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Pantheon Build Guide by brandonkillz96

Other Pantheon Jungle Explaining It All

Other Pantheon Jungle Explaining It All

Updated on November 16, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author brandonkillz96 Build Guide By brandonkillz96 35,683 Views 3 Comments
35,683 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author brandonkillz96 Pantheon Build Guide By brandonkillz96 Updated on November 16, 2014
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Introduction to myself with Pantheon

I am a level 30, still at least relatively new to the game but I have a great deal of understanding how champions work and I have learned how to get in depth with some of the champions so far.Pantheon is one of my favorite characters. He's definitely the one that I play the most and he's definitely in my eyes a contender in some of the big league games. I love the way he is played, and he has a fantastic array of skills to bring to the table for any type of scenario.
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The only thing in the runes I'd like to go over with you is why Pantheon builds CDR Glyphs instead of anything else. Since Red and Quints should always be flat attack damage and Yellow should just give you that little bit of edge in the Armor department. To put it plainly, Pantheon's abilities are on a relatively long cooldown timer. His W ability clocks in at around 10 seconds to come back up after use. The other Blue Glyphs that available do nothing for Pantheon himself. The other glyphs include Attack Speed, Critical Strike, and Mana Regeneration, along with some Health Regen. None of those stats really are great on Pantheon, but if he can get his abilities up sooner you can continue to wreck face and shout at your computer.
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So the way that I start out every single game is by getting a Hunter's Machete ( Hunter's Machete) and 4 health potions ( Health Potion X4). That's pretty standard for any jungler. Once you have enough money you should buy a Spirit of the Elder Lizard ( Spirit of the Elder Lizard) as fast as you can. The item itself gives you 30+ AD, a 10% CDR, along with a few other great effects. To summarize the effects are that it decreases the amount of damage you take from jungle monsters, and has the previous item's effect ( Spirit Stone) of applying burn damage to the jungle monsters. Lastly it's other passive effect is that every 1.5 seconds you get stacks of a buff called Conservation. Once this buff reaches 80 stacks it can no longer rise. Killing one of the very large jungle monsters takes away 40 of the stacks and grants you 1 gold per stack taken away. It also helps clear the jungle a lot faster and 30+ AD actually isn't that bad. Next I try to either rush a Ravenous Hydra ( Ravenous Hydra) for the 75+ AD and extra wave clear it provides along with giving life steal and an activation effect, or I like to rush a Last Whisper ( Last Whisper) knowing that if the team I'm facing is going to build armor I can already have an item to penetrate it right off the bat. After that I just generally follow the order of items placed above.
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Deeper in the Items

( Hunter's Machete) and ( Health Potion X4)-
You want to start out with these items because for the beginning all you're really going to be doing is facing off against jungle monsters. The Reduction that you get is really nice, and the 4 Health Potions help you stay alive.
( Spirit Stone) and ( Long Sword X2)-
These 3 items are usually the next three that I get whenever I back, or go back to the fountain. These three items will be used to purchase the next item that I talk about, but the Items themselves do some nice things. The Spirit Stone costs 375 and the Long Swords cost 360 a piece, now unless you have good runes you most likely will not be able to afford the amount it takes to buy all three items at once, so just wait it out and keep jungling until you can afford them.
( Spirit of the Elder Lizard)-
This is the highest jungle item that a junglier would need. As I have explained before it has many great effects attached to it, but one thing you will notice is that at higher levels in game (probably 10-18) you start doing a lot more damage to the jungle monsters without the effect of the Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Therefore if you really need to get an item, this item can be sold at the store to buy another item that is more useful at the time.
( Boots)-
The next item you'll want to be looking at is to get your boots. Boots help drastically with your total movement around the map. They help you catch up to that enemy running away with 20 health or they help you run away from that angry Vel'Koz chasing after you with his geometric craziness. You'll want to buy them pretty early. And what you want to do with them next depends on the team that you face.
1)Use ( Mobility Boots) if your objective is overall Speed. Because these boots do not actually give you an effect, they allow you to move around the map almost twice as fast as any other boot you can buy. These are used for overall ganking, and making sure the lanes are under control. If your lanes are either dominating or just mainly winning, getting that extra speed boost can net you some kills
2)Use ( Ninja Tabi) if you know that most of the lanes that you're ganking are going to have a lot of AD (melee) champions. Not all Melee are AD (but bear with me). If you know that the champions you'll be facing are AD it's good to have extra armor to protect against their attacks. It gives you about half the speed of boots of mobility, but it gives you 25 Armor.
3)Use ( Sorcerer's Shoes) if you see that the opposing team is building magic resistance. If you see them start to put up ( Negatron Cloak s) and ( Hexdrinker s) the stat on Sorcerer's Shoes allows you to Penetrate their magic resistance.
4)Use ( Mercury's Treads) in the case that the lanes you will be ganking will be mostly AP (or Ability Power) Champions. Basically most casters are AP. Put these Fashionable treads on to mitigate their damage and make them feel your wrath.

