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Master Yi Build Guide by Jingster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jingster

"Cant touch this" Yi Guide tanky dps/dps

Jingster Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Let me introduce you to a little champion i call the Speed Deemon!

Speed Deemon aka Master yi is a melee dps carry it has great attack speed and also overall is very easy to learn!

First i would like to say that this is my first Guide and i dont expect it too be the most helpful guide you will ever see and it might have some flawess and when u noitce one plz tell my in the comments or if u feel that something is missing or u have some ideas to make my guide better feel free to comment!

Try it before you comment and rate!

NP! This is not a finished guide soo dont give me a down vote cause im still missing some stuff like item explanations and optional items and also dont down vote me cause ur a troll i know troll have feelings 2 :D!!!

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Change Log

Update Nr.1 2011/09/10 - Added a teamfight Section!
Update Nr.2 2011/09/10 - Added Item Section!
Update Nr.3 2011/09/10 - Added Tanky dps item explanations!
Update Nr.4 2011/09/10 - Added Dps item explanations!
Update Nr.5 2011/09/10 - Added New Introduction!
Update Nr.6 2011/09/10 - Added Playing as Master Yi Section!
Update Nr.7 2011/09/10 - Added Skill sequence Section!

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Master Yi

Health Average
Attack Strong
Spells Weak
Difficulty Easy

Health 444 (+ 86 per Level)
Health Regen 6.75 (+ 0.65 per Level)
Mana 199 (+ 36 per Level)
Mana Regen 6.5 (+ 0.5 per Level)
Attack Damage 55.12 (+ 3.1 per Level)
Armor 16.3 (+ 3.7 per Level))
Magic Resistance 30 (+ 1.25 per Level)
Attack Speed 0.679 (+ 2.8% per Level)
Range 125
Movement speed 330

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Pros / Cons


-Is very shushy early on!
-Is very voulnrable against stuns,taunts,fear!
-Is not great in teamfights!
-Has mana problems when abilities are spammed!


+Is very good at ganking!
+Is very good in initiating fights and ganks!
+Has very fast attack speed!
+Has very good damage and critical hits!
+Has an amazing ulti with CD reset after kill!
+Can chase champions and escape from champions easily!

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As you might or might not know yi is a melee dps carry as i allready mentioned in the in the introduction and is not the tankiest of champions soo i wanted to give yi more survivability by giving him some more armor and magic resistance ( , , ) and also giving him some attack speed ( Greater Mark of Attack Speed ) for the reason that adding attack speed will greatly give u more early game damage and adding survivability would give u more change of getting out of fights and going into fights without getting killed fast!

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The masteries are for the same reasons as the runes to give yi more early game damage and survivability. Why for early game? The reason is Yi early game is very scushy and if u make 1 wrong alpha strike or get 2 close to a champion that can stun, taunt or fear u( Alistar, Fiddlesticks, Udyr, Ryze, Shen, Taric) might get very low or die, but with the added boost from the masteries and runes u will have a bigger chance of escape!

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Tanky Dps

Berserker's Greaves-Berserker's Greaves gives u an awesome attackspeed boost early on and also gives u 2 enchanted movement speed.
Phantom Dancer-Phatom Dancer is an awesom item to have early on cause it gives u 55% attackspeed with ur ulti u will have huge attackspeed and i think hiting 2 times with lower damage is better than hitting once with huge damage!
Infinity Edge-Infinity Edge is a great item cause with ur attackspeed u also need damage for example u hit someone with a feather 1000 times and the other guy hits u with a hammer once think who would of got more injured. Infinity edge also gives u 25 % criti chance and changes the critical damage from 200% to 250%!
Frozen Mallet-Frozen Mallet is a great item for yi with its extra damage it also gives u 700 health with a slow effect when attacking!
The Bloodthirster-The Bloodthirster in my oppinion is the best item for any dps champion and with its awesome 60 damage it gives u 15% Life steal!
Trininty Force-Trinity Force is the final item for the tanky dps Yi item build and i think trinity Force overall is the best item in the game im not saying it is but its my oppinion cause it gives all damage,attackspeed,criti chance,health,mana and movement speed!


