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Ryze Build Guide by JOBRYN

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JOBRYN

Ryze: I WILL come at you, bro. (revamped)

JOBRYN Last updated on October 29, 2013
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1) Introduction

JOBRYN here on my favorite champ: RyzeI use Ryze all the time and after figuring out what works for me and what's actually achievable in a game, I decided to put up a guide.

Enjoy and let me know what you guys think!

This guide is great for the pairing of Ryze and a good tank or melee/***ain.

Also, Please Plus Vote for me!! I really appreciate it!

Thanks, JOBRYN

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2) Items: order and explanation team 1 ryze #1.

OK. so with a brand new order of items (I had been playing ryze wrong all along) you start out with

Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed to help Ryze run.

On deck is A staple in a balanced Ryze diet Catalyst the Protector, you gotta love the health and mana regen when you level up!

4th in the lineup, garunteed to make Overload disinigrate health is the Sorcerer's Shoes. With the extra magic pen, especially in this early-mid game, you'll devastate.

Batting 5th is A pretty heavy hitter, She'll turn the tides in your favor, Rod of Ages.

Basically Catalyst the Protector on steroids, adding heavy damage over time if the game is a longer one.

Now we're entering our late game stages and its about time to pick up Glacial Shroud. now if you've already got enough to flat out buy Frozen Heart, do it.

Otherwise, Odyn's Veil is looking pretty good right about now, giving you mana, health, resist, and something pretty unique. it stores any magic damage you take. which is SOOO helpful if youre playing another mage (which is likely, they'll always put a mage or two in the F2P champs.) because it stores a % of how much they hurt you and then after a little, you can throw it back at them! REVENGE.

Getting even later in the game, champs are stronger dealing more and more damage, you need to be prepared. That's right. It's Armor time. You've already got decent health, and tons o mana, if you happen to have a lull in champions or youre already dominating multiple turrets, take a quick pitstop.

Grab Frozen Heart Ever had an Ex-girlfriend say "You have a Frozen Heart!"? Nope, me neither, thats just weird. But in this case, Frozen Heart's are the perfect solution late-game. 99 Armor is. A. Ton. (for a mage..) but it also Gives you lovely CDR and Slows down those pesky runners.

{if you have extra cash after frozen heart grab some build items for Archangel's Staff}

Batting Last, but most certainly not least, Mr. Archangel's Staff. With Basically everything from AP to a mana stack effect, This is Probably Ryze's Favorite toy. And as for Pinch hitters and runners, I threw in Health Potion's. (Buy as needed throught)

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3) Skill Sequence

So when I'm in game (and I'm sure this is similar for most of you) I adapt to whom I'm

playing against.

I.E. if I keep going up against a big tank Shen or Mr. OP: Amumu, I'd build Spell Flux and Overload asap to lower his resist and then nail him with everything you've got.

But if I have a faster character or squishy its definitly Overload and the ever game changing Rune Prison with a little Spell Flux sprinkled on top.

As far as from one spell to the other, normally, its Overload, Rune Prison, desparate power Overload, Spell Flux, Overload etc. You can also opt for desparate power Overload Rune Prison Overload Spell Flux Overload etc.

Just a different placement of desparate power

That goes for assasins too, don't want them to jump you untill you're ready! obviously get your Desperate Power (ULTIMATE, if you didnt know) up as fast as ya can.


So what i have up top is just a mix of the two.

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4) Runes--Oh-so-Helpful-Runes

These Runes are the same as mine for a regular 5v5 match I have 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (which gives you about 8 magic pen, which is AMAZING early game.

I Put mana per level Seal's Greater Seal of Knowlage which is an amazing amount of mana!

then Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction


I stand by these because they give you a good mix :)

after the math, you can opt out to go with the CDR per level runes, but the switch happens a little late for my liking, so if you can get kills early game or you're just a harass role, then maybe the per level runes are better for you.

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5) Masteries

I have 9-0-21 for all of my builds, pretty normal stuff for ryze.

with cooldown help from the utilities and free magic penetration from the offense, its a pretty good deal, and it'll help you in that unstable early game.

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6) Summoner Spells

Flash is always helpful when a bunch of enemy's pop out of the jungle and GTSOY (Gank the S*** outta you)

you have a chance at survival.

