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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VAIReetaws

Ready to Rumble!

VAIReetaws Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi Summoners,

VAIR ee taws is back with some new and interesting guide featuring; Rumble!
I've been playing this champion all day to just figure out which items fit best.
The following guide is my way of using Rumble in a very effective way.
You'll be tanky, a killer and somehow a bit support.
Some find Rumble a OP(Over powered) champion. Well I just find this champion strong and viable in teamfights.
This guide can be easily used as a solo lane guide or a duo guide, enjoy!

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Summoner spells and Masteries

Summoner Spells

Simply cause you either wanna chase or escape from tricky moments. Ghost can be used as a very good escape cause you simply out run enemies (If they don't have ghost, stuns) or you can use it to chase down some one that just doesn't wants to die from your flaming death.

Well to get last hit on your enemy and get kills. You simply harrass them till they are pushed back to the tower.. Ultimate them plus your Q spell plus Ignite. Everykill is 300 gold when there not on rampage. Remember that.
When the enemy has Dr. Mundo, Swain, Nidalee or any other healer. Ignite is a good solid choice preventing ur enemy from getting away with a healer. To make a kill sure.


I choose for 9/21/0 on masteries. Simply cause I wanted the magic penetration mastery and some defensive masteries cause I mostly aim for a solo lane.

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Skill Sequence

Your main damage output skill, you'll be leveling this at first. This skill allows you to burn your enemies like the American's did in Vietnam baby. Before we're getting to much off-topic here this flamespitter gives you a great burst damage, you spit fire dealing magic damage to enemies that are in front of you, great skill to harrass with and push. Also your farm capabilities are excellent with flamespitter. When you are in the dangerour zone it deals an additional 30% damage. You'll quicky become a treath when this skill reaches level 5.

Under construction, please be patience.

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Core items

Item Builds

Start item :

Your core will look like this:

Standard build (Personal favorite)

Full build (Aiming for tank)

Full build (AP scaled)

Optional in late game:

Item Explanation

Why do I start with Doran's shield? Cause it gives you nice armor vs. physical opponents which is basicly auto attacks in the early game. Also it gives you a nice amount of health regeneration which allows you to lane longer and push harder. Besides that it gives a little health boost which allows you to be less squichy.

Sorcerer's shoes are my main option of boots, I like the +20 magic penetration it gives. Scales excellent with Flamespitter your main damage output skill. It also gives you enchanted movement speed +2 which is basicly standard for most boots.

My favorite boots against alot of enemies with CC (Stuns, snares, taunts etc) You don't wanna end up in a teamfight being killed cause you just couldn't move, these boots give you 35% less immobalizes which is a pretty big boost on that. It either helps you get away from nasty situations or to chase someone down that stuns you to get away. Besides that it gives you 25 MR! Great choice against a fed caster, AP champion.

Great AP item for Rumble, why? It gives you a great amount of HP and along that it gives you much AP. Also it's passive I find amazing cause it allows you to slow extra with your spells for a couple of seconds. Just great to get after farmed some money. I mostly buy this before Sunfire Cape if the game goes smoothly and positive for my side. Else you wanna get Sunfire Cape first.

As I mentioned at the item above I buy this item when I need to get more tanky cause laning is hard or the enemy team is stronger. Because it gives you great amount of armor and a awesome passive which allows you to do magic damage to surrounding enemies a second. Besides that it gives you a big boost on HP which allows you to be more vunerable and allows you to survive more situations. You can even think about tower diving at this point.

The Void staff, known by it's big boost on magic penetration, great item if you really wanna stomp the enemy into the ground and feeling that you don't need that much of defence. Sometimes a good offense is a good defence as they say. I mostly go for Void staff when I'm really having alot of kills and my team is doing great. You don't have to go tanky when you got a good tank in your team. I would advice this item if your team is on the winning side.

Interesting choice you might think, well thats what I thought when I tryed it. It worked great for me after having your core items you can go for Spirit visage cause it gives you MR and a nice load of CDR. Also it increases healing on yourself by 15% which is great if you wanna last longer and maybe thinking about getting Force of Nature. More on that later.

I rarely get this but it's among the list so I would like to give you an explanation why you should get Hextech gunblade. Me myself I always aim for the same items as it's my personal build, and sometimes when I finished a Void Staff or Spirit Visage I like to aim for some AD and AP. Also this item gives you lifesteal and spellvamp which is great cause you can use both! It's passive allows you to shoot a dart like your Electro-Harpoon to slow an enemy while chasing. I rarely get it cause it's just to expensive for my build, whenever I have it, it's late late game.

Finaly, Force of nature. A item which I find awesome! When enemy has a fed caster or any other AP user you wanna defend yourself against that. My favorite choice is this one, Force of nature. It gives you a great amount of MR and it gives Health regen. The passive returns 0.35% of your current health per second. It helped me alot in alot of games I got away with just low HP just cause I had enough resist and Health regen. Great choice and thats why it's my final late game item.

This item I rarely get cause it's expensive and not really a item to aim for cause you won't be dying so much if you're playing right and safe. If you are planning of dying alot I would recommend it lol but I guess you'll stick with the items above. Anyways it gives you great defence and a passive which allows you to revive once in 5 minuts after dying. This can be in your advantage when you gotta stick in the fight but getting focused alot by the enemy team. It's like having a revive summoner spell but then getting revived where you died. It can be risky if you dying close to five angry opponents but when you're winning alot of teamfights and they started focusing you, this would be a good choice.

On my AP build I always aim for this item, Rabadon's deathcap. It boosts your AP alot. Your damage will be LEGEN wait for it.... DARY! Great item if you are aiming for high damage but you gotta remember, if you want to have high damage your defence will go down which makes you more vunerable in fights. You'll die quicker. It's a risky choice but a strong way of getting dangerours.

Also on my AP build the Zhonya's hourglass. It brings armor which is great versus physical opponents, since you often get very close to them when chasing them down with your flametrower it makes you less vunerable. Also it's passive is great, allows you to get untargetable for 2 seconds but you can't take any actions. So it's like freezing in a shield, a cone of gold. Very usefull in chaotic teamfights when catching alot of damage. Also versus ultimates like Karthus and Vladimir's. Or a simple bomb by Zilean.

Not a big fan of this item myself but it does give you a good amount of MR and AP. Besides that it gives you this passive where you pull down enemies MR by 20. Great if you have a hard caster like Malzahar in your team, it also helps him in teamfights and ofcourse yourself. I use this item in my AP build when you wanna do some hardcore magic damage and getting some resists.

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Will be working on this! A.S.A.P