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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrappyName


CrappyName Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Welcome gents. Thanks for looking at my build. Veigar is one of my favorite champs to play so I decided to share my build with everyone. I'm not gonna spend tons of time making this build. Not gonna talk much about my runes and ****. I'm mostly just going to talk about the items I get. Please give this build a try before you judge it!

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Pros / Cons

So I'm not going to sit here and exalt my champ like half the people who make builds on mobafire do. I feel like LoL is pretty balanced for the most part. Every champ has strengths and weaknesses. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses to be able to play Veig to his best.

1) Amazing burst damage. Can kill folks in one second if he gets the chance!
2) Can slaughter mages with (ult)
3) Can staughter tanks with (item. This item is very good on Veig cuz he can build tons of AP for it)
4) Great CC with
5) Great escape mechanism with
6) Great mid laner (but can also go side lane)
7) Great carry when fed or when allowed to farm early with

1) Squishy. Squishy. Squishy.
2) Somewhat weak early game because he hasn't farmed with yet
3) Kinda long cooldowns especially on and
4) Can be kind of difficult to play. It sucks to miss with your stun! When you do, it's hard to do anything till it comes back.

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Items that are VERY important for Viegar!

Ok, before I talk about my builds in depth, I want to make sure you know what items are very important and hardly ever should be replaced!

Always get.
9 times out of 10 get.
9 times out of 10 get. Get it late game tho.

was very close to making this list. If you don't get then put it on this list.

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2 Item Builds


RoA Build:

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Main Build

Why get this very first? This item is great to start with. You need the health cuz it makes you less squishy. The early AP is very nice. And you need the mana regen. I even have mana regen runes and I still need the mana regen. You won't be able to cast nearly as often without it. And that's exactly what you need to be doing early game. isn't bad cuz you can get a potion or two with it and build it into a easier (a lot of Veigs start with that). But I just like DR better. It only gives 2 less MP5. Try it!

Get a little movement speed now.

Kage's Lucky Pick Another good little early boost to your AP. Get this early for an obvious reason. Get that gold generating early! This is my favorite of the gold generating items. You get 30 gold every minute. This item pays itself off after 25.5 minutes but if you sell it, it pays for itself after 12.75 minutes (gold generating items only sell for 50%). But you're not gonna sell it anyways, you're gonna build it into .

Now you can finish the boots. You'll notice the magic pen when you get these, you'll do quite a bit more damage.

Save up and get this before when building your .

Why do I get this so early? The earlier you get it the better with Veig. By the time you finish it you should have quite a few minion kills with So it will build upon those with the 30%. You need to get this item early! When you get it you, will do soooo much damage. Try this before you judge it! It's much better than rushing a .

By this time you need some more mana. Get this now to solve that problem and start building up your max mana. Once you get this, you can spam your spells as much as you want! I see a lot of Veigs get this item too soon in their build. I wouldn't do that. Don't get it too soon cuz you want to get some early AP sooner than you want to get this. Because remember that Veig has built in mana regen with his passive! If you're doing fine on mana, you can even consider waiting to get this till after .

Now you can finish off your DFG. I don't get this item any earlier than this. Two reasons why I don't get this too early:

1) It's very good to have some AP under your belt before you get it so it does more damage.
2) Early game the enemies don't have much health yet so it's not as effective.

DFG is awesome. It's the perfect item to kill those tanks. So now you have your ult to kill mages and this to kill tanks! Remember, it damages them based on how much life they CURRENTLY have so do it when they're near or at full life. When you have a ton of AP it will take away half of their life!

Now finish off your AAS. This is a must for Veig if you don't get (cuz RoA will give you the mana you need). You simply won't be able to cast spells nearly as much as you need to if you don't get this! And this item gives you tons of AP too. 45 flat AP + (3015 * .03) = 135.45 AP just from this item! How can you pass on 135 AP, tons of mana and tons of mana regen all in one item? Like I said, this is a must! (if you dont get RoA)

Now for a defesive item to give you a little survivability. This is a great item for almost any hero, and of course it's great for Veig! Gives you 375 health, not a ton but it helps. This item gives you some needed survivability with the health, magic resist, and spell block. It also gives you another 375 mana which when you have you get 11.25 AP just from that much mana.

