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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wobbufett

Penta-Kill Twitch

Wobbufett Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Added as a viable item in your Twitch build.
Updated the Wit's End

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I've owned twitch for some time now and I've seen him suffer some pretty big nerfs so hopefully with this guide,you will still be pulling those amazing penta kills with Twitch! *Note* This is NOT a mid Twitch build.I find him much more effective when with tanks,crowd controllers,medics,and buffers.(We'll talk about this later in the build)

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Pros / Cons

*Great Assassin
*High AS without many AS items
*Ult can pull easy multi kills
*Great Scout
*One of,if not the best, ganker in LoL

*Very very very squishy
*Can easily be countered with and
*Somewhat item dependent
*No matter what people say,Twitch is not easy to master! Either you're gonna be carry your team or you're gonna be the biggest feeder they've ever seen!
*Very mana hungry throughout the match

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Why all crit damage? Simple really.Normally,you'd expect some armor pen runes for any AD carry but this build utilizes the armor pen from and the armor reduction from ,so that just desolates the armor of most of the people on the enemy team unless they're big armor stackers like or ,in which case you should avoid attacking because they'll most likely get a to counter you. The nice crit damage will give you a great early and late game damage because of the early game 's, , ,and the .

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is pretty amazing on Twitch. You can use it to slow enemies when your is on cooldown and use it to save your *** with the damage reduction. Remember that Twitch doesn't really have any escape mechanisms other than the stealth,which if under constant damage does not proc and as I said before,is easily countered with an and a .

Teleport is also great for Twitch. It can be used as a too for escaping or great for ganking. Remember there is a delay before the stealth from actually happens. In that short amount of time,quickly cast on where you want to go and you will arrive there invisibly. You can also use this trick while recalling.

Other Viable Summoner Spells:
Every had a lucky runner escaping you with little hp or had to put up with a 's? Use ignite!

Twitch's are always ****ed over by heavy cc,or any range carry for that matter,so Cleanse is also a great summoner spell for survivability.

I like to use flash a lot on Twitch actually.It's a much needed escape mechanism and chasing tool.

Basically used the same way as ,in different scenarios can be better or worse for chasing/escaping than

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Item Justifications

so why get it first,or even get two of them for that matter? You get good crit for the low price of 750 and the passive gives you even more good which will have a pretty significant impact by mid game.

You are gonna be roaming a lot for ganks and you want to make the most out of your ,the +5 movement speed will help a lot

You're gonna be critting a lot.It's only reasonable to get this item to hit that much harder

After you come out of ,you're gonna have a major attack speed boost so getting the 3 stacks on this should be no problem and it really helps because you are not the only that will be benefiting from the Armor Drops. Also good because you can apply this to a whole team with

It gaves great damage and lifesteal once you max the stacks.This item is great for any AD character.

Though you will remain squishy throughout the whole match,this item will make you that much harder to kill

One of the biggest mistakes is not buying these elixirs!!! Twitch benefits greatly from all of these!!!

Adaptive Items:
Do they have big HP stacker? This will take care of that.

I find this to be a really underrated and under-used item.Though you have a ,there are still more spells to come! This is especially useful if the enemy team has somebody like readying to your team. This item also gives a little attack damage.

Dying a little more than you should and having enemies escape you too soon? Get a mallet!

If they enemy is stacking so much armor that your cleaver is doing almost nothing,even with ,this will shred through that armor.

Though this item no longer takes away mana,it still does 42 damage regardless and this time raises your MR each time you attack,which can save you in a team fight against some big AP carries.

Good sub for one of your items if you can't want to get Mercury Treads against a CC heavy team.

Notice the emphasis on this icon's size? This is recommended people with at least some prior experience with Twitch or even pros that are looking for another build to use. If you do decide to get this item,you will probably determine the outcome of your match.I usually only get this when my team and I are steamrolling the other team to ensure total victory.If you're not doing too good,5+ deaths and not too many kills to match,do not get this item...just a waste of a slot that will benefit you more than 5 stacks of your sword.

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Allies and Enemies

Who does Twitch have good synergy with? Tanks,Heavy CCers,Medics,basically most of the supports
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Best partner you could every have! He just keeps stunning,and stunning,and stunning,and stunning! If you can ask the to time his ult so that he stuns the other team while they're lined up,easy ace. is also pretty good replacement for because her always lines up the two enemies that it hits.She also has pretty good slow from

Who to avoid fighting? Tanky DPS and Tanks that can effectively hold ! I know that I said you'd be desolating their armor before but no matter how much armor they are stacking, is still gonna have the damage return]
Some people to really avoid would be:
, , , , , , , , ,and

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*Positioning is key to a good ! Try to align your self with as many champs as you can before using it.
*Don't face check all the time.Though you make a good scout,not knowing whether they have someone using oracle or whether they've placed a vision ward or not will basically give them a free kill.
*Gank often! That's what you're made for

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Twitch is still an awesome champion,in spite of all of the nerfs that he has suffered.Do not let this prevent you from choosing to use this great assassin in the Field of Justice!

Please rate/comment! Feedback is always needed and there is always space for corrections.