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Rumble Build Guide by 2Much4Yoh

AP Offtank Rumble - I'm on a boat!

AP Offtank Rumble - I'm on a boat!

Updated on October 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 2Much4Yoh Build Guide By 2Much4Yoh 57 19 337,992 Views 37 Comments
57 19 337,992 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 2Much4Yoh Rumble Build Guide By 2Much4Yoh Updated on October 12, 2012
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Hello everyone, I'm 2Much4Yoh, and this is my first guide ,featuring Rumble,my favorite character. Why? Because he rides a boat, so when you faceroll, you have rights to say, I'M ON A BOAT! With the bilgerat skin of course! Rumble is a very unique champion. He combines a burst of a mage, the shield of a tank, and the very painful auto attacks of a DPS. Rumble is best stated as tanky AP. Feel free to add suggestions ,ask questions, or comment!

Rumble is a very easy to play champion. His learning curve is very small, simply because he combines the easy parts of many champions and makes a great, balance between them. His main damage/harass comes from Flamespitter, a cone shaped flamethrower that heavily disrupts team fights and farms amazingly. It's like Pantheon's Heartseeker Strike, however, it's less punishing and easier to use because of the fact that unlike heartseeker strike which requires you to be stationary and the enemy to just stand in it, usually requiring a stun. Flamespitter however, lets you move around to chase the enemy,and it's amazing with Rylai's.

Rumble also has a unique cost, Heat which raises by 20 as he uses spells,and lowers over time as he doesn't. When Rumble reaches 50 Heat,all of his abilities besides his ult gain extra effects, like more damage, slow, movement speed,and shield health. These all increase by 30% which is fatal to squishies and those who try to get away at the last second. However,once he reaches 100 Heat, he overheats and is silenced, but gains additional magic damage on his auto attacks, which scale with level and AP. This requires control to stay in Danger Zone, unless you want the magic damage which is incredible early and mid game, and potentially late.
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Pros / Cons


[*] Easy to play and get used to.
[*] Really tanky.
[*] Does amazing damage overall game,which not many champions can pull off.
[*] Gets additional magic damage on his auto attacks once overheated,that scale with level and AP.
[*] Can stay in lane INCREDIBLY long.
[*] Ult can turn the tide in a team fight,chase, or escape.

[*] When you overheat you silence yourself, which can screw up a chase or an escape.
[*] Requires control in order to stay in danger zone to get additional damage and effects on his abilities.
[*] Ult may require getting used to with positioning and uses.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x 9

These are amazing for Rumble's damage. These give you 8.5 magic pen total. The squishies in LoL have 30 MR early game. That's about a 1/3 of their MR, along with the 10% granted by Archaic Knowledge ! So this boosts your harassment ridiculously well early game. Late game grab Abyssal Mask and this will STILL be effective.

Greater Seal of Armor x 9 OR Greater Seal of Magic Resist x 9

Armor seals are for those many physical bruisers top while MR seals are for those top casters such as Vladimir.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power x 9

These REALLY boost your early game. Why? Because when you combine them with Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x 3, you get 24 AP! Flamespitter has a .45 AP ratio for each second. However, it procs over 3 seconds. If all your hits land, that's a 1.35 AP ratio. That's amazing. Multiply that by 24. That's 32.4,but the damage is rounded up to about 34 because of each hit. The damage added to 90/180/270/360/450 WITHOUT AP ITEMS. This also makes your Electro-Harpoon EXTREMELY punishing, because of the .5 ratio, which if both Harpoons hit one person, that's 1.0 already with pretty good base damage.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x 3

Same reasoning as the Glyphs.
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I run 9/21/0, like in season one masteries. In offense, I run my old magic pen route, plus the mastery for Ghost. This boosts his overall game since you already get so much magic pen from runes.

In defense, I run naturally, the tank route. I grab all the % damage reductions. As a tanky AP, you want to have Rumble in the front as long as you can. You also want to be able to clean up a fight, and reduce the chances of getting nuked. That's why I run the defense tree instead of the 21 Utility tree.

Honestly, 9/0/21 just isn't as viable for Rumble as tanky AP, but, if you want to, I'm sure it might work.
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For starting items, you either choose between Boots or Doran's Shield. I prefer Boots in many more situations because mobility is a huge advantage that provide many situations for an easy kill, but Doran's Shield gives you the ability to stay in lane because of its regen and armor against bruisers.

If you have to go back, try to at least have money for an Amplifying Tome. This provides the opportunity to either build into Hextech Revolver or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. In most situations, you want to build a Revolver first because A. It's cheaper and B. It provides good sustain in lane. However, if you're truly dominating in lane, you can get a Rylai's right off the bat, but be sure to get a Will of the Ancients, as it not only helps you, it helps your team and can really give you an edge in team fights.

As you're building your Will of the Ancients or Rylai's Crystal Scepter, try to get your tier 2 boots. That extra movement and extra stat based on which boots you choose can really turn the tide. If you feel like you don't need to worry about their CC, you should go for Sorcerer's Shoes, to give your spells that extra power. If they do have CC that's giving you trouble, go for your Mercury Treads.

