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Sivir General Guide by DR34MK1LL3R

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DR34MK1LL3R

(S4 Changes Incoming) B-B-B-Boomerangin' Blade!

DR34MK1LL3R Last updated on November 28, 2013
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Hello, and welcome to a guide written by me, DR34MK1LL3R, about my favorite ADC in the game, Sivir. Any questions or comments are welcome regarding anything. As with every guide, these are not commands, these are tips. So if you do not wish to use this build, I am not stopping you.

Sivir is a ranged Attack Damage carry that can bully a large range of ADCs out of her lane using her heavy poke, a huge team steroid ultimate, and free sustain. She scales great into late game if farmed/fed enough, even so much that she may be at the level of Vayne if played correctly. Using Sivir may be challenging at first, but with practice, you can become a monster in lane and teamfights.

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Pros and Cons


+Hard poke
+Free mana with Spell Shield
+Scales well into late game
+Great Steroid

filler CONS

-Mana hungry early
-Easily loses lanes if underfarmed

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Rune Setup


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

This rune setup is possibly my favorite when playing Sivir. The early Armor Penetration is great because you are basically doing true damage to your target. Later into the game, you can still chunk into tanks because of your Armor Penetration runes coupled with your Last Whisper. The flat AD is basically taken for the early game although it does help late game also. The Armor yellows are used for that early poke from your enemy ADC. Scaling MR blues are taken to help you early on with support poke and late game against their APC.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

This is a secondary rune setup if you do not prefer armor penetration runes. Everything else is the same as the previous setup.

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Mastery Setup


This mastery setup is 21/6/3, taking full capitalization on the offensive tree, getting a little shot of the defensive tree, and taking advantage of the mana regeneration in the utility tree for that early mana hunger. I do not take a point in Summoner's Resolve because I RARELY take Ignite as Sivir. Other mastery setups are viable with Sivir, but I find this one helps Sivir IMMENSELY early on and later in the game.

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Summoner Spell Choices

Summoner Spells

filler I normally take Barrier as an ADC because of it's great utility. In a small fight in lane, I can get very low, baiting the enemy into all-inning me, and then pop Barrier and finish the fight, mostly in my favor. It is a great spell to have as a squishy carry.

filler Cleanse is another useful spell. Take this when you know the enemy support/team will have alot of cc, such as a teamcomp involving Amumu, Leona, AND Lissandra, who can all shut you down with CC.

filler I rarely take Ignite as an ADC because you lose your defensive spells such as Barrier or Cleanse. Although vaible, I do not advise Ignite with Sivir.

filler Flash is a must have spell no matter what champion you are. It is an AMAZING spell which is why it is only available at level 20.

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Ability Overview

Fleet of Foot

This is Sivir's passive. Though underestimated, this is an amazing passive for an ADC. It is virtually a Phage or the Enchantment: Furor, but built in. Whenever you damage an enemy champion with an ability or auto attack, Sivir gains 50 movement speed for 2 seconds.

Spoiler: Click to view

Boomerang Blade

This is Sivir's signature ability. It is a skill shot, which at later levels, becomes a nuke. Sivir tosses her blade like a boomerang, damaging enemies in it's path. After reaching it's maximum range, the blade returns to Sivir, damaging enemies again.

Spoiler: Click to view


Sivir's W is Ricochet, an auto attack enhancer. After activation, Sivir's next basic attack will bounce between targets, up to five times, and can hit a target more than once. This is a very low cooldown ability when scaled, so it is imperative that you keep up enough mana to spam this in small/team fights.

Spoiler: Click to view

Spell Shield

This is what separates a good Sivir player from the bad. Sivir's E is Spell Shield. Upon activation, Sivir gains a shield that blocks the next enemy ability to hit her and also refunds mana. Use this on Yordle Snap Traps, Noxious Traps, or even an Ashe or Caitlyn ultimate.

