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Rammus Build Guide by Rwings

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rwings

Rammus Jungle Build

Rwings Last updated on February 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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12-9-2011 Updated the Build for the new masteries and item changes
12-10-2011 Updated the Jungle section

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The purpose of this guide is to help those out there who are either new to Rammus or new to jungling as Rammus. If your a more experience Rammus player and just want to know the reason for my build and items skip to the end, for everyone else I will cover everything there is to know about the Turtle from least that's how your opponents will see him.

Using this Build my last 5 games I've went

4-4-8 Win
4-9-9 Loss
7-2-13 Win
10-0-20 Win
11-4-22 Win

Carrying most of the early game and mid game in the last 3 games. The last game having a player go 4-15-7

I'm only a 1250 ELO player, but I'm 11-1 with him in ranked games. The only loss being the 4-9-9 game. In normal games my record is something like 50-10 although the exact numbers I do not have.

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Spiked Shell- Converts 25% of your armor into Attack Damage. This is one of the few characters in league were you prey the other team is AD stacked. You want to incorporate as many Armor defense items has you can because it's not exaggerating in the least to say and ad carry will melt with just 2 armor items.

Powerball - Accelerates your movement greatly increasing it each second until it either runs out, or you run into something knocking them back and interrupting there casting. Powerball is one of the best utilities in the game, you can cover half the map in under 6 seconds, making it a great chaser and escape tool.

Defensive Ball Curl boosts your magic resist and armor for a short period of time and acts like a Thornmail to attackers. This can't be used with Powerball but can be used with your taunt and ultimate. The ability can be cancelled early in order to use Powerball if you need to.

Puncturing TauntPuncturing Taunt- The single ability that causes the other team to rage your allies to rejoice and probably why your playing Rammus in the first place. Taunted targets auto-attack you and will follow you for the full duration in order to do so. It's great for pulling away enemies hugging their towers or in group fights were your trying to prevent a game-changing ult from going off.

Tremors- Does AOE damage to anything around you including towers. Tremors has a relevantly short cool-down and low mana cost so don't be afraid to use it when it's up unless you expect a team fight to happen soon.

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Summoner Spells

Smite- Besides the fact it greatly speeds up your jungle and gives you an addition 10g on every use, it's also a must when doing Dragon and Baron to secure the kill. Do not jungle without this!

Flash - This makes up for the one downside of Powerball. Powerball weakness is you will get knocked out if you hit a minion which is sometimes hard to avoid when your chasing. With flash you will be able to jump over minions and catch anyone running from you.

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0-21-9 Mastery build is the best option I've found for jungling as Rammus


Summoners Resolve - For the 10g on Smite cast. In a 45min game if you smite every-time you can it comes to be around 35times which amounts to 350 Bonus Gold
+3 Armor/MR - Since your a tank it's a must, and the armor helps with jungling
Tough Skin/Bladed Armor - Optional talent that mainly helps with the early game jungle.
Durability/Veteran's Scars - More health nothing else really to say
Enlightenment - CDR is always a good thing especially from talents since your not going to be getting many item that offer it
Imitator - Bonus talent to get if u don't take TS/BA. More movement speed for Powerball always a plus
Honor Guard - Less Damage you take the better as a tank cause your going to take a lot. Don't know how many times I've lived with under 100 health.
Juggernaut - More health and less CC


Expanded Mind - You have a very small mana pool to start with this helps with that
Summoner's Insight/Good Hands/Improved Recall - Judgment call were you want to spend the point. There's no wrong choice just depends on how you play
Swiftness/Meditation - Another judgment call, put the points wherever fits your play-style more.
Runic Affinity - Main reason for points in Utility the increase buff duration helps immensely.

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Regrow Pendant as the first item and a Health Potion is all you will need in order to do the first lap in the jungle. It's also the most cost effective way of getting the items you need

Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone will give you enough health regen that you won't need to buy more than one or two more health potions and the mana regen from it will let you stay in the field longer even without the blue buff, and will allow you to pass it to others when you move into group fights without gimping your effectiveness to much.

Mercury's Treads I usually get for the MR and Tenacity, but if they don't have much AP or CC Boots of Swiftness is another viable choice.

Thornmail gives you 100armor (25AD from passive) and returns 30% of the damage from auto attacks back at the person. This item working with your Defensive Ball Curl will destroy any AD champ you taunt.

Warmog's Armor give you 1370 health and 45 health per 5 seconds at max stack. The increase health is a must since a lot of time you will be first target from putting the other team on tilt and the longer you live the better your chance at aceing.

Force of Nature give you much needed MR, movement speed and working with Warmog's will give you over 100 health per 5.

Guardian Angel is the ultimate tanking item in that it gives both armor and magic resist, with the added bonus that you self rez after dieing with only a 5 minute cool-down.

For your last item you will want to either get Frozen Hearr if the team is AD heavy. While the 20% attack speed decrease works counter productive to your W and Thornmail you will only be able to taunt one person at a time so the slower attack speed helps your entire team in fights and it give you much needed CDR, mana and Armor that with your passive means 25AD as well. If the team is heavy AP Banshee's Veil for the MR and absorbing one spell. You can also get Atma's Impaler if you want to dish out some extra damage.

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Jungling Changes

You may be asking yourself "Self, how does the new jungling changes affect Rammus?" The short answer is it doesn't.

The long answer is it's faster, but the money and EXP aren't nearly as good as it used to be. The rout is pretty much the same the only difference is weighing the pro's and con's of jumping or getting more EXP in the jungle.

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Jungle Route

You want to start at Blue and have your mid leash it for you. When the mobs turn to attack you press your W and wait to Smite until it's at 445 health on the off chance it can be stolen. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

From there move on to the Wolves using Power Ball to crash into them. Activate your Ball Curl and finish them off the 2 small wolves with another Power Ball.

***Note Activate your health potion here***

Move on to Wraith using Q and W and attacking the Blue Wraith.

Now depending on your health you can either do Red now which I normally do but if you don't have all your talents and masteries skip red and move on to the 2 Golems. Which ever path you go make sure to save Smite until you either get Red or the Big golem to 495 health.

After Red move onto Golems attacking the big one so it heals you when it dies otherwise you might die.

From there recall and buy your Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone and one more health potion.

You will want to go to Wolves->Wraiths->Red(if you didn't do it)->Golems

*Note* Use Smite as soon as it's up on your second path threw if you Already killed Red if not save it for Red

**Note** At this point you want to survey the field and see what lane looks like you can jump. Before killing the 2 Golems let your team know your attention so they can start letting the other team push some.

The last main thing to know is at 7:05 Blue will respond giving you two options. Most people in lower ELO and in normal games don't pay attention to this so you can steal the other teams blue...if you don't feel safe doing that move to your blue at that time so it doesn't get stolen from you.

*Note*The rest of the game your just going to be jumping lanes and killing the jungle in the downtime. Make note of when you kill Red and Blue so your ready when they respawn 5mins later

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How to Play Rammus

In teamfights your main focus is going to be the ad carry. With W + E + R + Thornmail combo your going to lock them out of the game turning all team fights into 5v4. Your main goal is going to catch people and taunt them away from protection.

There's only two reason's when you taunt someone not to move them from their location. If your by yourself and 1v1 them, or it's a teamfight. Kiting people is highly under rated, but one of the keys to success in playing Rammus.