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Renekton Build Guide by darksage1234

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darksage1234

Renekton Guide- The King of Top Lane Guide (S5)

darksage1234 Last updated on February 18, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Tryndamere No way he could trade against you, unless he's lucky with his crit. Punish him for picking trynd top.
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Hello everyone! I am Darksage 1234 and I am a gold ranking player that has played in the League ever since S1. I am in love with the top lane, however, I play other roles too, such as ADR and support, but top lane is my home. As I top laner, I play the most traditional top laning champs out there, such as Irelia, Jax, Jayce(God, the good old days is no more my friends), Malphite, Rumble and such.

Playing Renekton requires you to feel comfortable with familiar matchups as well as unfamiliar ones. But since he's a traditional top laner means that you don't have to create new builds or new tips and tricks(Yeah, I'm looking at you AP Rene), all you have to do is follow the right build and use that build effectively.

I had played Rene ever since S2 and he has carried me all the way to gold. A lot of pro players enjoy him, and has been dubbed as the King of the Top Lane for quite sometime. Find out why, and give him a try.

Why use this guide?

I know I'm not the best top laner ever, hell I'm nowhere near close, but that gives me an advantage. In the field of Psychology, we believe that the best way to let someone learn is to use a technique called Scaffolding. Scaffolding is a technique in where you teach someone in the right level that they should be learning. For example, you teach a grade 1 student simple addition, not direct Algebra. That makes them learn faster, and then eventually, make Algebra way easier to understand(ITS JUST AN EXAMPLE! ALGEBRA IS HELL) So where does this relate to my guide? Well, the best person who can do Scaffolding are those who experienced the topic way before at the same time, the person who's at the same level as you. I believe that I am in the skill bracket where most league players are, that gives me an advantage than those who are in the competitive bracket. Yeah, the pro players should be the best at giving you guides, but those guides are usually complex to understand and to master and in that guide you have to do a lot of practice. If you want to become a master then by all means, see their guide. If you play League casually, like me, then this guide suits you. And no, there will be no math here. I hate math.

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As you had seen, my traditional mastery page is 8/22/0. This build is not the reliable as much as today's, because top laners now go quite aggressive with the reverse 21/9/0. However, throughout the years, I have found my traditional mastery page more effective and core to any Renekton Players out there. Here I will discuss each point and why.

Double-Edged Sword - Its a good damage amplifier for ADRs just because they are protected by their supports. Why do I use it for Rene? Well because, Rene is a tanky champion that can take a bit more punishment in early to mid game transitions. Having this makes a spike in your damage that makes a difference. If you're scared to grab this, put a point in Fury instead.

Sorcery - A very good mastery skill. Grab it if you're a champ with no mana, or you're a caster type champ. In this case Rene is both, so there's no reason why you shouldn't grab it.

Brute Force - A good mastery skill for AD Bruisers, no reason why you shouldn't grab it, however, if you want to get as much fury as you can, you can salvage the points here and place it in Fury instead.

Block - Wouldn't be a big fan of this mastery skill if it hadn't save my hide a couple of times. Yes, it makes a lot of difference, believe it or not. Also, it stacks with Doran's Shield!(OP!)

Recovery - A good sustain Mastery skill. That Health Regen is hella good so grab it to keep you sustained. Not to mention your Cull the Meek is already a good enough sustain skill already.

Unyielding - An improve version of block. Dat two damage block Tho!(OP!)

Veteran Scars - A very good mastery point that leads to Juggernaut Juggernaut . The health is very important for any top laners out there.

Juggernaut - 3% more health? Why please and thank you! NOMNOMNOMNOM. Reason why we get Veteran Scars It makes a really big difference in surviving bursts.

Hardiness - A pure armor increase mastery. Get this when against AD top laners, or if you're against AP casters like Vladimir you can get Resistance if not you can get the Enchanted Armor instead, because it gives you the best of both worlds.

Perseverance - A good mastery skill, it becomes amazing with the combination of Juggernaut , since you have both percentage increase in armor and health regen.

Second Wind - This skill makes you trade efficiently and effectively when you're a certain (25%) health threshold. This is very effective with Rene since he benefits from all of Life steal, Spell Vamp, and Health Regen.

Legendary Guardian - A good skill when getting gank or in teamfights, it really helps with the increase of armor and magic resistance.

Tenacious - Gives you an Irelia like passive, which really helps against cc's and teamfights.

So why use this instead of 21/9/0 mastery?

