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Rammus Build Guide by Mirkwoodia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mirkwoodia

Rammus Dominion - 5.17 quick guide

Mirkwoodia Last updated on February 10, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Rammus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jayce If its Muramana Jayce, I would really want Tabi badly
Brand Exhausting his ult is easy, you can hug your team, or if you dodge pillar (his W) and have MR, then he won't do so much damage
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Just a quick note, even at 2k+ MMR, I get people at the highest level of dominion complaining about how OP Rammus is whenever I play him. This is my horn. Toot Toot. Its a sad horn :(

On to the real guide!!!

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About Rammus

Rammus's skill is focused around his engage-disengage skill and map-mobility strength

Engage-disengage refers to being able to get the correct engage, where you spoon-feed the enemy to your backline to deal damage, don't get chunked out while Rolling in because your W isn't up, and can disengage and spread aggro across your team until your W comes back up.

Map-mobility strength is used to gain jungle control and getting back into fights from long distances, abusing his scary ganks, and getting pre-positioning before a fight starts

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How to use your Summoners, Summoner!

Imagine a world where everybody kites the Rammus during every single fight, making it seem as if THAT was his biggest weakness. Thus these summoners. Try to use only one of these summoners for every fight. That way, you'll have the other summoner for the next fight.

Flash: Use when your team needs a hard-engage, but don't use if your team isn't ready to follow up with you. It can also be used mid-fight to get an AoE knock up if your Powerball comes off of cooldown. The surprise peel can easily win a fight

Ghost: Use this as a re-engage, not an initial engage. Don't use it if your already slowed, it doesn't really help. Nice for chasing and escaping

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Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration: Marks are very limited in choices

Greater Mark of Critical Chance: Its actually higher than 1% crit because the system raises it as you auto until you finally crit.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health: Health is better than armor because of the free 120 arm/MR from W, and the possibility of not getting enough health because Thornmail. The free AD from passive shouldn't be a big factor unless you have a ton of armor, nor is the W damage reliable.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction + Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction: Its because Rammus scales hard with CDR, but does amaaazing with non-CDR item like Sunfire Cape, making CDR hard to itemize. Since, its scaling to 35% total CDR at lvl 18, you can still fit a 10% CDR item like Locket if you need to.

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Reinforced Armor : Was developed after I realized how annoying Yasuo/Jayce were. Also good because Youmuu's Ghostblade rushes are annoying.

Perseverance : Over a game, will regen quite a lot of HP back. More importantly, I dont always build regen, so this buypasses that so I can stay in fights longers. Building HP= building regen

Double-Edged Sword : I need damage so I can be a threat. The way I play is soften up the enemy team for my backline

Phasewalker : You need to escape fights a lot when you get low, b to base, and get back to map pressure. The important thing is that it allows you to base even if they know what area your in, unless theyre that close

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Fighting Styles

lvl 6-10: Watch for your first spike, its either firecape or firecape+mercs. After that, become a major threat to the back line, just be careful of getting kited out.

lvl 11-15: Other champs have better level 2 ults. If your falling off in being a threat, then either try to focus on tanking for the fights, peel for whoever does damage, or avoid fighting and just put map pressure elsewhere, especially bot.

lvl 18+: With Liandrys and enough tankiness, you should be a god and fall back into being a major threat to the back line.

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Early Game

Lvl 4 Windmill fight: Get used to blowing ALL your summoners just to win this fight. There's nothing as important as this for the next 5 minutes, so even for a little advantage, blow them

Try not to use revive for this, that can have a far better impact later in the game if you save it up.

Remember if you win Windmill, atleast 1-2 people need to defend top for a bit. HP packs are generally safe to grab and going back for an extra 800g item isn't really impactful.

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Mid Game

As long as your team can win teamfights, then keep pushing the enemy for teamfights. If your team is losing teamfights, then you should gank bot lane instead and try to outrotate by outnumbering them. This will start skirmishes instead.

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Late Game

You can just focus on defending 3 turrets if the risks are high. If not, you can keep pressuring their bot and mid turrets.

It's especially important late game to not get caught or mess up, so stick with your team.

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Important Attitude to improving AND having fun

Don't play to win. Play to learn and improve. You can lose 10 games in a row and feel depressed, or you can lose those 10 games, find ways to improve, and start your road to Challenger MMR. Who cares if your not there yet? As long as you never give up, you can never lose. If you have the attitude to get to Challenger, your half-Challenger already. The rest is just playing enough games to get the title. Don't play because you want to win, friends.

List of things people can improve:

  • Reaction Speed:

    This is not something I gain from League. I choose to play Osu! every now and then to keep me training and refreshed
  • Teamwork:

    Contribute as much as you have possible, but stay smart. Lets say your low HP: if you have a good carry, you can start peeling for him rather than tanking (you can hide behind your carry, just Q and E whoever comes into range). If your too low, just get out, and come back to defend objectives instead as your contribution.
  • Retreating:

    This mistake is HUGE, people never know when to back down. If a fight is starting, their thoughts are just "lets fight". If you can't win the fight without the proper engagement, then wait patiently for that proper engagement, or normally, just gank bot and defend top.
  • Positive Motivation:

    Many people play for ELO, and that's a straight path to disappointment. You gotta FIGHT LIKE HELL!!!! and give every game your best shot, and you will climb as long as you keep fighting your best. But there are trolls and bad players everywhere, even in Diamond I'm pretty sure. It's a lonely road to carry yourself on, and teams will always hold you back and let you down. Expect them to let you down. You just gotta do everything you can and more to eventually start winning, use this game to get better than your last game, and you'll climb by yourself.
  • Macro decision making:

    The entire map has some sort of logic to it, like a flowchart of decision making. Can't win a top fight? Gank bot and let your team defend top turrets. Can't gank bot? Maneuver around the jungle looking for picks a type of engagement that will allow you to win the fight (engaging on carries).

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Introduction and Conclusion

Hi, my name is Mirkwoodia. On normal days im stuck at around 1900 Quickfind MMR on Dominion. Max I reached was 2.2K. Current max now is like... 2.2k. I pretty much started playing Dominion so I can just play my favorite characters whenever I want. SCREW LANES