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Quinn General Guide by SankaRea

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SankaRea

Quinn Top, The Way She Is Meant To Be Played.

SankaRea Last updated on September 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Quinn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius Easy lane You can see his Spin just stay away and poke when he goes in for CS if he manages to pull you Vault away instantly and poke him down he wont have time to re-act to activate his W
Gangplank Easy lane just poke him dodge barrels and deny farm
Master Yi keep your distance let him intitate the fights if he alpha strikes blind him then vault away when the blind is done you shouldn't take much damage and he will just run away
Nasus Easy lane poke him down deny farm He hurts you after 700 stacks but that's just nasus win early
Tryndamere I wish there was a rating lower then 1 this is the easiest lane you will ever have if he spins on you blind him once your blind is done vault away or if he runs away vault to catch up Poke him when he goes for farm You won't lose if you don't get cocky
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Welcome to my Quinn top lane guide.
It is my first time making a guide on here so any feedback is really appreciated!
The reason for me making this is, lately i have seen quiet a few top lane Quinn's failing.
After a short look at their build and misuse of her kit it has brought me to making this guide.

I am as of writing this a Platinum 4 Top lane Quinn main With 90k Mastery points (which is not a lot compared to some other champions people play)
I am not the highest of elo's but i know what i am doing when it comes to Quinn.
Thank you in advance for reading my guide and I hope it helps you out when it comes to Quinn top!

Who is Quinn?
Quinn is a Ranged/Melee Bruiser Who is meant to jump onto and stick to the enemy champion with her unique kit while during laning phase bully people out and stop them from farming to get even more ahead in the game
Very easy to play difficult to master I still learn things everyday that i can do with her
but i am confident enough that i can show you the basics and more if you will take the time to read the guide!
Because of her unique kit She is not very liked and i get flamed a lot in champion select for picking her
but when it comes to the game people lighten up when they hear that their top laner has pulled out first blood!

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Pros / Cons


    Gap Closer
    Strong early and late scales well late
    Tankier then expected
    can initiate a fight
    Lane Bully
    Not a lot of hard match up's

    No hard CC
    Not considered Tank
    heavy Ad oriented doesn't fit into a lot of comps that don't have ap

Guide Top


When it come's to runes top lane there aren't many options that you need These are currently what i use and have been working for me perfectly. You can choose to switch out the Scaling MR Glyph's for Basic MR glyph's and the Armor Seal's for Basic or Scaling Health Seals against Ap champions

Guide Top


When it come's to masteries These are what i use.
Basic ADC Masteries they get the job done in laning phase and after give you that little bit of attack speed and damage that you will need to succeed

Guide Top

Items/Summoner Spells

When it comes to items i have notes explained for the build
Blade of the Ruined King Is your core item it is what you need EVERY game
It gives you the attack speed, life steal, and tank shred that you need to get your kills
Frozen Mallet My favorite item after Bork it gives you the movement speed slow to keep your enemy in your range and it gives you a huge amount of health that will make you surprisingly tanky.
Hexdrinker It's great against AP gives you a little bit of AD and makes you pretty tanky with that shield not needed every game though use your judgement for it
Randuin's Omen This is your armor item It give's you the resistances you need against their ad while giving you a bunch of health it combos well with Frozen mallet you have a lot of health because of these items plus more slows is always a good thing!
Ninja Tabi Gives you the armor you need if you are against a heavy ad team other wise if they are heavy ap or heavy CC get yourself a nice pair of Mercury's Treads
Youmuu's Ghostblade Great item gives you a little bit of crit chance its not a big deal but it will be help-full the attack speed and movement speed steroid on the active comboing with Frozen mallet they will never escape
Warmog's Armor I love this item the more health the better you are insanely tanky with this and the out of combat passive is beautiful you will have the 3k health needed with randuin's and frozen mallet Not built every game more of a item against a full or heavy ad team
Banshee's Veil Great against poke spells or heavy ap if hex drinker is not enough you can build this as well
Zephyr Get rid of boots for this or Trinity Force it's your choice i prefer trinity force if they don't have a lot of cc since you just get even tankier

Please don't build these you are not the carry you are the off tank top laner the way she should be played
Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer Statikk Shiv
They just don't fit the build her if you want to build these look up a different guide or go bot lane

Ignite I use ignite 85% of the time When i know i can win or snowball a lane i will bring it to give me that bigger advantage. I don't bring Teleport because quinn's ultimate can be her way to get to bot or mid lane it's not as quick but when you are getting kills i find the trade worth it. (Remember vault will stop enemy Teleport's]]

Flash Not much can be said about flash it is a get away or a gap closer.

Teleport I rarely use this unless i know i will lose lane or won't get kills against champions like Malphite or Maokai since you can just try and help other lanes out.

