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Riven Build Guide by Kumakuma

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kumakuma

Riven - Beyond Redemption!

Kumakuma Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 21

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Welcome to my Guide how to play Riven. I dont know if this is the best Itembuild but i tried it and it rocks. I want YOU to try it first before judging and leave your impression of how it worked out.

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Update History

+ Added Frozen Mallet
+ Added Cleanse
+ Switched 21/0/9 to 9/21/0
+ Added Screenshots
+ Edited Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells
+ Added Ugly Picture in 'Introduction'
+ Removed Trinity force for Hextech
+ Added JungleBuild
+ Reordered Items
+ Added some explanations for Items

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Riven was published a few days ago and there are already a lot of builds in MOBA.
And to show that this build doesn't suck, I'll post some screens to proof it at the very begining of this build.

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Marks: In my opinion, Greater Mark of Desolation are a must-have for almost every AD champ, so i put in 9 of them, which will already grant you 15Armorpen. Greater Mark of Attack Damage would also be an Option, but im not really impressed of those.

Seals: I prefer Greater Seal of Armor, cause Riven only got 12 Armor at start. Without
the Defense mastery tree, she would be 3hits away to first blood. The only optional runes would be Greater Seal of Health or Greater Seal of Evasion. Better not go on Atackspeed or something else.

Glyphs: Here survability takes priority again. Greater Glyph of Health only give half HP as the Seals, so better not pick those. Instead be sure to take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. I wont buy MRes items, so a good base Mres is essential. When you still feel like take something else, pick Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and youl'l get 40% CDR at the end.

Quintessence: Here you got the big choice, you can go on Quints of Might, Desolation, Fortitude, Focus or Swiftness. Be sure to have enough survability, whatever you choose before. When you lack HP, get Greater Quintessence of Health, if you lack DMG take Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage, Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Focus]. If you hate it to run with "only" 325 at gamestart, take the [[Greater Quintessence of Switness. I took 1 Desolation and 2 Fortitude to get both, survability AND damage.

So for those who are to lazy to Read

Greater Mark of Desolation or



Greater Quintessence of Desolation or or or or

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Im still not really sure which mastery build would actually fit best, but my variations always include Sunder , Sorcery, Brute Force and Awareness .
Useful are Hardiness & Resistance , Havoc or Tenacity , Quickness & Intelligence .
Not so useful would be Archaic Knowledge (lol), Lethality and who really needs Improved Rally

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Starting Item:

After those, your next item should be some pretty boots, but the League's footlocker got more than just one pair. In my opinion CDR is magnificent usefull on Riven's skills, thats why i ONLY suggest to buy

The Serious Items

This one is cheap (only 1337g), it can be optained very early but grants Riven 25AD! FLAT Armorpen and 10% CDR. At this point you got 25% CDR.

60 AD. 15% Lifesteal. Sounds good. +40AD +10% Lifesteal? Sounds even better.
This Item 'can' add the most AD of all Items (except Sword of the Occult). Fully loaded it gives you a total of 100 AD which alone is equal to Rivens Base AD.

Optional Items

920HP & 30 HPreg at start, already a great Item, unfortunatly it costs 3k Gold so I recommend, getting a Giant's Belt early before crafting a Warmog's Armor.

Very good item mid game. It gives a lot of HP and some AD. Its not much but the 35% slow will make your ganks end deadly almost every time.

Some people won't recommend to buy this, most say 'OMG YOU NOOB, RIVEN DOESNT NEED ANY AP!!!!111!!!' or some of the lower mined will flame, that she doesn't take advantage of Spell Vamp . But I tell you: SCREW the AP, it got more AD than The Black Cleaver, more Lifesteal than The Bloodthirster, an additional 25%Spell Vamp and an active that deals 300Damage, 50% Slow and that with a range of 700 (150 more than Exhaust).
So please try it before judging bad about it.

If you die more often than wanted, I suggest this Item isntead of a 2nd The Bloodthirster. You got a flat amount of 80 AD which wont be weakend after death. Also the 25% Crit are quite ok, not amazing but ok.

This Item can be useful with 2 other AD champs in your team. The advantage in Teamfights is amazing; 20%+20% ATS, 30 HPreg, 20% Lifesteal AND -20 Armor reduction to enemys. It boosts your Autoatacks but also your Broken Wings, Ki Burst and Wind Slash will do more dmg. Also turrets will be easier to deastory with the additional ATS.

This Item, together with Warmog's Armor and Frozen Mallet gives a magnificient amount of AD, some crit and some armor, which will make you more tanky.