Use this mastery page when against bruisers like Riven or Irelia or even Jax, this can help you sustain and trade efficiently with them. I mean, you're already Renekton, right? Come on, you can already out trade any top hero. Its just a good mastery page when you go transitioning to the mid game, and also, it gives you an opportunity to build aggressive items like The Brutalizer to The Black Cleaver or even Ravenous Hydra without suffering much on defense later.

What do I think about masteries?

I believe that masteries in league makes a difference, however, since people are using almost the same masteries and runes all the time, it really lessens the versatility of the game. You should try experimenting on new Mastery pages and have a look in my suggested masteries right below to see what masteries should be effective on Renekton.

Suggested Masteries

Evasive - A good mastery against Rumble or Vladimir's Hemoplague. 4% is quite good and this gives a good transition to mid game and late game. So just in case you're against a heavy AP team, grab this mastery.

Reinforced Armor - Very good against Yasuo, and AD's like Ashe and Caitlyn, not to mention 10% decreased damage on critical strikes!? Holy molly guacamole!(Always wanted to place that here.) That's a ten-for-one bargain, not to mention how much damage you're negating later on at late game.

Phasewalker - That decreased one second recall makes a huge difference. You can shop one second more than your lane match-up. You can defend faster by one second more. You can go back to lane a second early, and in League, a second makes a whole lot of difference.

Fleet of Foot- I see a lot of top laners getting this now, with runes for movement speed also. Its good, because its percentage base, also that extra movement speed you have can let you deal one or two more auto-attacks also, it can put them into the Ruthless Predator range for one more time.

Executioner - A very good mastery used for trading, and a reason why it makes 21/9/0 a good mastery page nowadays. 5% increased damage when a champion is in a certain health threshold is just way too good. This can burst down ADR's late game, and also it can help you trade against your lane match up really well. Its really good for someone like Rene who's a pure top lane bully.

Blade Weaving - Very good with AD casters like Rene or Ezreal and Lucian. Just keep casting and auto- attacking and see that health bar of your enemy go down.

Fury - A good mastery to have to gain more of that fury. Stacks well with Reign of Anger

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Summoner Spellz

Teleport- Became essential to top laners because of the primary reasons: 1.) Top lane is so isolated from other lanes that the roaming capability is lessen. 2.) Dragon too far :( 3.) Teamfights usually happen in other places EXCEPT TOP LANE(WTF.) 4.)Split pushing is essential for any top laner while being able to catch up to essential teamfights. Teleport fixes these problems and then some.

Flash- I don't need to anymore explain how good this spell is. I bet it had been expressed in almost every single guide how good this skill is. ITS HELLA GOOD.

Ignite- Dubstep ignite! Okay, really good spell that KILL SECURES(KS) really well. True damage OP! and that it really helps you snowball, consider having this when you want to whack some ***.

Ghost and Exhaust- Both does one thing and one thing only for Renekton, they both add insult to injury. Slice and Dice not good enough for you!? Well why don't you grab freaking race car spell or a spell that literally puts you on hold for 2.5 seconds!? Get both for only, one dead crying champion on the top lane. But seriously, don't risk getting both unless you want to make them feel useless. Flash still a good consideration.

Heal- Just because Heal got a ridiculous buff, I'm recommending it. It gives a opening when you have low health. Too bad it doesn't scale well later on in the game.

Barrier- Got nerfed. Yeah, not a good vital option anymore, but if you wanna troll or bait your enemy to use his skills before you go Dominus up his butt, then you can use this.

Nah. Nah. Nah.

Cleanse- Should have been recommended,but Tenacious is already in the guide. Get Mercury's Treads instead.

Revive- The hell's the point!? You die and revive to die again? For base defense in where you still die again? Revive and teleport to lane? Plz no. Get other efficient and effective spells than this. Riot please buff to royal OP-ness.

Clairvoyance- You a support? lol no.

Clarity- I was sketchy with this one. I think I should've recommended this, if Renekton HAS ANY DAMN MANA. YES GET IT. PLZ.

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Skill Sequence

Reign of Anger- Don't auto-attack the creeps too much just for fury. Yeah I know its 5 fury per auto-attack and that's pretty big, but pushing the lane and position in lane is much more vital and important. You can gain more fury from you spells and how you use them.

Cull the Meek- A very strong sustain spell and your AOE damage dealer as well as primary fury maker. This spell is just too good, especially when empowered by fury, but we'll get to that later. Remember you get more fury and health when you use this spell when you have a lot of minions around you, if you can hit your lane opponent, much better. Use this skill whenever you can.

