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Riven Build Guide by Calithus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Calithus

Riven - Something something something (Tanky DPS)

Calithus Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Riven is the funniest champion i've ever played, her combos are just so much fun, and here i'm going to show you my way to play her.

This build is under construction and any comments are welcome!

Some games i played:

(The other team was all AD so i got ninja tabi)

(Hexdrinker because of a karthus)

Trololo :D
Snowball riven FTW!

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Build 1 is a tanky dps build, with trinity force, i play most games using this build and get some nice scores.

Build 2 is a full dps build, i do not recommend building Riven this way, but 90% of the people play her as an auto-attack based champion (When they should be playing Master Yi or Tryndamere...) so i'm adding this build.

Build 3 is another tanky dps build, but without trinity force because some people don't like on Riven, i changed trinity for black cleaver but you can take any other item instead.

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Pros / Cons


Amazing chaser
Amazing escaping abilities
Crazy damage during all game
AoE Stun
Gap closer (Even if it's range is very low)
No mana
All spells scale with AD (Including the shield)
Easy to farm
It's a girl!

Only 1 ranged ability and it's your ultimate
Vulnerable to CC
You can't use her spells to pass through walls.
Requires timing in order to max your damage output (Don't just spam QQQ, use Q => AA => Q => AA => Q => AA)
Her sword is broken :(

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For runes i take 9x mark of desolation, 9x Seal of Armor, 9x Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and 3x Quintessence of Health.

I found this to be the best rune set-up for riven, providing early survivability and ArP for tearing those squishes apart!

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I'm still testing 21/6/3 and 21/0/9, both are very good, the first one helping a lot on early game survivability.

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Skill Sequence

I've chosen to max Broken Wings first because it's your main damaging ability, taking a point on Ki Burst and Valor at lvls 2 and 3 and leaving there, then i max up Valor because Ki Burst's stun duration doesn't increase with lvls and Valor's shield really help absorbing some damage.

Priority order:


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Mercury because of the tenacity and MR, a must have on most champions, especially melees.

Trinity force, that's the only core damage item. Why? It's because of that amazing passive that adds 150% of your base AD on each attack after using a spell. It works with each cast on Broken Wings, if your base damage is like...hmmm... 100 and you use an Auto Attack between each cast, you'll be dealing 450 BONUS damage from trinity force! If you do the same with your Ki Burst and Valor you'll deal 750 bonus damage. Not enough?

Ok, plus that amazing passive it adds 30 AD (Not that much but it helps), 30 AS, 12% Move Speed, 250 Health and an On-Hit slow that makes running from you even harder (If not impossible).

With trinity force you'll be dealing TONS of damage! (Thanks Phreak)

All the other items are occasionals:

Get it if the other team is mostly AD and got no CC.

I don't think it's much useful on Riven, but you can get it if you want.

Helps a lot at the laning phase plus give you dragon and buffs control. It's a must buy if you take solo top.

I take it on almost every game, it's amazing for raping those squishes.

Makes you really bulky, after buying this you get a lot tankier and makes you an amazing tower diver. Get it if you are being focused or you need more tankiness for some reason.

Synergies perfectly with Warmog's Armor. Get it if you have enough health and needs damage/armor/crits.

Lots of MR and a little MS bonus. Get it if you are having trouble with that fed Annie

Wanna see that fed Gangplank 1-shooting himself? Get it.

An overlooked item. It's really cheap, adds some nice dmg MR and helps - A lot - surviving that Requiem

A lot of damage and life steal, and it's really easy to farm and get stacks as Riven. Get it if you are absolutely dominating and don't need more survivability.

Damage + Crazy crits? Yes please! This item will boost your damage like crazy. Get it if you are absolutely dominating and don't need more survivability.

Damage, AS and armor reduction. AMAZING on riven. Get it if the other team is stacking some armor.

Get it if the other team is stacking lots of armor, you'll be impressed on how much damage you'll deal on that Rammus with over 350 armor.

Nice MR + Some HP + Spell shield, a good item against champions like LeBlanc that need to use combos in order to be effective. But i would pick Force of Nature over it most of the time.

Some armor, some MR and a free revive every 5 minutes, great item if the other team is focusing you down.

Synergies with The Black Cleaver reducing the enemies' armor even more and gives your team AS and lifesteal. Get it if your team needs you to.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I think it's the best summoner spell, really helps escaping and positioning yourself.

Exhaust: A must pick on riven in my opinion, helps on first blood, chasing and shutting down that fed Vayne/Master Yi/Whatever

Ghost: A good summoner spell on riven, helps chasing, escaping, but i would take Flash instead of Ghost 90% of the time.

Cleanse: Can be really useful and life saving, you can take it if you like it.

Smite: I don't think Riven can jungle well, but I'm seeing some people trying. I do not recommend.

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It's really easy to farm/Last hit as Riven as most of her spells are AoE, her Runic Blade adds damage on casting spells (It helps securing last hits) and she doesn't use mana, just use Broken Wings and Ki Burst to secure last hits.

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Lane partners

You'll want to lane with champions that have CC (Slow, stun, taunt, ensnare).

Leona Is the best partner for you, lots of CC and her passive would boost your damage.

Blitzcrank Would be great too, nobody would ever run from you two.

Janna can support you while slowing and throwing people on the air. Another great partner.

Jarvan IV Can slow enemies, throw them in the air and give you Armour/AS.

I will add more soon.

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Under construction

This guide is under construction, leave a comment below if you want me to add something :)