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Thresh Build Guide by mos deadly

Support Purple Thresh Support Build

Support Purple Thresh Support Build

Updated on February 9, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mos deadly Build Guide By mos deadly 7,705 Views 0 Comments
7,705 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mos deadly Thresh Build Guide By mos deadly Updated on February 9, 2014
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After a long time of playing alot of games with thresh ive tried differnt things and figured out what works and what didn't. After a while i found that most items aren't very useful on thresh and that hes basically a tanky support with the fact that he can also ADC and apc. however hes not a very dominant character in either so hes much better as a aura support normally consisting of aegis of legion and whatever other item you usually aura with. Then i started hearing of a blue build ezreal. so i thought about what would make an excellent thresh build that not only is very good but also has a little bit of style. After experimenting a little bit i found out that most purple items are not only built from gold items but also have supportive skills in them and thus purple thresh was born.
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The runes i picked are kinda weird for a support and you are probably asking why not just use the [quint of gold]. Reason being is that i like the [quint of experience] better because you get your ult faster and if your lucky and have enough lane time you can get to level 18 before most people get to level 16 i shouldn't have to explain the rest please [/tell me if i do]
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The mysteries are pretty simple so i wont bore you. Exp for getting to level 18 and getting your ult as well quicker. Cool-downs for spammability. Gold for well gold. And finally mana regeneration. Once again [/tell me in the comments if i do]
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The items on this build work surprisingly well the first two items you need to get (after the basic items) are the philosopher's stone and the kage's lucky pick. Not only because they build into the rest of the items but they also let you get there quicker. after that the only two items out of line are the Rod of Ages and the Ionian Boots of Lucidity. To put it simple so you can go back to playing the Rod of Ages gives you a boost in health mana and lets you hit harder meanwhile healing you during laneing phase i recommend getting this first as it will help you as i said in laneing phase. Then comes the Ionian Boots of Lucidity i also included the enhancement [/distortion]. The Ionian Boots of Lucidity are for 1 red and also give you a boost of cool down reduction in laneing phase. The enhancement distortion gives you a boost for your teleport so you can help your team faster. the next few items are actually good support items. Morellonomicon gives you spammable ability's and is a great item for bastards like yi sion and mundo and basically any bastard that trys to heal off all your damage. Then comes Twin Shadows for extra vision and ohmwreker for making turrets useless!!! Then vision wards for team vision.
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Skill Sequence

Okay heres the thing I dont care about the skill sequence. I simply get my Flay up first because it provides a nice poke due to the passive and deals damage in fights along with a slow the reason i dont like his dark passage] it is mostly just to get allies out of tough spots and to get souls. Even if you do give your adc a sheild it wont do nearly as much of an impact as a simple poke from the [[flay]'s passive. If you chose to still get [[dark passage its fine by me.
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I use Clairvoyance so i can engage on the enemy's in bot bush provide early game vision on our enemy jungler and provide vision when needed on chases. i use Teleport so i can get into lane quickly and get exp. Its up to you if you want to get Exhaust or Heal as a item this is just 2 spells i use.
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Ranked Play

Use the first Vision Ward to kill the enemys support early ward unless she pinks and kills it first. Use Clairvoyance to keep the enemy support in check and save 75 dollars on wards each 3 minutes. use Teleport to get into lane faster. And use your red passive from Flay to poke.
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Pros / Cons

Has a great ability to work as supportive and
provides wards.
Can make you get some kills based upon exp and
if you fed your adc well enough gold.
Allows you to provide constant support to allies
Secures kills with clairavoyance
Your not much of a tank

Your only supporting in this build so i dont
reccomend 1v1.
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the new builds

I recently set up a few new builds for thresh. The adc one is all about provideing constant dps utilizeing your e for damage. Meanwhile I dont suggest to use the apc thresh its fun to do when your in normals and provides the most damage output you can get. The full on support build is all about being decently tanky and provideing aura hell. One thing you might notice on the tanky thresh build is there is no boots. Theres a reason for this. I find that on thresh his q does quite alot of mobility and solves all the late game problems you might have. You will be basically a big block of hp that doesnt move around alot. Just jump in with your q and you will be able to tank much more then you normally would.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mos deadly
mos deadly Thresh Guide
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Purple Thresh Support Build

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