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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by hydrrog

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hydrrog

S3 Fiddlestick :The party dosnt start till i crowstorm in

hydrrog Last updated on September 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I will teach you my way of playing fiddlestick wich might be an unorthodox way of playing fiddlestick.
The main reasons why this guide might be odd is because you have to be a jungle that takes kills and your taking the blue in exchange for good late game damage and nice control over all lanes.
You wont master this guide in one day but when you do, it will be very rewarding and easy elo in especially the lower tiers.
You might get a lot of rage on the way you play this fiddlestick becaus it takes a lot of killing and blue buffs wich the laners might not appreciate but in the end when played well is very rewarding for you and yor team.

Why fiddlesticks?

Fiddlesticks is a champion thats very different from all other champions mainly cause of his cc/lifesteal spellset wich gives him a lot of sustain.
In my thinking fiddlestick is one of the better jungles but has a lot of weakness too but when played well he can shutdown the main carrys and do a lot of damage

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Pros / Cons


+Great sustain.
+Awesome damage.
+Long and strong cc.
+Fast in the jungle.
+Strong vs low cc.
+Great ult.
+People underestimate you.
+Great aoe damage on ultimate.
+Fiddlesticks barely gets patched.


-Gets squishy in fights with more than 3 enemy's.
-Easy to invade.
-Needs blue and kills.
-weak vs CC.
-You may not move while using W.
-Weak to wards.
-Burns a lot of mana.
-ignite might ruien your W.

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The masteries give a great boost between jungle sustain and ganking damage wich makes you able to be the jungle who takes the kills and carries the team in late game.

9/30 Offensive gives you a fast jungle and good damage so your not only lifestealing with your drain but doing a lot of damage too wich makes it able to make kills and get out alive in a lot of nasty fights.

-4/4 Gives great cd combined with blue gives you an 2 second delay between 3 sec stun and a infinite W+E and greatly reduces the cd of your ult.

-4/4 Great spell gives you nice all round ability power.

-1/1 Just gives you the magic pen to keep up decent early damage.

21/30 Utility gives you a great mana sustain combined with blue wich keeps your mana full in all cases
It also gives you more experience wich keeps you between the level of the adc and the ap mid laner at all times.
It also gives a lot of cooldown and lifesteal and the best of all the movement speed to stun your running enemy.

-1/1 Cd for flash is always welcome.

-3/3 Mana regen to help your blue with keeping you full mana at all times.

-3/3 Cd for ult with blue and intelligence almost 40%cd wich prevents you from buying cooldown and so lowering your dmg.

-2/3 You can always switch this one for artificer mind wich lowers the cd on your hourglass.
But i prefer this masterie wich allows you to keep yor mana full at all times even in teamfights combined with yor blue ofcourse.

-1/1 The most importent of all masteries this masterie gives your blue a long livetime.

-3/3 Gives your spirit of the spectral wrath a boost and good for early jungle sustain.

-4/4 Very importent keeps your level between the mid and the adc wich is in my case the preferd level for a jungler.

-3/3 More cd i take it !!

-1/1 Very importent gives you the littel movement speed buff to be faster than most mid laners and adc's.


For the runes i take a lot of offensive and armor wich keeps you quick in the jungle at all times and gives you a great damage/lifesteal combination vs low cc and higher damage champions such as the adc or mid laners like fizz and akali.

These runes also compansate for the lost damage from the 9-0-21 tree wich is always helpfull.

You can always switch this up in your own favor but with my runes i think this is a great damage /sustain combo.

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Summoner Spells

The spells can make or ruien a teamfight esspacily with a fiddlestick wich needs good placement with his ultimate and good sustain in the jungle to keep up the levels.

Is just needed it can make a bad placed ult a good place ult and it may give you kills or importent stuns on VIP targets.

This is my preferd spell but its really not needed on a fiddlestick he owns so much sustain that he can solo his blue without a smite so their is always room for teleport or ignite.
I personnaly prefer to use yor pull to kill yor blue with yor second drain and use yor smite at red.

Viable alternatives

This spell might work as well or even better than smite it can save turrets it can ruien an enemy's gank and it can give good ganks on botlane but it can get you lot of anger in the deployment and when a dragon or baron gets smited away it might also be good if someone threatens to go afk if he decided to go afk in lane you can take over his lane and still gank.

This spell works very well but gets a lot of anger from your team just like teleport, but even worse your taking kills away from the laners but your carrieng yor team in the end.
The spell might work very well for new fiddlestick players who have problems getting kills.

