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Rammus Build Guide by Aathos

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aathos

Rammus - In Depth Jungle Guide

Aathos Last updated on August 21, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Rammus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven IN THE LANE: Riven is KIND easy to gank. Watch when she uses up her abilies and dashes and just gank. She can easly avoid you with her abilities so try to keep that in mind.
Xin Zhao IN THE JUNGLE: He MIGHT try to gank you at you're jungle and he is a very good ganker. He has good damage, mobility and a deceent slow for ganks. Try to counter gank him as much as possible, if he gets fed he might even solo your team.
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Hello and welcome to my "first" guide. I am calling this my "first" guide due to creating a shamefull past guide, but that is now long gone and behind us.

To start off my name is Aathos and this is my guide about Rammus. This guide shall be my take on this little green-yellowish fellow and for my own personal enjoyment due to other guides being Top Rammus or something other. This guide shall primerly tell you about FULL TANK Rammus.

I hope you enjoyed the guide and please coment and/or rate it if it in anyways helped you.

And just to be clear, Aathos is NOT my In-Game Name due to my own personal reasons.

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Pros and Cons

+Good initiator
+Extremly good versus ADC late game
+Almost unkillable late game
+Low cooldown ulti
According to Blitzcrank's "Fleshling Compatability Service", a dating service made by Blitzcrank, Rammus' best match is a cactus.
-High cooldown on Powerball early on
-Slow jungle clear
-Vulnabre when out of Defensive Ball Curl
-Dependant on items
Since Rammus is an armadillo he is naturally slow if he is walking D:

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Greater Quintessence of Scaling Health

Greater Mark of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  1. Greater Quintessence of Scaling Health - These runes are self explanatory. They give you more health to survive longer while in the jungle or while ganking. Scaling is much better as Rammus is a totaly beast in the late game.
  2. Greater Mark of Ability Power - I primarily use these rune's as a damage source. Most of the times Rammus while use his attacks while dueling so why not give him some AP for his abilite's.
  3. Greater Seal of Armor - Having armor runes is a basic to Rammus. It will help him clear out the jungle faster, deal more damage, survive longer and all thank's to his passive Spiked Shell
  4. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is where the issues start. Rammus is best suited for armor in particular but there are AP users in LoL so you NEED magic resist. This will help but greatly against those AP jungler's,mid laner's and some support's.

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Rammus permanently has 25% armor bonus AD.

This is what makes Rammus such a great tank. He benefeicts from buying more and more armor.
This is why you will mostly be building armor for most of the time. If the team is full AD they you can have yourself a wet dream.

Rammus tucks into a ball and begins to roll for up to 7 seconds, losing the ability to use basic attacks or use Puncturing Taunt but amplifying his movement speed by an additional 20% each second, up to a maximum 140% increase. Upon colliding with an enemy, Rammus knocks back all nearby enemies, dealing them magic damage and slowing them for 3 seconds afterwards, also ending Powerball in the process.

This is Rammus-es most iconic ability. You become one of the most or maybe the festest champion in the match. This is your in and out card. If you are ganking, escaping or trying to save an allay this will be your ability.Just be carefull for abusing this ability, it has a huge cooldown and at the last level it has a cooldown of 10 which is still alot.

Tips of Powerball

Rammus drops into a defensive stance for 6 seconds, gaining bonus armor and magic resistance, as well as dealing magic damage to enemies whenever they use basic attacks against him.

This combined with Thornmail is the bane of all carrie's. If they hit you they shall regret it. They will hurt more themselfs rather than yourself. You should max this second.

Tips of Defensive Ball Curl

Puncturing Taunt Rammus taunts the target enemy and reduces their armor.

This is what keeps you're ganks "alive" and by alive I mean making the enemy stay in combat. You should try to max this first as it increases you're gank potentional for kills and assists. Don't forget that this ability also reduces the targets armor.

Rammus creates an earthquake around himself for 8 seconds, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and enemy structures each second for the duration.

This is what gets you kills in duel's and/or teamfight's. Just to keep in mind this ability has a ridiculously low cooldown and it DAMAGE'S turret's also.

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This is my usual jungle clear. I start Blue with Defensive Ball Curl, and use Smite when it gets low, right after that I hit level 2 and grab Powerball, with that I go Wolves then go Krugs. At Krugs I want to Smite them to get their buffs. After they are killed I go base, buy all that I need then rush to Red. When I am at Red I will still have Krugses buff and it will help me greatly to clear it.

This is a bit more complex jungle route. If you start at Blue side ask you're bot lane to help you pull Red then head over to the Crimson Raptor's camp, then Blue then Wolves.
If you start at Red side ask you're bot lane to help you pull Blue, then head over to Wolves then Red and afterwards Crimson Raptor's.

The second one gives you alot more gold but I prefer the top jungle route but you can chose yourself.

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I tried other but with no succes, this is your jungle item to go. You can use it wisely to clear minnion waves between you and the enemy champion, it also provides a MUCH faster clear which is needed for Rammus.

This is a MUST GET item for Rammus.It is great for Spiked Shell and combined with Defensive Ball Curl makes you a living-moving-shredding-armadillo and the worst nightmare for AD champions.

This will help you greatly. Since you will constantly be going to the front lines you need ALOT of hp and this is the answer. Combined with Spirit Visage it makes you invincible with all of the armor and magic resist.

This combined with Warmog's( as mentioned earlier ) makes you so durable against AP champions.

This is one of my favorite items next to Thornmail. It gives you armor AND magic resist ANNND( yes another and ) the ability to get resurrected with some hp and mana which is great in my opinion.

Situational items
This is a new item that came to LoL. It is interesting and yes, it works with Powerball but in my opinion the regular build gives you enough armor as it is and Powerball slows enemies when you hit them.Use it if the enemy team is FULL with AD champions.

I suggest you buy this if: 1.If you don't have enough magic resist 2.If the support won't buy it you can, don't even try to buy it if the support already has it, you will have to settle down with another magic resist item.

In my opinion don't buy this item, with all other items you should be fine with the amount of hp you have and mana isn't such a big deal to Rammus, but if your that type of a guy/gal you might swap it with Warmog's Armor for the speed and hp/mana it gives.

This ( in my opinion ) is a viable pick ONLY IF THE ENEMY TEAM IS FULL OF AD CHAMPIONS. It gives a nice little slow, armor and hp.

This item gives a nice little amount of hp, magic resist and A SPELL BLOCKING SHIELD (NOBODY GONA STAPH ME NOW AHAHA).

Damage items
IF you are that kind of Rammus player this is an item for you. In my eyes Rammus got enough damage as it is but eh, if you want its a go-to option.

This is an item that I would actually buy if there are enough tank's in the team. It grants armor, ability power and you can turn INTO A GOLDEN ARMADILLO O BABY LOOK AT ME NOW...

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I hope this build helps you guy.
I want to thank all of the MOBAFIRE community for helping me make this guide.
You can rate it if you like it and comment if you want to improve somethings that I missed or just want to help my guide...Or just comment if I miss spelled anything ;_;

Hope you guys enjoy this quick and simple guide!