Berserker's Greaves-Berserker's Greaves is good for the same reasons as it was for the tanky dps build it gives u great early game attack speed and also movement speed!
Phantom Dancer-Phantom Dancer again gives u great attackspeed and movement speed.
Hextech Gunblade-Hextech Gunblade is a great item to have it gives 60 damage, 75 ap for ur Alpha strike, 20% life steal and also gives spell vamp and thats great for ur Alpha strike.
Infinity Edge-Infinity Edge is good cause it gives u nice damage, 250 % critical damage, 25 critical chance and with it u will eat through champions with ur high damage!
The Black Cleaver-The Black Cleaver is a great item for yi cause yi has such great attack speed and damage! The black Cleaver gives u both with the extra of reducing the enemys armor!
Trinity Force-Trinity force is great for Dps Yi cause it gives u damage survivability and attack speed with a little of AP!

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Optional Items

Coming soon!

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Skill sequence

-Wuju style i try to max first cause of the passive damage and also cause it gives u and even more higher damage when u activate it!

-Alpha strike is just as important as wuju style thats why i max it out second, but its basic use is to get near enemies not deal damage, but the damage is also nice!

-Meditade is not soo important for yi, but i give it 1 lvl when i reach lvl 3 cause if u get low healt u can heal ur self a bit and stay at lane longer, but i max this out the last!

-Highlander is the same as all ultis u just lvl it up when u can cause ultis are soo important.

U can also try to max alpha strike first soo that if u jump in u instantly deal more damage at the start, but over the long run wuju style will give u a bigger boost in damage!

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-Double strike is just a good passive. Every seventh attack deals double damage with that u can get more harrasement done with 1 strike if someone gets 2 close. Also u can go into 1v1 or any fight and deal faster damage with ur first strike soo u will get the upperhand!

-Alpha strike is great when initiating fights and also u can farm with alpha strike easily cause u have a 20/30/40/50/60 % of dealing 400 extra damage with the main 100/150/200/250/300 damage and also its great in team fight cause it deals damage to 4 enemies not 1

-Meditate is a great heal ability it channels for 5 seconds and heals u every second 28/56/84/112/140 HP and also gives u 100/150/200/250/300 armor and magic resist as u are healing "Meditating"

-Wuju style is a great ability early game for damage and for farming! It gives u damage passivly 15/20/25/30/35 and that is only passivly if u activate it doubles the effect of the passive boost soo u have more damage. A great overall ability.

-Highlander is by my opinion the best ulti in the game for a dps champion! It gives u 40% movement speed, 40%/60%80% attackspeed, Yi becomes immune to all slowing effects for 6/9/12 seconds and also if u kill a champ ur cooldowns are refreshed or if u get an assist ur cooldowns will be reduced by half with makes it a great ability for escaping and ganking!

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Summoner Spells


-I take teleport because if you have problems in ur lane and u need to recall u can get back fast and lose less xp, but also u can easily backdoor towers, inhibitors and even nexuses or get to towers that are being attacked!

-Flash is overall a great ability for all champions including Master yi u can easily get out of ganks and initiate ganks, but u can also last hit champions who are getting away with low HP!


-Exaust u may use but i feel like u realy dont need it cause yi has got enormous movement speed and also with his ulti and alpha strike u should be able to catch up with any champion!

-As i allready mentioned Master Yi has some mana problems when u use ur abilities often if u think u cant spare some mana by not using ur abilities soo often then this is the ability for u!

-Ignite is overall a great ability when u think champions get away from u or u need that extra damage if thats the case ignite is a great ability!