I dont like this spell i really dont it dos have lower cooldown than flash but its harder to posistion yourself well with your ult and it takes a lot of the suprise factor away and might even get you killed by cc before your even in the center of the teamfight to pop yor hourglass.
But you might try it it worked for some people just not for me.

Hmm might save your life but when your good with hourglass and your W not really needed.

I prefer flash/smite in ranked and for normals you can always go something else just to keep the rage down and the fun flowing.

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This is what makes fiddlestick fiddlestick his awesome spell set he owns so much damage and yet so much sustain and cc its just an awesome champion his spells work in all lane's from top to support.
I have even seen him being played as an adc with succes.

Here i will explain why fiddle has his awesome spellset and how you can use his spells to get the best out of your fiddlestick.

-Awesome passive works amazing with your ultimate the only downside is that its limited to a close range and if your in a bush the enemy can see the passive's debuff.

-This is the best spell of fiddlestick a 3 second fear.
Fear is in my toughts a stun wich can draw out good or bad it can kill people or save them (this barely happens tough) and i will explain why.
If someone is chasing you and he gets to your turret fear him and he might walk in your turret giving you a free kill in the early game or he might walk out of the turret range without taking any damage or littel damage.
This spell is also awesome in teamfights when you pop out with your ult flash to get the most people in your ult and stun the champion wich dos the most damage and kill the squishy's like the adc or mid laner.

In a 1v1 fight their is a combo with this spell to get the max damage and the max cc lol recenetly added the cc timer in the game wich displays the time the cc has left till it runs out this is the way to do it first - wait till the cc timer runs out - and after immediately do your -.
This combo also works with your ultimate. ( video coming soon )

-Just an awesome spell wich makes fiddlestick fiddlestick when combined with a good starting item it dos tons of damage and outdrains almost all non cc champions in lol!!
Adding lifesteal to this spell makes it even better now it can even outdrain higher cc champions their isnt much to say about this spell apart from its awesome and my favo spell in the game.
You can even dive without your ultimate with this spell its just perfect it gives so much lifesteal its just incredible. ( Dont try this without lifesteal or at lower levels 1-9ish. )

-Its a nice spell when combined well with fiddlesticks fear in a 1v1 fight but apart from that and that it can kill very low champions from far away by bouncing all over the place and silencing the enemy team in a teamfight not realy amazing.
But in the jungle it gives you a lot of speed and when i say a lot i realy mean a lot when placed on the right minion it can kill smaller minions in 1 shot wich downs yor jungle time a lot! ( video in the jungle rotation chapter coming soon. )

This is the spell that saves your team in late game.
This is why you took a lot of kills.
Crowstorm is a unique spell wich combines a 1,5 sec cast time with a flash and than a massive
damage output.
It can be used in a lot of different ways it can be used for diving or doing a lot of damage in a teamfight and killing the squishy adc/mid/support in the blink of an eye.
It can also be combined with flash to close a gap or make awesome ganks and dives.
Combined with hourglass this spell can initiate a teamfight with ease the only thing yor team has to do is clean up the remaining enemy's.

Here is a video that explains fiddlesticks ultimate and nice ways to use it.
(All rights go to sunny for his guide on using the fiddle ultimate.)

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Now we got to the part that makes my fiddlestick different from other fiddlesticks.
I think this is the best way to play fiddlestick but some people might think different.
You can post it in the comments or you can pick your own items do whatever you want when you want :).

Starting items


This is mainly why my fiddlestick is different but i think this is the only good start if you wanna play a good fiddlestick jungle this start gives you a lot of sustain and higher damage than and higher damage in the jungle than till level 3 the only problem with is that it dosnt give extra damage on champions and the problem with is that it takes longer to get to and it gives you -5 ap ( you wont need health as much cause you have yor awesome drain.
The mana potion is for when your 1st blue runs out.

first back

+ +

When i play fiddlestick i try to get as much out of my first items as possible and i will stay in the game for as long as possible.
These items might look a lot but it can be done it isnt a shame when you couldnt do it than you just buy parts but always get first than and than .
( In case of you having to much money buy magic pen boots and if you realy have a lot of extra money a needlesly large rod. )

Finished build

Gives a lot of lifesteal and a fast jungle time you can sell this item when you finished your build for extra damage or resist/hp.

You can use this item with the blue enchant (distortion) wich lowers your flash cd and teleport cd.
You can also use it with the green (alacrity) enchant wich gives you faster movement speed nice for chasing enemy's down with yor terror and escaping the enemy.
You can also use it with the white (homeguard) enchant wich imrpoves yor recall time
And last but not least the orange enchant (captain) wich increases yor allies movement speed with 8% when running towards you nice to keep up with yor ultimate jump and cleaning up the enemy.

