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Tryndamere Build Guide by Zettus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zettus

Restless Tryndamere

Zettus Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 4

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The 5v5 variation of the build and added stuff to extras,made a who to lane against section, june 14th 2011

How to use the skills was published, may 14th 2011

Implemented Tryndamere skills greeting and upgraded old stuff, may 10th 2011

Started build renovation, may 10th 2011

Implemented the update chapter, may 3rd 2011

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Hello and welcome to my Tryndamere build!

"My right arm is a lot stronger then my left arm" - Tryndamere

Hi, I'm Zettus and this is my first build for the champion named Tryndamere. I usually play as him quite well and taught a few of my friends how to play improving them a lot. I'd like to share my build on mobafire so more people can see how epic Tryndamere is.

I will be keeping this build as updated as possible and will take suggestions maturely. If you have any criticism/suggestions please comment below. Remember if this helped you leave a +1 if it didn't leave a -1 and explain why! If you really want more coming from me leave a +Rep and I will make more builds!

Now please, read the whole build before you jump to conclusions as you never know how this will work out until you try after reading it!

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Here is some league of legends vocabulary that could or may not be in this build.

DPS = Damage per second
CC = Crowd Control
Carry = A champion who needs to be cared for at the beginning but will blossom later
Skillshot = An attack that is dodgeable and must be aimed

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If you haven't already bought Tryndamere

Here is some useful things to know about Tryndamere before you buy him or just some info about him.

Trydamere falls in to these categories but does not have to be played/built this way!

- Melee
- Carry
- Lifesteal
- Healing
- Slow/a bit of CC
- Critical
- Jungler
- Very diverse strategies
- Can escape

Cost: 1350IP or 585RP

I'd recommend buying Tryndamere with IP because he's so cheap and so good for his price!

Tryndamere is very potent but you should have the skills to be careful at the start of the game and not die, if you're fed keep yourself fed (don't turret dive), and just use your skills to their full extent because they help a lot! If you are a fan of melee DPS and insane damage with critical hits and lifesteal Tryndamere is the champion for you, if you use this build that is!

If you come from different champions such as Master Yi and are very skilled at them, you can make Tryndamere basically the same as your Master Yi if you can translate your build to a Tryndamere build.

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Tryndamere Skills

Battle fury adds more critical strike chance when you have less health.

For every percent missing you get 0.4% increased critical chance. 1% health missing = 0.4% critical chance.

Bloodlust might as well be one of Tryndamere's most useful skills. Each time he critically strikes or kill an enemy unit he gets attack damage and critical damage which stacks. That was the passive but the active heals him depending on the skill level and its amount of stacks. Here is a more quantitative query.

Passive: Whenever Tryndamere kills or critically strikes a unit, he gains 3 Attack Damage and 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5% Critical Damage for 15 seconds (stackable 8 times). Killing a unit or critically striking while not Bloodlusted applies 2 stacks instead of 1.

Active: Tryndamere consumes his Bloodlusts, restoring 10/20/30/40/50 health per Bloodlust (+1.5 per ability power).
18/16/14/12/10 seconds
No Cost
One last note is that the ability power doesn't add how much health per stack but how much health restored in total.

This skill isn't one of Tryndamere's most important skills but its still very useful, especially when chasing. It can also be used when having a basic attack fight with another champion as it reduces damage. It's so very good at chasing champions because it has slow. Now here are the quantitative stats.

Attack Damage Reduction: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100
Slow: 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60 %
Cost: 25/25/25/25/25 Health
Range: 400

Spinning Slash is an amazing skill for running away and for chasing. It is just a slightly slower flash basically, a perfect low cooldown skill for the jungle. This makes you spin to a location dealing damage to anyone on your way. Here is the information.

Cost: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 health
Magic Damage: 40 / 90 / 140 / 185 / 240 (+1 per ability power) + (+0.5 per attack damage)
This is a very useful skill for escapes and getting into battle as you can spin through walls!

Tryndamere will become immune to death, making your health never become lower then 1 but he can still take damage. This is useable when suppressed, stunned and silenced. His immunity will last for 5 seconds and add some Bloodlust stacks.

Cooldown: 110 / 100 / 90 seconds
Bloodlust Stacks: 4 / 6 / 8

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How to use these skills

Bloodlust is quite a unique skill. To properly use it I recommend reading the following passages.

