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Lulu Build Guide by F0XEXEE

Pix-o-Matic! - A DPS Lulu Guide

By F0XEXEE | Updated on September 24, 2012
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24/09/2012 - Added: Wit's End and Abyssal Mask to item build
24/09/2012 - Added: "NO FLASH!?!?!?" in section Spells
11/06/2012 - First version
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Read Me

Building a hero is completely situational. Every match has its own characteristics as each one of your oponents and champions.

Try this guide and others and then modify it the way you think it's better and fits your game style. Feel free to change the order you buy items or skills and whatever you want to.

Thanks for reading.

Good luck and have fun!
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First of all, watch the video mostly to know the basic mechanics of Lulu skills and gameplay.

Why to pick Lulu?

It's funny to play with Lulu! You can be a killer or the guy who saves the day. You can chase enemies almost forever and save people from ganks.

When to pick Lulu?

When your team needs a supportive champion and also when it lacks of AP. You can go both mid lane or bot lane. Lulu is great soloing in one versus one and an impressive support toon! You can cast slow, give armor buff, speed buff, heal, teleport and harass a lot with her until the enemy team surrenders.

My matches before writing this guide.
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Pros / Cons



[*] Mana hungry early game
[*] Squishy early game
[*] Must farm to build
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

The marks and quintessenses give you AP, armor and magic penetration and you want this early game to be that awesome supportive AP carry wherever you go. You can try other runes instead and go more defensive.

The seals help you to control Lulu mana hunger early game, this is a MUST HAVE.

The glyphs give you magic resist and grant you more time laning early game.

Why do I say early game?

I build my rune pages to help me early game, giving me stats that I would only be able to get by buying some items. You can buy the items instead (if you are low leveled, i.e.).

This way you earn more gold from farming, kills and assists to complete your build faster.
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Magic penetration, low CD and Mana Cost.
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Lulu supportive skills are great, but she has no healing ( Wild Growth is not about healing, but you can use it). It grants you more sustainability when laning and support your team in fights. Helps you all long the game. I think it's a MUST HAVE.

She has a great mobility, yes. And she can chase your enemies ad eternum casting Whimsy and slowing them with Glitterlance. I chose Teleport in case I need to defend any turret or support any allied champion. A good Teleport timing and Wild Growth can make the difference in team fights and save your allies.

Some people may disagree and say it would be better picking a more offensive spell as Ignite, Ghost, Flash or Exhaust.

I disagree. Lulu skills are sufficiently efficient for chasing and finishing, but if you still wanna try, just do it.

NO FLASH!?!?!?

Yup. If you get practice and you Lulu's skillset on time you can run away easily from ganks. Let me explain:

Glitterlance whenever you can, it can be done while running and slows down your enemies.
Wild Growth and Heal will restore your health, give you more health and slow down your enemies even more.
Help, Pix! does shield you.
Whimsy gives you MS to run away.

Well, you won't jump over walls, but you still can run. And Teleport as I said is great for mobility, assists and life savings if combined with your skills.
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Skill Sequence:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start with Whimsy. It helps you to keep safe and get assists. Then level Gliterlance for damage and Help, Pix! for supporting. Shurelya's Reverie you give you the movement speed you need if you dont't have Whimsy.

Skill Usage:

Pix gives you the ability to attack twice, from different places. Combine it with AD and you'll see awesomeness!

This is your harassment and farming skill. Use it to kill an entire wave of minions late game, to slow enemies and deal damage. Explore its possibilities trying different angles when casting! It's fun.


Your hit and run skill. Use it whenever the enemy team gank you or your allies and also if you are chasing them.


  • Use it early game when harassing. Whenever the enemy jumps towards you (and you want that fight), cast it. When they turn into a squirrel, they are not only slowered, but silenced yet and you can take advantage of that!

Gives you range (read the tips for Glitterlance above) and armor. It's combination with Glitterlance is amazing! It will also help your allies running away from fights if you cast on them (giving them armor) and then use Glitterlance.


  • Use it in champions which turns invisible ( Akali, i.e.) or those who keeps hiding in bushes.

Giver an allied health and slow aura. It's good for saving their lives and for CC in team fights. Sometimes can be used just for its healing effect. Don't let your friends die if you can cast Wild Growth, do it. It has a good range.


  • Watch the entire game frequently! If there's a teamfight somewhere and you know your team needs help, Teleport there and save the day.
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Starting items:


It will keep you laning for a reasonable time. Top, mid or bot. Whatever. Do not use recall unless you killed your oponent a few times. If you go OOM, use your Mana Potion and keep farming, last hitting and harassing.

First recall:

Philosopher's Stone and or Ninja's Tabi

From now on, your problem with mana hunger will start to cease. Decide whether to buy Mercury's Tread or Ninja's Tabi depending on the enemy team and your needs.

Remember to buy Wards!

Mid game:

Until here, the build was generic. But after bought this items you have to decide if you want to go for DPS or supportive first.

If you chose DPS:

> >

Granting you AP, DPS. If you need more AP and Mana Regen, give Nashor's Tooth a try.

Or supportive:

> Guinsoo's Rageblage >

Granting you utility. If you want to be more supportive, try Zeke's Herald because of it's aura.

Do not forget your Rabadon's Deathcap!!! IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR AP CHAMPIONS.

Late game:

Finally, you should buy a good armor late game. Here is the options:

or or

If you are playing offensive, pick one of the above according to your needs and gold. I usually chose Abyssal Mask.


Else, if you are supportive, buy armors which give aura for allied champions.

You can sell your Mercury's Treads and buy Lich Bane for more AP and Movement Speed.

Other interesting items I use:

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As I said, if you went back base and have 75 gold left, buy wards, especially if you are playing support! It will help your team a lot.

There's no MIAs if you ward the map.

Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle
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Good luck, have fun!

That's all folks.
League of Legends Build Guide Author F0XEXEE
F0XEXEE Lulu Guide
Pix-o-Matic! - A DPS Lulu Guide
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