Ruthless Predator- This can literally deal tons of damage when you're ahead. There are some things you should know about this skill though. From what I know and heard, it does not stack with IE but it can apply other on hit effects(if its wrong please correct me in the comment section). There is a 0.5 second of cast time where Renekton is vulnerable. So lets say you queue up your skill, when the enemy you targeted the next hit(which has ruthless predator on it) will put Renekton on 0.5 second cast animation. That 0.5 second had me on very dangerous situations so keep that in mind. So why not max this first than Cull the Meek? Well first of all, this skill does not have a built-in sustain. Second of all, it does not scale very well(stun does not go up, increased damage is mediocre, plus you can rely on your attack damage scale) . Its only super good when you have your 50 fury with you. The cooldown is all not that worth it either. So there you go! You can get more advantage in maxing out Cull the Meek

Slice and Dice- A very good mobility spell. Also, it can get you a lot of fury. When you have a lot of fury stack up and you're in a teamfight its always good always good to Slice and Dice as many enemy champions as you can because it amplifies yours and your teams damage because its shreds their armor by quite much. You can also use this for escaping, Max this second because of the cooldown reduction, also because of the amazing scaling of the spell itself.

Dominus- Think of Sunfire Cape that's what it offers, but in amplified version. A very good skill that could change teamfights. It deals a lot of AOE damage in teamfights, and it could sustain you for a long time before the enemy team could put you down. Pretty awesome skill. (And no, AP renekton, get outta here!)


E====> W ====> auto-attack ====> Q ====> E back
Slice and Dice====> Ruthless Predator ====> auto-attack ====> Cull the Meek ====> Slice and Dice (backwards, if you can get a kill and you're sure of it, then go in for the dice.)

The reason why Rene is feared in the top lane. First of all, you can deal so much damage when you have full fury. Second, you can escape with little to no damage at you at all. Things to remember: Do not use the second dash in Slice and Dice if you're not sure that you can get a kill. A lot of good top laners usually bait that and punish you right after. Someone like Riven or Jax can totally crush you if you use that second dash pre-maturely. Use it when the enemy has only about 300-200 health left(3 to 2 bars).

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Items determine your kind of play or role that you want and have in the game. They are very essential pieces of the puzzle that could mean victory or defeat. Let us go through my two primary builds, situational items, and recommended items.

Tank Bruiser

This build is my normal, traditional build for Renekton.
Mercury's Treads- This is the best type of boots you can get in the game. It doesn't really matter what your role is, I've seen mid players get this just to counter the damage that an AP hero has, also to reduce the enemy CC, I've seen ADR's get this also nowadays. But this is the best boots you can get as a top laner. It gives you protection against AP damage, also a recovery speed against CC when in teamfights. Its essential when you're trying to tank and bruise some people at the same time.

The Black Cleaver- Yo, get The Brutalizer first in the early game, then make it to a The Black Cleaver Whenever it deems to be necessary. Personally, The Brutalizer is a good enough item for Renekton already, but The Black Cleaver just amplifies that even more. Don't rush it if you don't need much armor penetration early game. That cooldown reduction, armor penetration and health is all what Renekton needs. It synergizes very well with his skill set combo.

Sunfire Cape- A good defensive and offensive item. It gives you health and defense as well as magic damage per second. This really help tanks push well. Stacks with Renekton's ultimate Dominus

Randuin's Omen- Health and defense are always good, why not get them both, plus attack speed reduction!? Whattttt??? Randuin's Omen is that product, ladies and gentlemen. This lovely product gives you massive health and AD resistance. Yes good sirs and mams, this is what you want to have when you're tanking against heavy AD teams. In all seriousness guys, its always good for someone to grab Randuin's in the mid game as it decreases a lot of damage that you and your team could've got.

Spirit Visage- ever since this item's remake, it has been amazing. It has even surpassed Banshee's Veil. A lot of Top laners grab this beauty because of the Spectre's Cowl buff. It really negates a lot of magical damage, because after you take in magic damage, the regen then kicks in giving you some of your health back. Plus the cooldown reduction!? Thank you for the amazing deal, Riot!

Guardian Angel- This is why we don't get Revive. This item gives you physical and magical damage resistance, plus a free revive when you die. Not full health though, but its good enough to take another champion down. It should be situational because of the nerfs it got, but for me its still a good item overall.

