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Poppy Build Guide by Zombotrox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zombotrox

Poppin as AD Poppy in All Roles! [Season 5, Patch 5.21]

Zombotrox Last updated on May 28, 2016
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Threats to Poppy with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Evelynn EZ. Just E her into the wall and you can probably burst her to death.
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Hello fellow Poppy players! Welcome to my guide on Poppy and thanks for reading! I will be covering how I play Poppy and how to play her to the best of your advantage. As I am making this guide, I am currently a Platinum 5 Poppy main. I was able to climb from Gold 4 to Platinum 5 in two weeks from these supreme tips that I am about to share with you. Not to mention that items are another important thing! Many people build Poppy differently, but I will be sharing with you how I build Poppy. Some of my Poppy builds are inspired by Opened. He is another Poppy main. I watched many of his videos to learn how to play Poppy back in Season 4. I highly recommend you to check his YouTube channel out. Although his videos are very outdated, you can still probably learn a thing or two from them.

Why Would You Want to Play Poppy?
Poppy is a hyper carry where people say that she dominates late game which is true, but she dominates in all parts of the game (early game, mid game, late game).

How Does Poppy Work in All Roles?
Poppy is a very flexible champion. She is able to fulfill her duties in all roles and do it well. Some roles are harder than others due to the harass being taken and how easy it is to do so to Poppy without her being able to do anything.

Poppy Jungle

[Advice from Before]
As Jungle Poppy, you are able to get the gold you need by clearing your jungle quickly with Ranger's Trailblazer. The Ranger's Trailblazer will stack stuns with the passive from smiting Krug's, and also stack with the stun from your E. This will make you have lots of health in the jungle, being able to clear all camps without being dealt lots of damage to your health. Not to mention that smiting Large Monsters with purple smite will also give you some health and mana. Poppy can always solo Dragon at level 3-4 as her passive makes Dragon deal less damage than Dragon would do to any other champion.

[New Advice]
Woah woah, but Zomb, Ranger's Trailblazer doesn't exist anymore. That's right! I would like to thank Ranger's Trailblazer for all it has done, but sadly it is now gone. The new jungle item you will be wanting to use is Stalker's Blade. This will allow you to slow your enemies, so you'll be able to get to them quickly and kill them. Stalker's can also be used to deal just a little bit of damage to kill an enemy when you can't reach them. Stalker's isn't as good as Ranger's, but what can you do, yunno?

Poppy Top

[Advice from Before]
It may be a little more difficult for you to farm at top lane, as you will almost always be behind your enemy laner's CS, since they are always able to poke you out of lane. Try to take the poke while you can before level 6, and maintain your HP with your flask and four health pots to get as much CS as you can. Try to poke them back if you have the opportunity to do so.

[New Advice]
What?? Zomb, they also removed flask!

Poppy Mid
Poppy going to mid lane is about the same as top (struggling with CS) except worse due to mid laners almost always being ranged champions. Poppy can poke really well against mages, but she will run out of mana quickly. Try to do your best to last hit, but if you can't, just play safe and make sure not to get poked out of your lane very often. Also, make sure to get harass onto them whenever possible. This will make it easy for your jungler to give you a kill while your enemy mid laner is almost always pushed towards your tower.

Poppy Support
Poppy Support is a fun role if you have a proper ADC paired up with you. Poppy Support can usually be played with any ADC, but works especially well with Vayne and Caitlyn. Vayne's condemn chained with Poppy E is a kill or summoner spell guaranteed. Same with Caitlyn's snare trap. As Poppy Support, you will be behind in gold by A LOT. You will want to get Relic Shield and try to upgrade it into Targon's Brace before starting to build into your Trinity Force. Relic Shield/ Targon's Brace will help you get gold by last hitting the Cannon Minions or Melee Minions. Try not to last hit the Caster Minions for your carry as they give the least gold unless you have no choice. Keep the bushes warded with your Warding Totem so that you can stun the enemy with your E if they go into the bush. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings so that you can properly stun your enemy into any wall at bot lane. Make sure to ping before going in so that your ADC realizes when to go in.

