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Rumble Build Guide by Frootl00ps

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frootl00ps

Rumble, The king of all Teletubbies

Frootl00ps Last updated on July 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Rumble is a tanky AP caster that is mostly played in the top lane. Rumble is one of those champs that are strong at all stages in the game. Rumble's laning phase is hella strong, he can efficiently get last hits and can trade/kill very well. As the laning phase closes, We transfer to mid game. Rumble"s mid game is still really strong. Your ult allows you to roam the map and secure objectives or win small skirmishes. Proper use of your individual play/team play can decide the state of the late game. Transitioning to late game, your job is to soak up dmg for your carries as well as put out as much dmg as you can, utilizing your kit.

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About me

My IGN is Frootl00ps I'm just a casual player. I Wanted to make a guide on one of my favorite champions, Rumble. I play more of a defensive, brusier type Rumble. I don't really like getting DPS items on Rumble such as deathcap, because most of the time your in melee range and your prone to get focused. Therefore I prefer more defensive items. I mostly play normals, because as i stated before, I am just a casual player. Hope you guys enjoy my short guide on rumble.

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When playing against AD you wanna start cloth armor + 5 pots. On your first back your gonna wanna buy haunting guise, as it provides HP,AP,MPEN. If u can't afford Haunting guide, try to buy sorcerer shoes instead. If u can't afford that, then buy boots of speed and dorans shield. Dorans shield is actually very good vs AD. It provides you HP,armor,HPregen, and 6 damage block. The rest of the items are situational.

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When playing against AP you wanna start 2 wards + 9 pots. Then build haunting guise as its very good for trading/killing. If u can't afford haunting guide, By amplifying tone + null magic mantle. Then buy haunting guise. Boots are situational, If u can think that you can already kill the enemy, then buy sorcerer shoes. If u feel that you are behind, then buy mercury treds. The rest of the items are situational.

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-Boots are situational.

-If your even in lane, Buy Haunting guise for better trading and harass.

-If your losing to AD buy Ninja Tabi, Doran shield, and seeker's armgaurd as early buys. Then build the core.

-If you losing to AP buy Mercury treds, Negatron cloak, and even null magic mantle if you really need it. Then Build the core.

-The Core: Rylais crystal scepter is by far the best item to get on rumble. Rylais slow procs rumbles flamespitter which can allow you to get a full duration flamespitter. It also applies to his electro harpoons and ult which can leave enemies perma slowed.

-Liandry's torment: Liandry's is a ridiculous item on rumble paired with rylais. The extra burn effect and magic pen allows you to deal devastating aoe DoT damage.

-Zhonya's: the hourglass is a great item on rumble. This item allows you to dive enemy carries with ease and still get out alive. By droping a ult, flashing into a flamespitter and some harpoons then finishing with ignite will surely drop or greatly cripple their carries. Being now surronded by the enemy team you are surely going to get dropped...But wait! u have a zhonya's! Pop zhonya's and watch as your team follows up and saves your ***. Or not. Depends on if your team isn't complete *******s.

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Thank you

Concluding my short guide, I want to remind you guys that not everyone plays the same way. It is up to you to find your playstyle and what build suits you best. I hope you guys learned something from my guide. Have fun playing Rumble!!!!1