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Quinn Build Guide by NecromanciCat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NecromanciCat

Quinn and Valor - Two is Better Than One

NecromanciCat Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Introduction //Skippable

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first guide about Quinn Demacia's Wings. A little bit about myself; I've played League of Legends for about 9 months now, and have earned a modest placing of Silver Division III. I've mained ADC in ranked for most of season 3, and when I saw Qiunn, it was love at first sight. Now, I'm here to impart some of my knowledge of Quinn, to the rest of the world!

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Various terms are described here:

AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
AD = Attack Damage / Physical Damage
AP = Ability Power / Magical Damage
QSS = Quicksilver Sash
Bruta = The Brutalizer
GA = Guardian Angel
MR = Magic Resist
AoE = Area of Effect
KS = Kill steal
HP = Hit Points / Health

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Pros / Cons

Pros & Cons

+ Quinn has some amazing damage at all stages of the game.
+ Great harass with Harrier
+ Ridiculous MS and AS buff with Tag Team
+ A blind (On an ADC, that's kinda dumb...) with Blinding Assault
+ A Gap Closer with Vault
+ She's cooler than Vayne
+ Valor's a badass
- Has an ultimate that can make or break teamfights
- Hard to become truly good with
- Hard to understand the limits Valor has with Tag Team
- Hard to time Skystrike appropriately

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- Fairly standard ADC mastery page, although I know people who don't generally take a point into Perseverance and just go 2/2 into Hardiness and Resistance

- I believe Frenzy works better on Quinn than most other ADC's, because it synergizes so well with Heightened Senses passive, and gives you EVEN MORE AS on top of your many other AS buffs.

This is a shorter section, because I don't take many different masteries than most other people do.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
-There's your standard ADC runes; the Flat AD helps a lot with your last hitting, but you suffer a bit in harassment. The scaling MR is to help with APs later in the game, most APs scale better into late game, than they do early on, so magic damage is as much a problem. Flat Armor really helps with trades in lane early game as well.

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality
-My page changes the Flat AD Marks, into Flat Armor Penetration Marks, which I think benefits Quinn's damage and Harass greatly early on. There's still the same Runes in the other categories as I don't think there are any better choices, but if you want to go balls deep from level 1, take 3 Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetrations instead.

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Skill Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

// Blinding Assault isn't something you want to spam, it's got a fairly high cooldown, and if you miss it, and the enemy goes all in on you, you most likely won't be able to use it again. As it's leveled up, the cost is increased and the damage doesn't increase too considerably.

//The AoE reveal is great for using before taking Baron or Dragon, to spot any potential chances at a steal. I aim to have at least 3 points into Heightened Senses before my Second point into Tag Team for the great amount of AS you get as Valor. (This is what makes Valor incredibly strong)

//Your bread and butter skill. You can use it to kick over a wall from a pursuer, or chase that 100 hp Nami for the final hit. I always max Vault by level 10 for the lower cooldown and extra damage, the mana cost remains the same at all levels. Vault also marks the target with Harrier. (More insight on this in the harrass section)

tag team
// tag team This ultimate brings the melee fighter, Valor, onto the field. It also gives you a new skill set. Blinding Assault casts an AoE blind in the area around Valor. Heightened Senses (depending on the level of it) gives Valor massive bonus AS. And Vault dashes Valor to the target, but, YOU WILL NOT KICK BACK OFF! Be very wary of this. Another thing to take note of, is switching to Valor DOES NOT refresh the cooldowns of your abilities.
like any other ultimate, take tag team at 6,11,16

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Summoner Spells!

Preferred Spells

Take this. 110% of the time. Take it. Although Quinn has Vault, that's nowhere near enough insurance if you get ganked. While casting it, when you kick off the enemy, you're still in their range, they can still stun you. Riven's Ki Burst will stun you, and stop the jump back or Cho'Gath's Feast will still very well hit you.

This is my spell of choice on ADCs, there's a lot of uses for it, but keep in mind, it isn't a Quicksilver Sash it will only get rid of stuns, slows, Exhaust and Ignite. QSS is required to stop that pesky Mordekaiser from taking your soul and wrecking your team with it!

Other Viable Spells

Take this for finishing off kills, or stopping that Dr. Mundo from healing through your damage. It does true damage, and if you decide to take it, put one mastery point into Summoner's Wrath for the 5 bonus AD and AP you get.

Take this instead of Ignite or Cleanse but never instead of Flash

This is an okay spell, but not something I would take on Quinn

Take this if you don't have a support, and whoever you're laning with doesn't take Exhaust either. But, you really should have a support with you.

No other Viable spells, really.

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This is a shorter section dedicated to farming. As Quinn, you can last hit extremely well with your AD Runes, as well as Harrier. Once you get 1 point into Heightened Senses you gain bonus AS as well as extra damage, so it's easy to take down multiple creeps in a short amount of time. As Quinn, I always aim for 100 CS by 15 minutes in.

