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Shen Build Guide by StarForger

Top "With Honor" | S11 Shen Guide (TOP/JUNGLE/SUPP)

Top "With Honor" | S11 Shen Guide (TOP/JUNGLE/SUPP)

Updated on January 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StarForger Build Guide By StarForger 19 1 34,059 Views 3 Comments
19 1 34,059 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StarForger Shen Build Guide By StarForger Updated on January 22, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Shen


1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Win 53%
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Top Lane Ranked #22 in
Top Lane
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Champion Build Guide

"With Honor" | S11 Shen Guide (TOP/JUNGLE/SUPP)

By StarForger


+ R Stand United + E Shadow Dash provide peel for carries.
+ Very impactful champion.
+ Unique level 2 ganks.
+ Good sustain.
+ Decent ranged champions counterpick.


- Running out of energy in a fight can be lethal.
- Huge R Stand United Cooldown.


Grasp of the Undying
This rune, scales hard with your max health and gives, extra damage and heal based on your max Hp and also increases max Hp by 5 everytime you proc it. Very powerful for Shen providing damage and tankiness.

Shield Bash
The best option in the category. It will give Shen bonus Armor and Magic Resist everytime you get a shield and also bonus damage that scales with the % of the shield on your next basic attack. Your passive Ki Barrier provides shield when using an ability and thus you will use Shield Bash a lot while giving you great sustain and damage at the same time. Combined with Spirit Visage and Revitalize the outcome is tankiness with a huge on-hit auto attack.

Second Wind
Everytime you receive damage from the enemy you gain health regeneration that scales with your missing health. Combined with a Doran's Shield and the early game sustain is huge.

Shen can utilize this rune to it's full potential with his shields and tons of regeneration. Revitalize boosts both healing and shields. With the Spirit Visage the stats will be ridiculous. And of course it works on your ultimate Stand United shield.


Cheap Shot
A great option considering the ways Shen can impare the movements of his enemies.
Both E Shadow Dash and Q Twilight Assault (when the blade passes through an enemy, when the enemy walks away from you is slowed). The extra damage feels really good and thus this rune is a solid option.

Ravenous Hunter
Provides 11% omnivamp, with Revitalize, Spirit Visage, Second Wind and all the rest, runes and items we talked about everytime that you cast and ability or auto-attack or you deal damage with an item (example Sunfire Aegis) the healing will be huge.


Fleet Footwork
Good choice against ranged matchups that enables you to kite them with the movement and the healing or run them down to finish them off. Offers the required systain similar to Grasp of the Undying with the added movement speed to fall back to safety after. Grasp of the Undying can be used against ranged matchups with Approach Velocity secondary to run them down with the help of Frostfire Gauntlet. Although this build is very situational for team comps with a lot of ranged enemies that will likely kite Shen to death. On the other hand the Fleet Footwork rune page is more focused on just enemy laner being ranged and mid/jg melee or mid/supp melee. All in all with lots of ranged enemies we go for Frostfire Gauntlet. And with enemy laner ranged but not a lot of remaining enemies ranged we go Fleet Footwork.

Good for sustain and survivability in those close fights.

Synergises pretty good with Shen's kit with the added attack speed to deal with the squishy ranged enemies.

Coup de Grace
For the added burst to finish off targets. Shen's damage is pretty high and with this rune the burst is even bigger.
Standard non negotiable spell for engage and disengage. Crucial part of combos (example Flash + E Shadow Dash).

Always my choice for laning either top or support. Teleport isn't bad but players below diamond don't know how to utilize it to it's full potential. Also with Shen you have already map pressure with your R Stand United and it's tilting enough when you R someone and they disengage, no need for more tilting with Teleport too :)
Just kidding! Use Ignite unless you are above diamond. It has kill pressure and the dominant lane playstyle you need to have in low elo.

Great for map pressure and mobility. Combined with R Stand United you can be everywhere anytime. Hard to use though. Requires game knowledge both from you and your teammated. More like diamond/diamond+ spell to make it efficient.
When playing Shen , you should optimize the position of your spirit blade Q Twilight Assault(because if it passes through and enemy champion it has the ability to slow the enemy when they move away from you and giving you attack speed and damage). Which gives you lots of power to kite them out and give you the chance to win the fight in the end.

Some easy ways to utilize empowered Q Twilight Assault is by aligning your Q Twilight Assault to go through enemies, then hit your empowered Qs off and then E Shadow Dash + Q Twilight Assault (as it will go off cd) making sure it goes through them again for more empowered Qs. "Empowered Qs go brrrr".

