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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ivern Build Guide by i only int haha

Jungle "Watch, Listen, Grow, Show." | Elaborate Guide to

Jungle "Watch, Listen, Grow, Show." | Elaborate Guide to

Updated on January 7, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author i only int haha Build Guide By i only int haha 7,492 Views 0 Comments
7,492 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author i only int haha Ivern Build Guide By i only int haha Updated on January 7, 2019
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Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Ghost Poro
Relentless Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role Ranked #6 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

"Watch, Listen, Grow, Show." | Elaborate Guide to

By i only int haha
IGN: i only int haha | RANK: Platinum IV (Current) | EXPERIENCE: 400+ Games of Ivern

Hello there, and welcome to my guide on how to play Ivern!

Having a low pick rate and being well-known for being a weak jungler by a majority of the community is what motivated me to keep playing him when I decided to pick him up at the beginning of Season 8. After a year and a half of playing him, I have found consistent success with my play-style and build despite feeding for the first 3-6 months of learning him.

He is definitely a hard jungler to master, but that should not stop you from trying him! To help, I have created this guide hoping to show everyone looking to pick him up all of the mechanics and concepts needed to fully understand him as a jungler.

Please keep note that this guide will show how I personally play him in the jungle, rather than how he is generally meant to be played.
Ivern is a champion that is known as a support-oriented jungler.

What makes him unique is that he clears his jungle using his Friend of the Forest (P), rather than killing them like other junglers.

The 3 biggest challenges to mastering Ivern include:
  • Clearing the jungle efficiently using Ivern's Friend of the Forest (P)
  • Manipulating vision to your team's advantage using Ivern's Brushmaker (W)
  • Managing Daisy! (R) during chaotic fights

P: Friend of the Forest

Ivern cannot attack or damage jungle camps aside from Baron Nashor and Dragon . Instead, targeting a jungle camp starts a 2.5 second channel that places a grove upon completion.

Placing a grove costs:
  • 23.5% - 1% of his base health (based on level)
  • 34.5% - 1.5% of his base mana (based on level)
The grove cannot be cast if he does not have enough health or mana.

The grove matures over 40 - 1 seconds (based on level). When fully matured, Ivern can interact with the camp again to instantly receive their full gold and experience bounties. Ivern is able to use Smite on a grove to instantly receive their full gold and experience regardless of its maturity.

At level 5, Ivern leaves behind a sapling after he clears the Red Brambleback or the Blue Sentinel which one of his allies can consume to gain the buff. If an ally kills the Red Brambleback or Blue Sentinel instead, Ivern becomes the one to consume the sapling that is left behind.

Q: Rootcaller

Ivern throws a vine in the target direction, dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 70% AP) magic damage to the first enemy hit and rooting them for 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 seconds.

Ivern and his allies can target the rooted enemy once again to dash to them, placing them up to their auto-attack range away from the target.

W: Brushmaker

League of Legends Build Guide Author i only int haha
i only int haha Ivern Guide
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"Watch, Listen, Grow, Show." | Elaborate Guide to

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