Keeping your stacks up is very key to properly playing and playing to your best. If you are in a lane you wanna last hit a lot of minions for you will need the stacks. These stacks will help you get more stacks and protect yourself. So you should get at least 2 criticals or 2 last hits during each minion wave so you can continue playing strongly. If you are running out of Bloodlust all you need to do is start hitting something/someone and you will get your reward.

Whilst jungling you will need to move around fast and make a stop at every minion available. To help you with this Tryndamere has the skill Spinning Slash to easily maneuver you around the jungle.

On healing you will need to know the right time to heal yourself with the current amount of stacks you have. If you're casually farming without getting hurt too bad then you should definitely not heal for keeping the stacks has way more benefits. If you are being chased by a mob of enemies I do recommend using your heal for it will most likely save your life. If you're in a one on one fight and your health is getting really close and you have no heal summoner spell then just tap it and get the kill. So, don't heal when you have lots of health when the situation isn't an emergency and you won't get more benefits from healing and just be wise with your healing choices. As well, in team fights try coming out alive.

This skill is sometimes mistaken to be bugged or glitched. It's not! The reason it doesn't work sometimes is because you're not close enough, so don't say this skill only works 50% of the time.

But back to how to use this. In team fights you wanna use it just as you notice the victim has no other choice then to run and you will surely at least get an assist. Sometimes I find myself using this skill not only for chases but in hand to hand combat. It reduces the damage if you haven't noticed which would make it a fabulous skill in the beginning and maybe middle game but not too good on the damage reduction side for late game. Just use this skill when someone is running away, wisely choose in 1v1 combat and help your team out with it!

This skill is fabulous! It works in almost every situation to either escape, chase, farm or get that last bit of damage.

For chasing it is really simple all you need to do is press E and move your cursor as far to the direction of the victim unless he is turning. You will deal some damage and get close enough to get about one or two hits on him.

Escaping. Escaping will come in handy even for a fed Tryndamere for it only happened to me once that I could take down all three opponents on the other team at once, solo. But in normal situations just press E and move your cursor far away from the enemy and click! After you have done this you should start running or just stall for reinforcements, comes in great handy.

If you're farming you can take out rows of minions if they have low enough health which is pretty awesome. Getting that extra damage to champions is done by doing a short spin through them so you can get back to melee right after.

This skill is so oftenly terribly used I can't believe it! If you are being ganked and they have some CC don't rage unless you think you can escape because you won't make it alive and just leave a cooldown for rage. It's better to die and keep the cooldown then to die and lose the cooldown am I right?

If you are doing well as a Tryndamere and decide to rage in a 2v1 battle then why not!? You will kill both of your foes if strong enough. But you have to use it when your 1 hit away from dieing, not 1 basic attack but if there ultimate is ready then their ultimate's damage. I'll let you be the judge to see if you'll survive. But if used at the right time you will get about 5 seconds of hitting an opponent. Once your rage is finished and there is an opponent left heal with Bloodlust and the summoner spell but if no one is left just heal with Bloodlust. If soloing a turret remember to have this skill ready or you will fail!

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Introduction on the build

This build uses Tryndamere as a very different type of champion. Using this build you will be able to heal massive amounts of health when you have the needed items making you able to heal in the jungle or from killing minions. Tryndamere can sometimes even gain health from one on one champion battles if the opponent is not much of an offensive champion. This build works really well for 3v3.

Here are some skills that are needed to use this build to its full potential.

- Ability to wisely choose who to jungle with
- Making good choices of partners
- Tweaking the build up to suit the situation/your opponents
- Skill to maintain your Bloodlust whilst jungling and killing minions
- Good usage of Spinning Slash and Mocking Shout when chasing

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Summoner Spells

In this build I use the two summoner spells Heal and Exhaust, here is why.

You may be thinking why I choose heal but let me explain. Heal can be useful in a lot of sticky situations and for this build I want Tryndamere to be alive to kill for as long as he can so I can combo heal with a 8 stacked Bloodlust to heal enormous health and use Spinning Slash to get out of those terrible ganks. I chose this over Cleanse because Cleanse doesn't provide the better odds of survival which Heal does. Also, in the beginning Cleanse isn't so useful and for this build you need to really do well at the beginning or you will fail so this spell is very important for my play style and my build. We also put a mastery which lowers Heal's cooldown.

