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Yasuo Build Guide by Doctor Yas

Middle [S12] *UPDATED* In-Depth Yasuo Build Guide | Patch 12.17

Middle [S12] *UPDATED* In-Depth Yasuo Build Guide | Patch 12.17

Updated on September 20, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doctor Yas Build Guide By Doctor Yas 286 15 432,754 Views 11 Comments
286 15 432,754 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doctor Yas Yasuo Build Guide By Doctor Yas Updated on September 20, 2022
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Doctor Yas's Featured Video

Runes: Standard Rune Page Melee

1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S12] *UPDATED* In-Depth Yasuo Build Guide | Patch 12.17

By Doctor Yas
Hey everyone! My name is Mark, but most Yasuo players know me as DoctorYas. I am a Master tier Yasuo mid lane OTP on the NA server. I have been playing Yasuo since season 5, and have watched the evolution of this champion from Tanksuo back into Critsuo. I have over 4 million mastery points on this champion across multiple accounts. He is easily my favorite champion in the entire game.

Love or hate Yasuo, there is no doubt that he is easily one of the most exciting champions to play in the game. His kit is extremely versatile, and he has one of the highest skill ceilings.

If you decide to read past this point then I hope I can answer all of your questions about Yasuo. If not then I highly recommend checking out my other channels as I go in-depth with builds, guides, and other forms of gameplay to help you improve your Yasuo skills.

Video Guides

If you're a little too lazy to read this entire article then I would highly recommend watching some of my in-depth Yasuo guides. I provide tons of amazing content on YouTube and Twitch. My videos go in-depth with the current best builds for Yasuo, game knowledge, and so much more. I will leave a link below to my current season 12 Yasuo guide for those interested in watching rather than reading.

Which Lane?
+ Strong Map Control
+ Low Threat Champions
+ High Snowball Potential
- Easily Gankable
- Potential For Full AD Team

Mid Lane
Mid lane is my primary role, and the role I believe Yasuo has the most potential in. Mid lane gives Yasuo access to the entire map allowing him to apply pressure and snowball harder than in any other lane. He also faces the least amount of threats in the mid lane. Aside from assassins, mid lane mages pose little to no threat as Yasuo can Wind Wall most crucial abilities.

+ Longer Lane
+ Easy Wave Control
+ High Snowball Potential
- Easily Gankable
- Tons of terrible match ups
Top Lane
Top lane used to be my secondary role until Yasuo got gutted by Rot into only building crit. This made it even harder to face counter match ups like Darius, Renekton, etc. I no longer play top lane Yasuo as Yone can do what Yasuo top does, but 10x better. Yasuo top is still viable, but much harder to play.

+ Duo lane
+ Can Wind Wall Most ADC's
+ Great synergy with tons of supports
- Horrible early game
- Lack of ranged carries on team
Bot Lane
Bot lane has become my new secondary role with Yasuo as I find that he counters tons of match ups in the bot lane. Just be careful early game, and make sure to respect supports with tons of CC like Leona and Nautilus. Once you hit three, or pick up Berserker's Greaves you can start to duel much more effectively with other ADC's.
Level Up Order

  • Legend: Alacrity: It goes without saying that attack speed is very important on Yasuo as it helps max out the CD to his Q, Steel Tempest, so having more attack speed leads to maxing out this ability faster.
  • Coup de Grace: I find Coup de Grace to be an amazing rune for Yasuo as he tends to want to stay healthier in fights. The only time I would replace Coup de Grace is if I was either top lane as Cut Down is more effective into tanks, or if I was in a harder match up where I will be at a lower HP and Last Stand would come into play more often.



Season 12 has brought a whole new set of runes for Yasuo to try out. Season 11 brought out the Conqueror and Fleet Footwork meta, but now season 12 had made Lethal Tempo reign supreme. Lethal Tempo is used in almost 99% of all Yasuo player's match ups, but there are still times where players like PZzang will run Conqueror. Let's have an indepth look at Yasuo's rune options.