This is great for Veig. Notice it gives a % of magic pen (different from for example which gives a flat 20 magic pen). So get this if they have a lot of magic resistance. For more info on magic pen check this out:
As you can see from this website, magic pen CAN'T make the enemy's magic resistance go below zero. Only "magic resistance reducing" items like 's aura or can do that. I don't like getting this item too early unless you have to. Let the enemy build up some magic resistance before you get this. It makes this item more worth it when you do buy it.

A very important thing to do: Periodically check what items the enemy champs are getting! I can't stress this enough. If you die (hopefully not too often), spend the time while you're dead looking at the other team's items (hold down tab to see their items). You can spend other time looking at them too, it doesn't have to be while you're dead. After you heal and are walking back to battle you can look while you're walking. Anyways, look to see if they are building any magic resist items ( , , , . There's others too but those are the big ones to worry about). If 2 or more of their champs are getting those then you need to get yourself a . If not, then don't bother! The 40% magic pen won't be worth it! If you notice, with just runes and you have 28.55 magic pen. Most champs have 30 base magic resist at level 18. Magic pen CAN'T make an enemy go below 0!!! Like I said above, only magic resistance reducing items can do that. And it will subtract your flat magic pen before it will calculate in the % magic pen that VS gives. So if they only have 30 magic resist:

30 - 28.55 = 1.45

If you get a VS then:

1.45 * .4 = .58

So your VS only reduced their magic resist by .58! See what I mean? Only get this if they are getting magic resist. Then it will rock. If they have a with their 30 base magic resist they have 106 magic resist:

106 - 28.55 = 77.45_______(This is how much they have after your boots and runes calc in)
77.45 * .4 = 30.98________(So your VS reduced their magic resist by 30.98)
77.45 - 30.98 = 46.47_____(So they now only have 46.47 magic resist when you hit them)

If they don't have much magic resist then i personally would get instead.

If you got a VS then you really don't need your anymore. They're not doing much for you. So if the game actually lasts this long then replace your old worn out shoes with these new ones! Or replace them with if you need some tenacity.

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RoA Build

This build is pretty cool too. It gives you quite a bit more survivability than my other build. It also gives some good mana early too. The only problem is the RoA kind of makes your early game not as effective because it takes a little while before it's full power. And Veigar already doesn't have the best starting game in the world... So that's why you need to get those s! they'll boost your early game. Even though I've kinda made this build sound bad, it's not. It's a great build cuz it gives more survivability with just a little sacrifice of your early game.

Many things in this build are pretty similar so I'm no going to talk about everything.

Kage's Lucky Pick

Great item. It just gives great health, mana, and ap. Because it builds every minute, you have to get it early for it to have time to build and be worth it. Ok, here's my take on this item with Veig: Don't get this item with . Either get one or the other. I've experimented a lot with this. Both of those items require you to get them early. And so you're forced to get one before the other. And they both take a little while before they're good (mejai's has its stacks and RoA builds every minute). So you can only afford to get one of them! If you get both, you're early game takes a shot! So if you get this item, look at my 5th build. That's my favorite way to do it.

(optional to get early if your building to an )

or OK, get what you need at this point. If you need mana/mana regen get AAS obviously. If they have a lot of magic resist get VS.

AAS will give much more AP but VS will give the awesome magic pen.

If I get AAS in this build, I usually don't get it till the end because the RoA gives plenty of mana at the beginning and the DFG gives mana regen. Remember, AAS will also give you a ton of AP! (AAS doesn't just solve mana problems, it also gives lots of AP). You can get earlier if you want.

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Not bad Items/Conditional Items

Here's a list of other items that are good for Veig. I considered all of these items in my build. They are conditional items. Get them depending on what they other team has.

If they aren't targetting you very much and you feel like you can stay alive well, get this bad boy! I would get it after my . If they are targetting you, then don't get it! This item breaks even (in price vs. AP it gives) at about 5 or 6 stacks. It's pretty dang easy to keep at least 5 stacks! Get this before Kage's Lucky Pick because it's more important to start building your stacks than it is to start generating a little gold.

Get this if your team has at least 3 AP champs (including you) (the aura will help you and your buddies out). This item will give you alone 70 AP.

Great item, I just don't get it cuz I already have cd reduction from . If this item tickles your fancy, go for it. Just remember, you can't have any more than 40% cd reduction.