Exhaust is a very useful chasing spell, which slows the enemy so you don't have to do does extra risky turret dives. With the mastery that makes this spell lower armor and magic resistance will surely stop you from turret diving (or a shorter dive) if well used. Why did I choose this over Ghost? Ghost is much easier to use but doesn't grant you that extra damage from their lost armor that exhaust does. If you need to escape for whatever reason Exhaust is still usable but it may be just one click away from Ghost at that. But you usually don't need to escape as Tryndamere unless ganked.

Possible summoner spells

These are just some of the possible ones to use, which shouldn't work with this build and

I don't recommend the other summoner spells

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I have already talked about the Exhaust and Heal masteries in the previous paragraph so go check that out before you check this out!


We need all the damage and critical we can get for this is a key part to Tryndamere. Also, we need that cooldown reduction for Mocking Shout (when chasing someone) and Spinning Slash (when chasing someone most of the time). Nothing else to say but we just need our Tryndamere buffs.


For defense, other then the heal cooldown reduction we have some armor because if you want to survive armor would come in handy! Just some helpful things here


We have health regeneration for obvious purposes. And a shorter death time as if you die you wanna get back to the battlefield as fast as you can so you can kill some champions am I right?

This may not be the typical mastery set up since its 22 4 4 but it still works, quite well actually. But these masteries are very tweak-able so you can change them around but it gives you the idea.

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For my runes I chose malice, which is one of the best runes for Tryndamere

I chose these runes because they increase your critical chance which will help you tremendously at the beginning of the game. All the squishies will die by your critical strikes. It's also really good because your Bloodlust stacks will hit so many more critical hits which will increase your damage by far!

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My Build

Early Game

At first I get a Vampiric Scepter to gain some health from killing minions. Then after that I go for the Avarice Blade followed by Berserker's Greaves getting some attack speed and movement. Then I get the Targon's Brace which gives me some health regeneration and some more lifesteal followed by a second Vampiric Scepter which makes me have enough lifesteal to heal inside the jungles and while fighting minions.

Mid Game

I get the Recurve Bow and then proceed to getting Youmuu's Ghostblade as you don't need to help the team so much and the Youmuu's Ghostblade is helpful with its clickable ability. Now I may buy the Zeke's Harbinger and then use my extra Vampiric Scepter to make a The Bloodthirster which is a must have item for me while playing Tryndamere.

Late Game

Then I get one of the most powerful items in the game called Infinity Edge which practically makes me hit around the 1000 damage. Then I get my final item which is the The Black Cleaver that practically makes me hit high and attack fast making me a monster!

Honorable mentions and explanations

Here are some honorable mentions
A second The Bloodthirster - Removed for having lack of attack speed and needing faster kills.
Madred's Bloodrazor - Just not enough damage.
Atma's Impaler - No need for that armour waste of money and not that helpful.
Phantom Dancer - No need for the chasing capabilities and does not give any damage.

Remember you don't always need to follow the rules of a build if you think it's better to do otherwise but I like these items.

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The 5v5 variation

Since the build above isn't the best in summoner's rift I made quite a decent 5v5 build which I use myself.


I start with Brawler's Gloves and some health potions giving me the extra critical hits I need and some health regeneration. Then I get an Avarice Blade blade. I get berserker's geaves as soon as possible. Then I rush Zeke's Harbinger in this item order Vampiric Scepterx2 then turn one of them into an Targon's Brace then the Recurve Bow.


Since I have a team helping item (the Zeke's Harbinger) I now join in on team fights giving me lots of gold to get my next item. The Bloodthirster will help me a huge amount just by killing a bunch of minions which also goes well together with maintaining Bloodlust stacks. That is pretty much all you will be able to get mid-game if you're not extremely fed.


You are now gonna be getting a very important item. Infinity Edge. Since you have two slots left I recommend getting Cloak of Agility and a b.f. sword then buying the item. I think this is the most efficient way of getting it as pickaxe isn't very useful. Now for the final item, it's now time to slay those damn tanks; The Black Cleaver making you hit harder on tanks the more you hit them. But look you still have an Avarice Blade which should have made you about 1200 gold by now, it's time to replace it with a very nice item which you won't get to usually, Phantom Dancer which will finish off the build.