Spoiler: Click to view

On the Hunt

Sivir's ultimate is an AoE steroid, increasing the attack speed and movement speed of nearby allies. This is AMAZING in teamfights with an AA based bruiser, yourself, and an AA based jungler. It also helps the team to maneuver easier in teamfights to dodge skillshots, catch up to enemies, and bail out when the fight goes south. This is virtually a Shurelya's Reverie in an ultimate.

Spoiler: Click to view

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We max Sivir's Q first because of the great damage output it gives. Boomerang Blade also does great damage in teamfights. Sivir has an enormous power spike at level 9 when maxing her Q and if farmed well enough.

Max Sivir's W next for it's added damage and lowered cooldown. When maxed it has a 2/3 second cooldown, making it VERY spammable in fights.

Sivir's E is maxed last because we only really need one point in it because all it gets when skilled is a lower cooldown and lesser mana costs. other than that, there isn't really a point.

Skill Sivir's R whenever possible obviously.

Secondary Sequence
W > Q

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I was called out by a user who said they prefer maxing W > Q, so I decided, for those of you who agree, that I will add this into the guide.

Ricochet can be maxed first for the damage output and spamability. Boomerang Blade may become unreliable against champions such as Ezreal or Lucian who have blinks/dashes and can dodge your Boomerang Blade. Therefore, we can choose to max our W first in that situation.

Spell Shield and On The Hunt remain as such.

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Starting the Game
Item Sequence

Health Potion

Mana Potion

Longsword + HP Pot + MP Pot

This is my standard start with Sivir as it gives her some early damage and some small sustain until she can buy lifesteal. The mana potion helps her until she can get her Spell Shield. You can also save it for a fight and pop it at the beginning so you can hit all your spells without becoming OOM.

First Back
Item Sequence

Avarice Blade

Vampiric Scepter and/or Avarice Blade

I tend to not back until I have money for both of these, but if you run low on HP or mana, buy whichever one you are feeling for. If you need sustain, grab the Vampiric Scepter. If you want some early gold bonus on your enemy, go with the Avarice Blade.

Get these ASAP
Item Sequence

Youmuu's Ghostblade

The Blood Thirster and Youmuu's Ghostblade

These two items are your CORE items. An early The Bloodthirster will give you great sustain, and if stacked, even more damage than you already have. Youmuu's Ghostblade is VERY underestimated. Did I say underestimated? If not, it's UNDERESTIMATED! Honestly, an early Youmuu's will DECIMATE your opponent if popped in the clutch or at the beginning of a fight. It gives you movement speed AND attack speed. I have been in a fight before where the opponent, in /all chat, asked me how I did so much damage in that small amount of time. I just replied "Youmuu's." If you still don't understand Youmuu's Ghostblade, just buy one and pop it in a fight and see how well you do.

Get This Next
Item Sequence

Infinity Edge

An Infinity Edge is an AMAZING item for virtually ANY ADC. It gives us a chunk of AD, some crit chance, and it ups our crit damage to 250% instead of just 200%, adding alot of hurt to our enemies.

After Infinity Edge Get This
Item Sequence

Last Whisper

Even if the enemy team does not have enough armor, the Last Whisper is still proven to be an extremely cost efficient item. Get this either after your Infinity Edge or before, it's your choice.

Get This Last
Item Sequence

Guardian Angel

This is an EXTREMELY powerful defensive item. Upon death, you get a bunch of HP back and are reborn, without losing any kill streaks. The Guardian Angel also gives us some armor and magic resist, making us a little harder to kill.

Full Build
Item Sequence

Enchantment: Homeguard

The Bloodthirster

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Infinity Edge

Last Whisper

Guardian Angel

While this may be my preferred full build, it does not have to be yours. This gives a great amount of damage, with a splash or Critical Strike Chance and defense.

