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Quinn Build Guide by MaximusPrime

AD Carry Quinn and Valor: Decimators of the Anus (ADC) [WIP]

AD Carry Quinn and Valor: Decimators of the Anus (ADC) [WIP]

Updated on March 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaximusPrime Build Guide By MaximusPrime 18 7 120,791 Views 33 Comments
18 7 120,791 Views 33 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MaximusPrime Quinn Build Guide By MaximusPrime Updated on March 2, 2013
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An introduction to Quinn and her bird, Valor.

Quinn is a great AD Carry, that is also viable to jungle with and makes just as awesome a top laner vs. AD Bruisers.

For the purposes of getting this guide up ASAP however, I'll be focusing only on the AD Carry build for Quinn.
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Pros / Cons


  • She's pretty awesome.
  • She does TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢
  • Has a pretty effective blind, making her worse* than Teemo.
  • A passive that grants extra amounts of TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢, and a leveled passive that will make you deal TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢ even faster!
  • Her Ultimate is INSANE! No, really, it's better than being a Super Saiyan, GUARANTEED!
  • She's got a pretty hot voice, and this is the sole reason why you should always pick her as your AD carry.


  • Has a stupid ornament thing on her head.
  • If you miss her skillshot, you're pretty much buggered.
  • Fairly low starting mana pool.
  • Squishy when focused though...I guess that's a problem for anyone who isn't a tank, heh.
  • Not the shortest range, but fairly short ranged in any case.
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Starting Options

Long Sword - My personal choice of starting item. Gets you that headstart towards buying your Life Steal item, gives Attack Damage too.

Boots of Speed - For when, well, when you GOTTA GO FAST!

Doran's Blade - Minor amount of Life Steal, Health and Attack Damage. I'd recommend one of the two other options personally, unless you're laning with a support that can provide sustain. (Honestly though, I'd recommend one of the other two options!)

Health Potion - Surely I shouldn't need to tell you why you should buy these...

Early Game Items

Bilgewater Cutlass - Decent amount of Life Steal and Attack Damage considering the low price. Has a nice active too.

Berserker's Greaves - Attack Speed, Movement Speed, get speed!

Core Damage Items

Blade of the Ruined King - It's insanely good, and 350 gold cheaper than The Bloodthirster. I choose this because it provides a decent amount of Attack Damage, and more importantly 40% Attack Speed, along with a great on-hit Passive that chips away Health Percentage AND an active that provides both chase and nuke. Also, makes for a great anti-tank item late game!

(Alternative)The Bloodthirster - The standard AD Carry lifesteal item of choice, I'd recommend picking this up -if- you find yourself going back with a fairly hefty amount of gold (So, around enough to cover the cost of the B.F. Sword and Vampiric Scepter), otherwise go for BotRK if you find yourself backing with smaller amounts of gold. Remember, you can always swap out items at any time, if situation allows/necessitates.

Infinity Edge - Standard AD Carry item, provides TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢, a great amount of Crit and makes your Crits even more devastating.

Phantom Dancer - This item works amazingly well for Quinn, providing high amounts of Attack Speed and Crit Chance, as well as some extra mobility which will come in handy when chasing or escaping.

(Alternative)Youmuu's Ghostblade - This is a good item choice for Quinn as it provides a greater variety of stats, and has a great active that works incredibly well with her Ultimate, whilst providing some awesome situational use for both Offense and Mobility. This item would be an alternative for Phantom Dancer.

Last Whisper - Like Infinity Edge, a pretty standard AD Carry item that provides decent Attack Damage and high Armor Penetration.

(Optional)Trinity Force - For if you're planning to go for a high Crit build, gives you an extra bit of everything, with a soft Slow, extra Damage after using Vault or Blinding Assault, more Mobility, overall more deadliness!

Finishing Touches (Only Choose 1 of these)

Warmog's Armor - My personal favourite, grants tons of health and that regen combined with lifesteal is glorious.

Guardian Angel - Buy this if you're expecting to get/are getting focused a lot, and if the the enemy team does enough Health Percentage damage to render Warmog's useless*.

(*That's for you to judge)

Boot Enchantments

Homeguard - For if you're defending/want to leave base fast and have excess cash.

Furor - Good for chasing your foes down.

Alacrity - Flat Movement Speed if you're too poor or too tight to buy Furor.
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Abilities (And Why you should use them)

Blinding Assault - Max this out first, gives a nice amount of opening burst damage, and blinds your enemy, allowing you to engage them without fear of much retaliation. Be warned that this is a skillshot however, and if you can't land this, you won't be all that effective.

