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Ryze Build Guide by KrachZischEnte

Ryze - Tank Style + 4375MP

By KrachZischEnte | Updated on March 28, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Greetings Summoner


I'm the RagingDuck - KrachZischEnte and I will show You how to play a Tanky Mage --> Ryze

I don't understand why some players need 2 escape spells,...
With this build You will have a huge DMG output without weakness.


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Whenever You use an Ability, Ryze has to stop! So you need more movement to chase.
So I decide to use Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed.

For more damage (Mana) use
Greater Glyph of Knowledge for Glyphs
Greater Seal of Knowledge for Seals
and for Magic Penetration
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
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I choose 21/6/3...

Offensive (for damage only) tree is self-explanatory.
Mental Force , Blast , Archmage for AP (Bad scale with Overload but still damage!)
Arcane Knowledge , Havoc , Executioner for more damage
and Sorcery for CD.

In defense tree You have to skill Resistance and Hardiness .

And finally to increase your man pool skill Expanded Mind .

You don’t really need the 3-MP5 from Meditation
Summoner's Insight The 15 seconds CD on Flash are also overrated.

Awareness Useless after LvL 18 and You don’t need the Cool-Down reduction of Intelligence . You will reach the 40% cap. with my Itembuild.
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Now let me explain you my build.

You can start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion to stay longer on Lane to farm.

If You aren’t practiced in "Last-hitting", You can still start with a Sapphire Crystal and 2x Health Potion. But keep in your mind that u have to get the Boots early.

The most important item for Ryze is Tear of the Goddess.

To stack Health Points and Mana buy a Catalyst the Protector + Sorcerer's Shoes and depending on your enemy your next items are Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart. (You don’t need a Frozen Heart against AP carry during laning phase).

Continue with the Abyssal Mask or Archangel's Staff
Don't finish Archangel's Staff as long as your Tear of the Goddess hasn't more than 800 Stacks.

Finally to evade their magic resistance (Business as usual) i go for a Void Stuff.

And don't forget to buy your Elixir of Brilliance and Elixir of Fortitude.

End geared you will have:
4375 Mana Points
34% Cool-Down reduction (10% from your Overload, 20% Frozen Heart, 4% Sorcery
374,589 AP
28,55 Magic Penetration
20 Magic Penetration aura
50% Magic Penetration
And enaugh Armor and Magic resistance for longer fights.

(With Elixir of Brilliance)
40% Cool-Down reduction
414,5xx AP

Why no Will of the Ancients?

As explained AP scales bad with your Overload which is your best damage spell (we will talk about later).
With 40% Cool-Down reduction your Desperate Power has only 30 seconds Cool-Down, which offers you 25% spell vamp.
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~~Skill Sequence~~

Your passive Arcane Mastery is quite over-powered.

Overload is Your highest damage output ability. So max it first.

Rune Prison is a good CC to hold enemies on distance with nice damage. Skill it on LvL 2 and max it with LvL 13.

Spell Flux decrease the Magic resistance of enemy targets. Skill it on LvL 3 and max it last.
You use this spell to trigger your passive and to reduce their Magic resistance. It doesn't deal that damage.

Desperate Power Your ultimate gives you +Mana, 25% spell vamp and your abilities will deal splash damage in a short area. Don't be gentle in using it.
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~~How to PEW PEW~~

To do the most damage use this rotations:

If possible and the enemy isn't running away, start with
Overload --> Rune Prison --> Spell Flux --> Overload

That’s the standard rotation to hares.

Late game with 40% Cool-Down reduction
Overload --> Rune Prison --> Overload --> Spell Flux --> Overload --> Desperate Power(To reduce Cool-Down by 1 sec.) --> Overload.

In Team fight you should start with:
Desperate Power(To do AoE damage) --> Overload --> Spell Flux(To reduce all their magic resistance for the Team) --> Overload --> Rune Prison --> Overload

Dont do basic attacks on enemy champion during chasing. Use abilities and during Cool-Down (Very short Cool-Down) chase him! Keep moving!
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~~Summoner Spells~~

Flash Is your escape and hunting spell. Flash in to snare someone,...

Ignite Always a good Summoner spell to reduce heal and HP regeneration by tanky champs.

Ghost doesn’t help me if i got caught from both sides. So i prefer Flash.

Surge, Teleport, Revive, Promote, etc... not useful enough
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In early game try to lasthit with your basic attack.

After You get Tear of the Godess use your spells to get CS.(Stacking as fast as possible)
But keep in mind to save 50% of your Mana pool for fight or escape.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KrachZischEnte
KrachZischEnte Ryze Guide
Ryze - Tank Style + 4375MP