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Rammus Build Guide by Nimedas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nimedas

Rammus: The King of /Taunt

Nimedas Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Allright boys and girls..this is a great damage/tank build for Rammus. The Idea behind this is to be able to do great damage with your Powerball and Tremors and still be an efficent tank. This build is for summoner's rift and it pretty fun. Rammus is back and beast. :)

My favorite thing to do with Rammus is /d and let him spin once then /t. It's like he breakdances then is like "Whatsup mang?" :)

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9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration magic pen has always been the best choice for Rammus and with this build it just helps his damage even more.

9 Greater Seal of Resilence the armor will make you more tanky and armor makes you do more damage with Tremors and Defensive Ball Curl

9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Rammus' main problem is having enough magic resist. This should help you some. :)

3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power Having a good chunk of Ap early game makes Powerball do a deceptively good amount of damage and it is always a good inniator.

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I know people usually like to go 0/21/9 but with this build you will be going 9/21/0. The 9 points in offense gives you more damage and the 21 in defense is always a must for Rammus to stay tanky.

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Items I will explain the item order.

You want to always start with Regrowth Pendant and 1 Health Potion It allows you to lane longer in the beginning phase and farm more efficiently.

You will then want to get your Mercury's Treads made pretty fast. they help you from getting cced and every little bit of magic resist you can get while building your gear is always nice because like I said before, It is an important stat for any tank and even though all it does is give rammus another form of defense and you dont want to have to build too much because it will take away from your damage.

After you get your boots you want to go for Sunfire Cape More health, more armor which wlll make your {[Defensive Ball Curl]] , Tremors combo do more damage and you get the aura which is nice to help Rammus farm and deal that little extra damage in team fights.

Then the next Item is where it gets interesting. :) Traditionally people have wanted to go for Banshee's Veil to help against CC. But hell man, you are the tank. if they are trying to cc you it's okay because that means you are a great threat and really tanky. :) So with that said you want to get Abyssal Sceptor instead!! Magic resist is a thing that has always been a hard thing to get the right efficent gear for Ram, with that said this item gives you magic resist...more damage from the AP and give you and all other magic users on your team more magic pen!! yay!!

Next item is Thornmail the ultimate counter to anyone with Madred's Blood Razor as a tank. You also get a buttload of armor..therefore more damage and defense and being able to tank anything. and noone with attack speed is gonna want to focus you at all. :)

After this you go for a late Warmog's Armor More health ftw!! if the game for some reason is dragging you will just have more health. :)

Last but not least get Randuin's Omen like the item Thornmail you get a very nice armor increase which therefore gives you more damage. woot! and you have an aoe slow now. Dont be afraid to Powerball and lead the charge and bust your clicky on Randuin's Omen and proceed to eat their health with the Defensive Ball Curl , Tremors combo.

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Skill Sequence

Slightly different from the traditional cookie cutter Rammus skill sequence. Always max Taunt first. You are a tank first and Taunt is the best single target focus tool in game imo.

You want to kind of alternate between Powerball and Defensive Ball Curl.

Powerball is now more then an escape/chase mechanic with this build. It does a considerable amount of damage now. :)

Always put a point in Tremors when available. It is your best Team Killer/Turret/Inhib/Nexus/Farm tool. :)

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Summoner Spells

I personally like These spells the most.

Flash So many uses from this spell :) Flash / Powerball combo is so fun. Flash / Taunt to catch a slower runner haha. Flash over a wall to escape.Yes Flash is so damn sexy.

Exhaust Remember. Your main role is tank so Exhaust is nicer for slowind down opponents and atleast getting an assist. Exhaust also increases all damage on that enemy and is a great way to show who to focus for when you have slow/pug teammates haha.

other spells that work nice are.

Ignite not my fav but nice for if your team has no Ignite helps well against lifesteal champs.

Teleport Not the best choice but if you find your teammates not doing their job at the very least you can use it to get from one side of the map to the other bery quickly.

Ghost bahaha..more of a lets see how fast we can chase somone down combo with Powerball not the best choice because you could end up being way to far ahead of your team and getting destroyed.

Any other summoner spells are ok and could be viable depending on your each their own.

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Pros / Cons

Great Tank.
Great CC.
Great Damage.
Good farmer if you know when to last hit.
Eats and can tank turrets with ease.

Relys heavily on item build.
Has been hit with the nerf bat soo much that people have given up on him.
That one dude from riot that like Pantheon hates Rammus. I blame him for Rammus nerfing and Pantheon getting buffer. In all honesty A good Rammus can make Pantheon's Ult totally destroy one enemy champion. :)

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So yea..this is my new build for Rammus to make him worthy again in summoner's rift.. haha..pls dont nerf Rammus again riot...In all honesty I probably shouldn't of posted this build..but out of pride I'd like to see Rammus be called OP again in Summoner's Rift!!! GL and HF..this build is quite fun and I hope some of you try it and enjoy it... :)