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Ezreal Build Guide by maingan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author maingan

Penta Ez

maingan Last updated on May 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Aggressive Mode

This is the aggressive mode ezreal build where you focus on farming and kills. You want to abuse the mystic shot for cs you cant get and harass so it's good to always buy 3 health potions and 2 mana potions every time you go back if you are struggling to do this. Also ezreal is the best with leona because after she engages he can lunge in with his blink then mystic shot. after you mystic shot it will give you attack speed to hit them.

Easy to farm
Lot of sustain with life steal
a lot of damage
easy escape

easy to kill
higher cd

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Passive mode

Well if you're countered by corki caitlyn or draven best thing to do is be passive.
If you're being passive the best thing to do is sit back by tower and just farm until the jungler comes if the jungler doesn't come then try to keep the cs just barely out of the towers range so you can lane freeze easier.

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Counters, and tips!

Counters: DRAVEN
Well draven is an ideal counter to ezreal due to the bleeding damage and the high snowball damage. The best thing to do is keep a nice safe distance and farm with mystic shot and stay near tower so he doesn't burst you and you dont miss out on cs. In this lane i would expect 150 cs at least by 20 minute mark.


Caitlyn is a long range auto attack champion with a high burst on passive. Her q and ult do alot as well but he harass is legendary. If you have a leona, or thresh you should be fine as long as they do their job and no one does anything stupid. This lane as well i would keep the lane about the mid of the lane for first 10 minutes and see where the lane is heading. if you start to lose keep calm dont argue with your support and either get aggressive or passive. Usually the only way to beat caitlyn on ezreal is to be aggressive. In this lane i would expect 150 cs at least by 20 minute mark.


Corki is a in your face type of champion when he fights and it hurts alot when you are someone as squishy as ezreal. When he engages the best thing to do is blink away until his gatlin is deactivated then try to do some damage to keep the lane even. I would be more passive aggressive in this lane. So sit back and farm for the beginning of lane phase then get in and deal some damage to him so you can win lane phase. the best support to play against corki would be either sona or leona for easy cc. In this lane i would expect 160-170 cs at 20 minutes.


Tristana is another auto attacking champion who has amazing pushing power and amazing dps. (damage per second). When playing against tristana don't let her get near your tower or she'll have it pushed usually by 13-15 minutes. If this happens and you can't prevent it freeze your lane by your inner tower and just farm until about 17-18 minutes then join your team. When fighting a tristana i usually prefer to push back and have my support engage alot. This will make the lane a bit more risky but will surely help alot in either shutting tristana down or being even with her. In this lane i would expect 140-150 cs by 20 minutes.


When playing against a vayne i suggest full aggression. If vayne farms or gets kills in lane it's usually really hard to do anything about her and she ends up carrying the entire game and then it is a huge issue for everyone on your team. My best bet to tell you if playing against her is to have your support go someone with high aggression and high engage. If you are struggling in lane against her i suggest sitting back and just farming at tower even though this is a bad idea because she will usually farm up and still hit you a few times under tower it's still decent because you can still farm well in lane. In this lane i would expect 140-165 cs at 20 minutes.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a auto attack adc who can beat ezreal about 60% of the time and i would be a little cautious of being near her so she doesn't q you and deal damage to you and your support. She generally pushes lane really hard and can take tower pretty fast. I recommend just farming this lane and sitting back and harassing. If you are struggling ask the jungler to camp lane so you don't get shut down. I would expect 130-170 cs in this lane.


Twitch is an assassin adc who can go in stealth for a time duration to deal tons of damage and usually rushes either a bloodthirster or a blade of the ruind king. If you are against twitch it is smarter to use your w alot to prevent an ambush. look for the little icon to see if you hit him and just blink away. It's best to be supper aggressive against twitch and farm block him as much as possible. I would expect 160-180 cs by 20 minutes.


Sivir is an auto attack champion that can block your mystic shot and can deal loads of damage with her boomerang. I recommend being passive aggressive. Sit back and farm while the creeps are there and harass when they aren't, This doesn't mean to let her just get free damage off you. If she gets near you or the cs hit her and push her off. I expect 140-160 cs by 20 minutes.


Varus is a mixed champion of auto attack damage and skill damage. I suggest moving constantly and avoiding his q. When he hits 6 try to stay away from him so he doesn't ult. If you can harass him with mystic shot and dodge his q's you will most likely win lane and in cs. If you are struggling in lane getting a bit more aggro isn't a bad idea. I would expect 140-150 cs by 20 minutes.


Kogmaw is a auto attacking champion with extremely long range. Best bet is to avoid his auto attack range and harass with mystic shot until his range cools down for you to get in. if you manage to kill kogmaw the best thing to do is save blink for the end of the fight so he doesn't deal damage with his passive. I normally blink over the wall or wait til last second of passive then blink to avoid damage. If you are struggling in this lane stay behind tower and just farm. He may take the tower at around 13 minutes but you wont be shut down. I would expect 130-160 cs by 20 minutes.


Ashe is a champion of mixed between skill and auto attack. Most ashes tend to abuse the critical strike on her and tend to abuse the slow, that is if they are good. When playing against ashe stay fully back to avoid valley damage. Being slowed and hit is never a good combination especially against someone like ezreal. In this lane i would defiantly rush a bf then sheen but that is just me. In this lane depending on the supports i would expect 140-150 cs by 20 minutes.


Quin is a weird champion based on utility and can snowball. Ezreal usually doesn't have issues in this lane. If you are against quin abuse blink and mystic shot damage to its fullest and push her out of lane. If you are blinded get out and away from her and her support. If you are struggling in this lane somehow the best bet is to sit back and farm away from your towers range and just free farm. I would expect 150-160 cs at 20 minutes in this lane.

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Supports that are good for ezreal and bad for him

The supports that are the best for ezreal:

There arent any really bad ones but just incase:

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Well this is my build! please comment saying what you think and thumbs it up!