Now from here, you can get one of two items. You can either go for a Rabadon's Deathcap as extra damage if you're not having problems dying, or you can get Zhonya's Hourglass, for extra survivability, the active provides you 2 seconds of invincibility, which gives you extra time for your cooldowns to go down and for you to start wrecking again, cleaning up team fights and overall affecting the fight more. Either way, grab one after the other as soon as possible.

For your last item, I recommend a nice Abyssal Mask to give you that extra survivability against various casters. It not only gives you some decent MR, but provides a nice aura for your AP to burst them down even with items such as Mercury Treads.

One small note, if you're either dominating your lane or losing your lane hard, get a Haunting Guise. This item is just amazing for tanky APs. It provides a subtle amount of health, AP, and gives you a great Magic Pen boost. Buy it while you're building Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Will of the Ancients, then sell it after building either Rabadon's Deathcap or Zhonya's Hourglass.
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Alternative Items

The two main replaceable items in the build are
[*] Zhonya's Hourglass And
[*] Abyssal Mask

The former can be replaced by Thornmail/ Randuin's Omen because they're both great items, however, Thornmail is very situational, whereas Hourglass can be used in a multitude of situations, and Randuin's isn't as needed because of Rylai's in the build.

The latter can be replaced by Banshee's Veil/ Void Staff/ Deathfire Grasp. Banshee's has great survivabillity and an awesome passive, Void is for the people who just stack MR, and Gunblade is awesome for lifesteal and spell vamp, while adding some punch to your auto attacks. Also, Deathfire Grasp lost it's MP5 after the Spectator patch, making it a great possibility for Rumble, thank you Kabutozero for suggesting this!
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Skill Sequence

The Equalizer > Flamespitter > Electro-Harpoon > Scrap Shield
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ult of course, Flamespitter for massive damage, chasing, farming, and harassment.Now, the latter two you can switch. However,Electro Harpoon is MUCH better for chasing and killing because even though Scrap Shield give movement speed, Electro Harpoon's damage is AMAZINGbecause of the ability to cast it twice even overheated, and the slow too!. It's just preference though, but this is always my skill sequence.
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Unique Skills

The Equalizer is the first drag and click skill in LoL. It's amazing in team fights, chasing, running, saving, you get the point. It's freaking awesome. Now,when you cast it, there are multiple uses. You can block off an escape route into a fight, block an entry route into a fight, STEAL BARON, snipe unwitting 2 barred champions at their turrets, use it directly in a team fight with all the confusion and hit all of the other team and likely destroy them or take some of them out. It's really useful. I'll update this section with the screens of uses of Equalizer later, but here are some good combos to partner with when using it.

Amumu:He grabs OR uses his ult,you directly use ult to make them stay in the DoT or use their summoner spells.

Anivia:She uses her wall and ult,you can either cut off a route they're trying to use to escape the ult, and they'll either have to run through it,or have to turn around, which can be fatal.

Jarvan IVIf he uses his ult while you use yours,they're not getting out alive because of the fact the AoE DoT is huge while being trapped in Jarvan's circle.

Actually,anyone with CC or a zoning/walling ability is good with Rumble.
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Skill Combos

With Rumble, typically what you want to do is use Electro-Harpoon when starting a chase, then immediately following it up with both Scrap Shield and Flamespitter, hopefully with Rylai's by now. Rinse and repeat until
[*] A. They've escaped to the turret and you don't want to chase.
[*] B. You've overheated.

Now, if you're in situation A, if they aren't tanky, or have a decent amount of health left, you can attempt to snipe them at their turret. Just simply use The Equalizer, preferably when they're on screen, but Fog of War is easy to work with. With enough luck/AP (Most likely AP), you'll kill the opponent without pain.

However, in situation B, when you're overheated, it's very easy to do crazy damage with your auto attacks. The reason is because, with my build, each Junkyard Titan proc does a ton of damage easily. This can kill them before they can run while you don't have a slow or speed up.
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Summoner Spells

I run Flash/ Ignite because I like to chase, escape,snipe with my ult, or make sure I will kill them.However, Exhaust or Ghost are great alternatives, Exhaust almost ensuring you can survive duels, run, or lower damage in team fights, while Ghost allows you to continue extended escapes, chases, or to get team fights in extreme situations.
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Early Game

Rumble's early game is where he shines in many ways. Rumble is one of the most dangerous top solo early games, on par with Riven and Darius in my opinion. You want to farm and harass with Flamespitter all the time, but make sure you grab Sight Ward in case you push your lane out way too much and their jungler is doing their job and ganking top. Also, make sure if you think your opponent has warded that you tell your jungler before they come to gank, or else you waste your jungler's time. Remember if you're getting harassed, you should use Scrap Shield to constantly combo with Flamespitter.
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When you farm, you ALWAYS want to stay in danger zone for Flamespitter. Even though the damage is reduced, it's still amazing for farming and pushing that lane extremely hard. You also harass VERY easily when farming with Rumble's two offensive spells.
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When jungling just for farming, AND NOT ACTUAL JUNGLING, just use all your skills until you overheat for the magic damage. Rumble can actually use both standard buffs efficiently because with Blue, he gets CDR for his Flamespitter while Red grants him that extra slow when overheat chasing.
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Overall, Rumble is a very easy to learn champion.He excels at many roles, and is not at all hard to get used to.His ultimate is VERY dangerous, but it takes some time to use effectively,so you just need to practice with it.Thank you for your time,please give suggestions and comment!
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