Next, after getting my Spirit of the Elder Lizard, and choosing exactly what boots I'd like to buy, I go on a couple different paths to decide what to build next.
If I know that my team is getting dominated, the best thing for me at that time is to try to protect them while not dying myself. An item like ( Ravenous Hydra) is not a great item to build in this case because it is nothing but pure damage. You will be able to kill but you will probably be the most in deaths as well. The item I like to build in this case is ( Bloodthirster) Basically it's effect is that it gives you that attack bonus you need, but also gives you a defensive bonus.
( Bloodthirster)- An item that basically gives you straight up attack damage and the other effect is that it gives you a shield of up to 10% of your maximum health. The downside is that this item's second effect only works if you're at full health already. The item will not over heal you unless you already have more than 89% health to fill.
( Ravenous Hydra)- The item that I build when I know my team is doing pretty well the stats are basically 75+ AD which scales off of Pantheon's Q and E abilities. ( Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike). It also gives you 15 health regeneration which in turn, in fact regenerates your heath, and 12 Life Steal. Life Steal drains the health of your opponent off your attacks and replenishes your health. The Ravenous Hydra also has a passive and active ability. The passive is that when you strike an opponent, 60% of your attack damage is dealt to all opponents around you. The active ability is basically the same, but deals 60-100% of your Attack Damage.
( Maw of Malmortius)- This is the item I use when I know I'll be facing a lot of AP champions. The effect is basically it gives you 60+ flat AD, and 40+ Magic Resistance to protect you against AP. The Maw has two passive abilities. One is that for every 2% of your maximum health missing you gain 1 AD per 2% so essentially if you were at 50% health you would gain 25 AD. 50/2=25. The second passive is that if a person hits you with a spell that would take your health below 30%, you get a shield on you that absorbs 400 Magic Damage for the next 5 seconds. This is great for team fighting and a wonderful item to use with ( Guardian Angel).
( Guardian Angel)- This is probably the only defensive item I get on Pantheon and it can be extremely deadly when you know you're ahead or if you know you can get a kill. First of all, the item gives you 50+ Armor and it gives you 40+ Magic Resistance, so no matter who you're facing it protects you against their attacks. The Passive ability of this item is exactly like ( Zilean's) Ultimate. So this Passive on Guardian Angel is pretty OP. Basically every time you die, you come back to life with about half health. There is a Cooldown on the item, so you can't die twice in 1 minute and come back to life twice. The Cooldown prevents that, but when the Cooldown timer is up you come back to life. Fantastic item. I love building it.

The last thing in the items I want to go over you is what happens if you're getting targeted all the time and you just can't seem to change the tide of battle. There are two other items I could suggest you build in the case that the other team just keeps targeting you.
( Frozen Mallet)- A great item that gives you some AD to boost your attacks a bit, and gives you a ton of health that your opponents have to go through. Along with the Passive Ability of being able to slow the person you're attacking by 40%.
( Randuin's Omen)- This item gives you a nice health and armor bonus. It's Passive Effect is that when someone hits you they are slowed and it's Activation Effect is that when you activate it. It slows the movement speed of all the champions within the distance of Randuin's ability by 35%.
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Skill Sequence