*NOTE: When your opponents aren't in lane, you can use Vault as a way to get more creeps and push the lane a bit as well, but always be cautious of jungle ganks.

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Synergy with Quinn: Great
Alistar, the CC king, works extremely well with Quinn, if he can Headbutt the opposing adc into you, chances are, they will die unless they had their Flash off of cooldown. He also has a small, yet consistent heal to mess with the enemy's last hitting, which will prove to affect the lane soon.

Synergy with Quinn: Great
A pull, a knock-up, a silence, what more could you ask for in a support? He can easily set up kills for Quinn as long as he has something that resembles aim!

Synergy with Quinn: Good
Fiddle is great to have as a support, he has heavy harass, and is able to sustain himself well in lane with Drain. But, there's a high chance he'll KS you with Crowstorm, which isn't entirely bad, but it's you who should be getting fed, not him. His fear is absolutely ruthless at max level though, so watch out if you're against him.

Synergy with Quinn: Great
Janna is a great all around support. Her passive, Tailwind gives you a strong boost in MS from from the get-go, and Eye Of The Storm gives you a strong shield as well as buffing your AD. Howling Gale and Monsoon are both great for throwing off teams, and Monsoon also heals any allies in the radius of it. In lane, her slow can easily let you land heavy harass on an enemy caught out.

Synergy with Quinn: Good
Karma is actually a little bit of everything. She has strong heals with her level 1 ultimate Mantra + Heavenly Wave and can harass well with Mantra + Soul Shield. Mantra + Spirit Bond will also Slow enemies, and speed up allies! However, Karma isn't a 100% aggressive support, and non-aggressive supports don't have as high synergy with Quinn.

Synergy with Quinn: Great
Personal Preference
She buffs all of your damage with her passive, Sunlight after she lands her spells, and she's the Queen of CC down in bottom lane. Her Zenith Blade is a short root, Shield of Daybreak is a great stun, and Solar Flare, her ultimate, is another great stun, albeit it being on a delay. She's also very tanky with Eclipse. All in all, one of my favorite supports.

Synergy with Quinn: Good
Lulu's a strong support to lane with, and an annoying support to lane against. She has heavy harass and a heavy slow with Glitterlance and Pix, Faerie Companion. Her ultimate, Wild Growth, makes Valor look amazingly badass, as well as knocking up any enemies in the radius, and giving you a nice chunk of HP. Help, Pix! can also save your *** on numerous occasions.

Synergy with Quinn: Great
Personal Preference
Nunu is a great support to lane with. Blood Boil Increases AS and MS, so Valor is now even stronger, which is exactly what a support wants for their adc. Absolute Zero also provides a large burst of damage to a all-in fight. And Ice Blast is great harass and will stop most escapes with a strong chain slow.

Synergy with Quinn: Good
Sona is one of the most versatile of supports. She does literally everything. She heals, she stuns, she slows enemies, speeds up allies, stuns, gives armor and MR, does high damage. You name it, she does it. She's an overall great support to lane with, but if her ultimate is on cooldown, she doesn't have as much potential to set up a kill.

Synergy with Quinn: Poor
Altough Soraka can help Qiunn spam powers, and keep her sustained, she isn't that great of a lane partner. She has no hard CC, she doesn't have much damage, and she's squishy. Against a Caitlyn and Leona combo, you've pretty much lost the lane. Some may argue "Well, Soraka can give you mana to spam your Q and E on enemies!" My answer: You should't really be spamming Blinding Assault it has too high of a cooldown, and you may need it 2 seconds after you casted it, and missed the Graves and only hit creeps. And if you play it smart, you can still spam Vault and take enemies from 100-50 with 2 Harrier procs and 1 or 2 more autos.

Synergy with Quinn: Great
Personal Preference
He has a good stun, good damage, decent heal, and lowers enemy armor. I absolutely love laning with Taric. He brings so much utility to you as an adc, and can set up kills quite easily. He buffs your AD with his ultimate Radiance and gives you a good amount of armor with Shatter. Another one of my all time favorite supports.

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As an ADC, you need items to be able to deal great damage, and carry your team to victory! This section will tell you about my personal opinions on items you build as an adc, which one's are viable, which one's aren't.

So, let's begin!

I'll start with the core for my preferred build, then move onto other items that can be built viably onto a ranged carry.

I believe this to be one of the best items for an AD based champion, ranged or melee. It gives you the largest AD boost in the game, at 100 being fully farmed, as well as giving a good amount of lifesteal. This is probably my favorite item of the new season.

Since the recent rework, and it having been given more focus on AS, rather than AD. It became a more viable item to ADCs. And Quinn, benefiting so much from AS, this is a monster item on her. The active is great for getting that last bit of HP back to finish a teamfight, or to not die in a 1v1. This is also a tank-buster item, Dr. Mundo, Volibear and Renekton better watch out with building pure HP as their defense.

More AS, More Crit chance, a passive that gives more damage every few seconds. AND it's build off of a GP5 item. What's not to love about this? In 1v1's the extra magic damage it gives from it's passive could save you in a 1v1.