I love this item for Veig, that's why I suggest to get it in place of if they don't have much magic resist. Once you have a ton of AP this item works great for your first auto attack after a spell. It'll do a ton of damage. Great way to finish them off if your spells didn't.

Defensive items:

Mgc Rst:
I love this item. Gives you AP and magic resist! If they have a lot of magic damage going on, get this item!

I moved this item up to this section now that it had a price cut in patch Great item if the enemies are doing a lot of physical damage. You can use it's active when your spells are on cooldown and you're getting focused.

Information for people who have never tried Zhonya's: You can't take any action while you're invulnerable. You can't even move! You just have to stand there and be invulnerable. Use it wisely.

Well this is a forgotten item isn't it? The active on this item will remove ANY negative buff on you! Anything! Any slow, stun, fear, silence, etc. It'll even remove , , and 's ults! Get this if you're going up against any of those folks.

Don't focus too much on defensive items. Get one or two depending on how much you're being focused.

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I Don't get these items

Ok, these are items that IN MY OPINION you shouldn't get with Veig. If you disagree, whatever, I don't care. I'll explain each one.

The reason I don't like this item is basically explained above in my VS section. You can't make them go below 0 magic resist so if you get this with then you'll reduce their magic resist down to 0 but you'll be wasting some magic pen until they get some magic resist. you don't need both this and your . So even if you did get this item you'd have to wait a little while before you get it so that it's worth it. And there are just better items to be getting mid and late game.

True this gives a good amount of AP and gives you health for survivability. But Veig just doesn't need the slow! You're not a chaser. Let your buddies chase and when they slow the enemy down, you throw your cage around them or on them so they don't get away. If you have to, you can always flash then throw your cage around them right after. If you want health for survivability, get and look at my 5th build.

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Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells

Just look at the runes I chose. i don't want to explain them. they're self-explanitory. Same thing with Masteries and Summoner Spells. If you like different ones than I do, whatev, I don't care.

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Skill Sequence

Focus on leveling up early just to make it easier to get the last hit on minions to build your AP

Then get some points in so it does a ton of damage

I also get my second point in kinda early to reduce its cd and to make it stun longer.

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Using Your Skills

Obviously use this to get the last hit on a minion to build your AP. Early game you need to be focusing on doing this! Even do this a little bit late game too when you have the chance. This is what makes Veigar dangerous. When you can farm a ton with this spell, you'll be so strong mid and late game! This should be one of your biggest priorities early game! When you successfully get a kill with this spell you'll know bcause there will be little yellowish things floating around your body for 2 seconds. +1 AP :)

If the enemy has a then use this skill to pop the BV! Don't use anything else.

Does lots of damage! :) This is what makes Veigar who he is! This is what makes them say, "Ouch!" Do this RIGHT AFTER you stun with ! Don't hesitate! At level one, only stuns for 1.5 seconds. has a 1.2 second delay so you have no time to hesitate. Especially because a lot of the enemies will get tenacity to defend against you so you'll have even less time. When you throw down your stun, you need to ASSUME that it hit them (stunned them) and just cast your immediately after.

If they are a tank with lots of health I like to cast my at them while is still dropping from the sky. That way DFG will hit them before DM will and will damage a lot based on their current health and then DM will hit doing flat damage.

If you're running from an enemy champ and your 's CD is still going, use this spell on the position that they will be a second later. It's great to get little leads on them in the chase. They will have to either dodge it or take the hit. They can't take too many hits. And it's hilarious to see them try and dodge it while they're chasing you! lol.

You can also use this spell mid to late game to kill all 4 wraiths (jungle) in one shot while you're walking through the mid lane. You can just cast it over then wall while you're strolling by!

Also, use this spell to check bushes. It reveals them for a second.

Can be used to cage an enemy in (I usually only do that when they're running away. Can also be used if they are chasing you to shut them down and get away. Can most effectively be used to just immediately stun them. Try to hit the perimeter of the circle right on them. It'll take some practice but you can do it. You'll find your own style of doing it.

Great against other AP champs. Try to throw it on their mage. But if you can't then you can always just throw it on another one of their champs. It'll do tons of damage to a non-AP champ too.

This is the general order for casting your abilities:

then if needed.

Cast these all right after each other.

Every situation is different so this isn't always the best way to do it. You might not want to cast DFG on the person you just stunned for example because you usually want to cast that on their tanks.

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That's all

Thanks for looking at my build! Tell me what you think!