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Jungle S14 [14.02] Rengar guide (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) |S14|

Jungle S14 [14.02] Rengar guide (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) |S14|

Updated on January 24, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pusi Puu Build Guide By Pusi Puu 1470 168 2,230,558 Views 34 Comments
1470 168 2,230,558 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pusi Puu Build Guide By Pusi Puu Updated on January 24, 2024
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Runes: Electrocute

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Sudden Impact
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Magical Footwear
Future's Market

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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


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Champion Build Guide

S14 [14.02] Rengar guide (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) |S14|

By Pusi Puu

Welcome to the most in-depth Rengar guide on Mobafire. My name is Pusi Puu and I am a Challenger Rengar OTP. In this guide, I’ll break down the tips and tricks you need to play Rengar like a Challenger player in Season 12.

I’ll break down everything you need to know about Rengar from Runes, Builds and Rengars best Jungle Paths.

I started playing Rengar in Season 5, and have been playing him ever since. I have between 3 and 4 million mastery points with Rengar, and been consistently Challenger on him since Season 8. My peak is Challenger 1150LP and i also got Challenger on the Korean Server 8D.

Personal Links:

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Pros & Cons



+ Extremely fun to play
+ Versatile with item builds and playstyle
+ Very rewarding when mastered
+ Mechanical and fast-paced
+ Unique playstyle
+ Very strong in skirmishes and duels

- Really hard to master
- Needs a lot of practise
- Limited gank potential pre 6
- Bad vs tanks
- Hard to play from behind
- Hard to play when enemies grouped

All in all, Rengar is a versatile Jungler because of his variety of playstyles and item builds you can go. He is extremely strong in the early skirmishes and also scales super well. He has insane 1v9 potential and is one of the few Champs who can carry a game on his own when mastered.

"Comfort breeds weakness." - Rengar
Rengar definitely has his flaws. This champ only really shines in the hands of an experienced Rengar player. Once you are ahead you feel super strong and unbeatable but when behind its really hard to find a way to come back into the game. His pre-6 ganks are limited and you need an understanding of wave management to successfully pull off ganks. So the key is trying to get ahead early and snowballing while compensating for your weaknesses.

Core Items

Eclipse is my favourite Mythic item for Rengar since it feels the smoothest to play with and gives you overall insane value. It gives you sustain, damage and tank shred with the Mythic passive. Your first item Eclipse power spike gives you insane damage and sustain, so you can force any skirmish, and you can also start looking for picks. It's passive helps you chase down range enemies with the movement speed and out-sustain enemies in skirmishes with the shield.

You benefit from Goredrinker alot when you are facing a melee heavy team comp. The item itself is really overtuned and pretty much viable on every melee champion. You get an insane amount of "tankyness" due to its stats. Especially it's active synergises really well with Rengar's Battle Roar it gives you insane sustain and "tankyness" due to the amount of healing you get. The haste it gives you also lowers the cooldown of Battle Roar and your Thrill of the Hunt too, which enables you to use your Ultimate more often and to look for picks.

Prowler's Claw is underrated in my opinion. It doesn't really give you any sustain but the damage and haste it gives makes you hit like a truck. It's perfect if you need a gap closer for champions with dashes like Akali or ranged champions with escape like Ezreal. Once you are on them, they should insta pop because there is not much counterplay due to the huge amount of damage you get from Prowler's Claw. I would only recommend this item to pick into squishy team comps since you get no sustain what so ever. This item is not core but more an option if you wanna get the big guns out and need raw damage or don't get much value out of sustain stats like Omnivamp.

Duskblade of Draktharr is good if you can't get many hits off and can't make use of your Omnivamp. So basically, into ranged comps or comps that can kite you easily. It helps you take out a target with your combo and escape before getting killed by the enemy. If you take Duskblade of Draktharr you should always run the Electrocute runeset for maximum damage.

Jungle Clear

How to path

When it comes to jungle pathing, it is very important to know that there is not one path you go every game. You want to adapt your pathing depending on the enemy team comp, the matchups and your win condition. There are 4 main paths Rengar can take.

The first two are either full clear starting on Blue and the other is a full clear starting on red.

