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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quinn Build Guide by Austipain

AD Carry Quinn - The Late Game Carry

AD Carry Quinn - The Late Game Carry

Updated on January 17, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Austipain Build Guide By Austipain 5 2 93,088 Views 1 Comments
5 2 93,088 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Austipain Quinn Build Guide By Austipain Updated on January 17, 2014
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Hello, and welcome to my Quinn build. I really enjoy playing Quinn, and have made myself my own little build. It has been inspired by other guides, but I don't think they have the same purchase order. I've been playing her a lot recently, in all lanes, and got one of my very few pentakills with her! She is so OP if you play her correctly, and I'm hoping that I can help you with this. This is my first guide, and honestly it's not a super in depth guide, but more like my thoughts on Quinn and what I would do with her in certain situations.


+Awesome Initiation.
+Amazing Run away ability.
+Pretty cool blind and slow.
+Pretty short cool downs.
+Can solo Dragon and Baron mid-late game.
+Some what bursty.
+Awesome harass in lane.

-Long Cooldown on Ult.
-No "quick" escape, just increased movement speed.
- Blinding Assault can be blocked by minions.
- Vault Can be hard to learn; it can literally land you in a really bad spot.
-Starts out kind of squishy.


To start, I usually use Long Sword and three Health Potion for some damage and sustain that is vital to stay in lane longer, and get an advantage over your enemy. I take the Stealth Ward just to ward the river bushes to prevent ganks.

Early in the game, I rush my Bloodthirster for sustain, as well as my Berserker's Greaves for more attack speed. With this sustain, we can solo dragon and baron late game, smiteless. After my first Bloodthirster I start working on my attack speed by building a Zephyr and Phantom Dancer to make us truly dominate. Between these attack speed items and your w passive, you get a lot of hits in on the enemy champ before they know what's coming! Plus you get some critical chance, which is always good. I find that once I get my Zephyr I do A LOT better in duels/fights.

Late game I usually buy a Infinity Edge and stack another Bloodthirster because it gives you a lot of damage and sustain. I suppose you could get a Blade of the Ruined King if you'd like, but I've never tried it. If you find that the enemy team is just too tanky and you can't take them on very well in a 1v1, I highly recommend a Last Whisper, to ignore some of their armor as well as get a little AD in return. Usually with my build though, I hardly ever have to build a Last Whisper because I have no problem with 1v1ing anyone. There are a few games, however, where the whole enemy team is extremely tanky.



Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush
For runes, I run mostly typical ADC runes. Armor pen for that extra damage, especially late game, life steal quints for sustain, and typical armor runes. I like to go with one AD Quint just to give myself that small boost of AD at the beginning of a game, as well as tower farm better if I need to. You can also replace the marks with flat AD marks to give yourself a little boost early game. This is mostly up to preference, and play style. Armor pen doesn't do much early game, but starts really shredding armor late game. If the team builds very little armor late game, your armpen runes can take the spot of your Last Whisper, allowing you to build more damage-centered items. AD marks help establish your dominance early game, and if you're aggressive in lane, I would reccomend you run AD marks. You'll do more damage and become a big bully, establishing fear and allowing you to snowball due to zoning. Aside from me usually running AD marks, this is typically what I run, unless I swap out my Quints.


Laning Phase

Since Quinn is such a versatile champion in my opinion, I'll break this down into each lane separately.

Duo Top:
Hopefully, with Quinn top, you are solo. If you're in a duo top lane, I am so sorry. In the case of being in a duo top, talk to your lane partner! Share CS. Don't let them take all of it, but don't be the one to take it all. Once you get your Bloodthirster and Zephyr, you should start roaming and clearing camps in your jungle. This gives your top all the farm, and allows you to get camps and buffs, as well as solo objectives (mainly dragon at this stage) for your team. You also can pull off some awesome ganks once you hit 6, and I'll explain how in the combo/roaming section.

Solo Top
Woo, solo top! This is how top is meant to be played. Hopefully you are against another solo top as well, however I don't find myself struggling in a 1v2 lane as Quinn. If they are solo top, I'd take my Heightened Senses earlier then if they were duo top. This gives you more lane awareness, and can hopefully save you from some brutal ganks. Also remember to buy wards. This isn't as necessary if they have no jungler, however mid and bot can still come in for a gank. If you're playing aggressively in lane, remember, your Heightened Senses has no mana cost. This has saved my life countless times. Remember, however, that as top it's in the meta to build some-what tanky. I just run my normal build, but that's if I tell my team that I'm not going tanky top, so we can get a tanky support and jungler.

AP Mid is sort of the meta, however Quinn can definitely go mid as well. Her mobility and e make her a huge bully in lane. If you find yourself lacking in MR, and feel like you need some more survivability, I would suggest buying a Wit's End or Spirit Visage. These are probably the two best MR items on Quinn. The attack speed from Wit's End does wonders, however if you aren't getting absolutely wrecked, I wouldn't worry about these. And remember; with a lane that is so easily gankable from all directions, and you being the only one in it, make sure to ward plenty, as well as abuse your Heightened Senses! These two things will save your life!

ADC is a really easy way to play Quinn, if you have a good support. Even without a good support, you will dominate, because you're Quinn. If you have a good support who keeps up on their wards and what not, Heightened Senses shouldn't be that big of a priority to you -- however it's still nice to have due to the passive. There really isn't much to say about Quinn ADC, you just kind of play her almost like you play top. I personally am very aggressive in lane, and if Harrier is on a champion, I prefer to poke them over CSing. This might be a bad strategy, and you may disagree with it, but it's just how I play. However, unless I know I can get the kill, I usually don't all in them (unless I feel like it'd be best to push them out of lane and Harrier lands,) but just hit them once to get the bonus damage off, and scare them a little. I also throw Blinding Assault in quite often, either to deny them CS (with the blind it gives you,) or to just harass them a little. If you're in a sticky situation, remember to use Blinding Assault for the blind, because they can't auto attack you if they're blinded, and use your Vault on them because Vault slows.

Mid Game

At this point of the game, you should start roaming and ganking. With tag team, you have a really strong combo. Ultimate while on your way to the lane you're going in on, ping that you're going in, Vault to the enemy, use Blinding Assault, then use tag team again for the damage, and start auto attacking until either Blinding Assault or Vault is up again. You have really low cool downs so that shouldn't be a problem. You should have secured a kill or two from this, as you do quite a bit of damage. Remember to hit your Harrier because the extra damage does so much. You should also be counter jungling, taking towers, split pushing, but most importantly, securing objectives such as dragon. You can easily solo dragon by now, I use the same basic combo (without tag team) to take dragon and baron as I would an opponent; Auto attack until you get a Harrier, then Vault for the fast extra Harrier, and use Blinding Assault, rinse, and repeat. Pretty simple. Between your two fast Harrier's, you get your Heightened Senses passive, and keep it up for most of the time, which increases attack speed.

Late Game

This is basically the same as mid game. Just know that with this build, you shouldn't engage, and if you engage in team fights, make sure that your tank and other members are right behind you. You have pretty good engage with tag team, however it's kind of risky considering you'll die pretty quickly in a 1v5. You can also save your tag team to pick up kills on retreating enemies, because the speed boost is OP. tag team also gives you some AOE damage, when you change from Valor back to Quinn, arrows shoot down from where you were and hit people. The AOE is pretty big as well. This is pretty useful for engages/clean ups. I usually don't stay in tag team for very long, because I really believe that Harrier is a huge deal. You should take towers pretty quickly with your full build, so push as hard as you can.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Austipain
Austipain Quinn Guide
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