Poppy ADC
Poppy ADC is probably the hardest role on Poppy. CSing is really really difficult on ADC Poppy if your support can not protect you from damage. Not being able to do so would make you lose lots of CS since you'll have to back a lot, and you may even die a lot if you do not play safe. Try to last hit while you can, and also stun one of the enemy bot laners into the wall while you can so you can poke them out of lane, thus making you able to CS better.

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Poppy's Core Items and Why They Are Built

Poppy's Core Items and Why They Are Built
In this part of the guide, I will be explaining Poppy's core items and why I build Poppy this way. These items are mainly for all of Poppy's roles. This part of the guide does not include Poppy's secondary items such as situational items like Frozen Heart or if you were to play Support Poppy and build Relic Shield.

1. Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Poppy's ult (R) is on a ridiculously long cool down. If you are running one of the rune pages with 10-15% CDR, you will have 15-20% CDR with the default 5% you get from masteries. With Ionian's, you will get 30-35% CDR which is really good. The CDR will also come in handy by lowering the CD on Poppy's mighty Q to around 2-3 seconds per use. The CDR will also help with getting away from enemies as her W will allow her to escape quickly if used many times since she gains a ton of movement speed from her W. Even if you do not get Ionian's and you do decide to get Sorcerer's (for Magic Pen), Mercury's Treads (for Tenacity), or Ninja Tabi, (to reduce basic attack damage) you will still have a good amount of CDR with your Scaling CDR Glyphs and 5% CDR from masteries. Only get Sorcerer's if you are going against enemies that are building magic resist. Only go Mercury's Treads if you are going against heavy CC (crowd control). Lastly, only go Ninja Tabi if you are going against a fed ADC, or if you are going against someone who relies on basic attacks for heavy amounts of damage.

2. Trinity Force

It's pretty self explanatory why this item is built on Poppy. This item is HIGHLY recommended on Poppy no matter what role you are playing with her. The proc with Phage's passive (Rage) and Sheen's passive (Spellblade) helps her out a lot. Phage's proc gives her movement speed when she basic attacks so that she can catch up to an enemy whilst in a fight. It will make Poppy almost always catch up to her enemy as Phage's passive plus her W active would make it hard for the enemy to get away. Sheen's proc makes it so that Poppy does extra damage with her next basic attack after using a skill. If you use Q, the Sheen passive would be active when you try to basic attack someone. This means that the Sheen's passive and Poppy's Q would synergize dealing lots of damage to the enemy champion and or creep. Not to mention the extra attack speed you get plus the 10% Crit Chance also helps Poppy a ton as she is basic attacking a lot as it is her primary source of damage.

3. Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King generally helps Poppy to catch up to people when they are trying to run away. It also steals a little bit of health for you to stay in a fight for just a tiny bit longer. This item is really good for catching ADC's trying to run away from you. It's good for any squishy champion trying to run away from you. Its other passive which allows you to do 8% of your enemies current health also helps Poppy as she basic attacks a lot. This item is basically used to do lots of damage with the 8% passive and to catch people who are trying to run away. This makes it easy to get to the ADC in the back line especially.

4. Infinity Edge

You will be getting lots of crit chance on Poppy once you have Infinity Edge. Infinity Edge's passive makes your crit damage go up to 250% from 200%. The passive helps you do lots of extra damage since you will have a lot of crit. This item is also excellent since Poppy basic attacks a lot. This will make Poppy's basic attacks do extra crit damage by 50% of the average crit without Infinity Edge.

5. Phantom Dancer

Lots of extra attack speed. Lots of extra crit. Extra movement speed. Makes you move through units. What isn't to like? Works well with Infinity Edge passive.