Pantheon has a few different ways of approaching an enemy. You can passive or you can be active. The passive way to make sure you can get someone down is simply by getting close enough to hit them with your Q. Poking them down with Q is a great way to make sure that when you or your team fully goes in on an opponent, they already have low enough health to work with. Also one thing to note is that the range of your Q ability is higher than the range of your W so poking is a lot easier than mashing the W key trying to stun someone. The next sequence is:
> > >
1)Q>W>E>Q Using Q first can do damage before you stun them and give yourself a great opportunity to poke them down, followed by a stun, and e thereafter making sure to do tons of AoE damage to them.
> >
2)W>Q>E In the case that someone is close enough to pounce on them immediately, or you may not have time to throw a spear first because they're charging a turret or running away, stun them first, then spear them, then do tons of AoE damage.
> > >
3)R>W>Q>E I'll get a little bit more into the R ability in a moment, but getting your Grand Skyfall to land followed by a W can confuse and stun the opponent then use the normal combo.

Now onto a bit about the R ability. A lot of people say that Pantheon is unplayable because of his R ability. This is completely false and only takes a bit of practice to master. Firstly it's global. Pantheon can move from top lane to bot lane just like that. When thinking about the R ability the first thing to think is should I use it? This seems like an odd question to ask, but one of the main priorities when Grand Skyfalling is to make sure that when you actually land your team isn't running away, or you get instantly slaughtered. So ask yourself can I take control of the situation after I land. Secondly to actually land this skill you have to use a little bit of situational awareness. One thing to look at is we will take the example of ganking bot lane. When you're ready to Skyfall, try to make sure that your enemy is between you and a wall or running towards the center of the circle you create. Another thing you can do with Grand Skyfall is time it to where they either have to run into you sky falling them or your teammates shooting in front of them. Basically, just skyfall your way behind them and continue with the combo. You must either kick your foot or shout THIS IS SPARTA! after every Grand Skyfall!
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Jungling is a pretty fundamental part of the game and is the only place on the map where you really get freedom on where you want to go. The first thing you'll want to do is take your blue buff (or if your team is up for it invade their blue buff!). You get blue buff from taking out the giant Golem on the bottom right if you're on the purple side, and on the top left if you're on the blue side of the map. Blue buff helps Pantheon a lot because it's effect is that it gives you extra mana regeneration and Pantheon goes through mana pretty quickly. Once you get blue, then go get your red buff. The red buff makes it so that if anyone strikes you they get a debuff that makes them do less damage to you. Make sure to be using your healing potions all the time. After you kill the buffs then go ahead and just clear the other 4 camps in your jungle (Golems, Wraiths, Wolves, and the Wight). After you feel comfortable that you have some items, and a good amount of levels, you can start ganking all the different lanes. I personally usually help out the lane that I know is going to do the most damage. If my Top Laner is 3-0 I'm usually going to help them out more because they will keep winning, however if my Mid Laner is 0-3 I really don't want to go help Mid Lane because most likely that opponent is fed pretty well, and I really don't want to die as well. So ganking a fed lane is not a good idea. The last thing with jungling to remember is just to do it all throughout the game, you don't just have to jungle at the beginning and then stop. Every time you get some free time where you're not ganking or helping out, go kill a jungle camp and get right back to it.
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Team Work

Pantheon has a really easy time helping out his team. His R ability can jump around from lane to lane and help out the team, also his ability can get a team to scatter if they see it's about to hit. Combining this with Guardian Angel (or a Zilean) to revive yourself, you should have no problems ganking lanes and helping out your team in team fights.
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Overall Pantheon is a great champion to play. He has a pretty easy learning curve for anyone who wants to learn how to play him, and he does tons of damage to anyone in his wake. He will always be the first champion I bought and I will forever shake the foundations of Summoner's Rift.
As a reminder:
Feel free to contact me via Mobafire or in game I will try to answer any questions you may have with Pantheon or any other champs you need help with. Please give me feedback on this guide as this is the first one I have created. Let me know if you want to see more guides or if you think I should add more to this one! Thanks for checking out my guide guys, and have fun on the Rift!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author brandonkillz96
brandonkillz96 Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon Jungle Explaining It All

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