Ghost instead of Exhaust because in dominion, the extra boost is great for multiple things, racing for an objective, chasing down a low HP enemy, or Running from that Gank I said from before.

Also, using the DISRUPTOR build, use And Garrison beceause youre going to be doing alot of defense either camping a turret, you racing to a nearby one and you could use the extra support. Trust me. This is pretty much the norm as far as im concerned in Dominion. Then you have your options:

MAYBE: Ignite (to finish of those pesky runners) Heal if thats what youre used to.

HELL NO: FORTIFY (THIS IS DOMINION!!) CLAIRVOYANCE(WHYYYYYY???) PROMOTE(KIND OF A WASTE...) SMITE (YOURE NOT A JUNGLER...) Revive isnt that neccesary in Dominion, so don't use it for Mr. Ryze. Clairity This Ryze has SOOOOO MUCH MANA.. (and regen))

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Ryze is a big combo user. By this, I mean its button mashing, but mastered... for example, when youre GTSOS (Ganking the S*** outta someone) you should do Rune Prison so they cant run for a couple seconds, and your team can jump on him. then Overload, spellflux, Overload and between that and whatever your team is doing, they done.


Otherwise, ripping out devastating combos with Overload Desperate Power Rune Prison (useful becasue after they see how much Overload hurts, they're gonna want to run.) Overload spellflux etc.

Got it?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you have any other situations in mind, PM me and ill put it up here

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8) ROLE--The Great Disruptor.

Ryze is an amazing Disruptor, the time a level 5 Rune Prison holds them, you can half a capturers health. kill them if you have a few friends :) But beware, the capper may have a few of his own friends... (this is for the second champion)

**USE Ignite to finish off a champ you got low and the either flashed off, or ran off with Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness.

And Garrison beceause youre going to be doing alot of defense either camping a turret, you racing to a nearby one and you could use the extra support

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9) Items (Ryze Team two)

So its really similar to the first one, except a Hextech Revolver in the middle because its one of a few spell vamp items and it will build to Will of the Ancients if you choose that path. This Ryze does more offense than more defense (running around turrets or running up to champs capping a turret) Ryze:) also with the potion buying at the end when you're pretty much set :)

**see previous chapter about usage of Ignite

as well as previous chapters about other itmes

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10) Items--Ryze #2 Team 1--Armor/mana/ D-# (fence)

I start

out the same with Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed and Catalyst the Protector and Sorcerer's Shoes. These begining game items all remain the same

Then I start to change it up to beef up Ryze's mid game mana ap ownage. with an archangesl's staff this early, you'll definitly improve that shakey begining-mid game Ryze.

Now we have a sufficent amount of mana, we add armor. you can opt out and go straight for Frozen Heart or if you just dont have enough gold when youre making a pitstop, buy Glacial Shroud and depart from there, returning later to get Frozen Heart.

Some of you may be thinking why does he have Odyn's Veil so late in compairison to his other builds? simple. with the early archangels staff you're set with mana for a while and Frozen Heart gives you a bunch of armor anyways. infact, its almost like an extension on armor because you're getting MResist as well with Odyn's Veil.

I also placed the Thornmail build at the very end so that mega tanks who turret dive have just a little harder of a time killing you.

This is a new favorite for me because you get lots of kills begining-mid game,therefore slowing how fast the enemies can construct their own builds. so you keep killing an enemy team that has teir one items while you soar past Frozen Heart and onto the deathcap and GG for them.

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11) Summary

Ryze is my Go To Guy But summoner beware: Just don't screw your team if 3 people already have Ranged, Suck it up and go with a tank or other melee sources, sorry..

But what I didn't realize is how much health he has with all these items, 3k Plus isnt something you could just combo kill instantly, alone.

Unless you're GTSGOY (Getting the S*** ganked outta you.) With all this mana and CDR plus Ryze's passive ability ( Arcane Mastery) you're able to rip out devastating combos that make HP Dissapear...

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12) Notes etc.

So Don't be a jerkface by Negative voting, or commenting like this is Youtube, Basically Don't Knock it till you've tried it... A few times. because maybe you faced a super hard team or you owned a super noob team,

you never know!

A BIG thank you to TrevLinden16, and Shadow Palm!! this guide was junk before they got here!