Key points:
> Ward over the wall at the Golems to jump over them.
> Before a camp spawns, get Ferocity stacks before your first camp spawns.
> Make sure not to waste your Ferocity stacks.

The third and fourth paths I use are:
Red > Blue > Gromp into invading the enemies buff. The other Blue -> Gromp -> Red into the enemies jungle. As I mentioned the path you take depends on the matchup and your win condition.

Key points:
> Before a camp spawns, get Ferocity stacks before your first camp spawns.
> Make sure not to waste your Ferocity stacks.

The full clear paths are the more consistent ones since you can clear all your camps in time for the Scuttle, and you’re not at risk of losing tempo by ganking or failing an early invade.

When should you start Red buff and when Blue? You always want to start on the opposite side of the map to which lane you want to play for, or which lane will most likely have priority to secure you the Scuttle Crab into maybe invading enemy jungle and get the second respawned camps.

For example: If your playing on blue side and your matchups are the following: Malphite vs Ornn on top, Twisted Fate vs Sylas in the mid lane, and Thresh and Aphelios vs Yuumi and Ezreal and you’re Rengar vs Jarvan IV in the jungle. Looking and the matchups in hand, your bot lane is your win condition. You will want to enable them to carry the game and set the enemy bot lane behind as you don’t want to give Ezreal and Yuumi a free laning phase.

So in this example, your jungle path should be a full clear starting on Blue Buff, so you end up level 4 on bot lane and can secure the Scuttle, or preferably dive the enemy bot lane. If you know Jarvan IV is mirroring your pathing you can also use your bot lane priority to invade him at his Blue or Gromp.

Now an example of when you should be pathing to the topside to understand the concept of win conditions and matchups/priority. Lets say the matchups are the following: Jax vs Camille top, Zoe vs Akali in the mid lane, Jhin and Seraphine vs Ezreal and Pyke in the bottom lane and Rengar vs Graves in the jungle. Looking at these matchups, its fairly easy to tell that the enemy team comp is really ad-heavy and relies very much on auto-attacks, which basically means Jax is really good this game and there is a high chance that he will 1v9 this game. Adding to that you should realise that your Jax is in a hard favoured matchup where he can get a lead effortless and snowball it to a victory. This basically means that you should be full clearing starting on blue and pathing to top to again, get a successful dive or secure the Scuttle Crab into a invade.

When it comes to invading the enemy Junglers, you must consider certain factors, and for that invade to be successful, you want most of the factors to be in your favour. The most important factor is you must be able to beat the enemy Jungler in a straight-up 1v1 in every scenario- even if you can’t get all of your 4 stacks. Also, vision is very important, ask your teammates to ward the enemy Raptors at 1:23 so you know the enemy’s Jungler pathing the moment you see them at Raptors. Another important factor is lane priority. In general, you can say that the champions with range and poke are supposed to have priority on paper, so if its a ranged into melee matchup the ranged champion has prio. If your Mid laner can’t move, because they have to catch the wave, but the enemy mid laner does, you’ll fail the invade and lose way too much, so you flipped your way out of the game at level 3. You must think about the play result in your head before even doing the play.

What happens if my Mid laner moves first, but the enemy Top or Bot moves first. Do we win the skirmish? Can we stall until they catch up? You need a lot of experience; that’s why knowing your limits is so important. The good thing is that Rengar usually wins almost every skirmish because he is stronger than most Junglers after his level 3 spike, which allows him even to win 1v2 fights vs weak early game champions. Let me give you another example so you can understand the scenarios a bit easier. Let’s say you are playing on blue side and the matchups are the following: Gnar vs Gragas top, Diana vs Syndra mid Rengar vs Evelynn jungle. We ignore the bot lane here because in this scenario we want to invade the Evelynn at her Red Buff lat level 3. On paper, you should have top priority because Gnar is playing a ranged into melee matchup but no mid priority, because Diana is melee into ranged matchup. Do you still go for the invade? Yes, because you are way stronger than Evelynn in those kinds of skirmishes, and even if Syndra is there first, you can Flash her combo or just stall until the Gnar is there and your Diana follows up. By just knowing the matchups, you can abuse your early game strength and priorities into setting the enemy Jungler behind.