Guide Top


Quinn's kit is very unique to ADC and is one of the reason's she isn't played often down there Being a squishy carry while having to be in the front line to ulty or vault can really just mess you up badly
That's why i take her top lane they way her kit works building her Bruiser makes it so she can live while shes on the front line or assassinating the enemy carry and make it out a live or take everything for the enemy to kill you while your allies Clean up the rest of the fight. while in Tag Team she does have a different way her skills work.

Harrier Is your passive every 10-7 seconds scaling on level you mark an enemy at random (it prioritizes Who you are attack and then Champions in range) Making them vulnerable which your next basic attack Dealing bonus physical damage Hitting the target will also reduce the cooldown of Harrier.
The skill is disabled while you are in Tag Team

Blinding Assault has a decent range i recommend not poking with this it is your safety spell When you activate it you send Valor out hitting your target he then spins around dealing physical damage and blinding everyone hit. it will mess up any auto attack oriented champion as the enemy carry or even in laning phase
While in tag team Valor will spin where he currently is blinding all enemies around him while dealing physical damage

Heightened Senses Your W has two passive's and an active
Passive as Quinn: When attacking a vulnerable target Quinn will gain bonus movement speed and attack speed scaling on level of the skill it is such a great way to catch or run away from your enemy as it is sort of like a phage movement speed buff. the attack speed is also very helpful early getting that extra two or three auto attacks off in a fight

Passive as Valor: You permanently have double'd the attack speed bonus Quinn would normally get after attacking a vulnerable unit.

Active: Quinn or Valor Reveals a large area (2100 units) around you granting vision
(Note it does not reveal stealthed champion's or wards!)
The active does not change during Tag Team.

Vault You dash to your target knocking them back dealing physical damage and slowing them by 50% decaying over two seconds
Upon reaching them you will leap away marking them vulnerable.
This is what make's Quinn my favorite champion. it can be used in so many more ways then people think
You can Vault to slow people or interupt Stopping Teleport or channeled spells like a Malzahar ultimate, Karthus ultimate, or even mobility skills like a Aatrox or Tristana jump.
Saving this in a fight can seriously turn anything around or even save your team from your top laner going down to bot lane
After vaulting you apply a proc of your passive the way you use this to your advantage is to wait for your passive to proc on your opponent then proceed to auto attack them. as soon as your auto attack is mid flight you Vault them then proceed to auto attack again Giving you a ton of Burst and really change any fight from it.
Depending where you are from your opponent is where your vault will put you
if you are up against a wall and you vault off an opponent you will fly over the wall.
It is a great way to get out you can vault off jungle monsters by running behind Krug's and proceeding to vault over the wall.
Vault works in your favor if you are far away from your enemy you will land closer to them after vaulting If you are beside them you will land farther away then you would normally which can really bring you to safety.
Vault does count as a knockback so champions like Yasuo Can ulty off it.
Vault will fallow the target until hit (unless they recall) so if they flash or use a mobility you will either stop them mid air or you will fallow them this is a great tactic that once mastered you will be able to use to your advantage to fallow flashes over walls or thresh's that try to hook to mosnsters. Although it can put you in a bad situation if you vault a champion that flashes in to your team putting you our in to the open to get caught out.
Vault is a very tough skill to get used to and until you learn how to use it well Will be the difference of a champion having a Level 1 difficulty and a level 10 difficulty.
Good luck mastering vault and show them what Quinn is really made of!

As Tag team is up You will not bounce off the target and instead stay beside them proceeding to auto attack.

Tag Team Quinn's ultimate Has two activates
Active: for the next 20 seconds Valor replaces Quinn As a faster melee combantant with a few alternation to her abilties
Valor ignores Unit collision and also gains movement speed that gradually decreases while in combat.
Reactivating will end the rest of the duration and causing Skystrike

Skystrike Quinn's second active of her ulty
Quinn returns to the battle field where Valor is standing Dealing an AOE physical execution Spell that can be deadly against squishies

Guide Top

Team Work

When it come's to Team work Quinn is there to be the one to jump on the enemy carry and live while killing them if not soak up most the damage while doing it.
Most people believe Quinn to be a squishy champion which will Be able to use to your advantage
If you survive taking out the carries just start cleaning up the rest of the fight if you die just believe in your team to use your death to clean up you are an AD champion which means you can push tower's then with your ult fly down to the team fight in an instant.

Guide Top


I want to thank everyone who took their time to Read this guide and i really hope it helped!
I took a long time to work on this and it being my first guide i am pretty happy the way it turned out.
I know its not as flashy as other guides But if you are truly wanting to learn how to play quinn that's why i was here to show you!
so good luck and show them what you are made of!
Don't forget to comment or rate C:


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