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Nocturne Build Guide by N8ight

Jungle ⚫️"Help is not coming... "⚫️

By N8ight | Updated on October 19, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

⚫️"Help is not coming... "⚫️

By N8ight
Who am I?
My friends call me Liam.
I started playing league in the middle of season 9. Yeah, I'm still new to this game and learning.
The first champion I got was Ahri (I'm a fan of naruto so obviously the nine tail cute girl was my choice). I bought Nocturne 1 week after. I saw his Ultimate skill. It instantly killed the enemy in the preview so I thought "WOOOW THAT'S AWWWSOME". Well, it didn't killed my enemies instantly :\ I wasn't disappointed though. I liked and like him a lot as my first favorite champion in League. I played him on every role (even sup and adc (low elo :/), I could make it work)and tried all kind of items on him. My favorite roles with him are Jungle and Mid because I can get the most out of his Ultimate.
Why Nocturne? Back to Top
  • He's cool and SCARY. When a good Nocturne player Ults most of the enemies become Stressed.
  • He has a Unique Ultimate. You can use it to gank lanes from a long distance(its range increases as you level it up). It can ruin the enemy plans in your favor. It also reduces Enemies' Vision massively.
  • Can ONE SHOT people if you pick the right Items.
    Great Jungle clear/lane farming because of his passive.
  • Great Duelist and can 1vs1 most of the enemies.
  • Anti Split Pusher monster.
  • His spell shield can block strong Ultimate skills like Lux's R or CC skills.
  • Has CC.
  • Can chase enemies with his Q.
  • Is Strong Early/Mid game. (He can have some difficulties when the enemy team starts to team up at late game)
Weaknesses Back to Top
  • Can be squishy and die easily when hit by CC.
  • Enemy team can counter his Ultimate by grouping.
  • Can be Item dependent since most of his damage dealt is through Basic Attacks.
  • Can fall off late game (dependent on your Items and enemy champs).
Runes Back to Top

