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Quinn Build Guide by Riftborne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Riftborne

Riftborne's Ridiculous Quinn

Riftborne Last updated on August 16, 2013
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You may remember me from the harsh brushes of the Vietnam War, or perhaps from those 5 grammys I won. Or maybe from my "How to play better" guide which became incredibly popular and highly regarded as a "must read". Maybe you don't know me at all. In which case, Hi. I'm Riftborne. You may remember me from the harsh brushes of the Vietnam War, or perhaps from those 5 grammys I won. Or maybe from my "How to play better" guide which became incredibly popular and highly regarded as a "must read".

Anywho... I'm a wordy, wordy writer. My existing "fans" know this already. So for those new to the riftborne scene, Don't be expecting fancy styling or lots of pictures or anything along those lines. I don't do it. I write. And I write a lot. Why? Because I'm a writer by both profession and hobby, and I like to write.

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Sqwuak, *****.

This is a never before seen depiction of valor, circa 1873.

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This is what Quinn can do.

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But you're supposed to start with her blind...

No. You aren't. "But you use it to poke" Sure... because that's way easier, which is why people do it. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to poke with a ranged AOE skillshot, that's why it's popular. All you need to do is look at facts: Your E is your escape. It applies a slow. It forces vulnerability to proc. It's your dive-in with valor. It does more damage than your blind; Now pay attention kids...

Blinding Assault maxes out at 230 damage. Vault maxes out at 160 damage. However, vault applies Harrier. Harrier deals 15 damage + 10 per level. +50% bonus AD. So you can argue all you want, vault puts you in range for an auto attack slows, and applies Harrier. Vault does more damage. You can throw a blinding assault and hit a minion. Your auto attack isn't going to stop at a minion. Plus, while they're slowed, you probably aren't just going to get ONE auto attack in on them.

Vault is invaluable in the laning phase. It will get you out of sticky situations, it will allow you to harass well OVER minions rather than WASTING time running around minions to throw a blinding assault.

Did you know that once Vayne gets silver bolts, she can no longer be affected by your blind? Every shot is considered an ability. Did you know that if Miss Fortune activates Impure Shots, she is no longer affected by blind? Every shot is considered an ability. There are a number of things that cause blinding assault to be ineffective. There are vary few that make Vault ineffective... Their names are Taric and Nami. Taric's stun will follow you through a vault and Nami's bubble's animation time is very close to the animation time of your vault, so there's a chance that when you land back on your feet, you'll be in a bubble.

You can kick off of Alistar's headbutt, you can stand behind minions to avoid anyone's hook (blitz, thresh, nautilus) and I main Leona... so I'd just shoot myself if I didn't see her positioning for her combo from a mile away. I laugh when I face a Leona. "I know all your tricks, sweetheart."

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Quinn is a HIGHLY mechanical champion.

Everyone knows that doublelift is regarded as the most mechanical player in the world. He favors vayne and graves because they compliment mechanical players. I've never seen him play quinn and I'm not sure why, because I myself favor vayne and graves because I'm a mechanical player as well (not even close to doublelift's level of development, but the same style nonetheless.) and when I picked up quinn, I realized that she was also in the same category of mechanical carries.

What this means is that these carries can very quickly shift positions or perform game changing ambushes. They can capitalize on mistakes faster than a "stand and shoot" carry such as Varus or Darius. They're more about finesse than they are about brute force. If you've ever watched a kung-fu movie in your entire life, you know that finesse ALWAYS beats brute force.

That being said, Quinn is NOT a champion you can just "pick up and play well". You may get lucky, you may get lucky several times, but if you build her like a straight ADC, you will fail eventually. She isn't one. She's a burster at heart and that's one of the several things that differentiates her from other carries. She is MEANT to burst and get out.

( This is why I believe in the current damage-dominant meta with carries like draven, varus, and caitlyn being the current holy trinity of carries, a bursty carry like quinn is the anti-bully.)

You need to take the time to learn her and really pick her apart in your own mind and experiment to truly be good with quinn. Just like you can't just pick vayne up and dance around like doublelift, you can't do it with quinn either- but she has the potential.

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Let's go over your combos

Everyone likes to go over abilities in guides... I don't see a point. You know what they do, and if you don't, hover over them and read you some knowledge up into your brainal region area.

What needs explaining is how to USE them.

