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Amumu Build Guide by ProtoHex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProtoHex

[S4] Amumu Jungle Guide, By ProtoHex

ProtoHex Last updated on December 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi my summoner name is ProtoHex. I love playing jungle ,and this is my guide for Amumu. I know the guide looks boring i am going to fix that later, but now all i care about is the content ENJOY.

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    Great initiator
    Tanky and strong
    Epic CC
    Good clear times
    Team fight GOD
    Fun Skins
    Dance is from South Park

    Blue buff and mana dependent
    Easily counter jungled
    Needs level 6 to gank (until you start to understand him well!)
    Gets banned often in low level play

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Movement Speed Rune Set
I have tried many different variations of rune sets on Amumu and in my opinion this one works best. It keeps you tanky and makes you move faster. This will improve your clearing time as well as help set up ganks a lot more easily. The speed increase combined with your Bandage Toss makes it VERY hard for some one to escape from you.

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This is my most standard mastery set for amumu. If you use this mastery set aswell as the build you will be a tank ,but at the same time you will do alot of dmg. I like to use this because then they cant ignore you in team fights

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Summoner Spells

Flash & Smite

Anyone that says you don't need Smite is 100% wrong. This is by far the best jungling summoner spell and should be treated as gold.

Flash is the best summoner spell for Amumu to gank and escape with. It's a very nice gap closer spell if used with Bandage Toss as well. Chances are you are the initiator for team fights so if the group of enemies are gathered all you gotta do is press W, Flash in the middle of the enemy group, Press R and keep pressing E like the bad *** that you are, all the while watching your team clean up the kills and seal the Ace.

Smite & Ghost

Anyonethat says you don't need Smite is 100% wrong. This is by far the best jungling summoner spell and should be treated as gold.

When I was first learning Amumu I used Ghost because the Flash + Bandage Toss combo was hard for me to land. As I got better I left Ghost behind. All that to say I still believe that Ghost is one of the best summoners in the game and should be considered as an option, but for the purpose of Amumu it is 2nd tier. Use this set if you are learning or still uncomfortable landing Bandage Toss to try the Flash+ Bandage Toss combo.

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Standard Build


With the new patch people seem to think that trinkets > wards - That's a total lie. Wards are more important then ever and EVERYONE should be warding to their max potential! Always keep 1 - 3 wards with you at all times and help ward the map.

Sweeping Lens
I feel like this is probably the best jungling trinket. Use it to clear warded lanes and check for wards in the enemy jungle and yours. Communicate with your team to find out where the enemy warded and take advantage of it! If you go to lane and clear a ward, the enemy will most probably back off thus allowing your team a little bit of an easier lane. Apply pressure!

Spirit of the Ancient Golem
I used to find this item pointless but due to the new jungle changes it works fairly nicely! Use this item if you are going a tankier route and/or need tenacity.

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith
I have been experimenting with this item quite a bit lately and I have had some amazing games, and some bad ones. All I'm guna say about this item is, high risk - high reward. If you feel like you can afford going all damage and no defense then by all means, take that chance, but you have been warned. I'd recommend this item to high level Amumu players.

Final Build

This build used to be my favorite. It's safe and easy to be a tanky damage dealer. The only reason I am keeping this build is because I feel that for some one who is new to Amumu and doesn't quite understand what different items do on him yet, it is a very solid all around build.

Build Order

These items get built after you choose and finish your starting route. Please keep in mind that a build order is always situational and you should be building according to what you need at any given point in the game. This is simply a guide as to how you should build in an ideal game.

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Skill Order

Comfortable Order
This is probably my most used skill order. It's a very safe pick and is always a good goto order if you are unsure on what skills you should level. The strength of maxing E first is much greater then people think. Especially with the new jungle changes, the bonus physical damage reduction goes a long way to keeping you sustained. High level players and pros don't tend to use this skill order because they are looking for doing as much damage as possible to secure their ganks. Check out the Confident skill order for how the pros use their skills.

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Completely underrated passive but truly an amazing one. Using this passive with other magic penetration items such as Abyssal Scepter and Sorcerer's Shoes improves the effectiveness of you and you're AP carry's spells.

How to Use:
This passive only works when you auto attack an enemy. Since you're a tank it shouldn't be hard to get to close to the enemy carries and get off an auto attack on them before or after using your spells. Target enemies with more magic resist first so that when your AP carry uses their spells the damage is increased. If the enemy carries are getting some magic resist such as Athene's Unholy Grail or Maw of Malmortius you should target them before anyone.


A skill shot that has a very good range. It pulls you to the first target it hits so it's a great skill to initiate with and to position yourself. Once the target is hit by this skill they are stunned so make sure you and your team take advantage of this. You can also use this skill to hook onto minions to escape safely. This skill works through walls!

How to Use:
Amumu is all about positioning and crowd control so you want to use this skill to target the enemy carries to stun them when they are around their team. Once you are in the middle of the enemy team you should use R to stun the entire team. This makes a double CC and ensures that the carries are dead. By the time your ultimate is over your Qwill be up to be used again to catch anybody who is running away from you and your team.


An area of effect spell that does a % of the enemies max health in damage. This skill is amazing against champs that are building health and great for cleaning up people you are chasing while your Q is on cool down. How to know if your enemy is building health? If your enemy has built Giant's Belt or if they have built an item (or many items) that come from Giant's Belt they are going for health. Most champs have a hard time against health tanks since the best way to counter it is by doing damage based on their health.

How to Use:
Simply turn this skill on before entering a team fight or when chasing some one. I also like to turn it on while running away from people because it slowly lowers their health like Singed, without the long poison trail of course. If you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter then when you use this spell you will make all enemies in the pool perma slowed - which is why it's in my Standard Build.


Your main damage skill. This makes you tankier passively as well as hits all enemies around you when you active it. The nice thing about this is the more you get hit the shorter cool down it has! When you're in the jungle you can spam this pretty quickly until the smaller monsters die. In team fights if the enemies target you this is almost always up so just keep spamming E.

How to Use:
Pretty much explained the best way to use this spell but the idea is to have all your enemies target you so that it's always up. While they attack you your team should be focusing the carries and then clean up the rest of the team. It may seem scary to be in the middle of team fights but trust me, you're playing Amumu - You can handle it. Now as you start getting into high leveled games with people that know all or most of the champs you will notice the focus will be off you for the soul reason that you're a tank. If you play your role properly you can force people to hit you with spells so that your carries are protected.


This ultimate is what makes Amumu. In my opinion it's the best ultimate in the game. It can single handedly change a losing team fight into a winning one. It's what defines a good Amumu from a bad one. I have played against many Amumu's and each time it's like fighting a dead shark. People don't seem to understand how to use this well.

How to Use:
POSITION YOURSELF & BE PATIENT! Those are seriously the only things you need to do to have a successful outcome with your ultimate. Use either your Q or Flash to get in the middle of the team fight and use it! Make sure your team is backing you up to secure the kills. Amumu isn't about getting kills, he's about helping your team snowball. You should never use your ultimate to get away or catch someone who is running away; Unless it's to secure an ace. The idea is to keep your ultimate for team fights only. Obviously there are rare situations that you can use your ultimate without the team being there but if you can get 3 out of 5 enemies in circle it's worth it! - Providing they aren't the tanks =P