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Talon Build Guide by leamese

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leamese

Rake is for *******

leamese Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Hi there & welcome to the great alternative!

I've played Talon quite much, tested all kind off different things and this is the way he is meant to be played. Check it.

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Pros / Cons

- Tend to get focussed
- Finding the right time to assassinate
- Weak early game

- High Damage
- Really fun to play
- Very mobile!
- Strong mid-late game
- able to say "He just got Assassinated".

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Runes / Masteries

Basic AD Carry masteries.

- Armor Penetration is a must. u can also get full Flat AD runes for high early damage.
- some armor & magic resist since we are not going to get that early i game (a real life safer!!)
- And move speed Quintc! more movement, more mobile, easier getaway!

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Skill Sequence (Alternative part)

Mercy This a great pasive! Any target who is CC'd gets 10% bonus damage off your Auto Attacks.

Also know Talon his Abilities has huge cooldows to begin with. But when Maxing one it shorten the cooldowns by a lot! So think good before maxing, this is my way.

is an empowered single target nuke with a small dot(damage over time) which bleed and reveals the target. It has a little less damage on early levels then rake, but This is THE assassination skill so level this up first! In the beginning this does medium damage. but at level 4 or 5 this start to shine. And around that time you also get that sweet BF sword, talking about synergy. The skill does also resets your auto-attack timer. so do 1 auto attack and instant Noxian diplomacy for max damage. Most important is the BLEED. It scales with 120% off your AD!! Sneaky.

Skill this LAST! contrary to all other builds.. This just supplies you with a slow so your passive will proc. ONLY if u have a hard time farming take 1 or 2 more levels with it .. but don't.

Cutthroat The second skill the max! gives a nice silence AND amplifies your damage with X%. 15 at lvl 5 which is huge! Also with the fairly low CD its nice escape / chase.

Kick *** - low cd ulti. Purely made to assassinate. Also good getaway but reveals you when blades return.

Combo: + Cutthroat + AA + + + AA + + AA + + ..
Combo2: + AA + + Cutthroat + AA + + AA + + ..

U can leave out some AA if time is an issue

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Imo Talon works best in this kinda setup: 1 Full tank - 1 Ranged AD - 2 AOE casters - you.

Focus the Carries like caitlyn, ashe, brand, that kind of shizzle. U know .. let the (off) tanks initiate .. let AOE casters do their damage. Then when they trow down their nukes, Do a sweet combo on a carry like brand, cait, ashe..

ONLY initiate if u know u can kill X AND survive/getaway.

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Items & Playstyle

Start with Boots and 3x hp pot. Get a solo top 1v1 or lane bottom with a caster dps like cassiopeia/morgana, really good combo.

This build has a positive and negative side. On lane, Only last hit, deny & try to zone them. U might have a hard time laning becasue u don't skill rake and so have no/few ranged harass. Also by not skilling rake u will not push the minions to their tower (safe from gank) and u are able to zone them. Witht he right laning combo this is not an issue. laning vs cait sux tho..
If farming goes slow, if you have any problems on lane, TAKE THIS. Normally i get it around 1200G and always carry 2-3 hp pots. Active the elixir (and potion) when the fight is starting. U will do big damage and back the enemy off, time to zone. You can also stack doran's blade .. get hp and damage but delay build hard, not a fan off it.

Early game Items
The good thing about is that u can take on the jungle and get your stacks high. Swiftness is awesome for insane movement speed good chasing never catching.

Mid game Items
some more armor pen and bulk up you're HP. U will get focussed anyway so better take all u can get + letting your passive proc all the time. If you die too fast early mid, Take after bloodthirster. I always find myself getting red buff around lvl 11. Good for chasing and goes great with the BLEED.

Late game Items
Infinity Edge pro item. more damage and 250% crit dmg.

6th - Situational - other items - items explained
Also a really good option. Good for roaming / initiating with ulti / escaping.
Need some more CD? get this early.
Just tried this as first item - high early damage!
Works great with frozen malet - more AD - more crit.
Awesome for more nuke damage with Q (Sheen on hit affect). More move speed, and great other stats (a must have!).
If u need the crit & get cc hard. replace it with MErc treads late game.
I like it as only defense item. Go glass cannon full AD with 1 Last Whisperer and a revive from GA.
Great item!
Great against high magic CC teams!
I do not really like this item on him. But goes ok if you have frozen mallet.
This can be a lifesaver + some nice damage aswell.
Great starting item on the 3v3 map!

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Elixir of Fortitude

If you find yourself with 300 or 400 gold, don't hesitate to get the elixir. Gives u more HP and damage - Noticable damage. And lasts for 5 minutes.

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Armor Penetration explained.

Armor pen is like true damage through the armor. 2 catagories: Flat & percentage wise

Flat: U subtract the armor pen off the enemy's armor
Greater Mark of Desolation x 9 = 15 ArP.
Lux with has 43 Armor. meaning 43 - 15 = 28 Armor left. I don't think u can go below zero.

15 x 3 = 45 ArP at 3 stacks
20 Arp
Combining all these and u get 50 Arp and 80 @ 3 AA's.

Penetration wise. Lets say u get this as first item.
40% Arp. First we subtract the flat armor then subtract the %.
Meaning: 43 Armor - 15 Runes = 28 => 28 - 28*0.4 = 11.2 Armor Left.
Then u are a lot better with just The flat armor pen. This is only really good against tanks with ****load off armor.

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The end

I really spend some time at this and i hope it helped. Any Positive / Negative feedback is welcome. I will make a Video off some nice action soon :). I'm kinda more using my 2nd build more. the early crit & crit damage is really worth it! Have fun