6. Bloodthirster

Makes Poppy's life steal go up by a lot. The shield from Bloodthirster can also help you to have more health and to stay in a fight for a little while longer. Since Bloodthirster adds lots of extra life steal, Poppy will be able to stay in fights without losing more than half of her health. Bloodthirster also gives 80 extra AD which is a great amount of AD that will make your basic attacks and Q hurt even more than it already does.


7. (Jungle Poppy Only) Ranger's Trailblazer

Now to explain why I take purple smite over all the other smites (blue smite, red smite, useless counter jungling smite) as Jungle Poppy. Purple smite gives you great jungle clear as Poppy. It synergizes well with your E stun, and Krug's passive from smite. This makes it so that you can stay in your jungle for a long time. Once you get Devourer's, since you have purple smite and are able to stay in your jungle for a long time, you will be getting stacks ridiculously fast. Purple smite also gives you health and mana if you smite a Large Monster. This can make you stay in your jungle when you have 100 health and still want to take that red buff. Generally, always take purple smite as jungle Poppy as it improves your jungle clear, your jungle sustain, and makes you get closer to Sated faster.

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Why You Do Not Build Warrior Enchantment

Why You Do Not Build Warrior Enchcantment

I recently played a game with Warrior enchantment on Jungle Poppy with Blue Smite. It did not go well. Lucian in that game was getting caught a lot by the enemy Blitzcrank, and the enemy Yasuo was also fed. If I had gotten Devourer/Sated, I would've done more damage because of the magic damage from Devourer/Sated. This is a live example of why you do not get Warrior enchantment on Jungle Poppy. You can not carry.

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My Experience with Runeglaive

My Experience with Runeglaive
I had an odd experience with Runeglaive. Runeglaive seemed to be very good early game, but as you plunge into late game, it seems very slow in terms of doing damage and such. Although it gives you time to gank, it does not really give you what you need in order to carry. You can not stay in team fights very long as if you had Devourer/Sated, you can keep autoing the enemy to death. The magic damage from Devourer/Sated also helps a lot. I thought it would be a great idea to go Runeglaive, but in the end, it ended up making the whole game plunge into chaos. I do not recommend building Runeglaive. Just build Trinity Force along with your Devourer then boom, you got Runeglaive and Devourer/Sated, LOL.

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Let's Speak Runes

Let's Speak Runes
In this section of the guide, I will be talking about what runes you would take situationally. I will only point out specific runes you SHOULD take. You can take whatever else runes you want in the sections that I have not mentioned.

Example: If I did not mention taking _Blank_ Marks, you can fill up the Marks section of your rune page with whatever you feel you need or like.

If you are going against a heavy AD team and or going against an AD laner that will be hard to lane against, take Scaling Armor Seals (x9) and Flat Armor Quints (x3).

If you are going against an annoying AP champion and or a heavy AP team, make sure to use Flat Magic Resist Glyphs (x9) and Flat Magic Resist Quints (x3)

If you are going against lots of tanks, make sure to take Flat Hybrid Penetration Marks (x9). This will help break through their resistances and will help later in the game.

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Pros / Cons of Poppy

Pros / Cons of Poppy
In this part of the guide, I will be talking about how Poppy is good and bad in certain situations.

-Her passive shields lots of damage that would kill the average champion.
-She can get away easily.
-She deals more damage and chunks a lot of health compared to other champions.
-She can solo Dragon at Level 3-4 when jungling.
-She's very flexible in the types of roles that she can play.
-She can stay in team fights for a very long time and still get out easily.

-Her movement speed is slow in the beginning of the game.
-Hard to CS with properly if against an annoying laner.
-Very mana reliant.
-You need to be able to click the correct person when ulting or you will suffer the consequences.
-Positioning your E can be troublesome.
-A very slow jungler compared to others.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence
In this part of the guide, I will be explaining when you would take certain skills and in what order.