Guide Top

Alternate Items

Item Sequence

Banshee's Veil

This is a great defensive item. It gives you some Magic Resist to lower the hurt from those freaking bursty mages. It also has a great passive. Every 25 seconds without taking damage from enemies, a shield is gained that blocks the next enemy ability that hits you. It also grants 45 HPRegen after taking damage from an enemy champion.

Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King

This is a great item for an ADC. It gives us AD, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal. It also has a great active which steals movement speed and HP from the target.
Spoiler: Click to view

Item Sequence

Phantom Dancer

This is another great item for an ADC. It gives you some attack speed, critical strike chance, some movement speed, and you can move through units.

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Early Game

Early in the game is where you have to be careful as Sivir. Your spells have high many cost at early levels, your power isn't NEAR as high before level 9, and you have no peel until level 6. During this phase of the game, you just need to farm. If your support sets up a nice kill play, take advantage of it and kill your enemy. Farm some more. If you get pushed to your tower, call for a gank or two. Asking for a gank is perfectly ok, just make sure you aren't in need of one every two minutes. Maybe grab the double Golems or a Red Buff if your lane is pushed but you dont have any gold for anything. All in all, don't lose gold/xp, and don't die.

Mid Game

At this point in the game you should have a few items. Get in position for a good gank from your jungler, win the fight, and take down that turret if it's not already down. After that's finished. You are free to keep pushing as long as you have vision, or you can roam and help shove mid and contribute to teamfights. Dragon is a main goal in this stage of the game. If your team can control the timer and map area of dragon, you should be killing that sucker as many times as possible without losing anything for it.

Late Game

This is basically the teamfight/tower pushing stage. You will most likely be grouped as 4 or 5 at all times, pushing a lane or waiting for a nice catch. If someone is caught out and your team can handle a fight, by all means do it. At this stage, an Ace is a huge advantage for your team. You can HARD push a lane, take Baron if you have the damage for it, and even win the game with the right situation/damage.

Team Fight Mechanics/Positioning

During team fights you will want to be behind your tanks, in an area where you can easily dodge skillshots/reposition/throw a good Q/etc. In the middle of a teamfight you will want to focus down their squishies, such as the ADC or APC, while throwing out Boomerang Blades and Ricochets as much as possible. You have a nice amount of AoE damage with those spells. Popping your ultimate in a teamfight is also amazing to help your bruisers and yourself to do extra damage with the attack speed. Just remember, positioning is EVERYTHING. If you get caught out, that could break up your team for the whole fight because of the advantage the enemy team has.

If you know someone is going to focus you, call them out to your team and have them obliterated before they can even get near you. I have had a fed Jax do everything in his power to get to me and annihilate me before I can do anything. I called him out to my team, and every fight, he went down first almost instantly. Your team will respect that you are an ENORMOUS source of damage and they will most likely do whatever they can to help you do as much damage as you possibly can dish out.

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Rare = Easy Difficulty
Medium Well = Medium Difficulty
Burned = DANGER



Caitlyn may not seem like an easy match-up, but once you have played against one, you understand. She may have the AA range on you, but you outdamage and can outplay her using your Spell Shield. She started her Q channel? Spell Shield. She's trying to snipe you with an Ace in the Hole? Spell Shield. Yordle Snap Trap? "Give meh moar mana pl0x." As Sivir is underplayed, most Caitlyns will not know how your Spell Shield works. Use this to your advantage.


Once again, you may still be underestimating Sivir's power. Most [p[graves]]', like most Caitlyns, will not know how your Spell Shield works. What's that? He's going for a Quickdraw Buckshot combo? Spell Shield. His ult is flying toward you? Spell Shield. You outdamage Graves by alot at level 9, as your power spike is more harsh. When in a fight, just remember to utilize Spell Shield against as many of his Buckshots as you can, and nail every hit of your Q on him and you will win.