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Who to not lane against and who to lane against

I find who your opponents are a very important factor. Tryndamere can kill squishies very easily at the beginning of the game but can just feed versus a tank and a dps. So here is what you need to know and should remember so you don't have to keep looking at this guide.
Tryndamere does not want to lane against:

  • Tanks
  • CC
  • Range(depending on who it is and who your partner is)
  • Burst damage users
This is a little representation who's worse to lane against as you will be laning in


Tanks>CC>Burst damage>Ranged

Here is a list of champions that are bad to lane against their partner usually does well even if it's not so deadly.

Not to lane against

OK to lane against

For a champion to be good to lane against as Tryndamere they need to be squishy or just easier to kill without killing you.

OK good to really good

Please comment on this section I'd like some feedback on it.

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In this build the jungle is a must have. You will need to visit the jungle before fights and after fights. If you are severely injured and wish to heal, STOP! Don't recall! Go to the jungle and kill as killing any epic monster will bring you back to full health once you get to the part of the build where you receive The Bloodthirster! Also, you want to go on a carnage inside the jungle killing practically every mob to maintain your Bloodlust and prepare for a fight. You should kill enemies on sight while in the jungle as you should be crowned king of the barbarians that live in the jungle (LOL)! Also, use Spinning Slash as it helps you move around the jungle with ease as you can move through trees. I don't recommend jungling from the beginning as you could miss some kills and your team mates could be killed.


Tryndamere is a carry which means he will be asking for a lot from his team at the beginning of the game. You will need to team up with some good support classes and you will have to get more then you give from them. But don't feel bad yet! If they do a good job you are very capable of repaying them handsomely by killing. You are one of the main killers in ganks and can KS pretty bad. You don't provide your team with many buffs or help them too much with the sole exceptions in this build being the Zeke's Harbinger and Mocking Shout which could come to great use for your team but I wouldn't say it's actual support. You are not very good at helping your team so you need your team to buff you up, if you have characters such as Janna they should keep you as a buffing priority.

My thoughts on Tryndamere

I think Tryndamere is a fabulous champion that can practically 1v1 anyone. He relies

on critical hits, damage, attack speed and for this build lifesteal. He is a carry that

can completely destroy squishies early game. If thought out well at the beginning he could

be the most devastating champion on the map late game. He should be played with care

but also be aggressive when victory is over 50%. The thing with critical hitters is that

you can have many bad games and many good games for some games you get that critical hit

for first blood and others you hit the opponent 10 times with 25% critical chance and not

get a single critical hit. I love playing this champion for he brings lots of fun into

League of Legends!

Items that Tryndamere can use for real games

These are items in their final forms only.

Here are items you could put into your own build or variation of this build depending on your opponents and/or team, please comment on more ideas for these!

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Pros and cons plus the summary of this build

Pros and cons of this build not Tryndamere.
- No need to recall
- Good jungling
- Can solo turrets from full health and with ultimate
- Will be draining health a ton
- Will be dealing immense damage with critical hits making you able to two shot guys.
- Can take on partners at once
- With lower cooldown, better chasing

- Bad team work
- Bad at the beginning (but really good later on)
- Weak against debuffers if the debuffer is a tank
- Bad against range at the beginning

This build will turn you into a fearsome Tryndamere which will kill anyone at sight. If you ever see one of these please do not wet yourself and look at the cons! If you are one of these Tryndamere's good for you and hopefully you will be able to take down most champions.
You should rotate around your builds because this build won't work for all situations as won't other builds. But there is usually a build that fits in well for your situation. It is also highly recommended that you tweak builds!

Find more possible ways to play Tryndamere over here as you should study this character to know how to counter enemy strategy/champions.Tryndamere builds

Oh and one more thing to say. This build isn't forcing you to play Tryndamere in any way, it gives you a template to follow, which means you could follow it on the road or off the road (metaphorically) so if you prefer something else it's just fine this is just my playstyle. So please don't hate just because you think I should've chosen some other runes just because YOU prefer them. Oh and have a nice da---SLAUGHTER