In conclusion; never autopilot your pathing. Always look at the wave-states, where your team has vision, which lanes have prio, what matchups you’re in/your allies are in and adapt your pathing based on those factors. Sometimes it’s best to full clear due to having high tempo or invade at level 3 or even counter gank a level 3 dive vs for example Elise. It is just important to know the factors you need to consider and know your limits. The rest will come with experience.

Early Game

In the early game, it is very important for Rengar not to fall behind but to try and abuse his early game strength. Make sure to look out for your win condition at the start of the game. Look at the matchups and decide who is most likely to win this game by carrying it, is it you? Bot? Mid? Top? Adapt your play style accordingly to the one who’s going to be the carry.

When it comes to Rengar’s early game you need to understand that he is one of the strongest champions in early skirmishes (if you play properly and abuse bushes), so make sure to try and force good fights which result in getting an early lead and snowball it throughout the game.

In the early game, make sure to always track the enemy Jungler’s pathing and spam-ping their position. It helps you to keep track of it and can help your teammates not die to ganks as frequently.

After full clearing your jungle, try to impact the lane that you deem will be the carry. Try and get an early gank off in that lane if possible, and monitor it consistently. Look for gank opportunities and repeated gank opportunities to get yourself/your ally ahead. Once you have that side of the map ahead, you can freely invade the enemies jungle and take away the enemies camps.

Try to monitor your laner’s wave states as much as possible and analyze it to determine the right gank timing. If your Top laner preparing a huge wave for a dive, make sure to be there and punish the enemy laner so they lose all the minions. If it’s a slow pushing wave towards your bot lane try to sit in the first bush and lane gank them, because they want to crash that wave into the turret. If your Top laner just crashed the top wave but doesn’t want to reset yet, look to lane gank and wait until the enemy laner walks up so you can punish him.

However, avoid over forcing ganks. Over forcing ganks is terrible for your tempo and Rengar is all about being ahead in tempo, by over forcing ganks or not successfully ganking you lose all your tempo and get behind very easily. That’s one of the most common mistakes low Elo players make: they try to force gank after gank without it bringing you any advantage.

Try to look for around 1100 gold base so you can get a Serrated Dirk on your first base. To achieve that you need to get a play off before your first reset. After one full clear into the Scuttle Crab, you’ll have around 800-900 gold. If you can’t force anything before your first base just get Boots, a Long Sword and a Control Ward. Make sure to always buy a Control Ward when you reset, since it helps you get vision on the map.

In games where no one has priority or you can’t find any gank opportunities, focus on arming and getting level 6 as quickly as possible. Then look for easy ganks with your Ultimate. While you may not be able to get ganks off in the early game, make sure you’re playing for objectives. Get every drake if your bot lane has priority and make sure to get Herald whenever you can. You win the game not by getting kills, but by getting objectives and overall gold. Herald is really good in Solo Queue since it enables you to get an insane amount of platings (gold) and from getting the first turret on a lane you can generate more vision around the map.

Depending on your lead in the game you should realize how strong you are and what you can force. Your first Mythic item is a very huge spike, so you should make sure to use that spike. It enables you to look for even harder skirmishes and you can start looking to pick off targets who are out of position.

Mid Game

The mid-game usually starts around your second item. It’s is probably the hardest part of the game since it’s hard to keep your lead and your tempo when the enemy team starts grouping and not leaving their turrets. At this point in the game, you should make sure to keep sticking to your winning lane. If your bot lane is really strong hover around them as much as possible and force fights or invades with them. Don’t let them crumble under the pressure of the enemy trying to force onto them. If you enable them they will help you invade the enemy Jungler and get their camps to keep a solid lead. But at the same time, you have to make sure to keep clearing your camps otherwise you will easily fall behind.

It is also really easy for Rengar to get picks on side lane due to his Ultimate. So, if your sidelaner is strong and has a good setup or someone on the side lane is simply overextending make sure to kill them. If your team comp allows it to you, make sure to go to side lane since Rengar is really strong on side and can create a lot of pressure. Playing side lane Rengar helps you generate a solid lead.

