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Rengar Build Guide by SuckMiCrit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuckMiCrit

Rengar Jungle

SuckMiCrit Last updated on August 27, 2012
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Please at least read this introduction before using this build. I am well aware that most users will just look at the item build and have at it, but there are a few things I'd like to say before you get too carried away and start laying blame. First of all, this is a jungle guide only and if you plan to go top then seek your advice elsewhere. In my opinion Rengar is one of the best gankers in the game, and therefor this build will play him as more of a Rammus type of jungler in that he will be ganking a lot more than other more conventional junglers and doing less creeping as well. All of my item and build choices were taken with this in mind. I know this isn't the prettiest of Mobafire builds, but I do believe there is some useful information in here, and I believe you will be pleased if you take the time to read it all.

This is a very situational game and this build is no different. For example, if you wanted to gank at level 2 then I would suggest getting Bola Strike at level 2 instead of Battle Roar. As far as boots go, I would suggest getting Mercury's Treads if the enemy team has a lot of CC, Ninja Tabi if they have a lot of ad champs that rely on basic attacks, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity if they have none of the above just for the sheer cooldown reduction so you can spam your moves and get your empowered abilities that much faster. As far as late game is concerned, if you are already doing crazy damage compared to other champs or if during team fights you are dying and getting focused but your team is still winning you might consider getting Guardian Angel before The Bloodthirster.

The most important thing of all is team synergy. If you notice that your team composition far outclasses the enemy's, then don't be scared to press your advantage and force a surrender at 20. If you look at the first picture under the Results column you will note my team's rout of the enemy team. If you look at my item build you will notice that I did not even fool around with buying Avarice Blade because I knew we could win easily before I ever got Youmuu's Ghostblade and so instead I chose some items that would yield a quicker benefit. Items such as The Brutalizer, Phage, and Sheen can be purchased quicker than normal if you feel a sudden burst of damage or the extra health could help end the game quicker or give your team a better advantage.

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Rengar is one of the strongest junglers in the game, not so much because of some crazy jungle speed, but because of an enormous ganking potential. You can pretty much just go back and forth between lanes racking up trophies through assists and kills to ensure your team mates are winning their lanes and taking turrets with them, while at the same time leaving your enemy frustrated and begging for Riot to nerf you! Jungling Rengar allows you to build up your Bonetooth Necklace exponentially quicker than a laning Rengar would. Rengar is a very aggressive and fast-paced champion and one of the most fun that I have played. The ultimate Thrill of the Hunt is not only useful, but gets your adrenaline pumping as you close in on your enemy!

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As far as runes go I chose rather basic melee dps runes, but put in some attack speed to help out with jungling a little quicker. The armor pen and attack speed is a rather basic jungling setup. It has just enough armor pen to be dealing almost true damage to all of the jungle camps while still increasing your attack speed. The flat armor runes are rather basic as well since you will be taking mainly attack damage in the jungle and usually throughout the game so this will help you early game and against the jungle camps. The magic resist per level is beneficial as compared to the flat magic resist because champs don't usually get much ability power until mid game when the per magic resist per level starts to already surpass the flat magic resist runes.

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I've taken some pretty aggressive runes, focusing on attack damage, attack speed, life steal, and armor pen. Under the defensive tree I focus on armor and health. I grab armor because as I previously mentioned the armor helps more while jungling. Some may question why I didn't choose to take Tough Skin and go down into Bladed Armor . You have all had that awkward situation when your ap carry has a miscue with their timing and Bladed Armor steals the Blue Buff from them. Sure it might help clear creeps in the jungle, but Rengar should be ganking a lot as that is what he excels at and because of this will spend less time doing traditional jungling than most other junglers.

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My items focus on getting some attack damage to help augment that beautiful 2.5 ratio on your Empowered Savagery while still maintaining some survivability and getting some cooldown reduction, attack speed, and that stellar Trinity Force proc for some amazing burst damage.

You will note some of the situations that call for different items that I mentioned in the introduction. Some other situational items are Warmog's Armor, Frozen Mallet (with the slow on this no one will escape your ganks), Atma's Impaler (which has good synergy with Frozen Mallet or Warmog's, notice I said or as I would only get one ofthe health items), and Maw of Malmortius (if you are constantly getting killed by an AP champ then I would get a Hexdrinker early and then convert it into a Maw).

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Skill Sequence

Of course like any champion you want to take a point in your ult whenever you get the chance. Then I chose to max out Savagery first because it will be your primary damage dealer especially with the attack speed buff. Note in the introduction where I mentioned getting Bola Strike at level 2 if you wanted to gank early. I level out Bola Strike snext because not only does it also stack with attack damage, but it has a shorter cooldown so that once you get your first Battle Roar (either at lvl 2 or 3) you will be able to heal up quicker. The increased slow percentage (while it increases only 5% per skill level) will still help out a little when ganking. I choose to max Battle Roar last because it scales with ability power, and while the first level of this skill gives 20 to both resists, the subsequent levels only give 10. While this would still help out while jungling, as I mentioned before your primary job will be organizing ganks and you will not be jungling as much as usual. Also keep in mind that with your passive leap skill you can jump over walls and this works greatly with your ult for things like surprising the enemy or stealing Baron or Dragon!

