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Riven Build Guide by Iscariot5

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Iscariot5

Riven's Custom Sauce (Tanky DPS)

Iscariot5 Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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THIS GUIDE IS A TANKY DPS, not a full dps, which is the reason for the runes that i have chosen and items. For those of you that only look at the pictures of items and runes and decide to downnvote, i hope you at least read this. Riven is a fairly new Melee Attack damage champion for league of legends, and i have yet to play against a decent riven in game, so i decided to start testing a build, and i believe i have found an incredibly effective approach to building a successful riven. This guide will BRIEFLY discuss riven's mechanics, pro's, con's, item possibilities, masteries, runes, and so forth. Please read and test the full guide before criticizing. Riven is an aggressive champion, and should be used to push enemy champions around in the lane, if utilized correctly.

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Pros / Cons

Good short distance mobility via Broken Wings, Valor
Short duration stun via Ki Burst
Bully in early laning game
Only limited by cooldowns (No mana)
Short cooldowns

Very vulnerable to silences
Skill dependent
Easily Focused

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Focusing on damage output, you want to max out your offensive masteries, and put as much into utility as possible, mostly for health regeneration. However, if you feel it necessary, you can do defensive masteries instead of utility, since this will be a tanky dps build. It is necessary to put a point into Cripple and Haste seeing that those are the summoner spells used, but if you decide to use other summoner spells, be sure to get their masteries instead.

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Runes are fully defensive, to give you as much early lane survivability as possible, enabling you to be very aggressive and stay in the lane for a long period of time. I choose flat armor and magic resist runes for this exact reason. I feel that armor/magic resist per level runes don't add enough in the long run to be worth the wait, while flat armor and magic resistance give you a good amount of early game durability, which is when it count's the most. runes include Greater Mark of Magic Resist, Greater Mark of Armor, Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, Greater Quintessence of Armor, and Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist

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Summoner Spells

ghost and exhaust, two very popular spells for dps champion. Ghost is a very useful spell for fleeing from champions, and catching up to champions, or just getting somewhere really freakin fast. Exhaust is also very useful for catching up to champions, or totally crushing their damage output. Exhaust can be the gamechanger that causes you to come out of a fight alive which would have otherwise been a sure loss.

Alternatives for Ghost
Flash is a similar to ghost, except that it teleports your champion to target location (very short distance). The idea of flash is to use it across obstacles on the map that you would otherwise have to run around, causing an obstruction between you and your opponent. The reason that i do not use this is that it is not very helpful when you need to get somewhere fast (such as your ally needs some help and you need a speed boost), and i am not as skilled with it as i am with Ghost.
teleport can also be used, but i wouldn't recommend it if your a player on your team already has one. It is primarily used to keep towers from being destroyed, or getting back in the lane to minimize time lost when buying or healing. But it can also be used to surprise enemies that are currently attacking an ally.

Alternatives for Exhaust
I would highly recommend that you keep exhaust.... but if you must get another other summoner spells then so be it.
ignite is a good summoner spells to pick up kills that you otherwise wouldn't get, but i don't think that it helps as much as Exhaust would, since Exhaust helps you pick up kills as well as keeps you alive.

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Skill Sequence

Your going to start out with Broken Wings, seeing that it is a good farming tool, getaway tool, and gap closing tool. Your Second skill is going into Ki burst. This will really help your early game harassment, and should add a good amount of burst for you to get some early kills. Third is Valor of course. This is where you really get aggressive. Your skill use should be in this order. Valor, Broken Wings, Ki Burst. This gives for some incredible early game bursts, and even kills if Ghost and Exhaust are utilized correctly, and due to your defensive runes and early game tankiness, the damage done to you is decreased tremendously. The skill that should be maxed first is Broken Wings, then Ki Burst and Valor last, and of course put a point into blade of the exile whenever available.

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Farming and early game Strategies.

Broken Wings and Ki Burst Make for great farming tools in all phases of the game, and since you don't rely on mana, you don't have to worry about overusing them in the laning phase. Laning strategies make riven a very tough champion to lane against. When laning, do what you can to control the bush that is in your lane, and when skills are ready to use, Valor to the nearest champion, Broken Wings to get closer if Valor didn't reach them, and do some damage, and then finish it off with Ki Burst and by that time they should be on their way towards their turret. Re-enter your bush and repeat, helping you zone your enemy champion and possibly get you some early game kills. Please do not do this if you will die, you need to use your head of course, and play skillfully. Try to save your Blade of the Exile wind slash ability for a last resort to pick up kills if you can't get them otherwise, seeing that it does the most damage when the opponent is low on hp. But you Should activate Blade of the Exile before entering any fight with an opponent. Also, don't be afraid to do some early game ganks in other lanes. A good player is mobile on the map, try to be unpredictable and pick up some early game kills or even assists, to help you earn quick cash to get ahead of your opponents.

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This section is probably all that have of the people that view this guide will read, if they even scroll to this section. I know most people just look at the pictures and leave it at that, but this will explain the items that i use, why i use them, and what you could get in situations that they may not be effective.

Long Sword
This is used for some good early game damage increase, and because of your runes, you don't need a tanky item. This is also used to make Phage which will be purchased later.

Health Potion
To keep you in your lane as long as possible, this is used for almost every champion, if the gold is available.

Built from the Long Sword, increasing health and attack damage, and giving you a passive that could be the difference between a near kill and a kill. Also used to make Trinity Force later on.

Mercury's Treads
These are boots..... and boots should be bought for every champion. The also increase your magic resistance and tenacity (reduces crowd control effects). Great for this build since we are building tanky/dps

Very suitable item for riven, giving a good passive, and some useless ability power and mana, but you should overlook that for now. It will pay off i promise.

Gives a small amount of attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance. This will be used to make your second full item.

Trinity force
It amazes me that Riven players that i have seen do not drool at the sight of buying this item. I believe that this item is what makes riven a successful champion. It comes with hp, mana, attack speed, attack damage, movement speed, critical chance, ability power, and a passive that could not be better for riven, given her very short cooldowns. This item will maximize your damage output, and increase your bursts tremendously.

Aegis of the legion
Good tanky item for you and your team, giving both of you health, armor, and magic resistance. I experimented with this and Frozen Mallet, and both are viable options, but many people think that Frozen Mallet passive does not stack well with Trinity Force and i think that Aegis of the Legion is necessary for adding good survivability to you and your teammates.

Chain Vest
Gives some extra armor and is used to make your next full item

Atma's Impaler
Gives a small increase in critical chance, and a significant increase in your attack damage.

Infinity Edge
Huge damage increase, high critical strike chance, and increases your critical strike damage from 200% to 250%. This is gonna wreck people.

Banshee's veil
A good item for all champions, giving good health increase, high magic resistance, and a passive that could be the difference between living and dying. This could be swapped with Guardian Angel if you need some more armor, but i don't imagine that you would.

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In general, i think that riven is best used when built as a tanky dps, and must be played aggressively to be played effectively. As i say in all my builds, the build doesn't make the player, so please don't rage to me if you have a bad game. This build is not going to win you games, you are, but this will certainly help. And also, please attempt this build before voting, and give me feedback and opinions. Thanks for reading, and i hope it works out for you. If you wish to contact me in game my ign is Iscariot5, and feel free to look at my match history if you wish.

I will be updating these records as i play more games, i just started riven today, so be patient lol.