Harrier is your passive. People say "it messes up farming" but it doesn't if you just use your damn head and read the description. It favors champions if they're close or it favors the lowest health minion and it's on a 10 second cooldown. So if you want to keep your attack speed up, there mey be points in time where you just have to shoot a minion to make it the lowest one around, wait for harrier, and pop it. All you need to do is plan for it and know how it works and it will only HELP you farm. How hard is it to count 10 seconds in your head? Do it enough times and you won't even have to think about it anymore, you'll just know "harrier is coming up in a sec." and you'll shoot a minion to make it low, and watch as harrier pops up right where you expected it.

Keeping yourself out of harass range from the enemy carry will also ensure that harrier doesn't pop on them instead of a minion.

HOWEVER, if you WANT harrier to pop on an enemy champion, make it pop on a minion, blow it up, count 5 seconds, and then engage. It'll take you a bit of time to get into position to harass, and about that time harrier should pop up on the enemy champion closest to you. I say to pop it on a minion because then you KNOW it's going to come back up. If you just go balls deep on a champion, there's a chance that harrier will pop on another minion on your way to the champion if you aren't expecting it's occurrence.

What I'm getting at is that YOU CAN CONTROL HARRIER.

I don't use blinding assault much. I use it to clear minions faster, or once I push the minions to the enemy tower, I will blind the carry to deny them some farm. If I have a clear line of sight between me and the person I'm attacking, I'll throw a blind right after I land back from my vault just to add some damage to the combo. I don't poke with it because that wastes mana and I can poke more effectively with Vault as long as Im paying attention to positioning and where Im going to land.

You're safer when you harass with vault. When you throw a blinding assault the enemy can still retaliate with abilities. Blind only affects auto attacks. It doesn't alter your position at all when you use it, so it's pretty easy to target you with a skillshot considering... you know... you need to have a clear line to the enemy to use it... which means they have a clear line to YOU.

I can't see why blinding assault is popular over Vault, it sincerely makes no sense to me whatsoever. Kinda makes me giggle when I face a Quinn who continually pokes with her bird. I'm all "That's cute." and "Oh bless your heart..."


Planning on taking a weekend vacation into the jungle? Well boy howdy, do we have the bird for you. Ladies and Gentlemen she'll go right yonder into them bushes and WARN YOU of potential hazards, and for the low low price of NO ******* MANA, this heads-up on the enemy can be yours. Does it cancel the passive effects? Nosiree it sure doesn't and I'm glad you asked. Using the active on this skill does NOT negate the passive attack speed effects and you, sir, can take that all the way to the bank as savings. Savings on deaths is cash from kills, my friends, and this here is the product you've been waiting for. Head on down to Crazy Quinn's shop of heightened senses and GET YOURS TODAY!

Directions on the back of the package: If it's up and you're going past a potential gank zone, use it.

DISCLAIMER: Heightened senses does NOT reveal invisible enemies. Keep out of reach of teemo/evelynn. Consult your support before buying pink wards.


Your standard combo in lane pre-6 is going to be to apply harrier to the enemy carry, shoot them, vault to apply harrier again, shoot and send a blind at them at the same time when you land. So...

Combo 1: Wait for harrier, shoot, E, shoot, Q

That's your "bread and butter combo"

Another possibility would be if you don't have time to wait for harrier, just vault and shoot and back off. If you're already clicking away from the enemy champion WHILE vaulting, you'll run once you hit the ground. With them being slowed, the damage returned before you're out of range should be minimal.

Everyone always says "I don't really use her bird form well", I've had several friends say that about Quinn... and if that's true, you're missing out on Quinn's most effective abilities. Valor is the one that's going to get you most of your kills, not Quinn.

Combo 1 (use when already in range): Wait for harrier, shoot, vault, shoot, blind, R, close gap, auto attack until E comes up, Q will come up around the same time. EQ, follow, auto attack, EQ, follow, auto attack, EQ. When Tag Team wears off, you'll automatically use the final attack of it. Use your EQ until then and just follow them, auto attacking until they fall over in agony.

Combo 2 (use when the enemy is NOT in range): R, head towards them, and hammer on the E key until you swoop in on them (this ensures that you hit them at max range and don't waste any time), then hit Q to blind and auto attack like mad. EQ whenever it comes back up.

If enemies are approaching, STAY IN BIRD FORM. If anyone comes to save the champion you're attacking, you can fly away. If they close distance on you and actually MAKE IT TO YOU, then you need to GET OUT OF BIRD FORM, because your vault will save you faster than flying away will. Flying away is a steady movement. A slow will hinder you greatly. Vault is an animation. Regardless of if you're slowed or not, you're going to traverse the same distance at the same speed with vault, which may be the edge you need to escape. KNOW WHEN TO BIRD AND WHEN NOT TO BIRD. You can't vault in valor form!