Sidenote: This is also great for farming at times, as it'll do splash damage in a very small radius of where it hits. Though I do not recommend spamming this ability at all, it's nice for that bit of quick farm.

Heightened Senses - Though the active to this is great for map awareness, you'll really want to max this second for the amazing passive it grants, because at level 5 of the skill it will give you 40% Attack Speed!

Vault - Though equally as great an ability, I'd recommend maxing this last. This ability is great for both chasing and escaping, where the closer you are to your target, the further Quinn will effectively leap away from the target. It's also been mentioned that this will allow you to leap over walls, but don't go out of your way to use it in that way, as that'd be just plain silly.

Tag Team - This is basically Super Saiyan mode, all your abilities are enhanced, you gain a ridiculous amount of Movement Speed, Blinding Assault will blind and damage enemies in a short AoE radius, Heightened Senses' Active will grant you a ridiculous amount of Attack Speed, Vault goes from great escape/chase mechanic to godlike chase ability, and to top it off, when you activate the ability again you'll end bird form, dealing a stupid amount of damage in a reasonably large AoE.

As for ability usage itself, I'd recommend engaging with your Q, followed swiftly by your E, then auto-attack them to death, ae sure to make use of your active items when you get them!

Also, be sure to use W if you're pushing a tower/killing Dragon/killing Baron/killing the enemy Jungler/killing Blue Buff/killing Red Buff/killing anything by yourself and feel things are a bit too quiet; basically, use W whenever common sense tells you to and it's off cooldown.

As for your ultimate, I'll let you judge when and when not to utilise that - I trust you have common sense, right?
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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

There's not much to really explain here, but to put things shortly:
  • Quintessences - Attack Damage, because TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢!
  • Marks - Armor Penetration, because you'll want to penetrate your foes deeply!
  • Seals - Armor, because you don't want to die too fast, if you consider dying a possibility that is...
  • Glyphs - Magic Resist, because f**k those pesky mages!
  • Masteries - Standard 21/9/0 build for AD Carries, gives you TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢, extra damage on your ignite, and a little bit of early game survivability!
  • Summoner Spells - Flash is a must, then ignite or barrier, depending on
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Basics: Last hit minions, hit the ones that get targeted with a yellow crosshair for faster farming, don't spam skills on minions as you'll OOM very quickly and that would be bad.
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Team Work

Quinn synergises great with many supports, though personally I'd recommend:
  • Taric - The manliest man of them all, abuse that stun to destroy your lane.
  • Sona - Grants you bonus damage, has a decent heal, excellent Ultimate, she will be your muse.
  • Soraka - For great sustain!
  • Nami - Nami will keep your Health sustained and lift your foes high in the air, clearing the path between you and that bottom turret with her tidal wave!
  • Leona - Will lock down enemies for you and act as an early game tank!
  • Lux - I love Lux, and you will too! Let her bind your foes in place and you'll be both spamming laugh all the way to their Nexus!
  • Blitzcrank - The bot lane support everyone loves to hate! Kill whatever he grabs and you will both wreck bot lane!
  • Alistar - Milk his disables for udder decimation of your foes!
  • Nunu - Even more attack speed and a slow, despite the fact his name sounds like something a toddler would come up with.
  • Kayle - The "I can do anything" Champion, if you can follow up on her slow, you two will really set fire to that bot lane!
  • Teemo - Just kidding, f**k Teemo lol.
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Weak Against

  • Caitlyn - Outranges.
  • Graves - High burst and farm deny with his Smoke Screen.
  • Varus - Outranges.
  • Draven - You also counter him however, will be dependent on who outplays who the best.
  • Ahri - Will make you her sex slave.
  • Blitzcrank - Will pull you into a world of pain.
  • Ashe - Pretty sure she outranges, can outfarm, stuns, hurts plenty.
  • Karthus - He will wreck you if he's smart.

Strong Against

  • Vayne - Don't get knocked into a wall and you will ruin her day!
  • Ashe - Hit her with your Q and she's useless!
  • Darius - Play it right and he won't be able to lay a finger on you!
  • Teemo - Blind him, beat him into the ground, punch his teeth out, make a pretty necklace, flay him, make a Yordle hat...well yeah, f**k Teemo.
  • Ezreal - Make him pop his flash and outdamage him all across the map!
  • Draven - Blind him, jump on him, press R and poop on his moustache!
  • Sejuani - Birds > Boars, FACT!
  • Gangplank - Blind him, jump on him, squash his oranges!
  • Caitlyn - Press Q and win!

More to be added soon!
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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to reading this (hopefully) quick and informative guide on Quinn! This is my first guide, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have fun, and swoop over your foes, pooping on their faces to victory!


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