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Renekton Build Guide by Bulld0zerss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bulld0zerss

Renekton!! Croc Croc!

Bulld0zerss Last updated on March 23, 2012
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Renekton! (good at solo start)


Renekton! 2 (ap dmg)

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 8

Honor Guard

Defense: 22

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Dont feed me !!

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Summoner Spells

At start is the best spell to get an easy kill. Very efective and is the perfect touch!

A very popular spell, actually very good to escape and hunt, nothing more to say xD.

This speel is very useful at solo/top and to help, not only cuz you can get some kills, you have a very good stun, you can help your team xD and also teleport to push !!

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Lets tank up our croc

Greater Quint of Vitality x3 = Helth for our tank.

Greater Mark of Vitality x9 = More health...

Greater Seal of Defense x9 = Basic defense.

x9 = Mr

Speed for our hunter

x3 = Attack speed, remember we need to be quick, each time we attack we add ap dmg.

Greater Mark of Vitality x9 = A bit of life, we arent a normal carry, so we need it.

Greater Seal of Defense x9 = tanking up..

x9 = tanking up..

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The first rene has a tank mastery build... Just getting some health, armor and mr, so we can tank more. I dont advise to change this tree, cuz we loose a lot of basic stats for this tank. Follow this tree and ull see that it helps a lot. Dont get dmg we dont need to do more...

A bit of all, speed and mov speed, some def, etc... Just grow a bit of all cuz we dont need a single one, we need to tank it a bit, to be faster and better...

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Renekton 1

This is a very effective dude.. Awesome in top solos and a good pusher, u can farm very well with this guy and be save with wards (lantern). We just need a good start and we can have a fun game. This guy is carry/tank so dont be afraid to use him in battles.
Everybody love to have a rene in team, u are tank, stuner, opener, etc. Be smart play good!


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Items Rene 1

Well... u have life steal, health, and dmg (plus stun). But u can change some items if u want, u can start with boots +3 healt pot, but u must wait some time to get the gear ( very effective 2). U can change the Frozen Mallet and get a trinity, but in my opinion, its much better the Frozen Mallet, more life and more dmg (atma). If u want u can try jungle with this guy just get a smite and flash and same gear.

= this item is very good at start, good at low lvl duels. u can also start with and x3

= awesome items for start, good at farming some dmg and def(with ull see a little tank xD). Plus we have a ward all the game... AWESOME for a solo start in top!!!

= coold and mov speed.

= We start our tank with this item... good for hunting and it give us some initial healt, reallly good.

x2 = well... best health item, good regeneration... just buy it ! xD, but u can also change one for a if u need magic resist.

= this is a tanky rene, so... if u dont use atma ur dmg is very low, very hard to kill and help the team (you can get atmas before the first warmog, it depends how the game is running).

= we finish tih some dmg and a bit more of life steal. ( is like a better , always help in late xD (only 1 !!!)), u can also use a . Why a tiamat?? cuz when u open the battle with all ur skills u are going to splash the dmg, if we know how to open(always get the weak as first attack) we can break his line!!!

Gl Hf Gg!!!

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Renekton 2

This guy is an hybrid, this is the ap dmg that i like. A lot of ppl think that the only way that u can get effective ap dmg is with ap... well, NO! this is the melee way and also the off-tank way. Very basic, just attack and u are going to see the diference. The only **** in this guy, is the late game. U are going to be good in the first 30 min, after 45-50 min maybe u could do some changes.

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Items Rene 2

The start is very popular on rene, 3pot + boots, u can get a nice farm and no problems to escape. The Witz End is the most important item on this guy, u have a lot of def with Witz + Cape (armor and ap armor... nice huh??) Very good at starts but as i said it before, maybe u gotta make some changes at late games. Maybe u would like to tank it a little more and get some physical dmg like rene 1. A lot of diferences but very effective rene. Ad + ap dmg, damn NICE!!

= Basic item, magic dmg, maigc resist (so we can open battles)

= Basic item, magic dmg, armor defense ( so we can open battles)

= basic item, coold and mov speed.

Now we have the basic items, here comes the funn:

= cooldown reduct, with this one we are going to be a pain in the ***!!! with a good control we do a lot of dmg in short time, then in late get the but we can have another options like or

= nice helth item, this is the hunter item 4 rene, we have and skills, stun and a shor jump(x2), now taht we have cooldown reduction and to slow speed, they cant run, and if they go with flash or ghost ... we have flash 2 xD.

= AWESOME ITEM!!! off-tank, magic dmg, attack speed and belive me one of the best items in the game. + + = ap dmg. And remember maybe this is not a tank rene, but we have life, armor and magic resist 2!!!.

ANd again gl hf gg!!!!

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Rene gears


or Very good start if u know how to creep, this gear gives u a great posibility to farm well and to hunt at early game!!! Just awesome and very effective against all!!!

This is a safe mode, life steal with armor and some dmg, plus you have a ward during the game. Ull have a bit of all stats at start and u can still farm very good. I start with this if i wanna go as a tank or 100% ad dmg.

This style is very weird... I get it when im not sure if im not sure about the late game. You can switch the gear whenever you want with this start, you have stats, ad and ap dmg with some life so... its very easy to change and it isnt expensive ( you can have this items with any style, they go with tank/rene or fighter/rene).

Options to finish our croc:

Take this items if you want to be a carry/fighter and to have some ap dmg if they have tanks or a lot of def/armor.

Those if you want a tank/rene, and if you need mr get a to be a full tank.

This particular item is just for dmg, actually you can change it, use blood if you wanna be harder to die, if you want more dmg get the , very good option 2.

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Rene video

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Pros: Great farmer!!!, good solo top, strong and tanky guy, low cooldown, good pusher! and NO MANA!!!! ITS FREEE XD

Cons: short jump (in some ocasions it could kill you if you fail tha range, just like flash xD) and need a good farm.

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Gl HF GG!!!