Lethal Tempo or Conqueror?
Right now, I would say that almost all of your Yasuo games should be paired with Lethal Tempo. This rune has been dominating the ADC meta, and Yasuo is no exception. The only time I would take Conqueror over Lethal Tempo is if you are in a hard assassin or bruiser match up, or if the enemy team have three or more armor stacking tanks.

Conqueror has fallen out of meta with Yasuo since Lethal Tempo has given Yasuo the early game spike he needs with its ramping attack speed.

Bone Plating or Second Wind?
Both options are amazing for Yasuo. It really just comes down to lane match up. Bone Plating is much better into melee match ups like Zed, Qiyana, Sylas, etc. It allows Yasuo to take heavy burst trades without taking too much damage. Second Wind, on the other hand, is better into ranged match ups like LeBlanc, Taliyah, Seraphine, etc. This rune allows Yasuo to take poke damage and sustain back up. Second Wind paired with Doran's Shield can be a very nasty sustain combo in this current meta.

Overgrowth or Revitalize or Unflinching?
When it comes down to it I am a huge sucker for Revitalize. It gives Yasuo everything he needs, and with enchanter supports/healing supports being extremely meta right now, this rune just makes it 10x better than the other options especially if you are playing bot lane with these enchanters/healers. However, there is a place for Overgrowth and Unflinching. I personally never take Overgrowth, but I have seen other Yasuo players take the rune if they are looking for more durability. Unflinching is much better into enemy team comps with a ton of CC.
Immortal Shieldbow
Immortal Shieldbow is a crucial item on Yasuo in this current meta. It provides Yasuo with everything he needs in terms of stats and passives. Attack damage, attack speed, life steal, and a lifeline passive. When in doubt, always buy Immortal Shieldbow.

Should You Buy Tank?
I know that this question will come up, so let me answer this now. I personally do not like the Sunfire Aegis Yasuo build. The reason that champions like Yone can build tank more effectively is due to the fact that they aren't dependent on crit. Yasuo's ultimate, Last Breath, gives him 50% armor pen when building crit. Losing out on this damage just for some tank stats is almost not worth it. If you feel like your team is extremely suqishy and you need a frontline then maybe you can consider the build. However, if champions like Diana, Ornn, or Malphite are on your team *DO NOT BUILD TANK* since you already have a front line and your ult will be wasted as the extra damage from your team set up is much better than having tank stats.

Infinity Edge
No surprises here. Infinity Edge is one of Yasuo's core legendary items. It helps cap out your crit, gives you more crit damage, and gives you tons of raw AD. It's the perfect item for Yasuo and should always be built as long as you are going with either a crit Yasuo build, or a bruiser Yasuo build.

Death's Dance
The shift to the tank meta has made this item a staple for Yasuo. I have even seen cases where players like PZZang will build this third over Infinity Edge. Death's Dance is an extremely strong item that will give Yasuo everything he needs to win more fights. It has damage, tank stats, and a passive that allows you to take damage over time meaning Yasuo can try to lifesteal his way out from being bursted.

Mortal Reminder
Mortal Reminder is a solid item. Sadly, anti heal is still weak, but Mortal Reminder's crit chance, low cost, and gold effecient stats make this a great purchase for Yasuo. I have even seen games where PZZang will rush Mortal Reminder before Infinity Edge.

*Keep in mind this is just an example build. Every game presents new problems and threats, so builds should be changed based on game state*

Mid Lane Build

This is an extremely common mid lane Yasuo build as it provides him with tons of attack speed, attack damage, and crit chance. For mid lane, I almost always rush Berserker's Greaves into Immortal Shieldbow into Infinity Edge. From here, Yasuo's build is completely situational. After finishing your core items I almost always buy Death's Dance for the extra tankines and damage. If the enemy team has a ton of healing then Mortal Reminder is a good buy. If you are ahead and don't want to give up your large bounty then Guardian Angel is a good purchase. If the enemy team are fed and they have a lot of AD or AP then I will buy either Randuin's Omen or Spirit Visage.

