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Udyr Build Guide by Eololar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eololar

[S3]Udyr Beast Mode [Freljord update]

Eololar Last updated on May 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction (not important)

Hi my name is Eololar i am lvl 30 on EUW and have been playing Since the beta and the jungle have always been my favourite but i like top mid also.

Jungle Udyr is a great jungler, probably my best and one of the best. Udyr is a tank monster from the start of the game to the end of the game while still putting out tons of dmg and CC. Udyr is a great front-liner and tanky-bruiser. He is a champion that should strike fear into you and your team if he is seen on the other team.

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The runes are easy to explain
With this runes you will have surviveability and dmg to survive and dish out tons of damage in teamfight or jungle.


Greater Mark of Attack Speed
will give you more attack speed to speed up your Phoenix Stance Passive.

Greater Seal of Armor
will make you survive the ganks and the jungle untill you get your defensive items

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Will make it easier to gank AP champs without receiving poke and lose health

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movement speed
mana reg
More EXP

all he needs.

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Items ( 1-5 )

Here i will go through all the items and explain why and when i will take them.

Basic Jungle Start
The basic start for all junglers is the Hunter's Machete + 5 Health Potion

The Second Buy
Madred's razor will provide you with armor to survive the jungle and ganks.
Boots of Speed do i have to explain?

The Third Buy
Phage Health and damage will increase you chance of surviving a a gank.

When do i buy Boots of Mobility or Mercury's Treads ?
Buy Boots of Mobility when your team is doing good and you got all ganks pushed.
Buy Mercury's Treads when your not doing so good and your team is doing fine.

Always buy homeguard!

The always get these purchase
Wriggle's Lantern will give you Damage + lifesteal and a chance to deal 500 magical dmg to a monster or minion. this will increase your jungle speed. Also it ill provide you with a sight ward to ward a key location on the map.

Trinity Force The most awsome item for Udyr. It will provide attacks speed and crit thanks to Zeal. Damage, Health and slow! from Phage. And last but not least the Sheen it will make your abilites deadly beacuse you will deal 150% more dmg with your basic attack.
Trinity Force is a huge mix of damage, survival and utility! It is a must get in evry situation.

The Cores
Will give you Armor, HP, MR to tank and be in the front line. Also it gives a aura so your teammates will be more tanky without wasting gold.

Wit's End adds some extra damage to your attacks, gives faster damage, and good magic resist.

Hp, Armor The passive will make it super hard to chase you because they will get slowed. If you activate Randuin's Omen it will slow you enemies for 2 second + 1 sec per 100 armor and MR you have.

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Viable items

Here i will talk about some viable items to Udyr some of them i take and some i think is kinda bad. But it all depends on the situation.

I think it is a great item. I mean it grants Hp, slow that will make your enemy super scared and flash. Take this if your enemies are squishy and no escapes.

It's not bad but you have MR from Runic Bulwark already. Spirit Visage grants cooldown, HP, MR, and will make your shield and lifesteal huge. Take this if enemy team have alot of AP champs.

Will make you more tanky and deal more magic damage and thats about it. I just don't think it's worth it but buy it if enemy team got alot of AD champs.

A ton of Hp and hp reg. this is a great item for late game. i find myself picking this item up often at the 40-50~ minutes of the game. Take this in late game.

**** ton of armor. nuff said, no this item is expensive for it's stats but it may we worth buying it if their enemy ad carry is fed and your the only tank in the team.

DMG, lifesteal, attack speed. If you are fed take this item. and when ganking us it's active ability to gain more speed and slow you enemy.

It's not a bad item. Dmg, Attack speed, Ton of Tenacity and movement speed.
Take it if the enemy has a lot of CC.

If your super fed and its pretty much GG i order you to take this. It will give you ton of damgage and lifesteal!

Some ppl put this in the cores but i don't think it is needed on udyr. you got your slow and stun. it is enough really. but if you don't think so then pick this up.

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Pros / Cons

-Tons of dmg
-Fast Jungle Clear Time
-Does not fall off late game
-Alot of CC

-Bad if he doesn't get any kills
-Relies on teammates for a successful gank
-easily stopped when ganking

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The Counter jungling (IMPORTANT)

Udyr is one of the best counter junglers so make use of it and take evry buffs on thw whole round except the first one.

If the enemy takes Crest of the Ancient Golem Go to the Lizard Elder and steal it NOTE: Take evry minion because then you will get the timer and can go there again.

If you steal Crest of the Ancient Golem with your team make sure to leave a little one and ward. This will destroy the enemy jungle for example a jungler that is addicted to a blue buff. For example:


If you steal evry buff except the first one your enemy jungler will fall behind alot.

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The Counter Jungling (IMPORTANT) The wards!

Warding will help you locate the enemy jungler.
Always buy a ward or 2.

This will help you:
Keep timers exactly.
Smite steal the enemy buff.
Attack the enemy jungler (alone or without teammate(s).
Vision of the enemy jungler.

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A common pick of all jungler and should always be picked by a jungler.
Allaws faster clearing, smitesteal and makes sure you dont die by the jungle earlygame..

A chaceing tool or escape tool. Also a common pick and should also be taken.

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Viable spells

Viable Spells

Will make you even more scary. ghost will make you super fast combined with Bear Stance. But flash is much more viable because you already have a ''ghost''

Not so much viable since you have a shield and lifesteal from the Turtle Stance.

Is made to get out of sticky situations but you have all you need already. But i would consider this againgst a heavy CC team.

To get back to lane quicker but your not in a ''lane''. but i have ran Teleport and Smite before and made some good smitesteal's. Also can be good for splitpushing but its not so viable.

it's a shield and you have a shield.

To make your enemy slow and also they won't be dealing as much damgage. Combined with Summoner's Wrath it will be removing armor and MR from the enemy you exhausted. This is viable and i would take it instead of Flash sometimes.

to finish of enemies or to counter hp reg ppl like Dr. Mundo. I wouldn't take it.

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The ability combination to gank is:

-> -> -> and all over again.

The fake gank
this is what the most Udyr players do in ranked games. You Bear Stance to make them flash and go around the corner and do the same thing again.

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Thank you for reading this guide.
Udyr is a excellent jungler and has a insane clear time. He can carry your game to victory but he needs a few kills.

Feel free to add me or ask here on mobafire.

Thanks again