Conclusion: This is a traditional build, a build that had been done for ages, ladies and gentlemen. This build is pretty much what you want to have if you want to be safe and sound, of course, there are amplified builds out there like the next one you're about to read, but this one, this one is a safe bet to have. Too bad, I used to get Atma's impaler, now its gone! WHYYYYYYYY???

Get in, Get out, Kill errbody

This is for dem hardcore niggas out there. Those who wants to get in, get out, kill errbody.
This is a highly snowball build if you get sh*tted on, don't get this build. But if you're doing really good(lets say you're 5/0 before 20 mins plus a 100 CS, then you can go and grab this build with situational items, of course.)

Ravenous Hydra- This has been a standard solo queue item. Its just so strong for someone like Renekton. You get AOE damage, lifesteal, and damage. OP damage. You can clear minion waves like nobody's business with this item, and then you can TP and kill errbody, then go back to lane, and farm some more. Your ultimate should provide you enough tankiness to sustain teamfights. Grab it when you're getting ahead as it can burst down anyone.

Last Whisper- So you might be asking, we already got The Black Cleaver, why is this even part of the core items? In all honesty, you are right. I just want to see some youtube video in where someone just blows up an entire team because Last Whisper and The Black Cleaver that's why.

Guardian Angel- Essential for this build for that comeback. AW YIIIISSSSS!!!! ME BACK FROM THE GRAVE *****EZZZZZ. Then kill Err one. So yeah, get killed come back, kill everybody, except your teamates of course, that'd be fun though if you could.

Remember, this build is highly snowball build that people should take care in buying if they do not know the mechanics of Renekton properly. Also, if you have no tank, then don't grab this build as it will surely put you down in the late game just because you get bursted down easily. If you wanna see people blowing up like fireworks then go ahead and grab this stuff.


Hexdrinker/ Maw of Malmortius- We all know why we grab this item. Its because we want dem AP casters killed. Yep, very good item to have against AP top laners like Vladimir or Ryze but considering Spirit Visage is always a great alternative.

Frozen Mallet- Underrated item, nowadays. Just because of the changes it got. Its still good to have because Phage is so good right now, well for me, that is. lol. Anyways, it got good stuff for a top laner,(Health, good damage, free slow per hit) plus that slow is pretty good for someone like Rene.

Infinity Edge- Yep. Please get this when you're totally ahead. See it happening with your eyes. And play Katy Perry's- Fireworks along the way. You can three shot people with this, but don't make it your core. lol what.

Banshee's Veil- So what's up with this item now? Well its still a good item don't get me wrong, get it when you're initiating a lot. So just choose between Spirit Visage and this.

Warmog's Armor- Used to be an awesome item until Blade of the Ruined King. Sigh. Well its still a good item when nobody gets Botrk, but even so if they got it, if you get this item and Thornmail then you shouldn't worry about it too much, you're already negating a lot of damage.

Blade of the Ruined King- You know what they say, if you can't beat them, join 'em! Botrk is such a good counter on Rene because of its percentage health damage, but then its also a pretty good item on him. Well, its not super good. It gives you a lot of mobility and chase though plus lifesteal.

The Bloodthirster- A much better item for Rene, cause he relies more on his skills than auto-attacks. So grabbing this will make him tankier because of overheal, it also gives him a lot of damage and lifesteal. It used to be a good item for Rene then Ravenous Hydra came out and everything changed.

Youmuu's Ghostblade- People been talking about The Black Cleaver or Youmuu's Ghostblade. Well personally, I have no answer to that. Ever since Ghostblade buff happened, then it became a better item. ADR's get this now as core, as well as assassins. Rene benefits from its active, and pretty much from everything. All its lacking is health. But that would make this item really OP. So you activate it then Slice and Dice, then Ruthless Predator with auto-attack, and let's say you have Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster then that is one dead champion.

Thornmail- A good item when you have enough health to compensate for it only has AD resistance. If you're against a heavy AD team, or an enemy champ who has crit or Infinity Edge then grab this. If that AD champ crits on you, the jokes on them. See them if they could still laugh when they're taking in 150 magic damage per hit or crit.

Frozen Heart- So questions, questions. Get Thornmail or this? Well, both pretty much give the same armor, but they don't give health options. But that ridiculous armor makes up for the lack of health. So Thornmail or this? Both are very situational, however, get them once you have enough health. Pick Thornmail if you want to give back damage, but remember the damage is not as big as you think it is. Against someone like Vayne its not all that good, because of pure damage, so I suggest Frozen Heart. Personally, Frozen Heart is a much better item choice, just because it decreases the dps, because of it lessens attack speed, it also gives the same armor as Thornmail. It gives you the same survival or even more.