Yes, RIOT wont recommend this one, Yes many other players Recommend this. But you should still try it, you wont regret getting it as your 6th Item. Image you got your boots, your Youmu's Ghostblade, and e.g. Hextech Gunblade & The Bloodthirster. all together you got +150 ~ +190 AD ( about 250 - 295 with base ad ). In addition with 30 AD you got more than 300 AD. Than in combination with Blade of the Exile you got 330 - 396 ( 395 - 455 AD Exalted with Baron Nashor ).
Thats alot of AD. Now after using a skill your next Autoatack (taking 400 AD for example)will deal 400 + 150 + 150 + 400 (if Critical). So Riven deals even more dmg with Trinity Force than Ezreal. And i bet everyone recommends it for him, so screw the unbelievers.
Also 12% movespeed, 250 HP and 30% ATS are quite usefull.

Runes and Masteries already give you some survability and Damage, what she now needs is CDR. She doesnt need any mana so why dont just spam your Q like crazy. Also her Passive is a brief version of Sheen so why dont buy it, to stack their damage?
So the main items would be:

Ionian Boots of Lucidity and The Brutalizer.
Her skills are all AD boosted, so there should be 3 high AD items. Those would be Infinity Edge, 2x Bloodthirster and , yes, Hextech Gunblade.

5 items now, so what does she need else? Exactly, some more Survability. Warmogs would be great with its ~1400HP and 60HPreg. Guardian Angel would also be great, if you like the reviving effect or got a few champions in the enemy team that do percantage DMG, like Poppy, Kog'Maw or Vayne.

The Order in which I buy the Items can you see above in the Item Purchase List.

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Summoner Spells

The Good ones

The not so Good ones

Those you'll never going to pick

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Skill Sequence

So now you know what to buy, but what do you need to know next? Yeh the Playstyle. You got Sheen and that amazing passive. So, get in range and dont forget to use them. Dont just spam Q, be sure to take advantage of 1 normal atack, it will do +150% of your AD, or atleast +50% so the sequence qould be:
Blade of the Exile - Valor - AutoAtack - Ki Burst - Broken Wings - AA - Broken Wings - AA - Broken Wings - Wind Slash
Charge in with Valor - Stun with Ki Burst When possible, if not get closer with Broken Wings but only use it 2 times yet - Stun - Pushback with 3rd BRoken Wings atack to prevent your victim getting away.
Now I didnt mention her Ulti, cause its no use to just activate it at start. also its useless to activate it mid-fighting. the best moment would be right before your first atack and only use it, when you are sure youll get in range. otherwise it will just be wasted, amusing your enemy whos bathing in his turrets shadow.

And pls, be careful with Towerdives. She has a shield and a good escape ability, but without Warmogs, you will be dead when stunned or bound in towerrange. Better play safe, harras and take your kill, when its the right moment.

Also for those who got some squishy lanepartners. Valor is n amazing skill. Its a Dash, combined with an AD boosted shield. So to be a good lanepartner, you can block enemys skillshots with Valor with ease. e.g. Mundos Cleaver or Ez's Q. And also the pushback of the Broken Wings Finisher can safe your mates life. And dont forget; Valor got a 11/..../7 sec CD. so 7 secs with ~30CDR gives you the ability to dash every 5 seconds so your chance to get out of the mess is higher than some other champs got.

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Creeping / Jungling

You should also be able to jungle with this Guide, but be sure to start with an cloth armor & HP potions, which will be crafted into wriggles lantern later and be sold late game to buy the Bloodthirster. Youll start with +37 Armor this way and jungling shouldnt be hard at all. Just be carefull, even with much Armor, Riven lacks HP and Heal so dont overextend, better go b instead of getting counterjungled on low HP.
The safe jungleroute would be Wolves, Wraiths,Golems -> Base
Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Golems, Red
Dont forget to use your Wriggles when its up. Good places to ward would be Dragon (the lake in front of it, not the bay) or Nashor (only when in blue team). Just to be sure noone steals your Blue Buff and also to prevent Gangs on those lanes.

Ah yeh. Get Smite and a Plentiful Bounty. To safe your monsters or steal enemys. e.g. dragon, blue or even Nashor.

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Lane Partners

Riven deals good dmg on her own, so a great partner would be someone with slows, binds or any other CCs. Janna would be great supporter, Leona's passive would also boost your DMG insanely. Those 2 would be your best Partners. Taric would also be good after his rework.
I dont know which other champs would be goo, too. I have to try some first.

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Pros / Cons

So what pros and cons does this build got.

Enormous and constant damage
over 3000HP!!!
a hot champion with a hueg Blade
youll never be out of mana, lol

Binds & stuns will stop your combos
you'll hate Exhaust. it will ruin everything
expensive items, you need to farm a lot

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So at least, i hope that Build is quite OK or even good. pls tell me your opinions, how it worked out, what i could improve. Also im no used to this and still dont know how to use those Cool Skill/Item icons with tooltips, which you can see on most other good guides.
So when anyone would like to help me with that issue, i would be very happy.

Thanks for reading till here, forgive me my Faienglish and Good Luck on the Fields of Justice.

Ah and pls dont forget to vote :>