With your second/third item you will be really strong. You can one-shot almost any squishy target and shred objectives/camps. Try to get every objective in the mid-game. One way of securing these safely is by looking for picks before an objective spawns or you can simply zone the enemy team away by casting your Ultimate. Crit Rengar can do Baron very fast and without much struggle. So, if there is a chance you can try to 2-man Baron or just rush the Baron when seeing the enemy team on the opposite side of the map. Always drop it if they manage to contest though, never risk a 50/50 unless you are super behind and it’s your only way of winning the game.

Late Game

Rengar scales incredibly well and is very good in the late game. When you hit your 4-item spike you are super strong and 3 shot almost every opponent. You can look for very easy picks and even 1 vs 3 fights, because the enemy team won’t expect your damage. Once you pick up Infinity Edge, you are most likely the strongest member in the game, so it’s on you to carry.

When being in the late-game state with Rengar, you don’t want to just clear your camps anymore. Preferably go to a side lane and simply apply pressure since no one can contest you. If they don’t contest you, you can get turrets for free since you almost one-shot them. If they start contesting you on side they most likely need at least 2 members, so create vision around your side lane and just Ult away once they move: this will create a time window for your teammates in which they can force a play on the other side or get an objective on the other side. If they don’t respect you, you can end the game on side lane.

Always have a sweeper and try to get some cheesy picks if possible, don’t risk you dying though. You even shred tanks at this state of the game so know your limits and don’t underestimate your damage. But at the same time, you shouldn’t lose track of your win condition in the game. Do you need the Dragon Soul to end the game? Do you win the game by team fighting because you have an insane team fight comp? Or do you win the game by sidelining because the enemy team is stronger in team fights? Play around that win condition.

Rengar as a champ can’t really siege since he has no gap closer or poke to impact the siege. The only way he can impact it is by zoning the enemy team off their turrets with his Ultimate and pressuring a one-shot. So, if you have Baron buff either go on the side lane and pressure there on your own or zone the enemy team off their Turrets/ Inhibitors and let your team take their base.


When it comes to team fighting with Rengar you’ll never want to straight-up dive into the enemy frontline. It is your job as the assassin to get a flank off and kill the carries on the enemy team. Once you kill the carries you can follow up with your team and kill the frontline. If you see a team fight make sure to run around and flank the enemy team as this is your best chance of winning that team fight.

You also don’t want to be the one engaging, unless you can get a pick on an out off position target. Make sure your team engages first- wait out the main CC, and then you follow up. As Rengar is a glass cannon, you can one-shot enemy squishies but they can also one-shot you.

Make sure to use the right Ferocity spell in team fights. If you know the enemy still has CC tools available to them once you’ve jumped in, do not use your 4th stack until the CC has come through. You can then cleanse it with your Battle Roar and escape.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some Rengar tips and tricks to help you improve your skills as a Rengar player.

> Keep your Ferocity up by auto-attacking plants, minions, jungle camps or let minions, turrets or enemies hit you as they refresh Ferocity too.

> You can use your empowered Bola Strike to prevent targets with escape spells from escaping such as Ekko Phase Dive or Shaco Deceive.

> Make sure you use your Savagery as an auto-attack reset for maximum damage output.

> You can use the Blast Cones in combination with Flash to escape. If you jump to a Blast Cone, you’ll get thrown up. But if you Flash mid air to the opposite side, you can escape.

> You can use enemy wards as a gapclose tool. If an enemy is 2 jump ranges away and there is a ward in a bush between both of you, you can use that ward as a gap close. Jump onto the ward, then instantly use Savagery and target your enemy to get the jump reset off. You can see it in action here.

> playing vs champions with a dash or a spell that makes them untargetable, don’t instantly jump onto them. Bait the spell by running into meele range onto them. Most of the times they use the spell (Zed R/ Fizz E / Ezreal E) as a reflex and you can jump afterwards.

When to use your Ferocity:

> Use your empowered Savagery to deal maximum damage quickly.

> Use your empowered Battle Roar to cleanse any form of CC to escape.

> Use your empowered Bola Strike to CC a target and provide time for your team to follow up.

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S14 [14.02] Rengar guide (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) |S14|

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