Example: What you would take on Level 1-2 Poppy

Level 1

If you're going against an annoying AD champion that will harass you early and you are in lane, take W first so that you can get the extra armor you need to shield some of that damage that they will deal away. Take Q first if this is not the case. Always take Q first if this is not the case. Only Take E at Level 1 if you are playing Poppy bot lane.

Always take E first when you are jungling. This is so that you can stun the large monster that you are going against (usually Krug's, always Krug's for me). Stunning with your E combined with the stun when you smite Krug's at Level 1 can make Poppy's health very high compared to what her health would be if you were to start another camp or the same camp with Q first.

Level 2

When laning, at Level 2, you would normally have Q first. If you think that the enemy will go near a wall or shove your lane near the wall next to your turret, take E. This is so that you can get early harass on them. If you know or think that they are not going to go near a wall, take W second so that you get the extra AD you need to last hit properly. Take Q at Level 2 if you are playing Poppy bot lane.

Always take Q second.

Level 3

Take Q again instead of taking your third point into W if you think you need to do a little more extra damage with your Q either for last hitting, or if you are going to harass your enemy laner early. If not, always take the 3rd skill that you have no upgraded yet.

Always take the 3rd skill that you have not upgraded yet.

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In this section of the guide, I will be talking about what types of summoner spells you would take and when.

When you are jungling (duh).

When you need the extra speed so that you can get into a fight or a team fight fast. You can also use this to catch a squishy enemy carry and burst them fast by running up to them quickly with ghost.

Take heal when you know that the person you are going against is going to deal a lot of damage. If you want to fight this person longer or get out of the fight, you can fight them longer with the extra health you'll get or you can get out of the fight by getting extra health back AND using the movement speed plus your W to get out of the fight quickly.

Take exhaust when you are going against someone that you know you're going to be in a fight with a lot that will deal a lot of damage or if you want to slow someone and weaken them so they will be forced to run out of a fight. Being in a 1v1 and using exhaust will lower the damage of the individual that you are fighting. This gives you the upper hand since you will be dealing more damage than the enemy. This will force them to flee out of the fight or deal with the weakened damage. Using exhaust to catch annoying champions like Kalista and Vayne is also helpful since they are very mobile champions that can get away fast. Using exhaust on these champions will make them get caught and will also result in them doing less damage.

Use ignite when you want to be cocky and ignite to finish the job for you to get an easy kill early. Take ignite when you know you will poke a lot. Works great in combination with exhaust, flash, heal, or ghost.

Use teleport if you know you are going to lose lane and back a lot. This is so you can get back into lane faster. Also use teleport if you will have to roam to far away places like bot lane for some easy kills or to push the lane.

Use flash if you are going to combo it with your E, or if you are going to have to get away over a wall a lot. Recommended to take flash if you are jungling, or playing Support Poppy. This is because you may need the flash E to get an easy kill and or even to take their flash or summoner spells.

Usually only take Cleanse if you are against champions like Annie, Cassiopeia, or any other champions mid lane. Only use Cleanse when you are mid. That's usually the only role you'll need Cleanse in.

Use Barrier as a substitution of heal. Only use Barrier if you need the extra shield, and you do not need the extra movement speed that heal gives.

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Overall Tips

Overall Tips
In this part of the guide, I will be explaining what you would do in each of Poppy's roles briefly.

Poppy Jungle
-Always start Krug's.
-Take Scuttle at Level 2 after you finish killing Red Buff.
-If possible, gank at Level 2 after Scuttle.
-Position yourself to E before ganking. Make sure you know you can E them properly.

Poppy Top
-Keep using Q against your opponent when they try to last hit creeps.
-Start with one or two Mana Pots along with your flask instead of four Health Pots if you know you will poke the enemy a lot and or run out of mana quickly.
-Do not CS if you know you will die trying. I'm speaking ACTUALLY DIE, taking poke is fine, as long as you do not die. Try to play safe and farm under tower if you can not get to the wave of CS.
-Always buy defensive items when you are getting rekt.
-Do not fight the enemy when you have just died to them. Poke them, then fight them when you know for sure you will win the fight.