Ashe is a little more difficult of an enemy. She only has two castable damaging spells, so your Spell Shield becomes a little less prominent. Just remember, if there is a random Enchanted Crystal Arrow coming your way, just get dat free mana yo. Your spells beat hers by ALOT. The only damage she does is with her autos, so keep that in mind. If you can burst her down before she can unleash some AA, you got her. If she gets a nice stun off your shield cooldown, don't fret. Just spam Q on dat Ashe and give her what she didn't get from Tryndamere, damages. Fairly hard match-up, but you can take her with some experience.


Although he is the newest ADC in LoL, Lucian is, in my opinion, hardest countered by Sivir. His Q is a targeted ability. Although it is targeted, it is telegraphed by the channel time. If you can pop your Spell Shield fast enough you can block it. His W is a skillshot. This is quite easily blocked. Lucian's full combo is based mainly off of his Q and W. Because you have your Spell Shield you can take 1 of 2 of those skills out of the equation, lowering his burst damage. Early in the game you DESTROY him. When he is 6, he becomes alot more dangerous than he is pre-6. But you also negate his ultimate with your ultimate's mobility. Just run behind where he has targeted his ultimate and just shred him. You should win this every time.



This guy is mostly spell based except his W. His E you can only shield one tick of, so you will have to utilize your ultimate in fights to get out of his E, dodge his Q, and to dodge his R also. You can usually take him about level 4-6 easily, while it gets a little more difficult later on. He will be a threat late game if hes farmed well (as any ADC would like to be). Just be prepared to bully him out early or you might end up losing later on.


The barf monster loses bad early game, but once he get's his ultimate he's a little more of a threat as he can poke you hard from afar and do a decent amount of damage. His ultimate has a lower cooldown than your Spell Shield, so you will most likely be able to block 1/3 shots. Be prepared for some poke at level 6. Once in a fight, pop that ulty and dodge all his puke. Late game he's a little harder but early on you win.



Vayne just all around takes you down as she only has 1 spell for you to block. She can outpoke you at level 3 and can outdamage you at level 6. Beware. She may be a squishy Vayne, but she can definetly contend with you. Just farm safely and get a few early ganks to shut her down.


The ugly plague rat has no damaging abilities besides expunge, which is an extremely hard spell to block as he can bait you into Spell Shielding and just time it out and kill you. He isn't really a threat from 1-5. All you have to be careful of is when he goes invisible. When that happens, back the freak up. If he gets a good initiate from a jungler or his support, R.I.P. Sivir. Just farm up and don't die. That's about all you can do against him.


Another one of those pesky 1 or 2 blockable abilities. His Q and R are basically all you can block. His Q is VERY hard to block as it is an instant burst of damage. The missiles are easily blockable/dodgable, but you can only block 1 out of about 3 or 4. 3+ he is a threat to your precious health, so get as much farm on him as you can and just outplay him. If you dodge most of his bombs, he still has a great amount of damage coupled with an armor shred. Not that he isn't already doing true damage to you anyway. Just, beware.

Miss Fortune

The resourceful pirate hunter. She takes the trophy in this fight. Her E cannot be blocked. Her ultimate cannot be blocked. Her W passive cannot be blocked. Her Q can only be blocked with super fast reflexes. The only way to beat her is late game when she is trying to find a good time to pop her ult. Just sit back, farm, and call for ganks.


Draven's only skills that are blockable are his E and R (and you can only block 1 shot of his R, not the whole thing). He can outdamage you early, gets benefits from farming, and has great mobility with his W steroid. He may not be the hardest of hard counters, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. Beware.

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Nidalee does not really fare well in my book of supports. She was created for damage, not supporing an ADC. She hard pokes, kill steals with spears and traps, has no CC, and her heal isn't that much without a nice amount of AP. Just scratch her from your list of preffered supports.


One word: NEVER! Honestly, the only part to Zilean I find beneficial is his slow/speed and his ultimate. If you get a selfish Zilean, you're gonna have a bad time. Trust me, the first time a Zilean ults himself in a fight instead of you, you will want to delete his face from the entire game.