This item is a must have when fed doing a lot of damage just jump in the enemy team with your team in the back stun the adc or the mid laner and see him burn while you popped hourglass and let your team clean up.

Explains itself decent damage nice magic pen and even when the enemy team isnt using MR you still do increased damage cause of the early MR ratio's being increased.

Do your ult and thay get a free 15% slow every 1 sec.
Your team can keep up and clean easier.
The enemy team also stays in your ult for longer This is one of the items you can switch if you prefer to use something else.

Damage damage damage you can always switch this item if you prefer.


Depends on enemy team.

Magic resist damage and penetration all inside your ultimate range i like it.

If the enemy has a lot heal just pick this item combined with your ulitmate thay wont stand a chance.

The new spirirt visage jummy i love it increased MR and +20 health regen can save you some mana cause of yor health regen.
The item also gives you magic resist and +20% on all healing effects !!
It dos help your drain if you want troll around with your drain just try it out it works pretty well and is a lot of fun to use on baron/dragon.

If the enemy has a lot of high health champions like cho gath,mundo,shen this is an awesome item to use magic pen damage and 2% from your enemy's current health love it. ( Also works with yor ult last ult hit counts. )

You can always add items that you prefer.

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The jungle round with this fiddlestick build is something that can earn you a big advantage compared to the enemy jungler.
When used well fiddlestick can be extreamly fast in the jungle maybe even the fastest jungle apart from shaco's blue and red boxes technique.

I will soon make a video from my jungle rotation with wich minions to use your E on and how to be as fast as possible.

Always use your E on the minion with the highest ammount of health apart from golems on golems use your E to hit the small golem wich instant kills him leaving only the big golem behind.

Use this jungle rotation.
CHECK THE RED BUSH FOR THE ENEMY JUNGLER in higher tier matches ask your support to ward the red bush she/he will know what to do.

More of this coming soon when i made the video.

The enemy jungler
In lower tier matches this wont really be a problem just get to 6 and gank a bit in between the levels.
In higher tier matches tough the enemy jungler will bully you becaus your squishy and while doing your jungle a easy target for counter jungeling so you might wanna consider buying some wards in place of items and ask your mid and support to help you out a bit.

The worst case will be a high cc enemy jungler like allistar or nautilus in this case you realy have to ward well and get to 6 quick so you can suprise the jungler if needed with a ult and 1 or 2 team mates.
In teamfight silence the guy so he cant spread his cc love.

If you have a low cc enemy jungler (ad preferd) you might wanna consider counter jungling
Counter jungling itself isnt that hard you just need to have a good sense of whats going on around you.
Their is one spot you always need to ward when you counter jungle and that is bush between the first mid tower and the red (wraith bush) this will give you a nice vision and you will always know when the enemy jungler will come from the blue side of the jungle to the red side.
And you will also see if he is in the blue side or the red side
If he is in the red side counter jungle the blue side.
If he is in the blue side counter jungle the red side.
You always need to roughly know where the enemy jungle is if you do this long enough you will get a lot stronger and you can just kill the enemy jungler in a short notice.

Ganking with fiddlestick is very different from other jungles.
When you reach 6 you need to be very smart while jungling using bushes and non vision spots to your best advantage.
Here i will give some examples to make nice ults and good ganks.
You can use the wraith pit to gank mid
you can use the tribush on botlane or toplane to gank the top and bot remember your ultimate works as a flash so even if the tribush is beside the enemy's tower you can still use it without getting damaged.
You can also just walk in the lane on bot and top and use the bushes when the lanes are pushed by your laner when the enemy laner pushes back just use your ult and with your bot or top clean up.
Dont forget to use your Q-E combo to get the most out of your stun/silence.

Also you can gank very well when the enemy is hitting your turret.
When he is hitting your turret and he dosnt see you in any way you can jump in with your ultimate and destroy the minions in the process use the Q+E combo combined with yor drain.
Your enemy has no minions at the turret and the turret will hit him securing a kill.

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End word

I hope i helped a lot of you guys with this guide and a lot of you will try it out before commenting i have a great time with this build and you can get easy elo with it.

If you have any questions or comments on this build you can always send me a message.

Video's coming up asap.

More content like pictures etc coming soon.

( I am no native to the english language so the spelling might be wrong in some cases. )

Rowan EU-west

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    6-9-2013 -Build is published 6-9-2013

    7-9-2013 -Made slight fixes to the guide for more comfortable reading.