People call this a bruiser item, but you don't have to be Talon or Jarvan IV to build. In a way, Valor is a bruiser, so the extra armor shred is great against enemies. But remember, if the enemy has more than 200 or so armor, then The Black Cleaver won't be as good as possible.

This is for that annoying Rammus Running around with 300 armor. This ignores 35% of the enemies armor. You should tell him to say "Adios!" to 105 of his precious armor!

This is normally a must buy on normal ADCs. Here's the funny thing; Quinn isn't a normal ADC! Her ultimate makes her melee, and while Phantom Dancer gives 10 more Crit chance and AS. Shiv gives more MS, and also a stronger passive. Although I won't argue that no unit collision is a great asset. In the end, it comes down to whether you prefer Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv

This is another great item. A lot of people don't realize that it removes every debuff from you. Whether it be Fizz's Chum the Waters or Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave. This also gives a hefty amount of AD and MR.

I don't like this item very much. It's not great for most ADCs in general, and it doesn't anything other than AS. As you are partially melee, you can't use it's passive to it's fullest extent. Varus Vayne and Ashe are the only ADCs that can use this item and do great damage as it applies on-hit effects.

This is a Zilean Revive every 5 minutes. It gives bonus armor and MR, but if you die too much. This item is wasted. This isn't if they have a Kha'Zix or Talon who just destroy you before your team can react, it will most likely lose your team the game. Their team can easily disengage and finish your team on another run.

This is if you're not getting bursted to death no matter what you do. A Guardian Angel would be wasted. This counters a ADC's natural squishiness and gives you a fighting chance once assassins engage on you.

This is another counter to squishiness, but it doesn't give you the HP Regen that Warmog's Armor gives you. Instead, you have a perma slow like Ashe's Frost Shot and some mote AD.

This is for that annoying as hell Blitzcrank, that Annie that kills you with Summon: Tibbers. This gives more MR, and a nice chunk of HP and mana, as well as a great spell shield every 45 seconds. So no more [[Rocket pull]s for that blitz-boy!

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Laning and Harassing

As Quinn, harassing can come easy to you. Harrier can shred HP in no time at all, and when combo'd correctly, you can make an enemy retreat in no time at all. However, there are basics you need to know.

    Enemies can see marked targets leaving counter-play open.
    Know when you can proc
Harrier and get away with minimal damage done to you.
Know when just one Harrier proc is enough, or if you should go into a turmoil combo.


Quinn's skill set is fun to combo with, and if executed correctly, are devastating.


This is a heavy harass combo, when the enemy support just recalled, or the enemy ADC recalled, leaving their half HP Soraka to fend for herself.

Auto attack her once to get Valor to mark her.
After she's marked, Proc Harrier>make sure you're *far* from her> Vault> Blinding Assault>Auto's until dead or they flash.

Too Slow!

This is a more defensive type of harass. If you have an enemy chasing, and they have only slightly more HP.

Wait for Valor to mark them, turn around, Blinding Assault>Auto>When they're relatively close, Vault>Auto to proc Harrier again and run away. This ensures you get away, as well deal heavy enough damage to make sure that Caitlyn doesn't bug you again.


This is your All-In, time to die! Combo. You need to be level 8 or 9 and have 2 points into Heightened Senses to get the most out of this combo.

Wait for Valor to mark the enemy>Proc Harrier> tag team> Vault> Blinding Assault>auto until they're at 1/8 of hp left> Skystrike> Ignite/auto until dead.

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Vaulting and You

This is a section about how to properly use Vault to escape. This is a screenshot reliant section, and will be worked on soon.

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Tag Team and You

// Tag team... The ADC, Quinn's, ultimate that makes her need to be exactly where an ADC doesn't want to be. Right in the middle of the action. However, there is a right way to use it in teamfights. And that's to not use it at all. Explanation: You become melee. And you're the ADC, the teams highest source of damage. You don't want to die unnecessarily, and being melee means you'll be focused even harder, and die even sooner.

//Don't touch your ultimate until the teamfight's just about over. If there's 2 people (including that Ezreal walking around with close to know hp) escaping, have Valor take over, I can't explain how friggin scary it is to see some big *** bird moving faster than a Master Yi on speed coming to rip you a new one. Those two are pretty much dead if you play it right.
//It's also a great split pushing tool, you can push a lane hard as Quinn and as soon as a teamfight's on the verge of breaking out, hit Tag Team and soar to your team, hit Skystrike near the enemy, but don't over-commit.
//As well as split pushing, tag team's a great tower pusher, it rivals Master Yi at some points and makes you a nightmare for the enemy.

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Well, thanks for reading through my guide everyone! Sadly, I couldn't make it as aesthetically pretty as I'd like, but I hope that doesn't affect the content in it. If you see anything I should improve on with my guide's mechanics, or something I said about the supports, or items, then please, leave a comment and give me an intelligent argument as to why I should change it, or why it was wrong.

Thanks again!