Top Lane Build

Since the durability patch every champion has had an increase to their HP pool. This has made Blade of the Ruined King an amazing item for Yasuo. Mid, Top, or Bot lane Yasuo builds can incorporate this item if the enemy team have three or more health stacking champions. I even find myself building this item if there are only a few health stacking champions on the enemy team, but I happen to be laning against one. Champions like Swain, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, etc. are all extremely weak against Blade of the Ruined King. From here, the top lane build can be situational. Immortal Shieldbow will most likely be your mythic. Infinity Edge is still a great buy, and the rest of your build can either be tank or sudo tank items.

Bot Lane Build

Yasuo is a great pick bot lane as there are tons of great support synergies, and Yasuo's Wind Wall counters almost every ADC in the meta. To no suprise Immortal Shieldbow is still the core mythic for Yasuo in the bot lane. The rest of the items are pretty similar to a mid lane Yasuo build as you will want to stack as much damage as possible since you will be a primary source of damage for your team.

VS Heavy AD

These last few builds are situational and can work in any lane. If you are up against a super heavy AD comp then I would recommend picking up items that have some form of armor. Items like Death's Dance and Guardian Angel are amazing pick ups since they give Yasuo both AD and armor. Other items like Randuin's Omen and Thornmail are also great buys if you just need some tank stats to survive. I would also consider replacing Berserker's Greaves with Plated Steelcaps if you were going to build an alternative form of attack speed like Blade of the Ruined King.

VS Heavy AP

These last few builds are situational and can work in any lane. If you are up against a super heavy AP comp then I would recommend picking up items that have some form of magic resist. Items like Wit's End and Mercurial Scimitar are amazing pick ups since they give Yasuo offensive and defensive stats. I would also like to note that in this type of build you can actually rush Wit's End since it gives you tons of attack speed and is a relatively cheap item. Other items like Spirit Visage are also great buys if you just need some tank stats to survive. I would also consider replacing Berserker's Greaves with Mercury's Treads since Wit's End and Immortal Shieldbow will give you all the attack speed you need to cap out your Q, Steel Tempest, CD.
Yasuo's Combos
Yasuo is known for his fancy moves. I've bet a few of you have seen some awesome Yasuo montages and have heard terms like Airbalde, Beyblade, and Keyblade. If you aren't familiar with these terms, or have no idea how to perform these combos then I'll run you through a short tutorial on how to perform them. I would also like to note that going into the practice tool is a great way to master these combos.

These combos are pretty hard to describe over just text so I highly recommend that you watch my Yasuo guide for this part as it may give you a better understanding of how these combos work.

*Go to time stamp 8:05 for combo guide


Combo: Sweeping Blade Steel Tempest Flash
Buttons: E → Q → Flash
Purpose: Surprise opponents
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Explanation: Beyblading is an extremely deadly combo on Yasuo that can easily be learned by any player. It is a simple E → Q → Flash combo that can surprise your opponents. Typically, this combo is paired with Yasuo's third Q, Steel Tempest, Yasuo's knock up Q, Steel Tempest, to provide you with damage and CC. At level six, this combo can be deadlier since you can pair the beyblade combo with Last Breath. It is virtually impossible to react to this combo.


Buttons: Q → E → Q → R
Purpose: Maximize damage and gain and extra Q, Steel Tempest stack
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Explanation: Airblading can be a bit trickier than beyblading. This combo will require you to have at least a 1.5 second CD on your Q, Steel Tempest to consistently perform this combo. Basically, once you have a third Q, Steel Tempest, or knock up Q, Steel Tempest, ready then you will knock up your opponent. From here you will find a target which you can E, Sweeping Blade, through and use both your E, Sweeping Blade, and Q, Steel Tempest, combo. Just as you are mid-way through your E, Sweeping Blade, and Q, Steel Tempest, combo on the random target you can R, Last Breath, the knocked up target. Once you come out of your R, Last Breath, you will notice that you have an extra stack on your Q, Steel Tempest,. The damage from your E, Sweeping Blade, and Q, Steel Tempest, combo should have also been applied to the airbladed target.

