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Renekton Build Guide by Jiloin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jiloin

Renekton, Hardcore Bruiser top

Jiloin Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Renek is so ****in OP

Your roles will be to stop top lane from farming, tank during teamfights, and deal tons of aoe damages : 140 dmg/sec with your 15 sec ult and the Sunfire Cape, your Q and E also deal aoe damages.

With this build, you have about 180 armor and magic resist, about 4000 hp and 200 ad, so you tank quite hard, you slow with your Frozen Mallet and stun the squishy carry to death.

Just last hit, keep your fury bar up to 50% and harass with your combo. They should die easily or go back and lose Xp ^^

Never Q minions with your fury bar up to 50% until you are in trouble. Always use your fury on ennemies.

Always put a sight ward, and get a Vision Ward if you see the ennemy buying wards too.

If you can, go back to the base at 1:25, place you at the limit of the buying zone, wait 35 gold and buy a 4th potion.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
Really strong early game
Massive AOE damages
Hard CC, and slow with the Frozen Mallet
Double dash + Flash gives you a really high mobility.
If the ennemy top is low HP and his jungler ganks you, you can often go 1vs2 with your AOE Damages.
No mana, no energy; spam, spam, spam

Cons :
A bit less efficient lategame, but if you did well early, he should still be a plague ^^
Melee, so he can be countered by ranged char.
Needs fury up to deal massive damages (but the ult is good for that)
Only have burst damages, he don't deal so much after using Q and W on fury.
Hum that's pretty much everything i can find, he's quite OP ^^

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Skill Sequence

Lvl 1 : Auto attack, lose a few hp when he attacks back, Q, back. Last hit to get up to 50% fury, then Q (you can also use Q without fury to harass a bit more)
lvl 2 : Fury up to 50%, Q, W, auto attack, back.
lvl 3 : You have your full combo, but your A don't deal so much, use E W Q E.
lvl 4 and more : Start your normal combo : Load your fury bar over 50%, then E Q W E, repeat, Ignite, Get Fed.

When the ennemy is low HP, and if his lane is a bit pushed, he might stay a bit too much away from minions. The best thing to do it to up your fury to 100%, then come near ennemy minions, dash through minions, then dash again, W him, Q, autoattack, Ignite if needed.
If he's really far, you can include flash, so it'll be : dash through minion, flash, dash again, W, Q, autoattack, Ignite.

If you're in trouble, always try to dash through an ennemy champion or a minion to get the 2nd. It can be really usefull; per exemple, if you're in trouble with someone, make the ennemy come near a wall, dash through the champion and the wall, if he use Flash, you can dash again and be safe :)

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Team Work

Activate ult, wait until your fury bar hits at least 50%, then rush in and pwn every squishy you see, as simple as that ^^

Try to hit as many ennemy as you can with your Q on fury.

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Who Renek counters ?

Akali : Start to harass her till lvl 2, she can't really do something if you attack only with your fury bar up to 50%. Place yourself in her Twilight Shroud and use your Q. Dash and stun her right after it ends or if she goes out. Don't stun her inside the Twilight Shroud except if you think it won't last so long.

Irelia : She must last hit to be effective, stay close to low health minions and Q/W her when she Bladesurge on it. Frozen Mallet's hp will counter her true damages and she'll be in trouble. Never dive her until you have a very large amount of hp left.

Jax : He got no substain, so start to auto attack him at lvl 1, when he attacks too and makes you lose a few hp, Q him then back. Stay close to minions to unallow him to last hit, and combo him if he tryes. Play a bit defensive, he can deal you tons of damages if you fail a spell.

Nasus : Harass Hard till lvl 1! Don't let him get any last hit, and most important : Don't push the lane, if you push it he'll be more able to farm than if he is under your turret with a funky crocodile ready to burst him, force him to back or to stay away from minions. You can build a Last Whisper after the Frozen Mallet if he's building armor, it'll replace the The Bloodthirster.

Lee Sin : He got no substain, so just harass him with your combo in early and it should be fine; force him to back and to stay away from minions; last hitting to keep your fury up.
Stun him right after he used Sonic Wave then use Q, otherwise he can use Safeguard an make you miss it.

Darius : You have to be careful with this one, always harass him then go back unless he'll kill you if he stacks too much blood on you. Don't be scared early and harass him, he got no substain. Make him waste his Apprehend if possible, he got a pretty high cd on it early (about 20 sec); one of the most efficient way is to dash on minions on his right or left, then dash again on darius. If he grabs you, don't run back cause his Decimate will deal you more damages. Q W him then dash out.
You can counter Noxian Guillotine with your ult when you see him jumping on you.

Singed : Harass him hard early, he got no substain and mana. The only important thing to do is to never chase him; you combo him or you go back.

Warwick : Use the combo E W Q E to try to avoid his Hungering Strike.
Get an Executioner's Calling after the Mercury's Treads, use the active everytime to reduce his regen (it has a 20 sec CD so it scales pretty well with your combo; you can sell it lategame or keep it instead of the The Bloodthirster. Buy a Quicksilver Sash after the Frozen Mallet to disable his ult; it will replace the Force of Nature.

Sion : Try to unallow him to farm, he gain HP everytime he last hit a minion. Get a Chain Vest after the Mercury's Treads cause he'll deal lots of damages because of his Enrage.
Buy an Executioner's Calling after the Chain Vest to counter his Cannibalism.
After you had Mercury's Treads, you can dodge his Death's Caress : He activates it and he'll try to use Cryptic Gaze on you in about 3 seconds, place yourself over an ennemy minion, he launch his stun, you dash through the minion before it reachs you and you dash again after the stun if he's running on you. He'll be oom pretty fast if you do that.

Wukong : Autoattack him when he tries to last hit, Q him when he hits you back. He got no substain so harass him with Q and he should be in trouble. Stay close to low HP Minions so you'll be able to stun him when he use Nimbus Strike on you or on the minions. When he attacks you, your combo depend of his : if he use Decoy right after Nimbus Strike, use Q, then dash through his clone, he appears, dash on him, use W, autoattack 1 or 2 hits and back. If he keeps Decoy after Nimbus Strike, use W then Q.