Poppy Mid
-Try to last hit as much as possible. You will get poked a lot.
-Position yourself to E them into one of the four walls. It is tough, but if you land it, you can probably get your opponent to half health.
-Poke the enemy mid laner with your Q by either walking up to them and using Q, or E'ing to them then using Q. You will most likely always be against a squishy AP champion.
-Buy a Null-Magic Mantle early if ever needed. Hexdrinker is a good choice after you buy Sheen. Rush Hexdrinker if you are getting completely obliterated.

Poppy Support
-Try to take the least amount of poke as possible. You will need your health as you are Poppy. You are a very head on champion.
-Only go in if you know you can deal lots of damage and get away.
-Conserve your mana, you will need it.
-Bring a Mana Pot or two if you know you will poke the enemy a lot. This would mean you would start Relic Shield with two Health Pots and one Mana Pot or one Health Pot and two Mana Pots.
-Ping when you are going in so your ADC knows. Communication is key.
-E the enemy away from your ADC if possible when they are chasing them dead on.

Poppy ADC
-Last hit as much as possible. It will be hard.
-Try to poke the enemy ADC when they try to last hit.
-If needed, start with Flask instead of Doran's Shield.
-Try not to get caught by enemy CC and stay behind your minions.
-If you can't poke, play safe and CS under tower.
-Take Exhaust if needed. This is especially for ADC's like Vayne and Kalista.
-You may want to take lots of armor. You are very vulnerable as a melee ADC to auto attacks. I'm speaking Runes. Take the Top Poppy Standard runes with Flat Armor Seals if you do not think you need all that armor.

All Roles
-Ult the person with the least amount of damage or CC. In this case, it's usually the support. I prioritize ulting a champion with less CC than less damage. You can ult the ADC or any other champion that has no CC or damage.
-In fights, always ult the person you are not trying to kill unless you want to lock down that single target. For example, a jungler like Master Yi. If you are in a fight with Master Yi and some other team mates and you know you can not kill Master Yi without your ult, ult Master Yi so you can do extra damage to him.
-Try to basic attack as much as possible. Your Q is an auto attack reset. Try to auto attack twice when you E someone into the wall then Q. Just try to time your Q straight after a basic attack and make sure the basic attack goes through and you do not stop midway.
-Try not to auto attack reset and click a champion once. This will lock Poppy onto that champion. If you are chasing and want to basic attack, make sure you W to catch up to them. Poppy will do the rest since she will be locked on to the enemy champion. Q after your basic attack.
-Always burst the squishy champions first in fights. Either scare them away, or kill them. Doing damage to tanks will do you no good.
-Make sure to stay with your team in fights rather than chasing the enemy ADC down in a fight. If the ADC runs away, move on and back into the fight. Try to get the enemies off of your team.

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Why I don't play AP Poppy

Why I don't play AP Poppy
I do not play Poppy because Poppy relies mostly on basic attacks and her Q for damage. Some people play AP Poppy because it makes Poppy's E do actual damage as well as some damage to her Q. Poppy's Q will always do magic damage so building her AP I find kind of worthless since you can do damage from basic attacks and combine that damage with your Q. Overall, I think that AD Poppy does more damage than AP Poppy. She also lasts longer in a team fight where AP Poppy can only burst one champion and will have to wait for her cooldowns to burst another since she does close to no damage with her basic attacks since she goes AP.

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Why I don't play Tank Poppy

Why I don't play Tanky Poppy
I do not play Tanky Poppy because if you play Tank Poppy, most of the time, your team does not do enough damage. This is likely always the case for me. I only play Tank Poppy if I am playing Support Poppy, but that is also situational. What I mean by Tank Poppy is pure tank and no damage. This means all tank items instead of one. I usually get one tanky or resistance item if I am being countered. For example, Frozen Heart against Heavy AD, and or Randuin's if I need it. I always build Trinity Force on every other role except for Support Poppy at times. Overall, I don't play Tank Poppy because Poppy is technically already tanky if you use your ult, so since your ult makes you a tank, building damage items combined with being a tank with your ult is just overall more op than going full Tank Poppy. Sure, you last longer in fights if you build tanky, but you will have no other extra burst on your team most of the time. You are an assassin to the ADC and Mid laner at most times. Keep it that way.