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Matchup time!
In League, there are counters to your hero, but compared to other games out there, League can be very forgiving even if you pick the counter to the hero. In the end, it all leads down to skillz. Yep, skillz. So be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your hero and you should be alright.

Rene is one of the champs that rarely has any counter. Even if there's a counter pick to him, its not much of a hard counter. But nowadays, people are becoming creative and have seen the weaknesses of Rene. As I said earlier, you just have to be able to fight well and be comfortable with your champ and you should be alright. But here are some tips that should help you out against these matchups.


An sustain matchup. Luckily for you, you can go head to head with my man, Aatrox here. Cull the Meek is a ***** to this guy, because you can totally get more life than he can. Your combo should prove a nuisance for him too because he can't retaliate without losing the trade. He can't win against your lvl 6 either. The only time you should be careful is when his jungler knows that its a losing lane for him and then the jungler would keep ganking you. Dorans blade is a good start against this guy, you can burst him down level 4.


You should still be okay here. Since Vladimir is one of those champions that got nerfed quite hard, you shouldn't worry too much about him. But it doesn't mean that you should take it easy either. He can still do wonders with his skill set. Be careful for his 3rd skill, if he's stacking it, surely he's willing to do some trading with you. He has higher range than you so he somehow has the advantage. His 2nd skill is also dangerous if he wants to bait you in when he has low life, and then boom! All of the sudden he's back to a point where he can cast 2 nukes at you and kill you. Overall, it should be easy if you play your cards right, and he shouldn't have enough burst to take you down one on one, unless he's ahead of course, then that's a different story. Start with Doran's Shield if you want the regen, or you can go with Doran's Blade for those all in moments.


This line up goes down to skill. Riven is one of those champions that if played good, could result to a massive snowball later on in the game. Even if she doesn't perform really well, she could still do decently later on. During your early laning phase, try as much as possible to not fight her, just rely on last hitting. Keep your Slice and Dice in your pocket to dodge her stun. Don't use it aggressively, because if she lures you in a point where you can't escape, she will punish you hard. Start with Cloth Armor and pots then get Ninja Tabi and Sunfire Cape as fast as you can, because by level 6, even if you have your ultimate she could still kill you with an all in. Building defense is a good choice, get offensive items later on in the game against this mtachup.


This should be in the bag for you by level 3. No way he could outtrade you. He can't even sustain you even if he has heal. If he goes AP still the same story. Should be an easy lane overall.


Like Riven, this guy has level 1 in the bag, but later on, he still is quite efficient. He can't take you down level 6 until he gets completely ahead of you. He can stand up with you in lane, just because of his passive. Start with Cloth Armor and pots if you want sustain until level 6, or get dorans blade if you want to go all in by level 4, its okay to use Slice and Dice aggressively in this matchup.


Zed is a strong laner, but not as strong in this one. Renekton could punish him well for using his 2nd skill aggressively. If he shadows forward, punish him with your combo. You can easily avoid his Shadow's range with Slice and Dice, you can also afford to use the 2nd charge of your skill if you want to bring more pain. He can't retaliate because his main damage output ends up in the wrong position. If you can't dodge his harass, it becomes a whole new story, where Zed becomes the better champion. By lvl 6 if you had played it well, you can go all in and win, if he does decide to respond with a duel. Start with Cloth Armor and pots sustain.


Annoying lane. You don't see him as much anymore in top, because people seemed to like the jungle Flash to stun he could do when he ganks. He does so much damage early on that its ridiculous. A good Panth won't harass you with his spear, rather he would wait for the bigger damage output, which is his combo. If you go in on him he can easily just stun you and turn the trade around. He has a weakness though, his lvl 6 is very weak, because he can't use his ulti against you, that would just be plain stupid.


This lane, like Riven, is all about your skills. I love using this guy though. Well, since league is a game all about skills, there's really no point here telling you that. Moving on, Jax could equally trade with you, even when you reach level 6. Be careful for his counter-strike that's a skill that will let him win the lane if you're not careful. When you go in for Slice and Dice if his reaction time is fast he could queue in his counter-strike and negate most of your damage, then he would go in against you when your skills are on cooldown. That would get old real fast. Start with cloth armor and pots. Just farm and wait for your jungler to gank, or when he plays really stupidly with his skill set.


