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Riven Build Guide by sydsyd1234

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sydsyd1234

Riven OWNING 3v3 [In depth]

sydsyd1234 Last updated on October 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Guys and Welcome to my 3v3 Riven guide!

Just Quickly i would like to say i have over 400 games played on Riven in 3v3's alone and over 300 wins, so as you can see, i know my stuff...

Riven is an AWESOME champion because of her versatility, CC & Devestating Damage output! Personally i like to play Riven as an Offtank/Tanky DPS, but there is many other ways of playing her.

Also note that when i say Tanky DPS and Offtank i don't mean Naut i mean more like a combination of Nautilus and Someone like Fiora, a good example of another champion like this is Irelia.

Anyway on with the Build! And please rate this build fairly and don't just follow the abilities and items, read the build first because it really helps!

Also if you have the time, please check out my YouTube Channel!

Thanks Guys! <3

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Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons

+Amazing CC
+Tanky Enough to take a full teams damage for 4-6 seconds while still putting out damage
+Can last hit a group of minions with Broken Wings
+Amazing ult Blade of the Exile Gives her +AD and +Attack range with a nuke at the end
+ Broken Wings + Valor Make riven extremely hard to run from or catch up too
+ Valor Also gives Riven even more sustain
+ Riven's passive Runic Blade is highly underestimated which provides even more nuke
+ Riven has NO mana or energy or rage!!!
+ Riven's battle bunny skin is sexiest in the game! :D


-If not played right Riven can be an easy feed
-Needs a good team to help her engage/disengage
-Heros like Tryndamere can easily counter Riven

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The masteries i have chosen for this Riven guide are actually the same i use for all my tanky AD Characters, They allow Riven to have the extra damage from the Offensive tree as well as the sustain from the Defense tree and the Utility tree.

Note Summoners wrath can be changed out but i find it helps her take down enemies faster with the improved Exhaust

Although these can be changed for your preference these are just the solid masteries i use for my Tanky AD's

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As Riven i take flat armor yellows & blues with armor pen reds and 2 quints of armor pen and 1 of flat armor, thus providing more sustain and damage to those tankier foes, example Nautilus, Garen, Shyvana, etc...

Ofcourse these are all tier 3 runes but for the poorer of us, tier 2 is fine til we get more of that damned IP!

As i said i before, in the Masteries tab, these can be altered to fit your preference but these are just some nice runes which i like too use.

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Summoner Spells


Exhaust : In my opinion the best summoner spell for Riven as it helps her engage, disengage, run and just overall KILL (Don't take it if your not getting Ghost)

Ghost : Second best for Riven because of how it helps her engage and run, used extremely well with Exhaust (Don't take it if your not getting Exhaust)


Flash : A very popular summoner spell but i find the distance you can run with Ghost in the same time as you can Flash is the same but Ghost doesn't just wear off.

Ignite : Probably 3rd best on riven if your using the same Masteries as me, the improved Ignite will increase your AD & AP quite imenesly

Surge : An alright pick as Riven, if you like Surge go for it!


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Just quickly, i would like to show you a picture of my match history using this build
Even though there is a defeat in there, we were vsing a Tryndamere which is partly why i put him as an example in my pros and cons. But as you can also see, i do go 12/7 so its not too bad!

But now to the Abilities!

Riven's Q Ability Broken Wings Makes her jump 3 times all causing damage and on the 3rd jump it knocks all enemies backwards, scales with AD.

Riven's W Ability Ki Burst is an AoE Stun which does not have its duration increase by upgrading it, thus why we take one point early but make it last.

Riven's E Ability Valor is a Dash which also shields you, its good but nothing compared to Broken Wings therefore we max it second.

Riven's R Ability Blade of the Exile is Rivens ultimate move, it gives her a HUGE Attack Damage increase aswell as a Range increase on her basic attacks with a second use which lets her fire a cone shaped move which hits all enemies inside of it for alot of damage. Take a point in this spell whenever possible.

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Start off with a Doran's Blade for the increased attack damage and run down to the lower bush in the middle of the lane. Your team should follow and the enemies will either already be in there or will come in eventually, depending on how fast you get there.

Next Get Boots of Speed and if possible a Vampiric Scepter then head back to lane, make sure to be last hitting creeps.

After that get Boots of Swiftness, you need this to get around the map fast enough to catch them at dragon, red or chase them down or set up ganks.

Next you want to get a Phage because of its HP increase and AD increase. Back to lane

Then you want to pick up a Executioner's Calling why? you may ask, well i really like this item because it has remained with the same life steal stats even after the life steal nerf. Plus its cheap!

Then you want to upgrade your Phage to a Frozen Mallet, same as the phage, just twice as good and slows targets on hit. Your first end game item.

Then you want to pick up a Maw of Malmortius which is an upgrade of Hexdrinker, yes i know you haven't already bought it but its a very good item. Second end game item.

Now you want too get a bit tanky so i pick up a Sunfire Cape which gives you health and also an awesome AoE aura which damages all enemies around you.

Now you should sell your Executioner's Calling and buy a The Bloodthirster This is alot better because it also gives you AD and more lifesteal and if you don't die much the stacks can really make a big Difference!

And too top it off with the icing on the cake were gonna improve our armour which will give you Crit and AD Scaling with your HP! Its...(Drum Roll) Atma's Impaler!!

After all this your build finished! And you should shred through anyone and anything that gets in the way, i doubt you will get this far, i know i never have, but either way its possible.

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Black Circle = High Importance Kill Whenever Possible.
Red lines = High Risk zones, avoid unless completely essential E.g. chasing.

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Tips & Tricks

As said before, i have alot of games played on this champion so i know a couple of Tricks which you can pull off.

A quick Valor into Broken Wings with the 3rd jump landing in front of the enemy will make you catch up to the enemy and hit them back, follow that up with a Ki Strike and you've got a surefire kill.

A tip here, neither your Broken Wings nor Valor will let you jump over walls so dont even try xD

Riven is a crazy get away champion Ghost + Exhaust + Broken Wings + Valor is an OVERKILL get away/chase so yeah!

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Thanks guys, if you enjoyed the guide please rate it up and check out my YouTube channel!

Too conclude thank you guys for watching, go own some mofos up.