While Karma may have a shield, a snare, AND a slow, her remake was to make her a heavier AP mid, not a better support. Her Q hurts minions, therefore pushing the wave, so that's out. Her shield? It speeds you up and saves you from about 100 damage without any AP. So that's out. Did I mention her snare? She literally has to be 3 inches from the target before it breaks. Just take my advice and don't EVER ask for a Karma support as Sivir.


Lulu is an amazing support. Her balanced kit, which can be defensive OR offense, and great utility make her dangerous to the enemy team. Grab one of these if your support doesn't main in the LEGENDARY tier.


While Lux is best suited as an AP mid in virtually every aspect of her kit except her shield, she does make an amazing support. You can party all night with her and still kick some major tail in-game with her slow, snare, and shield. Did I mention she can kill secure if you ask her to? She may not be LEGENDARY tier, but she's pretty stinkin' close.


This woman was my main support back in the day when I mained support. She has an immensely powerful kit that helps Sivir on so many levels. A knock-up? Yeth pleath. A slow? Ditto. A shield that ALSO gives AD? Gimme dem kills woman. An enormous AoE heal that ALSO knocks back enemies? Marry me Janna.


One of the most widely known supports, Sona is a teamfight goddess, and still takes a dump on lanes. She has a VERY well-rounded kit for a support with an AoE stun, damage increase to allies, bonus movement speed to allies, and a nice damage reduction to enemies. Pick up this woman whenever you feel the need for a face-bashing lane.


This robot is too legit to quit. If he lands a nice pull you can kiss that victim bye because they are outta here. Oh what's that? They are trying to escape after the pull? KNOCK-UPS FTW!! He also has a legit ult that silences everyone in an area. The magnificent Blitzcrank can also keybind laugh and spam that sucker. Win win situation.



Why is Soraka in the LEGENDARY tier you may ask? One word: mana. She may only have a silence for her CC, but she still is an AMAZING help in lane with Sivir. Running OOM? Mana. Running low on HP? Dat heal. Need an enemy caster silenced? OK! She is a walking potion shop. I will not recommend Soraka against a Taric or anyone with a stun because she has no peel whatsoever. I WILL, however, recommend her against one of your RARE tier opponents so you can farm all day and kill all night.


Gems are truly, truly outrageous. Grab this feminine dude in a set of armor when you want a kill lane. He has a stun, a heal, a bonus armor aura, and an AoE AD increaser. What's not to want?


Thresh is a great support that was added fairly recently. He has an amazing set of CC, as literally all but 1 of his skills impair the enemies movement. A hook? Yeah baby he's got one. A knockback? Oh yes. He also has an ultimate that slows the first enemy to hit it by 99%. That's a full dumptruck load of CC that he's got. He also has some great peel when you get the hang of utilizing his lantern. Just right click that bad boy and you are whisked away on a magical journey to... Thresh. Oh, you also get a shield from that awesome little beacon of light.


Nami is a beastly support. Though she may be a tad underestimated, she can shut down a lane with her glorious bubble coupled with her heal. If she catches someone in her bubble, Q that sucker to bits. Her ultimate is amazing too. If allies are hit by it, they get sped up. If enemies are hit by it, they get knocked up. You can pick up this awesome fish when you are feeling like killing some idiots.

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For my summary, I am just going to point out that Sivir has taken a brunt of my games as an ADC, with about a 5/1 w/l ratio in normals and ranked. While I may be in Bronze, my records with her are much better than most Bronze players with virtually any champion. Sivir is my favorite ADC, and as a new ADC main, she is basically my go-to ADC against a high amount of enemies. I have scored a few quadrakills as well as a penta in an ARAM.

Thanks for reading my guide. Questions and comments are directed to the discussion section.

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Special Thanks

There are some thanks due. Firstly, thank you to jhoijhoi's guide to creating guides, which can be found here. I would also like to thank IceCreamy for his guide on how to use columns, found here.

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