I prefer over is Because there's usually enough Attack Speed in my builds and Nocturne's W doesn't double the amount of AS given by 's AS. This way I can get a lot of healing to keep me alive and also the 2x bonus AS given from blocking an ability with Noc's W. You can also go for Against squishy teams. But sometimes I regret picking it even in those situations. With you can attack 2 enemies and come out alive even if you couldn't one shot one of them. (it's really useful when you're fed. You'll feel good when kill Morde in his own R and come out and kill his buddy too :D).
Pick Presence of mind in lane. Since you have enough Lifesteal, having mana is more important than a little health. (although it can be a life savor, but Presence of mind help you stay healthier for a longer duration
Choosing between Alacrity and Bloodline depends on your preference and play style. Remember that Alacrity is easier to stack but Bloodline is better late game. I don't suggest Bloodline in Lethality builds. And pick Tenacity against HeavyCC
You're an Assassin so this one is normally better for you. But you can also pick Against Tanky teams.
Choose the last one dependent on your enemy's attack type
Early Jungling Back to Top
  • Starting in Blue Side:
    1: Blue Buff, Gromp (Use both of your refillable potions), Wolves, Red Buff (kill it with ), gank Mid/Top, scuttle,...
    2: Blue Buff, Gromp (Use both of your refillable potions), Wolves, Raptors, Red buff (kill it with ), Scuttle (kill it with smite if the enemy Jungler was near, gank mid, go for the next Scuttle, Gromp and Back to base.
  • Starting in Red Side:
    1: Red Buff, Raptors (Use both of your refillable potions), Wolves, Blue Buff (kill it with ), gank Mid/Bot, Scuttle and...
    2: Red Buff, Raptors (Use both of your refillable potions), Wolves, Blue Buff (kill it with ), Gromp, Scuttle (kill it with smite if the enemy Jungler was near), gank mid, go for the next Scuttle, gank Top if possible and...
  • You should be able to solo drake after your first purchases. REMEMBER to block the drake's attack with your W so you'll get 2x Attck Speed from it. If you have enough money buy a and place it near drake to destroy enemy wards (if there was any. sometimes it's better to leave the drake for another time if there was a ward. because they might come and steal it).
Early Laning Back to Top
  • Try to get the best use of your passive and heal yourself in lane.
  • At level 2, Attack enemy laner whenever he/she gets close to you (use your Q to get bonus Attack Damage and block a skill with your W if it was possible)
  • (If your enemy relies on skills and isn't good at basic attacking) After level 3 try to kill your enemy laner (he possibly ends up using , You can + / +Basic Attack to kill your enemy.
    + Remember to use your W to block the right enemy skill. mostly CC like Veigar's and Lux's Stun.
Overall Helpful Tips Back to Top
  • About Your Passive: It's not much special but helps a lot in early Jungling/Laning so make sure to use it correctly to deal AoE Damage and be heald.
  • About Your Q: always use it when engaging. it can give you up to 60 Attack Damage.
    You can also use it to chase hidden enemies, Reaching them as it gives you Bonus Movement Speed. It can be used for escaping too.
  • About your W: Use it wisely. It can save you from CC/Strong Skill and also gives you 2x bonus Attack Speed.
    You can also use it on Drake's Attack/Herald's strong punch/Baron's Knock up.
    It takes time for you to learn how and when to use it but it will be rewarding and helpful.
  • About your E: It's very important in killing targets, Those few seconds (up to 2.5 seconds) can change the results of a fights in favor of you.
    always use it when ganking/escaping. If the enemy use to escape you can use your to get close to your target and E will work. (you should be ready and fast though).
  • About Your R: It's a great tool for Ganking/Roaming/Chasing the enemies from a far distance. try to use it from places you think aren't warded to make the best use of Surprise element.
    You can Counter Gank, Save teammates, Kill Split pushers or alone enemies, sometimes stealing Drake/Herald/Baron and a lot more.
Offensive Items Back to Top
  • Jungle Items:
    Usually better than Bloodrazor. It gives high damage and 10% Cooldown Reduction. Choosing between Red and Blue is on yourself. If you get you won't need the blue one.
    Good against Tanky enemies and better for obgectives because it deals 4% of the target's maximum health as bonus damage (max=75 against jungle monsters). If you get you won't need the blue one.
  • Lethality Items:
    Strongest Lethality Item of the game. You better have it in a Lethality build.
    Lethality + Movement Speed = More map control and killing chance.
    One of the best Items on Nocturne. It's a better first Lethality Item choice when you're in lane, prefer ganking Mid/Top lanes or 1vs1 fights as it gives extra Attack Speed and has Lifesteal. But it's not as useful as other items in teamfights. Dependent on your playstyle, it can be a great Item.
    Can be a life savor. Good against champs like Teemo.
  • Critical Strike Items:
    It's the most important Item in here IF you want to go for Critical Strike. It gives 20% Cooldown Reduction which is great for lowering your Ultimate and it solves the mana hunger problem.
    It can save your life and scales well into late game.
    Gives extra Damage. Good for 5th/last item.
    Gives good amount of Attack Speed + faster wave clear/jungle clear. Also gives a little extra magic damge.
  • Lifesteal Items:
    One of my favorite Items. It gives Life steal, Active Movement Speed Steal, Attack Speed and lots of damage dependent on your enemy's current health. Most useful against tanky teams
    I usually get it If I'm fed enough to handle more than one enemies alone. Or to deal more AoE damage to enemies and help in teamfights. You need to be a little Tanky as well before playing Aggressive with this Item.
    Works Perfect with . I buy it If I want more Lifesteal for On-Hit/Critical Strike builds.
Defensive Items Back to Top
20% Cooldown Reduction (which is great for Nocturne) + up to 24% Armor Penetration + 450 Bonus Health. It's a great Item (Specially against Tanks.)
One of the best Defensive Items which also offer Attack Damage. You better get another Defensive Item before getting this because the its shield is 75% of your Bonus Health.
It gives you Armor and Health, Active Slow on nearby enemies, 20% Critical Strike Damage Reduction, slows the attack speed of enemies who attack you. Its Active slow can be pretty useful.
It gives lots of Armor and inflicts the Attacker with Grievous wounds. Good against Enemy ADCs with Lifesteal.
It's one of the best Items for Squishy Assassins. You can play more Aggressively when you have this. If you're the Carry of your team you better have this because enemies will focus on you (NEVER be a defenseless carry. You'll fall of late game this way).
Good against Burst Magic Damage. It gives you a strong shield upon taking a magic damage which can reduce your health below 30%.
Boots Back to Top
When you need its Tenacity or you're against Attack Power team/lane enemy.
When you need Armor or you're against Attack Damage team.
When you need Attack Speed and it worth to choose it over other boots.
Special situations. Like when you can't touch a fed Ashe because of her slows.
Final Advice Back to Top
Use different runes and different Items dependent on the Enemy champs. It's very Important because your main damage source is from basic attacks. Nocturne is an easy champion but you should have enough information about Runes and Items and ACT SITUATIONAL to be the most useful. Remember to help your teammates as much as possible. It's what I learnt from having awesome KDAs and still losing. You can't Win ALONE. You can't always go with on the same way. BE DIFFERENT :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author N8ight
N8ight Nocturne Guide
⚫️"Help is not coming... "⚫️
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