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Hyper Poopy [Top]

Hyper Poopy [Top]
Hyper Poopy [Top] is a Poppy build that I have created to use for fun. You can use this in ranked at your own risk. Your basic attacks are hell. Last hitting will be no problem and getting poke onto your enemies will be insane with your attack speed. Exhaust to slow them while you auto them is just hilarious as you drown them to their death. Ignite is great to make sure they drown. Good luck with this Poppy build! I had fun using it. Make sure to only use it on certain types of opponents. Fun champions to use this against contain Nasus and Cho Gath. In this match, I was against Nasus.

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Hyper Poopy [Jungle]

Hyper Poopy [Jungle]
Hyper Poopy [Jungle] is a Poppy build that I have created to use for fun. You can use this in ranked at your own risk. Sacrificing the extra AD and CDR scaling may be risky, but so far I have had no problem with it. With this very nice 41% attack speed rune page, you will be a devourer with Devourer. You will proc your magic damage a bunch since you have lots of attack speed, and your jungle clear will also be really good. I personally love this build because of Sated. It's crazy how much damage you will do with this Poppy build. I recommend you to try out this build as your auto attacks never reset and will always be a monster with Sated and other attack speed + crit items with bork as an item to catch up to a certain enemy.

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Why I prefer Bork over Hextech Gunblade

Why I prefer Blade of the Ruined King over Hextech Gunblade
I prefer Blade of the Ruined King over Hextech Gunblade because with Hextech Gunblade, You slow the enemy and do magic damage to them, but you do not gain speed from using the active. You get spell vamp, but Blade of the Ruined King's passive is better. This is because Blade of the Ruined King's passive makes you do 8% of their current health in AD. Also, as I mentioned earlier, you do not gain speed from using the active from Gunblade. If you use the active on Blade of the Ruined King, you do not only slow them by 25%, but you also gain the movement speed that you steal. This makes it easy to initiate and catch champions with mobility. Not to mention that the active also steals just a tiny bit of health so that you can live for just a bit longer or have enough health to get away.

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Don't be a scrub, take Ranger's! [And Other Items]

Don't be a scrub, take Ranger's!
I ran into a Poppy player earlier (same Poppy I will mention in my Level 2 Dragon part of this guide), and this Poppy player took Stalker's instead of Ranger's. As I've already explained, yes, Stalker's does slow champions, but I highly recommend Ranger's because you will be in your jungle for a long time stacking your Devourer's, you need the Purple Smite to sustain in the jungle, and you should also chain your stuns with Purple Smite as well. Also, make sure that you build your items in this order as Jungle Poppy:
1. Ranger's Devourer
2. Trinity Force
3. Blade of the Ruined King
4. Tier 2 Boots of Your Choice
5 and 6: Etc. [Infinity Edge highly recommended for #5]

You need Bork in order to hunt down their carry and to also be able to chase and chunk tanks with Bork's passive. I also highly recommend Infinity Edge because with that, you can also chunk tanks even more with the high amounts of crit you will be dealing + the amount of AD Infinity Edge gives you will also help with your damage by a lot.

Failing to do any of the above may result in:NOTE: This is not me. This is another Poppy player I ran across that pretty much disobeyed all of the above. This Poppy also had horrible positioning and did not focus the proper targets needed to win that game and the fights within it.