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Summoner Spells

There are many summoner spells that are viable with Rengar. This is a jungle guide so Smite is a must have! I chose Ghost because not only is it a good escape, but the movement speed has great synergy with your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt allowing you to gain on fleeing enemies or to ensure you pass by their ward coverage. Another viable option to replace Ghost is Flash (which is a good pick up for any champion, especially for Rengar if you fear getting counter jungled or just like being able to flash over walls!). Some other options are Exhaust (for extra CC during a gank or team fight) or Ignite (for extra security on a kill or to take down a champion with crazy health regen). These are pretty much the only viable ones that I would change out for your escape, although one might argue for Teleport because Rengar has the potential to do amazing damage to turrets because you can use Savagery on them. So a Savagery for your 5th Ferocity Point will allow you to immediately use Empowered Savagery on the turret for a crazy strong hit.

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Jungling / Ganking

When starting out in the jungle be very weary of a possible jungle invade. This is a very popular tactic to try to counter a Rengar, espacially if the enemy team has a champ like a Blitzcrank. Make sure your team supports you before the game starts.

Start out at Wraiths and get your team to help you dps them down (hopefully not taking the last gits). Then quickly move on to Red buff and get a pull, a hard leash is not necessary but definitely helps keep up your hp so you can always be a threat to gank! If you don't gank at lvl 2 then go on to wolves and blue buff (smite should be up by now) then wraiths again and finally the golem camp. After this keep going between wolves, wraiths, and golems til the buffs come back. Its a pretty standard jungle cycle. Make sure you proc your moves whenever you can just to get Ferocity Points so you can heal yourself. Pop your health pots when you feel its necessary and make sure your health is up before you gank. Also try to have full or almost full Ferocity before you gank.

Make sure to keep a possible gank in mind. There are many different ways that you can gank. If your lane is pushed up too far to come in by the river (or if their river is warded) then make sure you aren't in vision and just run up the creep lane and wait in the bush on your side. Tell your team mates to let the lane push and when the enemy comes back into lane from hugging their turret you jump out and gank. This method is very effective since people usually expect a jungler to come from the river. If they are warding the river then you may be able to take the long way around and go through their jungle and come through their tri-brush and come around behind them to their surprise. Note that this method only works for certain sides of the map since the other side will take you to their turret. If you are the blue team you will be able to gank top lane like this, and if you are the purple team you will be able to gank bottom using this method. This method is very useful when your opponent wards the river (which is an often occurrence with Rengar and will force them to ward the tri-brush as well. But luckily this will not stop the mighty Rengar because once you get your ulti, Thrill of the Hunt, you can easily bypass enemy wards while in stealth mode! So unless the enemy wastes all of their money on double Vision Warding then you will be able to gank at will.

You have many options when pulling off a gank. If taking on top lane you will most likely want to start out with an Empowered Savagery followed up by a Bola Shot for the slow and another Savagery to try to burst down the enemy champion with the help of your ally. Also try to hit the enemy with Battle Roar for the little bit of damage or at least hit some minions with it for the extra Ferocity Point. When ganking bottom lane you may very well do the same thing to annihilate that squishy AD Carry. Or you may opt to try to root them in place and triple team them (especially if they have an escape like a Tristana or a Corki) while then using savagery for some damage. Keep in mind that Rengar is a very situational champion and there are many different combos that can be done depending. A good Rengar player will know this and learn to adapt their combos to the various circumstances.

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Team Fighting

If the match even reaches the team fight phase (a lot of them give up too quickly) then you will need to know how to best utilize Rengar to win team fights! In team fights it is best to start out with all 5 Ferocity Points so that your Empowered move will be available. You can either use your Thrill of the Hunt and wait for the 5 points to accrue over time and then jump onto a squishy, or you can build up the 5 points before hand and then jump from a bush onto one of the opposing carries or simply flank around to them. It is best to wait until you have the 5 points already so you will be able to use your ult to escape and relocate if the enemy team turns on you. Then once they re-engage your comrades you can jump back onto a squishy opponent. This re-targeting even if it only takes a second buys your team an extra second to dps down the enemy!


Follow these simple instructions and combine them with some clever CC on choice targets and you will no doubt find success late-game with Rengar.

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Tips and Tricks

There are some fun tips and tricks to playing Rengar:

Thrill of the Hunt lets you bypass regular wards and flank the enemy!

If you have vision you can jump over walls onto an enemy with Unseen Predator

Thrill of the Hunt gives you vision of enemies (even stealthed ones or ones in bushes)

Empowered Bola Shot can be used to snare enemies in place and prevent them from using their escapes, it even stops Master Yi while he's in his ult!

Make sure you use your Empowered Battle Roar to regain health when you don't need your ferocity points to do damage. This gives you great sustain!

Once you get 5 Ferocity Points your Empowered moves will automatically apear. So you can get your last point by hitting an enemy with Savagery and then immediately burst them down with Empowered Savagery. This trick is great for taking down turrets as well as champions and other map objectives!

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Here are some games that have been won using this build. Please send me pics of your games if you have success with this build as well and I will be sure to post them up!

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Final Thoughts

I hope that you took the time to read through my thought process behind all of the things that I've chosen here and really analyzed my methodology behind my preferred game-play. Please leave a comment if you think that I've left something out, think of any other cool tricks that you can pull off with Rengar, or just if you liked it!