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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akiyamakun

Rabadon's and AA stacking - Who can pull it off?

Akiyamakun Last updated on October 28, 2011
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The first thing I must say is: this is NOT a legitimate build. It should only be used if you are a 2100 ELO player vs. level 1 first-timers. It really is just ridiculous. Why this build is essentially a troll build:

  • It provides NO survivability.
  • It's a one trick pony.
  • It is extremely expensive. The entire build costs over 16000 gold.
  • It really only works if the Archangel's Staff is at +500 bonus mana or more, otherwise it's just not as good.
  • Until late game it is absolute sh*t.

    But before you leave, here is the build's saving grace!

    It gives over 1000 AP and crazy amounts of mana and mana regen

    If you can somehow get the full build, you will have enough ap to one shot anybody.

    that doesn't mean you will get the full build.

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Updates n' Stuff

10/28/11: FINALLY got around to writing about Xerath.
10/6/11: NEW CHAMPION TIME: Xerath, the Magus Ascendant. By the looks of his kit, he seems to do GREAT with the whole build. I will do some testing on it.
9/29/11: Put Ryze in Tier 1, thank you Psiguard
9/26/11: Added "other items" section
9/18/2011: Build Created

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Basis of the Build and Why it works.

The entire build is about combining the passive on Archangel's Staff with the AP and passive on Rabadon's Deathcap. But why does it work? Well, when you look at Archangel's Staff, you'll see passive: converts 3% of your max mana into ability power. Well, why is that so good? Notice the lack of the word UNIQUE. This means that the passive stacks. With 4 Archangel's Staffs 12% of your max mana in converted to ability power. Now, a few calculations:

  • 1000 base mana
  • 4 Archangel's Staffs, fully stacked
  • a Rabadon's Deathcap

    First, the base AP with no extras: 320 Ok, not too impressive.

    Next, the full max mana with 1000 base mana at level 18 (you cant trust mobafire cheat sheets, as they include the bonus mana on all 4 staffs): 3600

    Next, the AP plus the AP from mana (12% of max mana): 752 Ok, we've hit pretty heavy AP at this point. But what about.......

    The 30% bonus AP from Rabadon's Deathcap? 977.6, exactly Add in an Elixir of Brilliance and you have over 1000 AP. Of course, most mages have more than 1000 base mana, so you generally wont need an elixir.

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A Tier List

So, you probably have started wondering, "Who on earth can actually pull off this ridiculous build!?" Well, look no further. I will start by giving you a quick tier list, but the detailed version is below. (Tier 1 is best, Tier 3 is worst) I am only explaining the tier 1 and some of the tier 2 that could benefit from this. By the way, the tiers are in no order.

Tier 1:

All of the Tier 1 Champions synergize very well with this build.

Tier 2:
Tier 3:
  • Any completely AD scaling champion ( Vayne, Talon, Riven)
  • Any Tank or Tanky DPS, really anybody who needs tankiness
  • Obviously, anyone who doesn't use mana
  • Brand, Lux, and Morgana, for reasons I will show.

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The Royal Family

The King and Queen

Karthus and Cassiopeia
These two both have extremely spammable skills at a low mana cost that don't even need a target. A good idea is often to get blue buff and a tear and simply cast the ability while running back to lane. These two can almost always top off the AA, and since they are both great farmers and champion killers, they can generally afford most of the build.

The Prince and Princess

Veigar and Annie
These two little ones have very powerful spamming capabilities, however they need to be in combat to make the most of them. With an early tear getting the full bonus is not too difficult, but they must farm a LOT for the full mana. Of course, if they farm a lot, they will have enough gold for most of the build.

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The Duke's Family

The Duke and Duchess

Kassadin and Nidalee
These two are both heavy spammers, but have their problems. Kassadin's real spam lies in his Riftwalk, which has a drastically increasing mana cost when spammed. Nidalee can spam pounce at no cost, but she generally doesn't farm enough to get the full build.
The Duke and Duchess's Children

Ezreal, Orianna and Sona
All three are excellent spammers, but have their flaws. Ezreal is better with an AD build, Sona, a support, will never get the full build, and Orianna is too slow and squishy for this build to be viable. However, all their kits scream AA with non-targeted spammable spells.

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The Barons

All of these champions synergize well with the build, but generally have cooldowns that are a bit *too* long to easily stack up bonus mana. Ryze has spammable skills, but they all need a target. Anivia, Swain, and Malzahar don't have spammable enough skills, and Swain's only non-targeted skill has a huge cooldown. Karma can actually get this build, but she generally is supporting instead of AP carrying. Soraka's Astral Blessing and Infuse have too long a cooldown, and Starcall is *technically* targetted.