A good rule of thumb is Quinn is the ***** and Valor is the boss. So if you need to duck out like a *****, be Quinn. If you need to dive in like a boss, be Valor.

Quinn's best escape is to run from at enemy until she feels the enemy may have a gap closer off of cooldown, barrier, take the gap closer, and then vault off of them and flash away. If you also have your ult, turning into valor at the end of it basically ensures you're getting out alive.

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Why these items?

Because you are working on a heavy burst. When you pop vault/harrier with static shiv, you're dealing 160 damage from vault, 190 from harrier, 100 from static, plus all your AD scalings, pluse hopefully your critical strike damage as well.

At level 14-18 with this build, you can 1-combo any ranged adc in the game. R, E, Q, R. Carry dead. And you can usually do it before anyone can react. Quinn sort of works as an assassin occasionally in this way.

"So if she's so good with damage scaling, why build attack speed and life steal on her?"

Because she's effing squishy. You need to be able to trade, and quinn very simply cant without a good amount of life steal. (Don't forget to use the active on BotRK)

Also, with the added attack speed from her items and her W, and the damage from inf edge and bloodthirster, you can do something many low level carries forget to do- And that's TAKE TOWERS. Especially if you finish your build with last whisper. (Towers have armor.)

For instance, I've seen quinn very commonly go IE->BT->PD->LW->GA with boots in there somewhere, and you just lose your early game wave clear potential that way. Shv clears waves, and clear waves mean easier harassment and more pressure on the lane, and therefore a more commonly won lane. Higher farm means higher levels and more gold. All of that makes for a snowballed quinn.

Also, shiv helps prevent pushes from the enemy team by quickly reducing minion waves to nothing in combination with her blinding assault. Makes it very easy to defend towers.

Its basically separated between early game gold gain and wave clear and late game damage and trade ability, as well as final stages structure dropping potential. I've always felt that objectively building items based on game-timed goals is very important.

Also, my Quinn build can solo baron if wrapped up with Zeke's Herald, So there. Nyah.


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The phenomenon of Tryndaquinn

If Quinn is in a game that is allowed to go over 45 minutes, she wins. Period. Tryndamere used to be regarded (and still somewhat is) as a timebomb champion. Quinn is as well, and for the same reasons. You can't kill her because she escapes every time, and she can drop towers before anyone can react. If you flip over to valor and attack a tower, you can drop it in ~10 seconds. With shiv she clears lanes about as fast as your minions can walk.

I need a picture from an artist out there, because it's just too perfect. Someone draw me Tryndamere holding a stiffened Valor as his sword with a look on Valor's face like o.O

Because its entirely too accurate not to be depicted.

THIS IS WHAT QUINN IS MEANT TO DO IN GAMES. She is a GOD TIER split-pushing champion. Your W can keep you safe without wards and she excels in escape and structure siege. Even if your team is failing hard as all holy hell, you can pull a game out of the depths of a sewage treatment plant simply by split pushing to the point where the enemy loses ALL pressure and turn a game around. As I mentioned before, she can also solo baron with the right gear, so this is ALWAYS a HUGE asset to a team.

Your job as Quinn is to farm and farm and farm and farm and then continue farming once you're done farming, and when you finish with that- farm some more. Farm the jungle, farm your lane, farm lanes where your team isn't, keep all the lanes pushed all the way out and don't ever stop EVER. Never start hunting for kills. Push lanes hard and take the kills that come to you naturally. Stay out of teamfights until it's a blatant fact that you're NEEDED in them. Stay at the back lines of teamfights until EVERYTHING is burned. You may have to watch a few teammates die, but all is fair in love and war. You're there for cleanup. Let your tanks do their job and provide background damage on whoever is closest to you. If you see a carry get low, you can use your ult to drop them.

If you see a carry alone, you can 1-combo them before they even know you're coming... or even if they DO know you're coming, you can still usually catch them with no issue. A fight minus one enemy carry is usually a winning fight on your end, so snipe those carries when you can. But again, your MAIN job is lane pushing and structure pressure.

Just. Like. Tryndamere.


If you have less than 200 farm at the end of a game, you failed hard on your face. ZERO exceptions. Hang your head in shame and try again next time. In the video I shared, I failed miserably at farming, and STILL got over 200. I average about 290-370. If anyone hits level 18 before you do, you have failed. And make sure you hog the red buffs unless someone else on your team could use it better than you can.

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Under construction!

I will add more to this guide later. I have to go to work.

I plan on adding lane matchups, better gear explanations, and some pictures of stats and whatnot, and also explaining my runes and masteries. Anything else you'd like to see, please let me know.