without your ult, rather than trying to get kills in lane, focus on scaling.

He has poke, but he doesn't naturally build magic resist until later in the game. You'll win every all in unless he uses ult, especially after you rush an abyssal mask. If the team has multiple sources of extended magic damage, building an Adaptive Helm will make you impossible to kill.

He can block your brittle procs, but he struggles against your poke. If you can ever bait out his taunt, just q him as he walks away in shame. While he has the potential to impact the map with his ult, if you notice him ulting, just Q > E or walk up to him and W > auto attack to cancel it.

He can't really ever kill you, but you have a good amount of kill pressure on him at every stage of laning phase. His poke is annoying, but stops being bothersome after you finish abyssal mask. you win all-in's post-6 unless he manages to get his ult stun.

He will outsustain you and can negate your entire combo using his pool, but you can build a bramble vest and abyssal mask to counter him. Try to bait out his high cooldown w if you want to all in him. Both of you scale about as equally well alone, but if your team has someone like a Jinx who’ll become a monster when given an upgrade, you’re the better scaler in that game.

Though he uses conquerer, he relies on landing a knock up to all in you in lane, which you can always just use w to negate. proc his shield using your q and all in since he struggles to beat your all-ins if you time your w right. He can windwall your ult, which is frustrating, so try to make sure he has it on cooldown before using your ult.

He does %max hp damage as well with his maiden, but you can use your e to destroy his wall, which is his only way of staying in melee range of people. Use your q to kill the little ghouls, and DO NOT fight him if he has his maiden, he will absolutely destroy you and make you wish you picked a ranged top laner. When he ults, your only hope is that the AI messes up and has her run it down the lane or your jungler ganks.

It is VERY hard to engage on a good karma player, both top and bot lane. They'll poke you down in lane with empowered Q's, make sure both them and their adc survives your initial engage with empowered E, and turn your engage on you using her empowered w.

She's an AD assassin... Bruiser... Thing... She relies on burst which you naturally counter as a tank, and your w can stop her ult's initial push back, making it VERY difficult for her to get a stun off. Rush tabis > sunfire and she can no longer deal damage to you, she’s surprisingly squishy so you should be able to poke her down and finish the job with ult rather easily.

Akali can stop you from proccing your brittle marks, which is a major source of your damage. Your only real way to damage her is to poke using q. She doesn't naturally build a lot of MR, so if you see her shroud's on cooldown, all in her with your standard trading combo and walk away. If she hits you with q, gets her passive up, and starts walking towards you, just q her and laugh as the slow keeps her from proccing the enhanced auto attack.

Conqueror duelists give Ornn a bad time, especially when they have enough mobility to easily dodge your brittle mark. After you get tabis and some armor, you should easily be able to beat her in lane. Just spam q her and engage with either your ult if you have it or your full combo when she gets low.

You can never really all in him, but he can poke you down. Your best bet is to try and take his turrets down early using your q, and only all in him if he doesn't have all 3 up. Even if you w his stun, his turrets still get enhanced lasers.

Gnar naturally beats tanks, and you're no exception. He can kite you forever, and has very strong poke. Your best bet is to wait until the end of laning phase, after which you'll be more useful. While ranged Gnar is scary, his Melee form is surprisingly easy to handle. After mega gnar uses his stun, just all in him for a free won trade.

He's a conquerer user that can negate your brittle procs with his e. If you can bait out his e, you will most likely be able to win the trade, but your best bet is to poke him down with q. You might be able to bully him out of lane, but if he gets to afk farm in a side lane he will come back as the stronger 1v1er, but odds are you’ll probably have upgraded a couple of your teammate’s items by then.

She's a conqueror abuser with more cc than your w can handle. While you'll bully her out of laning phase if she's a bad Riven by poking her with q and all-inning her when her abilities are on cooldown, a good one will be a nightmare to face with very little counterplay.

Your ult is a gamechanger, and since you're a pro-play balanced champ, your kit is made weaker to compensate for it. Since he's an actual ap champ, your ult's .2 ap scaling is put to good use on a 400 ap Sylas. Against him, you shouldn't have too much trouble if you avoid his q poke and build MR, but be cautious of him stealing your ult and using you as a heal battery with his w.

Try to keep him off the minion wave for as long as possible so he doesn't get any fury. I recommend maxing Q since it'll make him easier to kite. You outscale him since your teamfighting is stronger than his splitpush, and you can cc chain him for most of his ult's duration. His sustain in lane is very high but after you stack some armor, he stops dealing damage to you. I’d highly recommend getting a bramble vest against him as that will make him much easier to duel, and if you hit lvl 6 before he does, you can most likely all in for the kill if he’s low on fury and has taken a good chunk of damage.

You just suffer since she can parry EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR ABILITIES for a stun, deal enough true damage to make you see the truth in that you'll never get out of silver, and can dash out of your brittle mark faster than she dashed your hopes of ever winning lane. There isn't much you can do against her besides constantly harass her with q's and building a bramble vest.

Sett is rather difficult to handle as even if you negate his e with your w, he can still win most trades due to his ridiculous levels of sustain and high damage. Come late game, his ult will ruin you as you are a VERY tanky boi and his ult uses that against your team by yeeting you into your adc as if you were a meteorite made out of grumpy, huggable fluff.

Teemo is a nightmare for Ornn to deal with in lane. Unlike your average squishy ranged harasser, Teemo won't be one shot by you since his q blind negates your brittle proc. He will out poke you, out trade you, and most likely tilt you off the face of the earth as you struggle to do anything against him. Your best bet is to build an adaptive helm since that will reduce his damage by A LOT, and try to bait out his blind before all-inning. You should be able to out-scale him so long as your team comp is alright, but remember that his shrooms make to be a very powerful method of controlling objectives. If nobody on your team has an oracle’s, take the bullet and get one yourself.

Fiddlesticks is a terrifying opponent since his fear and silence can cancel your ult rather easily. He has lots of poke in lane and is very good at wasting your engages with his low cooldown fear.

Her black shield is obviously the reason she's near impossible to win lane against. You have all the cc in the world, but it doesn't matter when her black shield can turn it to null with the press of a button. The only way to win this lane is by not playing Ornn.

Your worst enemy is yourself

In conclusion, Ornn is a great champ to pick up and can take you to the highest ranks of challenger when played right. Everyone loves having him on his team due to his items and team-fighting capabilities, and he's incredibly satisfying to play. I hope this guide has either helped you learn how to play Ornn or made you pick him up for the first time, if you have any questions make sure to pop by the Official Ornn Mains Discord, the people there are plenty helpful and love Ornn more than their own lives.

Ornn Mains Discord:

Special thanks to:
  • Qasddsa for helping me with formatting my guide and fixing a couple bugs for me. He has a great Kayle guide so make sure to check it out!
  • Maintained for offering helpful feedback. His guides are pretty mediocre but make sure to check them out if you're a jungle main!
  • Chromuro for helping me whenever I got stuck when coding my guide. All his guides are absolutely gorgeous and near perfectly coded!
  • JhoiJhoi, without her "Making a Guide" guide, I wouldn't even know where to begin with making this monstrosity!
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