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The Knights and the Peasants

Knights: Anybody left on the tier 2 part. On these ones, you can build them this way, but a different way is a million times better.

Peasants: You generally either can't build them this way or is is completely nonviable.

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Brand, Lux, and Morgana: Why not?

These 3 casters have extremely long cooldowns and generally do better with another build. You can build them this way, but getting 1000 bonus mana will be painstaking and you might not even get the gold for most of the build.

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The Exception: Ryze

Despite having ALL his spells need a target, this blue badass is perfect with the build. His skills are extremely spammable and he should reach the mana cap. Also, because his abilities scale off mana as well as AP, Ryze really does great with this build. I originally put him in tier 2 because he has no good cc (enemies can still attack when snared) and because his short range means he needs tankiness. However, after Psiguard's comment and a bit of thought, I realized that many characters in tier 1 are the same ( Ezreal, Sona, Orianna, in fact every champion besides Annie in tier 1 either has no cc, an ult cc, or an unreliable cc). Therefore, I conclude that Ryze is perfect with this build.

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Finally I have gotten around to writing about Xerath. Honestly..... if I was to do this build with anyone, it would be this guy. There are so many reasons why it works with him:

  • Low cooldown and no target on Q.
  • No cost on W! Yay for free mana!
  • Lategame scaling. This is what makes the deal. Typically a mage with have a good early game, making this build somewhat counterproductive. But, since Xerath scales into late game, go ahead and stack Archangel's Staffs.
  • Long range, therefore he doesn't need as much survivability.
  • The 1000 AP Xerath gets will give him at least 200 total armor.
  • Good Farmer.

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Doran's Ring and other -FIRST ITEM CHOICES-

As we all know, there is that lovely, super gold-efficient item called Doran's Ring. So, why not take it at the beginning? Well, considering how expensive our build is, buying that item can somewhat set us back. FUN FACTS: It takes approximately 3 hours to get the full build if you just stand there (not counting in greed or gold/5 quints), It takes 54 champion kills to get it (assuming it's always 300 per champion), and it takes 538 minions (caster).

Back on topic. I'd say to get a Doran's Ring if you have a good early game, or don't need the mana from Sapphire Crystal or as much mana from Meki Pendant- Annie, Orianna, and Anivia come to mind.

Another first item could be Boots of Speed. I'd only take this if you are against a champion with skillshot pokes, such as Cassiopeia, Anivia, Malzahar, Brand, or Karthus. This is better than a Doran's Ring because it does build into Sorcerer's Shoes, but I feel that rushing Tear of the Goddess is the the most important thing.

Finally, if you plan on building something that uses it, you can take Amplifying Tome. I almost never take this anymore because it leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Ruby Crystal is also an ~ok~ start if you know you will build Rod of Ages.

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Mejai's in the Middle -EARLY-MID GAME ITEM CHOICES-

Once you get your first item, and a tear of the goddess, you might be wanting a slightly different item, either to hold you over or to give you one of the things this build lacks, such as..... survivability. Anyway, if you need something different here are good choices:

  • Rod of Ages Gives Health, Mana, and AP. Nice item all round, synergizes with the build.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer Still the most cost efficient AP item in the game. If you can keep the stacks, feel free to take this. It also gives CDR at 20 stacks, which this build also lacks.
  • Haunting Guise People have already started building magic resist, or you are a early game mage. Gives survivability, a little AP, some 20 MPEN. Very cheap too.

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So you don't want to stack 4? -LATE GAME ITEM CHOICES-

So maybe your enemies have caught on to your "secret" and have started focusing you..... or buying magic resist or health. Don't fret, because here is a list of good items if you need alternatives: (Thanks to ThaHood for sort of suggesting I make these sections):

  • Zhonya's Hourglass Second Highest AP item in the game, I'd take this if I was a high cooldown mage.
  • Deathfire Grasp Definitely helps with your crazy burst.
  • Lich Bane Only if you are a mage who uses autoattacks. Also gives some nice mana and AP.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter Good if you are someone like Cassiopeia or Karthus, and want to have some extra health and a slow. Does not synergize that well with the build.
  • Void Staff Good if you're enemies stack magic resist (which they will) and your shoes and runes don't cut it.
  • Abyssal Mask Read Void Staff. This one is better if they don't have as much magic resist.

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Thank you for reading my guide. I hope you enjoyed it. Just remember this one fact:



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