Buttons: Q → E → Q → Flash → E → Q → R
Purpose: Surprise your opponent and maximize damage
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Explanation: Keyblading is the ultimate Yasuo combo. It's something that I would only recommend to players that have a good understanding of Yasuo's kit. The keyblade combo is a combination of both the beyblade and airblade. To perform this combo you will need the same requirements as the airblade. You must have your Q, Steel Tempest, CD at 1.5 seconds or lower. From here you will start the combo off with a beyblade. First, gather up two stacks of your Q, Steel Tempest. Once you have a knock up ready you will use your E → Q → Flash combo to knock up your opponent. Once your opponent is airborne you can then E → Q through them again before clicking your R, Last Breath. This combo is by far one of the most satisfying things that you can do in the game. It looks extremely clean, and really shows off your Yasuo mastery. For those of you learning to perfect this combo I would highly recommend practicing this in the practice tool to get the hang of the timing. If all of this is still confusing then I'd recommend watching the video link posted above as it will give you a better explanation on how to perform the combo.
Play Style
Yasuo's early game isn't as strong as it used to be. He is still a lane bully, but you must play lane cautiously as one bad gank, trade, or death could ruin your laning phase for the rest of the game. It doesn't matter what lane you are in. All you need to do as Yasuo early is focus on making sure you pick up farm. Having a strong early foundation is crucial to Yasuo's success. Since Yasuo scales so well it is easy to beat your opponents once you have all the items you need. Farming up, and getting a few early kills if you can are all you need to do early to put yourself on the path to victory. For items there are a few early game items you can buy to help towards the succcess of your early laning phase. First, always rush Berserker's Greaves if you can back with 1100 gold. This is Yasuo's largest early game spiking item. From here there are three epic items you can buy for the varying situation. If you are in a winning lane or ahead in your lane you can buy Zeal. This item is extremely gold efficient and allows Yasuo to snowball very quickly. It can also be build into a Mortal Reminder. If you are against sustain champions or in harder match ups you can buy a Vampiric Scepter. This can build into an Immortal Shieldbow or a Blade of the Ruined King. Haveing a Vampiric Scepter is a great option to keep you healthy in lane. Finally, Noonquiver is a great option if you just want to rush your Immortal Shieldbow. I usually purchase this item when I am in an even lane or just want my mythic item done ASAP.

Mid game is where things start to get a little tricky. At this point in the game you should have a Mythic item completed. If you are fed then you should be working towards a legendary item, most likely Infinity Edge. From here you have to determine the best course of action. Most people tend to start grouping and playing ARAM on summoners rift during the mid game, but that is usually a mistake. Yasuo is an extremely item reliant champion, so making sure you stay ahead in gold and levels is important. Make sure you grab as many side waves as possible. I would tell your team that you don't want to group too much until you've completed both your mythic item and Infinity Edge, or any other legendary you are building. Once you have all your core items you will be in a really strong spot, and it will most likely be closer to the mid/late game.

Yasuo's late game is where things start to get fun. By now you should have all your core items completed with at least components to other legendary items in your inventory. Yasuo can fall into two categories for team fighting once the late game hits. He can either be a strong engage, or he can play the peel game. If your team has strong knock ups like Malphite, Alistar, Ornn, etc. then chances are you will be engaging on the enemy back line looking to kill key targets like the ADC or Mid lane carry. If your team does not have any strong engage then you can either split, if you can either 1v1 or 2v1, or you can peel for your ADC. Yasuo may not look like a good peeling champion, but he actually has tons of great tools to help keep your carries alive. First, Wind Wall is a great way to zone off ranged carries. Yasuo also has great cc with his third Q, Steel Tempest, and his ultimate, Last Breath. All of these tools make him a great champion to help with peeling.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Doctor Yas
Doctor Yas Yasuo Guide
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[S12] *UPDATED* In-Depth Yasuo Build Guide | Patch 12.17

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