-Cleanse is a good ability when the enemy team has people with stun,fear,taunt, but if u get exausted or slowed using cleanse is useless cause u have ur ultimate for that!

-Fortify is a great ability when ur team is late to defend a tower.I think with teleport u can also defend towers easlily, but when there is an entire team attacking a tower u might want to fortify not teleport in and give a freekill!

-Clairvoyance is only useful when u need to scout bushes, if u see a lane is ss and u think he is coming to ur lane u can also scout that and u can easily scout jungling champions paths and look for a gank oppurtunity!

-Ok i think revive is actually not bad with yi, but u realy dont need it soo this is for not the best of players. U can use revive to fast backdoor nexuses or towers if u also have teleport, but also cause yi has such great speed u can die in a team fight revive and comeback to a teamfight either to die again cause ur team and you lost the teamfight miseroubly or u will come and clean up the remains of the enemy team!

Not needed

-I cant see why u need ghost u allready have ur ulti and it even removes slows whitch ghost doesnt. Ofcourse if u want try getting huge movement speed with revive-ghost-Ulti u can try it for fun, but u dont need ghost in ranked or normal games!

-I think you realy dont need heal because of the same reasons as ghost u allready have a ability that heals u soo why would u need it?!

................... NOOO

-............ Oh comone why ? WHYYY? Well if u cant understand then smite cant damage anything but minnions and also is for jungling purposes soo comone dont even look at smite when ur choosing ur summoner spells cause this is not a jungling guide or build! Only good thing i can find if u actually take smite is that u can also damage tibber, i dont know but i think u can also damage shacos clone and mordes ghosts, but if not then leave a comment and i will delete this!

-Ok, well rally......rally,rally.......Ok im saying it! It is more useful than smite but ok do u realy need 10-35 damage to u and ur teammates well no its just such a small number and if it would be 100 or soo it would be imbalanced soo NOOO u dont need it at all what soo ever, Unless ur 1 vs 1 and ur lvl 1 whitch happens once in 10-20 games or never!

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Playing as Master Yi

Early game

Try to lane with champions that have root, stun or slow to prevent enemies from fleeing a fight!
If you couldnt do that u should try to just annoy or enemies unless they are ranged with is very hard to deal with early game as yi! When u hit lvl 6 u take highlander and if u and ur partner think u can take at least one of em out with no expense then u should go for the attack! If some one gets away with very low healt u can allways tower dive if u think u can live the few tower shot, but be careful that the champ ur diving hasnt got stun or that there isnt another full healt champion waiting to stun u if u dive!

Mid game

If u have successfully killed the enemy champions on ur lane u can go and jungle a bit maby take the red or blue buff! U can also try to gank other lanes that need help or if there is a good ganking oppurtunity!

Late game

Late game when u have some great items u should try to backdoor towers or even inhibitors but be shure that the enemy team is either distracted with something else or they are far to get back and defend!

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Teamfights should be approached very carefuly especialy early game cause if you go in to early the enemy team will just instantly kill u cause u still are kind of scushy. From experience i think entering a team fight third or forth would be the best cause the enemy team is allready busy with ur teammates and u can deal more damage even if they change their attack instantly on u but u cant change that. What u should do is not engage in to the middle of a teamfight you should allways try to come from the sides and pick off the ranged champions or casters soo that the entire enemy team wont notice u and u will at least get 1 kill whitch may allready be worth it!

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>If u use alpha strike to the nearest minnion it also damages other minnions or champions in the area!<
>If ur planing to gank u should have ur seventh srike ready!<
>U can use alpha strike to jump away from enemies that are chasing u onto enemy minnions that are infront of u!<
>U should never use highlander to get into fights unless u cant reach ur enemy with alpha strike u should usually activaty highlander in the middle of fights!<
>U can use Wuju style to farm minnions!<
>U can use meditate in the middle of fight cause it gives u magic resist and armor and the enemy attacking u might deal no damage at all when u are meditating!<