Also you can E Shadow Dash into enemy (while having your passive Ki Barrier off cooldown to be able to absorb damage with the shield), then go behind them to pull your Q Twilight Assault through them to activate the empowered Qs. A quicker way here is to Q Twilight Assault and before the blade reaches you E Shadow Dash + Flash behind the enemy and the Q Twilight Assault will land there with you giving you the empowered Qs.
Shen's W Spirit's Refuge blocks auto-attacks for you AND for your teammates. Also when you tap W Spirit's Refuge if you are inside it blocks immediately or else the block starts either when you or a teammate enter or 2 seconds pass. Remember that using W Spirit's Refuge + Q Twilight Assault will make W Spirit's Refuge to travel across with your blade and be able to block any auto-attacks in the way.
Shen's clear is pretty standard. Only advice to give you is to cast your Q Twilight Assault at 1:26 then at 1:30 buff spawns and as soon as you hit your 3 Qs, your Q Twilight Assault will be off Cooldown to cast it again.

As a jungler he can heavily impact the map by initiating fights and saving people. Thus is a great champion to carry your team. Remember that if someone dies and you have your R Stand United available then its your fault.

When the enemy jungler reveals himself, and there is no objective on the map to get or any play to happen, you can counter-jungle the opposite quadrant. Or when they die you can sneak steal his buffs and make him really frustrated. Also, you can leave one small Murk wolf or one small Raptor or from the 2 original Krugs the small one to prevent the camp from respawning. This way you mess up his camp sequence and leave him behind as far as gold and exp are concerned. When the enemy jungler goes to that camp he will have to kill the small monster for little exp and gold and wait until the camp respawns again to take full advantage. If you can do this in his red buff quadrant, he will have 2 camps stalled and his buff missing, and he will be quite upset. If there is an objective, you can abuse the fact that the enemy team’s smite is far away and go for it without risk or make a play like a potential tower dive on the opposite side of the map.

Always check for enemies who shove waves into your tower when your laners are missing (dead or recalling). These minions are wasted and why not take advantage of some free gold and exp.

Do not force ganks except if you really need to (for example, placing a rift and getting the gold from the plates). You are a jungler that focuses more on plays on the map than powerfarming. When you get to lvl 6 and get your R Stand United you can focus more on farming but you should be on the lookout for opportunities to use your R. When it is on CD again, you should be more proactive and then it is back on, more relaxed but still watching for ganks. You maybe get a kill or if not, you will get exp for sure and some gold that you will tax from the lane minions. Usually if you do not get the kill get some minions but if you do get the kill it would be better to not touch any of them (unless your laner asks to) to prevent them from tilting.

If you get ahead of the enemy jungler you can start counter-jungling even without him revealing themselves. You will have level advantage and thus stronger smite to steal away camps. Or you can just 1v1 them in their own jungle and make them go AFK after. But be very careful about lane priority since getting collapsed and shut down can be detrimental. So do not get cocky.

When ganking you want to flank the enemy in order to save your E Shadow Dash. So just walk up to them and start attacking. When they use their flash or escape then use your E to taunt them and finish them off.

A very helpful way to look at lanes is to unbind the option “Select Ally 1”, “Select Ally 2” etc. from the F-keys (F1, F2, F3, F4) and bind them in easier to press keys to be able take glances at your laners and gather info about the lane state, if it is gankable, etc.

When counter jungling try to place some form of vision deep into the jungle to be able to keep track of the enemy jungler, while protecting your team and giving you the opportunity to spot him and make some sort of play around the map either is an objective, a dive or even a simple gank.


Here is a challenge: try perfect cs first 3 waves and GG. Kidding! Though you should heavily focus on perfecting your farm and the lead you will aquire will be massive. Quick trades in and out is your best bet yo get you through lane phase. Don't be afraid to even use your abilities for last hiting even at level 1. Using your Q Twilight Assault can be a very helpful way to last hit every cs considering you time your Qs accordingly to be able to perma use them and not wait for cooldown.


Like any other Jungler, in the early phase your role is to balance farming with ganking lanes to get them snowballing. Remember you can't 1v9 so dont ingore your team. Make sure you secure objectives too as they can be the key to victory.


It's the time when the effort you put in farming gets rewarded. You start to deal some serious damage while being able to save teamates and peel. Look for constant plays with R Stand United. Try to splitpush through the Mid-Late Game phase and when enemies come for you use R Stand United to group with your team and 5v4 or 5v3 the enemy team.


Being the jungler, you have to be around objectives to secure them. For example if your team is pushing mid and top lanes, you should be pushing bottom lane to add pressure on the map with your ult. Remember pressure makes the enemy to do mistakes and on these mistakes you look to capitalize to get an edge on them.
League of Legends Build Guide Author StarForger
StarForger Shen Guide
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"With Honor" | S11 Shen Guide (TOP/JUNGLE/SUPP)

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