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Soloing Dragon at Level 2 > 3+

Soloing Dragon at Level 2 > 3+
I learned this trick from another Poppy player I had come across. If you are going to do this, I highly recommend you take Heal purely because you will most likely die to Dragon if you do not use Heal. I've always been running 41% Attack Speed runes even in ranked purely because it's so good with Devourer/Sated late in the sacrifice of some base AD and scaling CDR. I use 41% Attack Speed runes to solo Dragon at Level 2. Depending on what side you are playing on, start at your buff (red or blue) instead of Krug's or Gromp. Take Q first if you are going to solo Dragon at Level 2 and W second (for the Armor and extra AD). After your buff, take Scuttle. After Scuttle, start to take Dragon. If you need to run away just in case the enemy jungler comes, I recommend you kite the Dragon out of the pit instead of staying in the pit with Dragon. At your buff, make sure to get a good leash so you can have enough health to solo Dragon. Make sure to use Heal if you are around 50 Health and are about to die. When you are done soloing Dragon, back right away and buy Ranger's Trailblazer.

Shortened Version in Steps
1. Start at the buff closest to Dragon.
2. Make sure you have enough Health to solo Dragon.
NOTE: Do not use your health pots at your buff. Also, start Q instead of E.
3. After your buff, take W and head to Scuttle.
4. Take Scuttle and start Dragon.
NOTE: Lead Dragon out of the pit if needed.
5. Use Heal if you need to when you are low.
EXAMPLE: Below 100 Health.
6. Kill Dragon.
7. Back and get Ranger's Trailblazer.

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Distortion Upgraded Boots on Poppy

Distortion Upgraded Boots on Poppy
It is optional, but take Distortion Boots on Poppy if you are going to use Ghost. Distortion Boots combined with Blade of the Ruined King will get you to your opponents so fast that you will be able to kill their whole team before your Ghost is even over. Make sure to ult a champion before you run in like crazy to perform your execution mission as you go 1000 mph. It's pretty self explanatory, but use your W as you use Ghost. Then use your BoRK to chase down whichever champion is your first target. Distortion Boots are highly recommended in my book.

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What Poppy Skins Do I Prefer to Use?

What Poppy Skins Do I Prefer to Use?
This is totally pass skill and is of course just a preference. I'm including this in this guide purely because I just want to share what skin I like to use as I kick bum on the rift. I like to use Blacksmith Poppy and Ragdoll Poppy. I mostly use Blacksmith Poppy though because the update on her visual has made the skin really polished and nice. I also like how instead of the shield being green and the hammer being red-orange (it was like that before the visual update) when using her W, they have changed it so that both the hammer and the shield are red-orange which is what made Blacksmith Poppy my new favorite skin. I had a problem with the shield being green.

Ragdoll Poppy
Blacksmith Poppy

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You Can't Always Carry

You Can't Always Carry
In many games, I have been unable to carry as Poppy. Your team will not always listen, and your team will also just get caught and do stupid stuff sometimes. No matter how many objectives or kills you get and no matter how good you do, you also need to realize that you have a team on your back. Sometimes they can stand on their own and sometimes they have to be carried. They sometimes are even carrying you. You, as Poppy, will always be the late game dominator. As long as your team can CC for you and you have someone to ult with not much CC, you will do good. Try to let your team in on what you're going to do, and make sure they go in with you. Also make sure you do not go in too deep so they can keep up with you.

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Updates to How I Play

[Sep. 7, 2015] My New Jungle Rune Page

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Videos on Poppy

Videos on Poppy
I don't know if I will be uploading many videos of me playing Poppy or anything, but if I do, there will probably be no talking. I will upload highlights of anything that happened in the games I play which I thought would be worth cherishing. Here is an example of the kinds of highlights I would be uploading:

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Poppy is a really fun champion that I would definitely label as a must play. She is good to pick up if you have the proper runes/masteries for her as they make her a god. Thank you for taking the time to look at my guide, and best of luck to you in your experience with playing as Poppy!

I am summoner Zombotrox, add me if you want to! I will be glad to demonstrate and or show you how I play Poppy.