One of the good old reliable top laner, and one of my favorites. Very strong sustain and could trade decently well, too. If she hadn't been nerfed then she could've been able to be good at sustain and very good at trading too. But then, that'd be too OP, also, this gurl is in Nerf hell, yep, there's a special place in hell and in my heart for this Champion. God, remember those good old days when she was just released. So, be careful with her stun early on, and because of this, it places you in the defense. You don't want to trade with her lvl 4 above without having fury stacked up, just because she will deal more damage than you can. That true damage! Lvl 6 is your peak point, just because your ultimate is better than hers. So farm until lvl 6 then take her down. Start with cloth armor and pots, or start with doran's shield to compensate for her sustain.


I've got my share of this champ and let me tell you, this lane is nowhere near fun. Once he starts building turrets and camp the lane, that's when you just want to abandon all hope. You can't trade too well with him, because of his range and his turrets. All I'm going to tell you is do your best to not force trades with him and stay in your side of the lane. Wait for your jungler do their job and go in.


Who ever started playing this champion top is a real ***. Lissandra shoves the lane and deals serious firepower at the same time. That usually is a real pain. You can't go aggressive on her because if you do she could just bind you and kite away and deal more damage than you could have ever done. You're pretty tanky and that usually lets you trade at certain points.


Gnar is a pretty good champ, not an OP champ, but a good champ, nonetheless. I placed this in hard because most Gnar players you should be against with, should most probably know what they are doing. The thing is that Gnar is a hard champion to use, but once you get used to him, nothing could possibly defeat you in top lane. Against Rene, Gnar could kite you once you start your combo(and let me tell you that its pretty obvious when you're going to start your combo). If Gnar connects his boomerang on you, I suggest you to fall back, because if you keep going, you're going to be in a world of pain. If he doesn't however, you still have a chance to harass, considering that Gnar doesn't have his hop. In Mega Gnar form, do your best to not trade with him if he has all his skills up. If he wasted any of skills then go in, but in your discretion. This is a lane that must be respected, primarily by you. Start with cloth armor and pots as usual and build yourself defense items.


The squirrel queen. Very annoying matchup, much annoying than Heimer. If Heimer has turrets that you could go around against, Lulu has range that exceeds beyond anyone's expectations. You can't combo her at all, because even if you just merely start it, you'd be a squirrel by then. Then boom, damage, and even if you keep going, she has her shield in her defense that could screw you up. She could kite you and chew you apart. Good thing though is that you don't use mana, soooo capitalize on that. Try your best to keep away from her skills. Start with doran's shield. I would suggest 10 pots, but I forgot that you can no longer do that.


I know that its no longer that famous(Vayne Top Lane), just because there are too many champs that could win against her, but still, if you see a Vayne top nowadays, is that those people picking her, most probably know what they're doing. This matchup is just so ****ty, yeah Vayne might not have the best range as a ADR carry, but her tumble and 3rd skill makes up for that. She could kite you like no tomorrow, and if not she could just push you away like nothing happened. At lvl 6 if you're going to fight her, do your best to not fight in the brushes, but fight somewhere you could see her tumble. Or grab the sweeping lens trinket, or a pink ward. But even then I suggest for you not to fight her. Once she gets Frozen Mallet this matchup is over. No way you could fight her by then. Start with cloth armor and make your way to thornmail or frozen heart as fast as possible.


Can't go against this one, ladies and gentlemen. Its like Lissandra, but in a more annoying version. Good thing is that he doesn't have good wave clear until lvl 6, but he has no cooldowns whatsoever(lol, he does, they don't show, that's all) You wanna go in? lol here comes a bind that will surely land('tis point click) and boom, damage, then he just walks away. While you can no longer keep going forward, knowing that ****'s gone f*ck you up. Just farm, if he lets you, and pray to your god that he won't harass you. Lvl 6 is kind of a winning battle for you though, depends how you play it and how you play it should be, pure one on one, no minions near you, and just take him down with your combo plus ignite. Make sure you have the advantage on health though. Start with doran's shield(Once again, I could've suggested 10 pots but its no longer here.) Then make your way to Spirit Visage for that cooldown reduction, and grab a hexdrinker instead if you want to aggressive.

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1/23/15- start of guide
1/25/15- finished mastery guide, summoner spells
1/28/15- finished Skill Sequence and items
2/19/15- I know it has been pretty long time, but here's the lane matchups!

Coming up: Anesthetics and pictures(probably if I don't feel lazy or anything. Dem schoolwork!) and also lane matchups(Not super important but I'm sure to place it here.)