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Pantheon Build Guide by YouGotTroubles

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YouGotTroubles

Pantheon THIS IS SPARTA AD Caster/Offtank **S3**

YouGotTroubles Last updated on July 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my Pantheon guide! This is my first build-guide. I want to tell all you readers my personal preference of playing Pantheon. I prefer to play him as an AD Caster, but I also include a build for AD offtank Pantheon. Pantheon is very fun to play and is one of my favorite champions. In my recent games I have found that people underestimate Pantheon, one of my goals is to change that so people love and respect Pantheon the Artisan of War. This guide is not yet finished I plan to finish it in the future.

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Pros / Cons


    Ridiculously strong early-mid game
    Fun to play
    Easy to get fed
    Best champ to kill secure (A.K.A. ksing)
    Grand Skyfall is the greatest ulti know to mankind.
    Can play any roll, but support! (I have jungled and played mid with him)
    Falls off late game
    Grand Skyfall is very hard to hit, and requires practice
    Must get fed to function well

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Aegis Protection

    The reason why I play Pantheon as an AD Caster
    Use basic attack or Heartseeker Strike so stack this
    Great way to avoid getting harassed
    Awesome sustain
Spear Shot
    OP early game but falls off late game to max it first
    Requires little mana and has a small cooldown
    Use to "Kill Secure" or last hit champions with full health
    Use to Harass
    Don't spam too much early game uses up mana and sometimes makes you miss kills
Aegis of Zeonia
    This is you Gap-closer and your stun
    Big mana cost so use sparingly early game
    Refreshes block so if your block is stacked try to use it ad then go in for a "double block"
Heartseeker Strike
    Use in combo with Aegis of Zeonia
    Short-range skillshot
    Damage multiple enimies
Heartseeker Strike -(passive)
    Gives critical-strike to any enemy below 15% health, to your Spear Shot, and basic attack.
    Use this to farm
    Use this to "kill secure"
    The reason why you are a Ksing machine,
Grand Skyfall
    Very hard to land
    Takes practice
    Large mana cost and a long cooldown
    Take advantage of its range and use it to surprise your enemies when they think you are in another lane.
    There is a small window of time where Pantheon is in the air and is about to come down, then use Aegis of Zeona on them and then Pantheon will go to the ground and imminently jumps to them stunning them and guaranteeing damage.
    Does 1,000 damage at lv. 3 if hit correctly.
    Stuns when hits.
    So funny when it hits.

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I will my opinion about these items on Pantheon, but it is all down to personal preference.

The Black Cleaver- gives awesome armour penetration (makes you do more damage) essential when all of your damage is physical.
Frozen Mallet- Essential item for Pantheon, gives a decent amount of damage, some health, and a passive that makes your basic attack a slow.
Ionain Boots of Lucidity- Gives CD reduction awesome when playing an AD Caster making Pantheon's spells more spamable.
Mercury's Treads Possibly the best boots in the game, they are pricey though. They offer a unique passive of tenacity. Tenacity reduces the effect and duration of all CC. They also offer some magic resist good for AP heavy teams, or teams with a lot of CC. Awesome for playing Offtank Pantheon
Ninja Tabi- These boots are an alternative to Mercury's Treads when playing Offtank Pantheon. Great for AD heavy teams. They are cheap and have some armour.
Infinity Edge- This gives a lot of damage and critical-strike, This item is very expensive though, only go for it when you are fed. The passive goes very well with your Heartseeker Strike passive making the crit-strike do 50% more damage which is awesome.
The Bloodthirster- Gives good damage, and some lifesteal which gives you much-needed sustain in battle.
Hexdrinker Gives you a little bit of damage and magic resist, but the real reason to get this is for the passive. It gives you a spell-shield when your health gets below 30%
which is amazing against fed APCs
Warmog's Armor- Gives lots of health and health re-gen, one way to prevent falling off late game too much.
Guardian Angel- Passive on this is amazing, gives you a free life, its your get out of jail free card.
Atma's Impaler- Gives critical-strike armor and some AD=1.5% of your maximum health.

These items are all the final items in my build. Please suggest any items, and I will add them as situations items.

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Please tell me what you think! Please no down-votes without explanation I put a lot of time into this guide. This is my preference as playing Pantheon. It is okay if you don't agree I just thought I would tell everyone how fun pantheon can really be.

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Update Section

*1/21/13*- Released Guide
*1/21/13*- Changed out Phantom Dancer for Warmog's Armor in the AD Caster build. Changed runes to Mark of Armor Penetration x9 Seal of Armor x9 Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 and Quint of Attack Damage
*4/3/13*- Completely revamped entire guide.
*7/26/13*- Added Nothing